Still Waiting On Your Winnings From HQ Trivia? Apparently, You're Not Alone

When HQ Trivia abruptly announced it was penniless and shuttering last week, players of the once-viral live game show app wondered what the news meant for any winnings they’d yet to cash in. For many, that question continues to remain unanswered, according to a recent Digital Trends report.Read more...
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Taiwanese Horror Game Devotion Added to Harvard’s Library Collection

Horror game Devotion, which revolves around the trappings of extreme religious devotion and is developed by Taiwanese studio Red Candle Games, has been added to the Harvard-Yenching Library, preserving it for years to come. The game originally launched in 2019 on Steam but became the target of outraged Chinese gamers after they discovered an in-game […]
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Ed Boon on Mortal Kombat & Smash Bros “It’d Be Like a Stamp of Approval”

Ed Boon, one of the co-creators of Mortal Kombat, shared his thoughts on the concept of the fatality-laden fighting game having its characters implemented into the child-friendly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, his opinion naturally being a positive one. Boon participated in a short interview with Shacknews at D.I.C.E Summit 2020, touching on a number of […]
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Rough Overwatch Ero-Animation Shows no Mercy

Overwatch’s winged doctor Mercy has been given a prescription of her own by way of this new erotic animation, as the woman’s medicine is administered to her through an orifice she was probably not expecting. While lasting only about half a minute in duration, the animation offers watchers various angles to behold it from:
Tags: Games, Parody, Overwatch, Anime, Oppai, Oshiri, H, 3D CG, Image Gallery, Ero Animation Shows no Mercy

Artists Sketch Fate/Grand Order Servants Imitating Shounagon’s Double V

An influx of artists have begun sketching Fate/Grand Order characters giving the “double v” pose, with this sudden surge of cute art being due to the game’s new addition of Sei Shounagon, as her Noble Phantasm concludes with her gracing players with the adorable gesture. Sei Shounagon’s Noble Phantasm, enamoring so many players that artists […]
Tags: Games, Artists, Fate/Grand Order, Illustration, Image Gallery, Meme, Moe

Dead or Alive XVV Reveres Kasumi’s Birthday With a Sexy Swimsuit

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation is extravagantly ushering in the birthday of another of its resort girls as Kasumi has been suitably blessed with a new outfit for the occasion, a must-have for any Kasumi fanatics or just those in general who rabidly desire every swimsuit in the game. A brief trailer has Kasumi […]
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Riot Games Lawsuit Withdraws $10 Million Request, Now Demanding $400 Million

The discrimination lawsuit filed toward League of legends developer Riot Games was believed to have been done after they agreed to pay $10 million for their alleged misdeeds, though the request for $10 million has now been withdrawn as California regulators are now demanding $400 million. Agreeing to the $10 million collective settlement to female […]
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Pokemon Clone Temtem Secures Significant Financial Success

The Pokemon-like monster-catching and training MMORPG Temtem has seen great financial success, selling over 500,000 copies since its Steam Early Access release as announced by the game’s official Twitter account. The developers were typically thankful of fans and those supporting the franchise: While just half a million sold copies is quite a small number compared […]
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