Another Blog on MANTS (It Takes Two)

Last week I got on a skinny little regional jet with four hefty Co-Horts from work, and with a screaming winter storm tailwind we arrived at BWI lickety split. Like the damned thing was the Concorde. Good thing. Even an hour on that plane next to my boss made an imprint of his credit card on my thigh. I would have used it to buy something online, but I know he’s at least as broke as I am. Back on the ground, we hit the ground running. MANTS is huge. Time is short. Welcome to MANTS. 956 ve...
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It’s Bloom Day

And I have not posted one of these for years, so, as a reminder: on the 15th of every month, garden bloggers post what is in flower in their gardens. The tradition was started by Carol of May Dreams Gardens. Normally I would never select January 15 as the day to jump back into the Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day game, as what I have in January is pretty much like the above. However, I’m in Key West at the moment, so I am appropriating its plants for my GBBD post. I know some of these: ...
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Fire and Chaparral - Some Answers

What's wrong with this picture!Muhlenbergia rigens, deer grass, is  not the best choice of plantnext to a building  in a fire prone area of California.  (The fences adjoining the greenhouse are also problematic. But that's not the topic of this post.) Since my last post (Fire and Chaparral - Some Questions) I've been doing some reading, hand wringing, and hacking at defenseless plants--the ones in obviously wrong places such as slap up against a structure. Digging out the grasse...
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The Miniaturist

The premise is fascinating -- a young woman married to a wealthy man she hardy knows, a man who will not consummate the marriage, who shrinks from her touch. A house of secrets, ruled over by the man's sister, outwardly ascetic but given to fur linings in her somber garments. As Nella tries to find her way in a puzzling household and in the rich but unforgiving world of 17th Century Amsterdam, the gift of a cabinet for miniatures and the filling thereof catapults the story into mystery. Who...
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From the Archives

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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One Way Or Another, I Will Have Flowers

L ast month I told you about my failures forcing paperwhites. The first batch, packed into a narrow container that fit on the windowsill, blasted almost all their buds. My hopes were then pinned on the second batch, which I thought would bloom in time for Christmas. But they didn’t. These paperwhites are taller than their last picture, but aren’t close to blooming. Why? I was watering them with a mixture of alcohol and water. Perhaps that stunted their growth too much? Maybe it was inconsis...
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Books: Designing with Winners

I can't think of a designer who doesn't know of/doesn't use Proven Winners plants, whether shrubs, small evergreens, roses, perennials or annuals. The plants are hardy; many of the shrubs are on the small side, suitable for urban or suburban gardens; and the annuals and perennials will make any container... [Author: Jane Berger]
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