Pain Ordinaire Careme

Pain Ordinaire Careme Submitted by makebreadnet on February 15, 2020 - 10:33am. Hi again everyone!I'd like to share with you a "go-to" bread of mine that I think you'll enjoy.This recipe comes from one of my favorite bread books called "The complete book of breads" (nice name, right?!) by Bernard Clayton.  This was my first real baking book and it taught me quite a bit about the process, and there are some breads in the book that I make on a regular occasion because they're go...
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Kalamata olive sourdough: question about crumb

Kalamata olive sourdough: question about crumb Submitted by tortie-tabby on February 14, 2020 - 10:24pm. Hi, I was inspired by some recipes I saw here. I didn't end up following any in particular because of my busy schedule. At this point I sort of have a standard protocol which involves roughly autolysing and stretching and folding the dough whenever I get home in the evening, bulk fermenting up till I go to bed, then cold fermenting until I get home the next day. It's worked...
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40% Whole Wheat bread

40% Whole Wheat bread Submitted by Danni3ll3 on February 16, 2020 - 6:21am.   I saw a 40% Wholewheat loaf somewhere online, might have been on here, and thought that I would try to stick to just one kind of wholegrain flour which is highly unusual for me. I completely reworked the recipe aside from the 40% proportion just to see how my usual method would fare.  RecipeMakes 3 small boules 301 g of freshly milled Selkirk Wheat flour658 g strong bakers unbleached flour658 g filte...
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Bread gets burned when baking with steam

Bread gets burned when baking with steam Submitted by azjet on February 15, 2020 - 8:26pm. I've gotten into sourdough breads in the last few months. So far I've been baking boules in a Dutch oven and they've been coming out fairly well. But you can't bake a batard or a baguette in one of those, so I've started exploring baking with steam, using Maurizio's (from The Perfect Loaf) method.Yesterday I made a batch of a 20% spelt / 5% rye dough and after the bulk ferment, divided it into...
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The sixth loaf

The sixth loaf Submitted by ninarosner on February 15, 2020 - 6:36am. I am beyond happy with this! It turned out better than all previous loaves, though I'm unsure why... My 'intuitive' approach is definitely working - sticking to one recipe and just tweaking things step by step rather than going for a completely different method that's worked for someone else.Loaf 6250g white flour, 250g wholegrain wheat flour.80% hydration15% starter2% saltStarter: I used it straight from the frid...
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Comment on chocolate puddle cakes by Steph

I made this tonight and it was wonderful! I used ditch processed cocoa, good life vegan chocolate and butter. I’m excited to use plant based butter next time as I’m dairy sensitive. Very rich and also light! I served them with fresh strawberries.
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Comment on foolproof cacio e pepe by kingtime

This is wonderful, thank you! I’ve been really gunking up everything I cook lately and this gave me my first success in recent memory. Plus it is delicious and inexpensive (except for the wine I bought to go with.)
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Comment on new classic wedding cake + how to by Teri Sadek

I made this cake for a birthday party, and it was divine! The cake itself was moist and delicious – a new favorite. Next time, I will cook the salted caramel less so it is more runny than fudgey. While delicious, we found it to be too thick. An important note about German buttercream – the temperature of the ingredients is very important. I thought I had my butter at the right temp (a bit cooler than room temp, as Deb suggested), but the buttercream was not coming together. I found a Serious Ea...
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Comment on ciambellone, an italian tea cake by K

Made this cake twice. I did not use the sugar in the pan to bake 2nd time cuz first time I suspect it made the cake brown too quickly where the pan touched it. I also used 2 tsp of kosher salt instead of table or sea salt. It was perfect. I didn’t see the need for corn syrup in icing so I omitted it and it was fine. I too wish for a wee bit more lemon flavour in the cake itself. I used avocado oil for the oil and it was great.
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Comment on blackberry gin fizz by Rachel

I loved it! I tend to only like tequila drinks, and am partial to margaritas. This tasted a bit like a margarita, but different enough that it feels like I found another favorite drink. We used Lacroix grapefruit sparkling water instead of club soda–as suggested by another reader–since we didn’t have the club soda. It worked great. It was a perfect color for our Valentine’s Day party and was a good mocktail for those who weren’t drinking.
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The Meaning of a Giant Roast Pig

What seems like a simple decision, to stop eating meat, can alienate us from our traditions.
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Comment on swiss chard and sweet potato gratin by JH

Delicious recipe. I’ve made it twice, once substituting mixed salad greens that were too wilted/yucky for a salad. SK is my favorite recipe website!
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Comment on chocolate puddle cakes by Michelle D.

