The Epic Beauty of Clive Christian’s X For Men

The praise ladled onto X For Men from Fragrantica reviewers is quite remarkable. If you read through some of them, you’ll find mentions of perfection, divinity and “beautiful … beyond words” (Marco Chau). Out of the thousands of fragrances I’ve smelt in my life so far, X For Men sticks out amongst the most memorable and impactful for its pitch-perfect rendition of olfactory warmth and ri... Read full article: The Epic Beauty of Clive Christian’s X For Men from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes ...
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Selling a House with a Reverse Mortgage in 2021

Mortgage loans are one of the most popular loan forms in the US and Europe. This claim may stem from the fact that owning a home comes with accorded prestige, even significantly when you acquire a home in your younger years.  However, the concept of the reverse mortgage is almost unknown to many, despite its offering a proper solution to the housing problems of the elderly aged 62 and above.  A reverse mortgage is a loan that permits the purchase of a house or property with access to...
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Es ist Zeit, Dreierbeziehungen zu normalisieren

Im Internet kursieren derzeit Gerüchte über eine neue Promi-Romanze. Das Ganze dreht sich aber nicht um ein Paar. Vor Kurzem veröffentlichte die Zeitung The Daily Mail eine Reihe von Paparazzi-Fotos von Taika Waititi, Rita Ora und Tessa Thompson, die die drei Stars vor Waititis Haus in Sydney, Australien zeigen. Die Bilder sind voller öffentlicher Liebesbekundungen zwischen Ora, Thompson und Waititi, die sich küssen, kuscheln und sich aneinander anlehnen. In mehreren dieser Aufnahm...
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6 Smart Home Trends That Will Save You Money

Owning a home is an expensive endeavor. There are many investments that one can make in the home in order to save money in the long term. Check out the following home trends that will save you money over time. Install Solar Panels The installation of solar panels is a great way to reduce energy costs and is an environmentally friendly decision that enhances the environment. Solar panels are generally attached to the roof of a home and convert the sun’s rays to useable electricity. ...
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Cheirosa '40 by Sol de Janeiro: A Review

Cheirosa '40 was recently released by Sol de Janeiro as part of their Brazilian Crush collection. As a lover of all things by Sol de Janeiro — especially their eponymous, cheery yellow scent — of course I had to test it virtually upon its release! I ordered Cheirosa '40 and its matching body cream, called Bom Dia Bright, which was released first and is — ironically — more expensi... Read full article: Cheirosa '40 by Sol de Janeiro: A Review from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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VIII ROCOCO MAGNOLIA by Clive Christian: A Seductively Indecent Chypre

I have never trusted brands that adorned their flacons with crowns. In my opinion, there are only two grounds for one to do so, namely: 1) if the country of origin has a current monarchy and the brand an official grant (i.e., you have a 'purveyor of the royal court' patent or personal involvement in one of the royals' charitable causes); 2) in case you are a fantasy-themed brand that builds t... Read full article: VIII ROCOCO MAGNOLIA by Clive Christian: A Seductively Indecent Chypre from Fragr...
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Chevalier De La Nuit by Parfums Ciro: Patchouli of the Night

Perfume house Parfums Ciro was founded in New York in 1921 by Jacob Widhopf, an American with German roots. Ciro's fragrances were hugely popular in the United States and still attract many vintage flacons collectors - J. Viard's designs and Baccarat's crystal make Ciro bottles a welcomed treasure in any collection. Names like New Horizons, Surrender, Danger, Ricochet, Chevalier De La Nuit are mus... Read full article: Chevalier De La Nuit by Parfums Ciro: Patchouli of the Night from Fragrantic...
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Pamella Roland: Interview + Review

The first perfume of fashion designer to the stars, Pamella Roland, was released on April 9, 2021. (Please read the press release by my colleague, Bella, here.)  "Introducing the first fragrance from Pamella Roland: a dazzling, modern rose as breathtaking as her delicate designs. A swirl of bright citrus and fruit embellishments delights then effortlessly subsides, revealing three exquisite ... Read full article: Pamella Roland: Interview + Review from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazin...
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4 Important Lessons You Can Learn From Failed Relationships

