Apple Finally Jumps Into Games with Subscription Service Featuring 100+ Exclusives

Smashed in alongside announcements about updates to Apple News and a new payment system and Apple credit card, Apple also shared info on a new service to help people more easily discover new games: Apple Arcade. The subscription service will launch with more than 100 exclusive titles, but we still don’t know what it…Read more...
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Access PlayStation Now's Extensive Game Library For Just $60 For a Full Year

With over 750 PS4 and PS3 games (playable on both the PS4 and Windows PCs) in its library, PlayStation Now is basically the Netflix of video games, and you can get (or gift) a full year of the service for just $60 for a limited time. Considering Sony usually only sells the service for $20 per month, $45 for three…Read more...
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Get a Free Copy of 'The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind' Today

Welcome, outlander. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first game in The Elder Scrolls franchise (The Elder Scrolls: Arena), Bethesda is giving everyone a free copy of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind—the “Game of the Year” edition, at that. Sure, the game is now 16 years old at this point, but you’re saving a…Read more...
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Sony Is Sure Selling a Lot of PlayStation VR Headsets

Sony has continued to do well in the virtual reality space, and has sold a grand total of 4.2 million PlayStation VR systems worldwide, the company announced in a blog post on Monday. That’s total units actually bought by consumers, not just shipped.
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PlayStation’s first State of Play event includes Iron Man VR announcement

Sony held the first PlayStation State of Play video presentation on March 25 and it featured the announcement of Iron Man VR for PlayStation VR. The game is scheduled to arrive this year. The post PlayStation’s first State of Play event includes Iron Man VR announcement appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Sagisawa Fumika Ero-MMD Takes the Punishment

A new boundary-pushing MikuMikuDance video has emerged to push the limits of NicoNico Douga, the absurd video focusing on Sagisawa Fumika of IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls suffering through an erotic punishment that has her tied up and forcibly feeling some good vibrations. The video‘s explicit nature allowed it to achieve 5th place on NND’s R-18 ranking:
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Umihara Kawase Fresh! Gameplay Overloaded with Cuteness

The official website for physics-based platformer Umihara Kawase Fresh! has been updated with several gameplay videos demonstrating the title’s new physics engine, the tutorial and various colorful levels. The cute trailers fishing for attention: Umihara Kawase Fresh! will be released for the Nintendo Switch in Japan on the 25th of April and the 9th of July […]
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A Certain Magical Fighting Game Gets English Translation After Eight Years

A 3D fighting game for PSP based on the Index (To aru Majutsu no Index) franchise has received an English translation eight years after its release. Three-dimensional arena fighting game A Certain Magical Index (released for the PSP in January 2011) has finally received an English translation courtesy of a dedicated fan named JeruTz. The […]
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Tamamo no Mae Ero-Cosplay Wildly Masturbates

Ero-cosplayer Ringo Mitsuki has taken on a very lewd iteration of the Fate franchise’s Tamamo no Mae, attempting to entice her followers with a show involving her gorgeous body and a set of useful toys designed for her pleasure. The raunchy cosplay depicting the fox-girl enjoying a whole assortment of toys:
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Chinese censors incinerate entire run of a kickstarted Call of Cthulhu RPG sourcebook

Julio writes, "Sons of the Singularity is a small RPG publisher. Last year, they kickstarted The Sassoon Files, a sourcebook for the popular Call of Cthulhu RPG and Trail of Cthulhu RPG. As a lot of publishers, theydid the printing in China. The same day that the print was finished, a Chinese Government decided that it was "problematic", so they burned the entire print run. Targeting foreign publications is a first, specially when it seems there wasn't anything problematic (the supplement was b...
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Raunchy Resident Evil 2 Mods Make Survival Horror Sexy

Those on the prowl for more erotic mods to use in the Resident Evil 2 remake will not be disappointed as several others have made an appearance, including ones that alter Claire’s breast size and one that gives her an incredibly low-cut shirt. One mod allows players to play as a nude Ada: Claire’s breast […]
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Nintendo Making Two New Switch Models

Nintendo is planning to launch two new versions of the Switch, with the models possibly going on sale this summer. According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is planning to release new versions of the Nintendo Switch this year, each aimed at a different segment of the gaming market. The WSJ’s sources, which it claims […]
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PUBG Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary – Gives out Special Anniversary Virtual Item

The game that really started the battle royale craze is now turning 2 years old! Honestly it feels longer than that, but PUBG was the game that brought battle royale to the mainstream. The company wrote on open letter to their fans on the PUBG Steam Page where they reflect on some of the highlights of the game. The post PUBG Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary – Gives out Special Anniversary Virtual Item appeared first on
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The secrets of 'review-bombing': why do people write zero-star reviews?

