Alan Wake Remastered and Final Fantasy VII Remake for PC Possibly Leaked

Have you been itching to play Final Fantasy VII Remake but don’t own a PlayStation console? Or maybe you’ve been dying to play a remastered version of Alan Wake after playing Control? Whichever of those scenarios you fall under, you may be in luck. Both of those games might be coming to the Epic Games Store. According to a recent leak, both Final Fantasy VII Remake and Alan Wake Remastered may be on its way to Epic’s digital storefront. The leaks hail from EpicData, a website dedicated to track...
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Castlevania Advance Collection Rated in Australia, Likely GBA Ports

Konami hasn’t released a new Castlevania game since Lords of Shadow 2 in 2014 and has mainly focused on rereleases since. And a recent ratings board seems to point at that still being the case. The Australian games rating board has rated a game called Castlevania Advance Collection. While Konami hasn’t spoken about any such title, if real, it is likely a collection of the three Game Boy Advance Castlevania games: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, and Castlevan...
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World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic Is True Nostalgia

I fought against resubbing for this. I just haven’t been into World of Warcraft like I once was. Don’t misunderstand, I was an avid player for many years and devoted way more time than I care to admit into building up these characters, especially around the release of this first major content update. I began playing the game in Vanilla, just before the Naxxramas update started. There was that rush to reach level 58 so I could join my friends in the extended content and I loved the new races....
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Metroid Dread Has Had a 16-Year-Long, Rumor-Heavy Development

Metroid Prime 4 has been in some sort of development hell since its announcement in 2017. After a long period of silence, Nintendo came out in early 2019 to say it had restarted development on the title. But that’s just a small baby Metroid-sized development hell compared to the Mother Brain-sized development hell that Metroid Dread was stuck in. Metroid Dread was originally concepted over 16 years ago and went through years and years of rumors and hardship before finally being one of the best ...
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You Can Sign Up to Test Sony's PS5 Beta Software Before 'Major' Update Coming Soon

Sony says it has a “major” software update coming for the PS5 later this year, so to help test out the new software before it gets officially released, you can now sign up for a today PS5 software beta program. Read more...
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Josh Lawson Never Expected His Best Reviews to Come From Mortal Kombat

The 2021 Mortal Kombat movie was relatively divisive, but many seemed to come a consensus that Josh Lawson’s Kano stole the show. In an upcoming interview for Long Story Short, the comedy he wrote and directed that’s slated to come out on July 2, he told ComingSoon that he not only appreciated the kind words, but also that he wasn’t expecting the best reviews of his career to come from his portrayal as the foul-mouthed Black Dragon leader. When prompted about the praise, Lawson made it clear ho...
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Destiny toaster

Bought all the strategy guides, figurines, spin-off media and other merch? Game publisher Bungie is selling a Destiny-branded toaster for the Destiny fan who has it all! $85, ships in December. 10% of Profits from sales of the Destiny Toaster will go to St. — Read the rest
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Xbox Design Lab Makes a Comeback With Customizable Series X|S Controllers

After taking a hiatus last October, Xbox Design Lab is back allowing users to create their very own custom Xbox controller. This time around, the program now features the Xbox’s newest wireless controller iteration. The Xbox Design Lab has a plethora of options to choose from when creating your own Xbox Wireless Controller. Almost every external part of the controller can be color-customized including the body, back case, D-pad, bumpers, triggers, thumbsticks, face buttons, and the View, Menu, ...
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Little Witch Nobeta Creator Wants to Make Sexy Swimsuit Skin

The creator of Little Witch Nobeta, a game described to be “souls-like” but stars a sweet witch girl, has talked about wanting to add a sexy swimsuit skin to the game but changed his mind because the “inspection” process before submission is too strict, no doubt a reference to Steam’s obsession with censoring games with […]
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Samus Aran’s Colored Suit in Metroid Dread Inspires Fan Art

Aside from the world-shattering announcement of Metroid Dread, the first new 2D Metroid title in over 19 years, fans of female bounty hunter Samus Aran have shown to be rather enamored with her new multi-colored suit, prompting artists into sketching their own art in celebration of the new game. Fan art of Samus’ new Metroid […]
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Intel Iris Xe (DG1) Discrete GPU From ASUS Reviewed For The First Time

