Zaubergläser: 3 Rituale für mehr Liebe, mehr Geld & weniger negative Energie

Du brauchst dringend Geld, bist einsam oder hast das Gefühl, nur noch von negativen Energien umgeben zu sein? Dann bist du hier genau an der richtigen Stelle! Denn in der folgenden Slideshow stelle ich dir drei Rituale vor, die dein Leben mit etwas Glück ein kleines bisschen besser machen könnten.Bevor es losgeht will ich aber noch etwas klarstellen: Zauberei ist eine Kunst, keine Religion. Jede*r kann sich an ihr versuchen – ganz gleich, welche Religion er oder sie hat. Und natürlich können au...
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Perfumed Horoscope: August 10 - August 16

  This week could bring restlessness and it may be worthwhile to look at how to soothe it, and what may be behind it. It will definitely be a mental issue, and disciplining your mind by choosing a constructive means of focus could be the best solution, but it won't happen instantaneously. This week we are looking at the art of Atelier Segall Barutti.       Aries You may feel some res... Read full article: Perfumed Horoscope: August 10 - August 16 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes ...
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News for Paco Rabanne Invictus Collection

  Under licence of the Puig company, Paco Rabanne presents new products which add to the very popular Invictus collection; the newest and the biggest size bottle of 200ml Eau de Toilette, and the attractive collector Invictus "Football" gift set.   Invictus was launched in July 2013 as a woody aquatic fragrance, the creation of several popular perfumers Veronique Nyberg, Anne Flipo, Ol... Read full article: News for Paco Rabanne Invictus Collection from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes ...
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Is It OK To Treat Yourself? How To Practice Self Care Without Guilt!

It’s a part of life as a parent that we kind of get used to. When we end up buying our kids everything and look after everybody in the household, we slowly start to avoid prioritizing ourselves. But when we’ve spent so long looking after everyone else, we can almost forget how to look after ourselves. This means that we have to prioritize ourselves in certain ways. And while there are so many different approaches out there, arguably the best way to bring yourself back into the swing of thi...
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How To Know If You Need A New Radiator

Radiators are a funny old thing. We only tend to pay attention to them when something isn’t working. Because of how big they can be, and the fact they’re made of steel, that makes it all too easy to think that your radiators can last for years without having any problems.  Well, I hate to be a buzzkill, but there’s a good chance that you have at least one radiator in your home which may be very silently crying out for an upgrade. And because they don’t change appearance over the years, ...
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How To Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Are you trying to figure out how to prepare your child for kindergarten? If yes, you should check out our guide by clicking right here. Did you know, German immigrants opened the very first kindergartens in the US? The word translates from German to English as children’s garden! Are you sending your child to the big school soon or will you be homeschooling? There are many things to do in order to prepare your child to move from preschool on to kindergarten, in this list we’ll run...
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New From the French House Bastide: Lavande in Love

The French house Bastide, located in Aix-en-Provence, is a body care and home scent company based on the founders' desire to create good-for-you products that are safe for the whole family. "Bastides" is the name for the country houses in that area where loved ones gather – homes surrounded by fragrant gardens and sun-drenched terraces. In 2016, the brand started adding Eaux de Parfum to their... Read full article: New From the French House Bastide: Lavande in Love from Fragrantica Perfumes and...
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Pandolfo and Sigismondo V Canto: Two Faces of a Hero

The two new fragrances by V Canto, Sigismondo and Pandolfo, were inspired by one person from the history of Italy. Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta (1417-1468), condottiere and governor, was one of the most daring military leaders of his time, the famous "Wolf of Romagna" and Signor of Rimini and Fano. The Malatesta family got its surname from the nickname of the family's founder who was famous for h... Read full article: Pandolfo and Sigismondo V Canto: Two Faces of a Hero from Fragrantica Perfum...
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6 Tips for Getting a Healthy Glowing Skin

No matter what a person’s age, healthy skin results in enticing glow and vitality. Flawless skin is attractive and to get it, and when it comes to getting flawless skin, every little bit counts: food, exercise, vitamins, and beauty treatments. Glowing skin is a smooth and comfortable skin that is not ashy, brittle or flaky, Flawless skin is distinguished by tiny pores and clear skin without blemishes. If you are looking for how to make your skin this way, we have put together a few help...
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5 Products To Improve Self-Care At Home

2020 has, for lack of a better term, has turned most of us into homebodies. I don’t think I’ve ever got to know my house as well as I have in these last few months, or would never have imagined just how clean it could be with everyone stuck indoors too (by the way, if you feel you need to give your home a good tidy up, read this recent article on 20 Hacks To Keep the House Tidy for Those Who Hate Cleaning). And while it’s nice to keep a clean and tidy house, you also need to keep your b...
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Rebecca Minkoff Perfume

American fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff is launching the eponymous first fragrance in 2020. With this perfume Rebecca wanted to capture "the ultimate expression of fearless, urban femininity with a contemporary edge." "I wanted to balance this hard/soft idea that exists within our brand," Minkoff says. "Growing up, we had these jasmine plants; I always loved the smell of those at night befor... Read full article: Rebecca Minkoff Perfume from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Slow Your Roll! 5 Easy Ways to Support the Slow Fashion Movement for a Better, Healthier Momma Earth

