Miss Birdie and the Ordinary Family--Part 2

  Now where was I. Oh, yes, I was telling you about Elroy. Course they was all of them bumfuzzled when he did what he done, but I believe it was Tick took it the hardest. Tick? She was the oldest girl and had always looked after Elroy, him being the least un .  Y es, I reckon Tick is a right quare name for a girl. But it was all that anyone ever called her.  Hit weren’t her real name, of course. Her real name was Luna but when she went to school and told the other young uns as ho...
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How a viral hoedown got started

It didn’t take much. As I noted in this July 7 post, Facebook removed three or four comments in WNY Gardeners, a 8k-member group I co-admin, for various uses of the word “hoe.” That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but one mention was from a fellow admin, which can lead to a group removal. That’s why I wrote about it. Obviously, the word gets flagged because when you take away the “e” you have another word, not usually associated with gardening. We now have an announcement in the group recommendi...
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Miss Birdie and the Ordinary Family

Why look who’s here! Come right in and git you a cheer. I been studying on that old house you asked me about. Hit was the Kendalls lived there—nice folks all of them, and just as ordinary as can be --. . . all of them, ‘cept Elroy, the youngest boy. Me and Luther used to visit them now and again of a Sunday evening—Rhodie was some kind of cousin to Luther. I been trying hard to think of anything about them worth tellin—they was just the usual run of folks, ‘cept Elroy. Elroy? Why e...
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