So quick, easy, and delicious! Perfect for a Valentine’s Day for two! I used 72% dark chocolate and 1 tbsp of sugar and it was sooooo good we ate both (no regrets)!
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Comment on confetti cookies by Alan Macha

What metal tool did you use to flatten the cookies?
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Bulk Fermentation container question

Bulk Fermentation container question Submitted by dbondy on February 15, 2020 - 9:10am. I want to find a container for bulk fermenting 2000g or 4000g of dough for either 2 or 4 loaves.What size containers should I get?
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Comment on perfect blueberry muffins by Busy Baking Barbara

Seriously awesome ( and I’ve been baking to a high standard 35 years) and not sickly sweet! I used a thick greek yoghurt, nothing runny and max blueberries. Thanks Smitten!
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Comment on perfect vegetable lasagna by Marion

I just have to make sure that you all have seen Paris Hilton cooking lasagna in her new video. Well worth the watch–it’s on YouTube. Deb, you should really do your own video–don’t forget the dog, the driving gloves, and your hair all over the place ;) I will be making this next weekend–thanks for the tip on soaking the noodles!
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Comment on salted brown butter crispy treats by Andrea

I just made these but used toasted coconut oat cereal instead of crispy and they are so good
Tags: Food, Andrea

Comment on perfect vegetable lasagna by Kathy D

I only read lasagna recipes as a voyeur, because my Italian grandmother taught me how to make lasagna, and that is how I’m always going to make it. But I have made a few adjustments over the years. If you live in an area where you can easily buy fresh pasta sheets, those work well. I hate boiling lasagna noodles, and I don’t care about the ruffles. The fresh sheets just go right in. If you do use fresh pasta sheets, though, run a knife through in a few spots so that steam can escape. I also a...
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Comment on pineapple upside-down cake by Alison

Delicious cake. I didn’t have Rum, so I used another liquor…all good. Thank you for detailing every step. It made the instructions easier to follow. Quick question, how do you know the caramel sauce has been cooked long enough. What should it look like and what is the texture. Many thanks for all the great recipes.
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Mullum at Night Craft Beer & Street Food Gathering

Gather your friends and family and head to the lush green grounds of the Mullum Leagues Club for a night of dancing under the fairy lights. Grab a bite to eat from the bevy of delicious world food chefs at the pop up street food markets and a drink from the outdoor pop up bars. Handmade, designer, plants & makers markets Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options Pop up bars Kids fun and activities Bring your own picnic rug Camping available on site (by booking) ATM on site – a lot of vendors hav...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Innovation in space food and slime, an artist's sudden success, and why we should eat more sea urchins The Future of Space Food MIT Media Lab’s Space Exploration Initiative focuses on all kinds of research and preparation for “the day when humanity becomes a space-native civilization, as comfortable in thFrom slime to space, tech and textilese cosmos as we have been on Earth.” The team …
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Comment on perfect apple tarte tatin by camillasanderson

Just made this with Pink Ladies and it turned out delicious… AND I’m wondering if anyone has used maple syrup instead of sugar? I think I’ll try that next time…
Tags: Food, Pink Ladies

Comment on perfect vegetable lasagna by Sandy G

Years ago Cooks Illustrated had a lasagna recipe that soaked no boil noodles in hot water before baking. I think they taste the closest to homemade. But I see that Deb doesn’t agree and now I’m thinking I should soak regular noodles. I also make Deb’s homemade ricotta and thin with milk or cream. Going to try this recipe!
Tags: Food, Deb, Cooks Illustrated, Sandy G

Comment on perfect vegetable lasagna by Sarah

You say spread “1/3 sauce” on the bottom of the dish. Should that be 1/3 cup or a third of the total amount of sauce? Thanks!
Tags: Food, Sarah

Comment on perfect vegetable lasagna by erineaguayo

I registered for a lasagne pan when I was engaged 13 years ago, and ended up buying it myself when no one else sent it to my eagerly outstretched arms. It’s a straight-sided, three-inch high marvel of engineering and product design. It’s come in handy many times, but now I know it was waiting for this recipe. I can’t wait to unite them.
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Comment on avocado salad with carrot-ginger dressing by Eva

Really tasty and easy. This recipe makes quite a bit. One thing I find a little confounding about this dressing is how clumpy it is—it looks gorgeous plopped/drizzled on top of vegetables, but I find it hard to really mix it in to coat salad leaves. That’s not a reason not to make it, more like a heads up.
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Comment on perfect vegetable lasagna by Elizabeth A VanDuyne

Just FYI, the Instagram link was not working for me…took me to sports highlights for some reason? But the lasagna looks amazing and I can’t wait to clear out enough time to try it!
Tags: Food, Elizabeth A VanDuyne

Comment on my favorite brownies by Justina

Dear Deb, 2 years ago I asked my FB friends to tell me the perfect brownie recipe. I was in search for a brownie as good as the boxed version, but not from the box. For the past couple years I have tried over 15 recipes from people.’s family recipes to Mark Bittman and epicurious’ recommendations. One of my friends had sent me your “favorite” brownie recipe at this time. But it took me this long to get to it (I have three kids, so though I cook their meals everyday, baking is a luxury I greatly ...
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Comment on chocolate puddle cakes by Sarah

Thanks for replying, Deb! I gave my valentine the choice of “trying something that will either look super pretty or be a total mess, or taking a safe route that will definitely look nice; both taste the same.” He chose the risky option, so I used the snowflake pan. It actually worked pretty well — I erred on the side of overbaking and they weren’t *quite* molten, more gooey. I also filled with your caramel sauce and the caramel leaked out (maybe because the cakelets are more wide than tall?) bu...
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