Breakups are one of the worse things you’ll experience in life. Some people may experience it only once before finding the right partner, while others have to experience it multiple times before finally getting their happy ending. The moment you decide to enter the world of relationships, you need to understand that some relationships aren’t meant to last forever.    There are moments when life allows you to meet and date the wrong people. Thus, you may then quickly label your failed re...
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Outfit Formula: Summer Brights

There are countless ways to wear Summer brights. If you’re on Team Brights, figure out how you like to wear them in hot weather and run with it. You might prefer them in solids or patterns, or wear both. You might combine two to four solid brights in one outfit, or stick to one or two and ground them with neutrals. Wear brights on the top or bottom, or both. Wear them as a dress, suit, jumpsuit or romper. Or wear neutrals with bright footwear and bags. Do your own thing, and wear brights your wa...
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Alles über die Erdzeichen Stier, Jungfrau & Steinbock

close up shot of pebbles on beach. Während wir die Sonne im Zwillinge genießen, lohnt es sich, über all die irdischen Weisheiten nachzudenken, die uns die Saison des Stiers in diesem Jahr beschert hat. Als das beständigste und unerschütterlichste Erdzeichen zeigt er sich genau dann, wenn die Party so richtig losgeht. Als ein Sternzeichen, das stark von der Venus beeinflusst wird und eine Vorliebe für Schönheit und Vergnügen hat, weiß der Stier, dass mehr mehr ist und nichts falsch daran i...
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Mit diesen 16 Tipps kommst du trotz Partner:in im Bett zum Schönheitsschlaf

Dein Bett mit einer anderen Person zu teilen, kann seine Vor- und Nachteile haben. Die Vorteile: Du hast jemanden an deiner Seite, mit dem:der du kuscheln kannst – Intimität pur. Die Nachteile: Du kommst durch die zusätzliche Körperwärme neben dir ins Schwitzen. Vielleicht musst du nebelhornartiges Schnarchen ertragen oder ertragen, dass dein Partner oder deine Partnerin sich immer die gesamte Decke schnappt oder das ganze Bett in Beschlag nimmt. Vielleicht musst du auch dabei zuhören, wie er o...
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Miley Cyrus as the New Face of Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia

Gucci marks its 100th birthday in 2021, and on that occasion, the new edition Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum will be launched.  Singer,  songwriter, and actress Miley Cyrus will be the face of the new campaign, shot by Petra Collins under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele. The campaign is described as a joy-fueled fantasy inspired by Miley’s unique personality. Cyr... Read full article: Miley Cyrus as the New Face of Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia from Fragrantica Per...
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Nuxe Prodigieus Floral Le Parfum

  The French house Nuxe presents a flanker of Prodigieux Le Parfum (2012), a creation composed by perfumer Serge Majoullier in which he combined creamy white flowers with an irresistible coconut milk accord, vanilla, and juicy citruses. In 2018, Nuxe offered the Prodigieux Absolu de Parfum edition, combining the warmth of vanilla and tonka beans with tropical Tiare blooms.   The 2021 ed... Read full article: Nuxe Prodigieus Floral Le Parfum from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Sorry, aber Netflix’ Awake macht keinen Sinn

Awake: (L-R) Lucius Hoyos as Noah, Gina Rodriguez as Jill, Ariana Greenblatt as Matilda. Cr. Peter H. Stranks/NETFLIX © 2021 Achtung: Spoiler für den Netflix-Film Awake direkt voraus! Innerhalb von 90 Minuten versucht der neue Netflix-Film Awake, den wir uns laut Netflix’ Top 10 scheinbar gerade alle angucken, eine Frage zu beantworten, die niemand gestellt hat: „Was würde passieren, wenn weltweit plötzlich alle Autos nicht mehr fahren, Elektrizität nicht mehr funktioniert und niemand ...
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Just when the Middle Ages couldn’t get worse, everyone had bunions

