2019 When Will I See The Driveway? (Bonus GOMH)

I would say by the end of next weekend.  Goodbye snow and ice.  Look like we are in for a water war.  Here is the condition of the driveway right now. Looking at the turn around spot coming up the driveway Looking up the driveway Yeah, baby Spring s in sight! And there was some open water at the GOMH yesterday as well. [Author: [email protected] (Basspastor)]
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DEEP DIVE Involved Folks excellent resource WALLPAPER:  ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE -------    .. Quite a few years ago a festering sore gave birth to a full blown cancer in our neighborhood. GREAT DAY ON THE MADISON .. Powerful interests were worried about the infringement of the public on the perceived health of 'their' Madison River ... As the festering sore was poked and prodded it drew the attention of both amateur witch doctors and official pr...
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Ott Defoe Is The 2019 Bassmaster Classic Champion!!!

Congratulations to Ott Defoe for winning the Big One, the Bassmaster Classic.  He was the favorite to win going in and managed to pull out the win on the strength of two really good days under tough fishing conditions.  Ott has been on my radar since the early days of his career at FLW.  A family friend that was a marketing partner with FLW told me Ott was one of her favorites and I have kept an eye on him ever since.  Ott is a now with Major League Fishing so this will be his last Classic in a...
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FLY FUSION - Cast Like A Pro: #1 The Basic Cast

Fly Fusion, in collaboration with Scientific Anglers, has launched a ten part fly casting video series with field editor Jeff Wagner and fly-fishing icon Bruce Richards.  Click PLAY on episode one which covers the basics of fly casting and look for future episodes to be shared here in the coming days and weeks. Need a need fly line or three?  Visit the Scientific Anglers website and of course be sure to follow along on Facebook, Instagram and their YouTube channel. Subscribe in a reader [Author...
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Calling all Montana guides and outfitters who are interested in taking their knowledge and services to a new level with the completion of the Guiding for the Future course which begins it's first session next month. Guiding for the Future has been created by the Fishing Outfitters Association of Montana with a focus on the core values of knowledge, professionalism, ethics and stewardship. From the Guiding for the Future presser... Background Montana’s rivers are undergoing increased dema...
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Will Mexico Save Its Vanishing Vaquita?

Less than two dozen of the tiny porpoises remain in the wild. But there’s plenty the government can do to avert its extinction.
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