Byredo Novelties Young Rose Mumbai Noise Copy Ideas But Still Astound

With Byredo’s two newest scents, oddly released so close to one another (perhaps in anticipation of men and women being more attracted to one of the two), the brand is clearly using the stencils of others’ work. That said, it doesn’t bother me so much, given that the end results still have plenty of merits and carry so much beauty despite their appropriation. Keen noses will have smelt the c... Read full article: Byredo Novelties Young Rose Mumbai Noise Copy Ideas But Still Astound from Fragr...
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The Superfumista: Bespoke Perfume Service With an App

Have you ever dreamed of your own perfume? A Made-to-measure perfume that is unique and made only for you? Have you found the price of bespoke perfumes too high? Meet Benjamin Sachs, who runs his project The Superfumista to create bespoke perfumes for the price of a niche brand bottle. We talked with Benjamin in Florence to find out more! BENJAMIN SACHS: The name of my project is The Superfumista... Read full article: The Superfumista: Bespoke Perfume Service With an App from Fragrantica Perfu...
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Bogue Profumo Celebrates 10 Years of Existence With AG

The Italian house of Bogue Profumo, a product of the amazing mind of perfumer and architect Antonio Gardoni, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. To mark this date, a new fragrance is now announced, intended as a limited edition, simply called AG. The name might be simple, but the scent and the bottle are everything but; AG is a totally self-referential work built on notes and inspirations that ... Read full article: Bogue Profumo Celebrates 10 Years of Existence With AG from Fragrantica Perfum...
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Was hinter dünner werdendem Haar stecken kann & wie du dir damit behilfst

Als ich letztes Jahr einen Termin bei einer Dermatologin vereinbarte, um meine hormonelle Akne ein für alle Mal in den Griff zu bekommen, ahnte ich noch nicht, dass ich danach so viel mehr über meinen Körper wissen würde. Innerhalb von einer Stunde fand ich heraus, dass meine Akne wahrscheinlich eine Folge meines polyzystischen Ovarialsyndroms (PCOS) ist, einer Erkrankung ,an der etwa jede zehnte Frau in Deutschland leidet. Laut Dr. Prudence Knight, einer Online-Ärztin bei Push Doctor, w...
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Carolina Herrera Swarovski Limited Edition - Good Girl Ruby Sparkle

In September 2021, the Carolina Herrera house reached the 40th year of the label that was launched with the designer's first show at the Metropolitan Club in 1981. To celebrate this event, the brand presents the Ruby Capsule collection in limited numbers. As the brand states, "To celebrate this milestone, Wes Gordon has curated the Ruby Capsule; special edition collector’s editions of the m... Read full article: Carolina Herrera Swarovski Limited Edition - Good Girl Ruby Sparkle from Fragrant...
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Outfit Formula: Spice It Up with Mustard

Mustard is probably the least popular of the earth tones with my clientele and friends because it’s a brownish yellow that can make you look ill or washed out. Yet some people — like my late Mum — did absolutely rock mustard. In fact, my Mum wore mustard to our wedding because it was one of her best colours. Mustards come in all sorts of tones and shades. Some are more brown, some more yellow, and some more green. Mustard can also be lovely in a pattern. If you bat for Team Mustard, here are so...
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Two New Smell Bents for Halloween

We just recently brought you an article about Los Angeles' Smell Bent, the irreverent perfume company that combines accomplished perfumes with comic twists. At the time of writing, they had just released two new fragrances for the upcoming Halloween season, and I was awaiting their arrival. Since then, something wicked this way came, and these two new perfumes are now part of the arsenal for cool... Read full article: Two New Smell Bents for Halloween from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Maga...
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Prada Candy Rethink Reality Campaign

Prada introduces Candy, a virtual muse as the face of a fragrance. "She triggers bugs of spontaneity in the software of daily life to open exhilarating spaces of release. A call to rethink reality with an unexpected olfactory balance combining a joyful and addictive caramel accord with an overdoes of noble and warm benzoin resin. A creative fusion wrapped in a silky cloud of white musks."  ... Read full article: Prada Candy Rethink Reality Campaign from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes M...
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SSSS.DYNAZENON’s Girls Rocking Some Sexy Street Fashion for New Goods

Dedicated collectors who need every and anything related to SSSS.DYNAZENON will likely be interested in the recently surfaced pop up shop in Shinjuku, as the goods are decorated with special illustrations of three heroines in sexy street fashion, the attire alone sure to motivate fans into attending. The pretty Chise, Yume, and Mujina as they […]
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