Since you can only get your hands on an ASUS DG1 graphics card through a pre-built system, ETAPrime purchased the 750 USD CyberpowerPC system for their review. The post Intel Iris Xe (DG1) Discrete GPU From ASUS Reviewed For The First Time appeared first on
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Helltaker’s Modeus Takes It on the Bed

The passion held for the devilishly sexy women of Helltaker has brought another erotic animation to fruition as the ever skilled Whisperingfornothing has depicted the feminine Modeus receiving a penis whilst laying down, attempting to distract herself with some reading material but utterly failing. The perverse animation will have watchers wishing the artist would make […]
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My Newest Obsession

So I don’t know about y’all, but I am constantly stressed! I am always looking for outlets and activities that help me balance it all a bit. I have tried yoga, running, and other things. Honestly though, working out really isn’t my strong suit! (OOPS) In my quest to find activities to help clear my […] The post My Newest Obsession appeared first on Not So Average Mama.
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Shin Megami Tensei V Recruiting All Sorts of Unique Monsters

New footage for the long-awaited Shin Megami Tensei V has been unveiled, teasing some of the combat and story and sure to prove informative in regards to whether or not fans should purchase the title. Players will be able to negotiate with demons and potentially recruit them, while multiple ally demons can also be fused […]
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Kinkoid’s New Erotic Game Comix Harem Contains Countless Nude Super Heroines

Kinkoid is helping hardcore comics readers fulfill their fantasies as their new free-to-play browser game Comix Harem is rife with female heroes who require sex to refill their superpowers, a job that any amorous male would gladly take up for the sake of humanity. Comix Harem is bursting with intense RPG action as players assume […]
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Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.23 Is Now Available With Critical Fixes

The update was announced on the official Twitter account and Cyberpunk 2077. It looks like patch 1.23 focuses on open world quests and missions which are played through the main story. The update covers a total of 17 missions where each mission has at least one fix. The post Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.23 Is Now Available With Critical Fixes appeared first on
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No More Heroes 3 Gameplay Both Intense & Comedic While Battling Aliens

A Nintendo Treehouse presentation has revealed a lengthy gameplay preview of Grasshopper Interactive’s No More Heroes 3 showing off Travis Touchdown taking on the newly emerged alien threat with style and an unrivaled sense of comedic timing. The newly added description of the game directly from Nintendo: Fight your way to the top of the […]
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Nintendo Direct Scored Highest Peak Viewers for E3 2021

It seems Nintendo has “won” E3 2021 as far as peak viewers go as this chart has divulged the conferences that had the highest, with the Smash Bros. series and Breath of the Wild 2 likely being huge factors in this accomplishment. Data site Stream Hatchet released a chart that revealed the amount of views […]
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Fight For a Woman’s Freedom in Sera & the Goddess’ Arena

Sera and the Goddess’ Arena has a poor female fighting in an arena for her freedom, subjected to the wrath of foul goblins and beasts as well as other humans and often being raped or molested (a positive trait for any eroge). Excited to go on an adventure, warrior Sera is knocked unconscious after her […]
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Pokemon Unite MOBA Trailer Highly Heart-Stopping

A new glimpse at Pokemon Unite has treated MOBA enthusiasts to a thrilling cinematic that will surely prove effective in getting watchers excited, the video barely having any dislikes unlike the first few trailers, though this is perhaps due to fans avoiding news on the game (which might be the case considering the much lower […]
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The best video games of 2021 so far

Hostile alien planets, giant vampire women and a jazz age murder mystery – plus some old favourites, rebooted – are among the best games released this yearPCA gentle, board game style town building sim, which has you matching hexagonal landscape tiles to craft unique locations, laying on further puzzles and pleasures as you go.What we said: “This is game-playing at its most thoughtfully relaxing, with that rare chance, in video games, to be the architect of a world, rather than its conqueror.” R...
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Super Robot Wars 30 Anniversary Title Will Appear in English

Celebrating the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Super Robot Wars game franchise, Bandai Namco has revealed the title meant to celebrate the longevity of the series, Super Robot Wars 30, which will also be getting an English language release. The English version will be released similarly to a few other titles in the franchise: in […]
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