Some of the Best Xbox Games Are Coming to Android Via Project X Cloud, and I'm Pretty Hyped

It’s time for Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform to officially move out of preview mode and into the real world. The company announced today that Project xCloud will officially launch on Sept. 15—though just in beta for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members at the moment. However, anyone can sign up for that service and…Read more...
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Spider-Man Coming to Marvel’s Avengers in 2021!

Spider-Man coming to Marvel’s Avengers in 2021! We may only be a month away from the highly-anticipated debut of Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers and after revealing last week that Hawkeye would be joining the roster in a post-launch release, it’s now been announced that Spider-Man will also be swinging into the game in 2021 exclusively on PlayStation consoles for free! Check out the announcement below! RELATED: Hawkeye is Coming To Marvel’s Avengers Video Game Post Launch ...
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Paul W.S. Anderson Says Monster Hunter is 100 Percent Finished

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Paul W.S. Anderson says Monster Hunter is 100 Percent Finished Last month, it was announced that Paul W.S. Anderson’s forthcoming film adaptation of Monster Hunter had been officially pushed back from September 2020 to April 23, 2021. Because of this, some people have speculated that the delay might be caused by potential post-production problems due to the film’s expected high visual effects, however, in a new interview with Syfy Wire, Anderson has debunked those specula...
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New edition of 8bit Card Deck red-y to go

I wrote about the original 8bit Card Deck a couple of years back, and now a second edition is live with tweaked designs and the same pixel-perfect look. $15 a deck, target hit, and no question about fulfilment as the print order's already in with Gambler's Warehouse. The 8Bit Deck is back with a fresh new look! The new iteration features red backs and a gold foil embossed tuck box! ... My name is Michael B. Myers Jr. (drawsgood) and I am a huge fan of pixel art and retro gaming. In 2019, I bega...
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Diablo: Immortal’s Negative Reputation Follows the Game Into New Trailer

The ChinaJoy 2020 event has revealed a new trailer for the infamous Diablo: Immortal mobile game, which was greeted with an expected torrent of hatred from fans worldwide still angry since the game’s initial exposure. The disastrous reputation of Diablo: Immortal, first revealed during BlizzCon 2018, has seemingly proven to be irreversible as the latest […]
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The best Xbox One exclusives (August 2020)

Beyond the standard fare of Halo and Gears of War, the Xbox One has a lot of exclusives. Here are the best.
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Cosplayer Rinka’s Transformation Abilities Truly Enigmatic

The distinguished Rinka may soon become a favorite amongst cosplay hobbyists as the fierce woman is not intimidated when it comes to presenting her female assets whilst dressed as characters from various different video games, her talent for cosplay sure to be regarded by some as uncanny. Some of Rinka’s past successful cosplays include characters […]
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Smartphone Game Bleach: Brave Souls Launches on Steam This Summer

Developer KLab Inc. will be launching the popular Bleach smartphone game Bleach: Brave Souls on Steam very soon. The RPG and action game hybrid is based on Tite Kubo’s popular Bleach series. Originally launched in the middle of 2015 for Android and iOS-supporting mobile devices, the game gradually exceeded over 50 million downloads from both […]
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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 confirmed to get VR support in a future update

Microsoft confirms Flight Simulator 2020 will get VR support in a future update coming in Fall 2020, will support Windows Mixed Reality The post Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 confirmed to get VR support in a future update appeared first on
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Microsoft showcases mobile gaming accessories designed to work with Xbox cloud gaming

Way back in the before times of October 2019, Microsoft announced that it would be expanding its Designed for Xbox stamp of approval to a line of mobile accessories. The play was pretty obvious: The company is trying to get serious about smartphone gaming through the backdoor approach of its own Project xCloud streaming service. Without a major in-person gaming conference this summer, Microsoft is announcing a number of new additions to the line this morning, by way of blog post. The line is...
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Optix MAG272C Monitor with 1500R Curve and 165Hz Refresh Rate Announced By MSI

MSI is ranging up its product diversification game with the introduction of its new monitor having 1500R Curve and 1080p Resolution. The post Optix MAG272C Monitor with 1500R Curve and 165Hz Refresh Rate Announced By MSI appeared first on
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Tales of the Rays Summer Gacha Loaded With Cute Girls & Swimsuits

Smartphone game Tales of the Rays is also striking while the summer sun is blazing outside as their new event not only introduces some equally scorching new females to acquire but some seasonable swimsuits too. Entitled the “Seaside Mirage” event, players will have the chance to seize Agria from Tales of Xilia and Saimon from […]
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John Boyne accidentally includes Zelda video game monsters in novel

Novelist says details from careless Google search are ‘quite funny’ and he will leave his book as is after reader spots Octoroks and Lizalfos in his new bookJohn Boyne, the award-winning author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, has acknowledged that a cursory Google led to him accidentally including monsters from the popular video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in his new novel.Boyne’s A Traveller at the Gates of Wisdom opens in AD1 and ends 2,000 years later, following a narrator...
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Ludisia the Green-Eyed Sword Maiden Tries to Rescue a Princess

The erotic action sidescroller genre has been bolstered with the release of the enticing Ludisia the Green-Eyed Sword Maiden, enchanting players with an assortment of sex and assault scenes for the main heroine as they fight to save a captured princess. Players assume the role of sword maiden Ludisia as she ventures into the enemy […]
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Spider-Man will be a PlayStation exclusive in Marvel’s Avengers

The wall-crawler will available on Sony's consoles in 2021
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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate adds cloud gaming on September 15

And it'll work with more than 100 games at launch.
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