The games world is awash with spiteful online appraisals – but what’s the point? A committed review-bomber tells allIn an age when everyone’s a blogger or social media influencer, it’s easy for traditional criticism to get drowned out. It’s at the epicentre of this din of competing opinions that Metacritic – a review aggregator owned by CBS that parses disparate media scores into round(ish) numbers – has flourished. Every game, album and movie that is released gets added to site’s gargantuan dat...
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Sega Ages: Puyo Puyo Releases End of March

The official Sega Twitter account has announced classic addictive arcade game Puyo Puyo will be releasing at the end of March for the Nintendo Switch with new and improved features. The re-release comes from the “Sega Ages” line of games intended to integrate new features and functionalities into classic Sega arcade titles. Sega Ages: Puyo Puyo […]
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Sharon & Terry Bogard Announced as DLC for Fighting EX Layer

Arika’s Fighting EX Layer is getting a free update and with it two new DLC characters: the gun totting Sharon and the iconic Terry Bogard. The overview of both characters from their respective trailers: Sharon After abandoning her past in order to spend her days peacefully with her lover, Sharon is blackmailed by the Secret […]
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Newegg slashes prices on PS4 accessories and AAA games like Anthem

Newegg is currently offering big savings on a number of games for PS4 and Xbox One, including Anthem, Metro Exodus, The Division 2, and Kingdom Hearts 3. Accessories including headsets are also on sale. The post Newegg slashes prices on PS4 accessories and AAA games like Anthem appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Death Stranding Reaches “Important” Development Phase

Hideo Kojima has said that “life simulator” Death Stranding has reached an “important phase” in its development, with the established developer now playing the game every day on his PS4. Renowned video game creator Hideo Kojima has said that long-awaited title Death Stranding has reached a critical phase in its development and is now somewhat […]
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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Weapon Design Contest Finalists Revealed

Capcom has revealed the finalists for their Monster Hunter World: Iceborn weapon design contest and proudly presented the creations to the public. To vote for specific finalist entries, Twitter users simply have to “Like” the tweet featuring their favorite weapon designs: All of the finalist weapon designs: Monster Hunter: World is already available for the […]
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DICE Unveils 2019 Battlefield V Roadmap

EA and DICE will be releasing the Battle Royale mode for Battlefield V today, dubbed FireStorm. With that they are ramping things up revealing a 2019 roadmap that covers the next two chapters of the game in Tides of War as well as a tease at the next chapter. The post DICE Unveils 2019 Battlefield V Roadmap appeared first on
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Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Gameplay PV Revealed

Nihon Falcom has revealed the first gameplay trailer (along with a slew of other game information) for the new Ys series game “Ys IX: Monstrum Nox” during this year’s Dengeki Game Festival. The overview from the Dengeki Game Festival: Maps are three-dimensional with different levels of elevation. Jumping and vertical actions have increased. 40 to […]
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PSVR’s ‘Blood & Truth’ Hits May 28

“Blood & Truth,” the PlayStation VR action thriller set in modern-day London, hits the PlayStation 4 and its VR headset on May 28, PlayStation announced during its State of Play video Monday evening. The game focuses on Ryan Marks, an elite Special Forces soldier who is on a dangerous mission to save his family from […]
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Revenge Swordswoman Raspberry Rife with Rape

Revenge Swordswoman Raspberry has put more innocent girls in harm’s way as the title involves a woman knight attempting to rescue a princess, though her efforts are blocked by a horde of amorous monsters desperate to rape her. The basic side-scroller leads heroine Raspberry through various landscapes on a dangerous journey to rescue the princess, […]
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FFXIV’s Zenos Makes His Diabolical Debut in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Square Enix has announced via Twitter that Final Fantasy XIV‘s Zenos yae Galvus will be joining the playable cast of 3D fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Zenos yae Galvus is the main antagonist of the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion. As Legatus of the XIIth Legion and the son of emperor Varis zos Galvus, he now serves […]
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