Slow Your Roll! 5 Easy Ways to Support the Slow Fashion Movement for a Better, Healthier Momma Earth Every decade brings its own set of cultural norms. While the 50s were the era of classy retro jazz fashion, the 60s morphed into the space-age phenomena. Similarly, the decade of 2000s was all about embracing the modern contemporary, and as we are walking into a fresh new decade on this side of the 21st century, sustainable and slow fashion is starting to become the new norm. What is slow fashion...
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How to Shop Cheeky Swimwear This Summer (and Next!) & THE Cheeky Brand to Watch + Chance to Win a Free Suit

How to Shop Cheeky Swimwear This Summer (and Next!) & THE Cheeky Brand to Watch + Chance to Win a Free Suit The calendar says its August, but I don’t quite believe it. This year has gone by in a haze of home-based activities and, if we’re being honest, wine drinking. Even so, we are in the heart of the summer and that demands a cute and sexy swimsuit. Personally, I don’t have any beach trips planned, and you probably don’t either. And I’m not bringing that up to promote more wine-drinking, eithe...
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Was ist Ableismus & warum müssen wir aufhören, ableistische Sprache zu verwenden?

Es leben rund 7,9 Millionen be_hinderte Menschen in Deutschland, aber angesichts der mangelnden Repräsentation in der Arbeitswelt und in den Medien, werden diese Menschen in unserer Gesellschaft kaum sichtbar gemacht. Das ist aber nicht nur ein Problem in Deutschland. Auch in Ländern wie der USA, wo jede*r vierte Bürger*in eine Be_hinderung hat, scheinen ihre Stimmen nicht wahrgenommen zu werden. Mit der neuen Rubrik Voices of Disability macht Refinery29 diese Stimmen laut und die Menschen sicht...
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18 Fun Outdoor Activities to Do as a Family

With the weather warming up and the kids out of school, it’s time to get everybody outside! Time spent outdoors allows families to enjoy the fresh air, lap up some sunshine (with the proper SPF, of course) and forge bonds that last a lifetime. Added bonus: Fresh air play also drags kids away from their screens, and that’s always a big win in our book! Here are some fun outdoor activities to do as a family. Plant a garden. Teach kids about growing their own food and the importanc...
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BERTA Privée SS 2021 Wedding Gown Collection

Berta is one of those designers that never fails to impress. And their new Privée collection for Spring Summer 2020-2021 ticks all the boxes for stunning wedding day attire. Drawing inspiration from the classic Berta fitted silhouette that we all know and love, designed to feel like a second skin, the figure-hugging silhouettes take on their distinct styles with stunning, decadent fabrics in shades of ivory champagne and classic nude. There’s detailed embroidery, beautiful laces, sparkling overl...
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Your Top 5 Budget Fashion Questions Answered

Your Top 5 Budget Fashion Questions Answered Sex in the City character Carrie Bradshaw famously said, “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” While I get Bradshaw’s perspective, I have a different outlook. You see, I like many things in life outside of stylish clothes — an expensive glass of wine, a fancy hotel room, an exotic beach, a soft bed, a well-equipped kitchen, and a deliriously delightful meal. I indulge now and again because I don’t overspend on clothes. In ot...
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6 Ideas To Add Color To Your Bedroom Without Painting

Isn’t this the time to get your space a color makeover? It is totally normal to want to add more colors to the space where, especially these days, we are spending most of the time. It will feel joyful and will give you the energy to have bright colors and hues. To begin with that transformation, it is not necessary to start with the walls, however. Try with a colorful plum comforter set first , for example. These ideas are also ideal for those who are renting their apartment, as they ca...
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Paragon Sports says it will stop selling fur after winter season

What better time to announce a fur ban than during a heat wave in August? Paragon Sports, New York City’s go-to sporting goods retailer for over a century, has quietly announced that it will no longer sell fur products in its store once the winter season end. “There has been considerable innovation in the non-fur...
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Duchess of Cambridge floral mask prompts face covering to sell out

Kate’s first official outing in Amaia mask leads to spike in ‘ditsy print’ searchCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageIt is a truth universally acknowledged that anything the Duchess of Cambridge wears sells out. In the past week the so-called “Kate effect” was put to public health use when she was photographed, for the first time, wearing a face mask.The £15 mask, from the London-based childrenswear brand Amaia, swiftly sold out, while the digital fashion aggregator Lyst ...
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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Standouts

A few days ago I went into the flagship store in Seattle and had a socially-distanced, in-person look at the NAS offerings. As I mentioned last week when I previewed a shortlist of top picks, I will not be shopping in stores with clientele this year. My lists will be based on my personal experience and the winners that my clients and our forum members have shared with me along the way.  This first list showcases items that stood out. It’s by no means exhaustive, and I will definitely be adding i...
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Haarfarbentrend: Bunte Ansätze für einen freshen Look im Sommer

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Not Another Salon (@notanothersalon) on Apr 27, 2020 at 11:36am PDT Vom French Bob über rosafarbene Haare bis hin zu Money-Piece-Highlights à la 90er: Obwohl in diesem Jahr die Friseursalons coronabedingt einige Monate schließen mussten, hat sich in Sachen Frisurentrends in letzter Zeit so Einiges getan. Vielleicht ist das ja sogar ein positiver Nebeneffekt der Pandemie – schl...
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