In a unique study, researchers have determined how many people in medieval England had bunionsA fashion trend towards pointed toe shoes made the affliction common. Even monks got in on the trend, much to their discomfort later in life.Late Medieval England had its share of problems. The Wars of Roses raged, the Black Death killed off large parts of the population, and passing ruffians could say "Ni" at will to old ladies .To make matters worse, a first of its kind study published in the Inte...
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Die besten Bikinis & Badeanzüge für große Brüste

So sehr wir uns auch über die Badesaison freuen, bringt sie jedes Jahr ganz eigene Herausforderungen mit sich – insbesondere die Suche nach dem perfekten Bikini oder Badeanzug für einen bequemen, hübschen Tag am Wasser. Das kann besonders schwierig werden, wenn du dich in Körbchengröße D und aufwärts bewegst. Von verrutschenden Bandeau-Tops bis hin zu unschmeichelhaften Schnitten: Mit größerer Oberweite das ideale Bade-Outfit zu finden, ist leichter gesagt als getan. Vor allem, wenn du am Stran...
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Team Pattern or Team Solid

There has been a large variety of pattern in retail over the last few years. From bold and bright, to quiet and subtle, and everything in between. Dots, stripes, checks, plaids, florals, paisley, animal print, novelty prints, conversational prints, ombré, geometric designs, swirls, galaxy designs, botanicals, bohemian, tie-dye, abstract designs. You name it, and it’s there. So it’s time for a poll. You bat for Team Pattern if you incorporate a lot of patterns into your outfits. You bat for Team ...
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Bin ich noch dieselbe Person wie vor der Pandemie?

Nur zu gut erinnere ich mich an den Moment, als der erste Lockdown – wie sich später herausstellte, war das der erste von mehreren – öffentlich angekündigt wurde. Kurz darauf erhielt ich eine Nachricht von einem Freund, der schrieb: „Ich fühle mich nicht wie ich selbst. Ich weiß nicht, was mit mir los ist. Ich will einfach wieder ich selbst sein.“ Jetzt kann ich ein Lied davon singen. Was ist, wenn wir tatsächlich nicht mehr die Menschen sind, die wir vor der Pandemie einmal waren? Was ist,...
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11 last minute Father’s Day gifts to shop in NYC

It's time to think beyond the polo shirt! Here are gifts dad will actually use this Father's Day.
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Laura Mvula’s teenage obsessions: ‘I thought a briefcase was the most buff thing ever’

The singer-songwriter recalls the life-changing joy of playing in an orchestra, the beauty of her first braids and being empowered by EternalThe first orchestra I played in was Birmingham School, a concert orchestra. The first time I played in a symphony orchestra was this powerful, life-changing experience, like the first time I took a plane – you know, when the engine kicks in and you’re about to take off? Playing with the brass section behind us and full woodwind, I was blown away by the magn...
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"Slutty outfits for men."

It's TikTok, so... below the fold:   @colinslaps I saved the best one for last #outfitsformen #fashion #theartofseduction ♬ Careless Whisper - Peter Michael [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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‘Elf ears’ are the creepy new plastic surgery trend in China

Young women pay thousands to perk up their ears thanks to a beauty trend started by social media celebrities.
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Natural Hair Care Ingredients for Shiny, Bouncy Locks

Natural Hair Care Ingredients for Shiny, Bouncy Locks There are a lot — and I mean a LOT — of hair care products out there. Trying to find the right one for your hair can be overwhelming. And … more at Natural Hair Care Ingredients for Shiny, Bouncy Locks. This is an original post from Budget Fashionista.
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Fashion returns to catwalks as Dior takes over Athens ancient stadium

Cruise collection at Panathenaic stadium includes pieces inspired by contemporary GreeceThe 2,000-year-old Panathenaic stadium in Athens could hold 70,000 on marble seats for the first modern Olympics in 1896. So there was plenty of room in the front row at Dior’s catwalk show at the venue this week, where the guest list was capped at 400.Despite most international buyers, editors and clients watching from home on their laptops, Dior’s Cruise collection was a blockbuster live event. The brand wa...
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