Colorful M1 iMacs and M1 iPad Pro announced

Apple today announced a redesigned range of inch-thick iMacs based upon its own M1 processors, offered in a range of bright colors (with matching TouchID keyboards, mice and trackpads) and sporting a 24", 4.5K retina display. Execs promised an 85% improvement on the last Intel-based iMacs' CPU performance, 2x faster graphics—games and video editing figured strongly in the presentation—and 3x machine learning performance. — Read the rest
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Deep Science: Introspective, detail-oriented and disaster-chasing AIs

Research papers come out far too frequently for anyone to read them all. That’s especially true in the field of machine learning, which now affects (and produces papers in) practically every industry and company. This column aims to collect some of the most relevant recent discoveries and papers — particularly in, but not limited to, artificial intelligence — and explain why they matter. It takes an emotionally mature AI to admit its own mistakes, and that’s exactly what this project from the Te...
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Apple brings Touch ID to the Magic Keyboard

Apple has unveiled a new, colorful iMac today with an Apple-designed M1 chip. But that was just part of the story as the company used that opportunity to release new Mac accessories. In addition to a Magic Trackpad and a Magic Mouse with multiple color options, Apple is bringing Touch ID to desktop Macs with a new Magic Keyboard. Touch ID on desktop works as expected. There’s a fingerprint sensor located at the top right of the keyboard. It replaces the ‘Eject’ key that you can find on existing ...
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Yes, bring back netbooks

The netbook reminiscing of late had me checking out what's offered in the world of small but typeable laptops, and I'm sad to say that there's not a lot to pick from. Most of the easily available options are either too large (like the 11" Asus L210 or various 11.6" chromebooks available on Amazon), too small (like the 7" GPD Pocket), too expensive (like the otherwise bill-fitting 10" One Mix 4 or 9" GPD Max), or blatant parts-bucket junk like the Goldengulf 10" Android Laptop. — Read the rest
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Watch Apple’s Spring Loaded event light right here

Today, Apple is holding a (virtual) keynote at 10 AM PT (1 PM in New York, 6 PM in London, 7 PM in Paris). And you’ll be able to watch the event right here as the company is streaming it live. Rumor has it that Apple plans to unveil a brand new iPad Pro. In particular, Apple’s tablet could get a big display update as the company could switch to mini-LED displays. You can expect some better specifications as well. But that’s not all, we expect to see a refreshed iPad mini. Apple could also b...
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Old Thinkpad upgraded with Pixel Qi display for typing in the sun

Lenovo's Thinkpad X230 came out in 2012, putting it just a few months shy of vintage in the fast-moving world of tech, where any random guy's definition of vintage can prevail for the course of a single posting. Here's an X230 upgraded with a transflective Pixel Qi display, completely legible in full sunlight. — Read the rest
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Popl tops $2.7M in sales for its technology that replaces business cards

If you’re spent any time on TikTok lately, then you’ve probably seen a number of Popl’s ads. The startup has been successfully leveraging social media to get its modern-day business card alternative in front a wider audience. Packaged as either a phone sticker, keychain or wristband, Popl uses NFC technology to make sharing contact information as easy as using Apple Pay. To date, Popl has sold somewhere over 700,000 units and has generated $2.7 million in sales for its digital business card tech...
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A tiny spy-gadget audio recorder that isn't junk

It's nice to see Sony still making weirdly specific high-end gadgets such as the TX800 [; Amazon has it in white], even if $240 is a lot of sticker shock for a voice recorder. It's tiny, about 4cm-square, and comes with a corresponding remote control. — Read the rest
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Galaxy S21+ review: the big-screen Samsung phone for slightly less

Top chips, good camera and four-year support make for a lot of phone if bought at a discountThe Galaxy S21+ is Samsung’s cheaper flagship handset that tries to be a more mainstream big-screen option than its more expensive stablemate, the S21 Ultra.The new Android phone has an RRP of £949 – making it £200 cheaper than the top-of-the-line S21 Ultra – but shop around and you’ll find it for less than £750, which makes it much more palatable. Continue reading...
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Retrospective of netbooks, the tiny low-end laptops that lit up the late 2000s

Nilay Patel remembers the netbook, the small (9-11") power-sipping (Intel Atom) and cheap (sub-$500) devices that suddenly exploded in the late 2000s, only to vanish into the fog of tablets, ultrabooks and chromebooks. Within a few years, he figures, there were some 40 models of the popular but decidedly low-end Asus EeePC. — Read the rest
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Collection of Macintosh death chimes

Stephen Hackett collects and presents the Chimes of Death, the intriguing melodies that used to herald the doom of a Mac. My favorite is the Macintosh LC's unsettling chiptune dance over the sharps. By the mid 1990s, it was all silly and infuriating car crash noises and such. — Read the rest
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Alice in Wonderland keycaps

UnAlice is a set of DSA, dye-sublimated keycaps inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The spindly Victorian type is complemented nicely by illustrated function and meta keys featuring the White Rabbit, the Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar, and other usual suspects. Unlock the door into the fantastical world of talking rabbits, mad hatters, and smiling cats. — Read the rest
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Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) review: Alexa’s new small budget ball

Smart speaker ditches puck shape but keeps solid sound and function with or without LED clock displayAmazon’s fourth-generation Echo Dot has evolved from its predecessors’ puck-like appearance into a small ball, shaking up the idea of what a small smart speaker can look like.The new Echo Dot is priced the same as the last one, costing from £50, although it will be frequently available at a discount at various retailers, and looks like the full-sized £80 Echo hit with a shrink ray. Continue readi...
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Willo launches its tooth-brushing robot for kids

