A growth stock is a company expected to rise faster than the overall market, offering bigger gains for investors who don't mind risk

Growth stocks offer larger gains than other stocks, so they're valued by investors seeking substantial appreciation in their portfolios. Caroline Purser/Getty Images Growth stocks are equities that outperform the market, their share prices increasing at a faster pace. Growth stocks are often companies in innovative fields. They have high earnings but don't pay dividends. Growth stock share prices can be inflated and swing sharply, especially with young, unproven firms. Visit Business ...
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Where to invest when interest rates are low - 6 fixed-rate vehicles that offer the best returns

When interest rates sink, income-seeking investors often need to seek out slightly higher-risk investments. ijeab/Getty Images Low interest rates are challenging for income investors, as fixed-income assets pay less. Among banking products, CDs and online savings accounts offer better yields. Corporate, municipal, and junk bonds offer higher rates than US Treasuries, at varying degrees of risk. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The 21st century is developing into an era ...
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Impact investing finances companies that aim to do good in the world - here's how it works and how to get involved

Impact investing focuses companies, funds, or firms that are dedicated to improving the environment or society while also providing a financial return for investors. Westend61/Getty Images Impact investing targets companies or projects committed to specific social or environmental causes. While many perform well, the return on impact investments may be lower than more traditional investments'. Impact investing is largely limited to private equity, but individuals get involved via broader E...
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Estate planning is an important strategy for arranging financial affairs and protecting heirs - here are 5 reasons why everyone needs an estate plan

Estate planning is more than simply creating a will. It arranges your affairs and finances so things happen as you wish after you die - or even, in some cases, when you're still alive. Eric Audras/Getty Images Estate planning is important for everyone, no matter their age or wealth. Estate planning avoids taxes and legal tie-ups, and ensures funds are bequeathed as you wish. An estate plan appoints the right people to take care of your kids and even you if you're incapacitated. Visit B...
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Investing for inflation means choosing assets that keep pace with rising prices - here's how to inflation hedge to protect your wealth

If your money isn't earning a return, inflation will eventually erode its buying power. Certain investments can be inflation hedges though, offering growth or income to beat an inflationary environment. PeopleImages/Getty Images Inflation (rising prices) lowers the value of cash savings and fixed-income investments. Investing for inflation involves picking assets that appreciate, are tangible, or pay variable interest. Good inflation-hedging investments include stocks, TIPS, and tangib...
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