Are you 100% sure that your children are brushing their teeth properly? A New York-based startup called Willo has been working for several years on a device that should transform the tooth-brushing experience for children. Willo isn’t a new toothbrush — electric or not. It’s an oral care device that doesn’t look like a toothbrush at all. The startup has worked with dental professionals to start from scratch with oral care in mind. The device can be quite intimidating when you don’t see it in act...
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Grover raises $71M to grow its consumer electronics subscription business

A startup tapping into the concept of the circular economy, where people don’t buy items outright but pay an incremental amount to use them temporarily, has raised some funding to scale its business in Europe and beyond. Grover, a Berlin-based startup that runs a subscription model where people can rent out consumer electronics like computers, smart phones, games consoles and scooters for set fees, has picked up €60 million ($71 million). The funding is coming in the form of €45 million in equit...
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Sonos Roam review: the portable speaker you’ll want to use at home too

Cheaper wifi speaker has Bluetooth plus Google or Alexa for great indoor and outdoor musicSonos’s new smaller and cheaper Roam portable speaker is one that won’t end up relegated to a drawer collecting dust as it sounds great at home too.The £159 Roam joins the much bigger and heavier £399 Move as the second of firm’s battery-powered models and proves itself as one of the best options in a saturated market. Continue reading...
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Zooming into the moon with the "world's sharpest" tele lens

Enjoy Markus Stark's zoomy video of the moon, shot with a Leica 400mm F2.8 lens (about $10k, used) attached to a Panasonic GH4 with 1.4x, 2x, and 2x Leica APO focus module extenders. [via Leica Rumors] The video clips were filmed in August 2015 at only 290m above sea level (camping side in Germany). Some — Read the rest
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MacOs, Windows and Linux running simultaneously on an old PC

Luke Metoki virtualized MacOS and Windows simultaneously on an 2000s-era PC, with Arch Linux as the host organism. The mad science worked, but Windows was "very sluggish" if not given the lion's share of RAM. If you want me to write more about this, contact me. — Read the rest
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Google denies Pixel 5a 5G cancelation, confirming it’s coming this year

Sometimes you’ve just got to confirm an unannounced product to put the rumors to bed, I guess. That was Google’s strategy this afternoon, following earlier rumors from Android Central that a chip shortage had put the kibosh on the mid-budget phone. In a comment to TechCrunch, a Google spokesperson noted, “Pixel 5a 5G is not cancelled. It will be available later this year in the U.S. and Japan and announced in line with when last year’s a-series phone was introduced.” That time frame would put th...
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Eyecam is a blinking, flitting webcam that looks back at you

This webcam, housed in an animatronic sculpture of a grossly disembodied human eye, was created by Marc Teyssier, Marion Koelle, Paul Strohmeier, Bruno Fruchard and Jürgen Steimle. [Human Computer Interaction Lab via The Verge] They call it the Eyecam and I lovehate it. — Read the rest
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The best dumbphone gets Signal messaging

The Punkt MP02 (previously) is one of two or three premium-yet-minimalist phone handsets that actually work on post-2G cellular networks. And now it has Signal built-in, providing end-to-end voice encryption, free-Internet based calls and texts, group messages and voice dictation. — Read the rest
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Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) review: wearable-free sleep tracking smart display

Radar-based gesture and sleep tracking turns top smart assistant into a great alarm clock tooGoogle’s second-generation Nest Hub smart display now comes with radar-based sleep tracking as it attempts to keep Amazon’s Alexa at bay.The new Nest Hub costs £89.99 on launch, which makes it cheaper than its predecessor and slightly undercuts competitors of a similar size. Continue reading...
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Sonos delivers a near-perfect portable speaker with the new Sonos Roam

Sonos has a new speaker that starts shipping later this month, and it’s a significant departure from the company’s usual offerings in a number of ways. The all-new Sonos Roam is a compact, portable speaker with a built-in battery and Bluetooth connectivity — but still very much a Sonos system team player, with wifi streaming, multi-room feature, voice assistant support and surprisingly great sound quality. The basics Priced at $179, the Sonos Roam is truly diminutive, at just over 6 inches, by...
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Newspaper made from 32″ e-Ink display

Greg Raiz crafted an e-ink newspaper, though it might be more appropriate to describe it as an e-ink display cunningly disguised as a page of a newspaper framed and hung on a wall. Brilliant work! I took a 32″ eInk display and turned it into a digital newspaper that updates every day. — Read the rest
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How to test your webcam to make sure it's working properly before a video call

You'll want to test your computer's webcam before any meeting that requires your presence on camera. RUNSTUDIO/Getty Images You can test your webcam online or using programs that come with Windows 10 or your Mac. You don't have to wait for a video call to find out there's a problem with your webcam - test it ahead of time. Most web conference apps like Skype and Zoom let you see video from your webcam in Settings. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more storie...
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Pro¹ X, a linux phone with a slide-out keyboard

Your new cyberdeck has arrived, madam. The Pro¹ X is a handsome smartphone that runs a variety of free operating systems and has a slide-out keyboard, perfect for SSHing in, NMAPping corpo headquarters, or raiding ATMs in the early 1990s. — Read the rest
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UK rollout for sweat-testing ankle bands to enforce alcohol bans

Big Brother is licking you. Sweat monitors (aka scram cams) are ankle bands that monitor the wearer's sweat for alcohol, to enforce court-ordered abstinence. They're rolling them out nationwide in the UK in a bid to tackle booze-related crime. — Read the rest
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Cryptocurrency wallet and blockchain tech startup imToken raises $30 million Series B

imToken, the blockchain tech startup and crypto wallet developer, announced today it has raised $30 million in Series B funding led by Qiming Venture Partners. Participants included returning investor IDG Capital, and new backers Breyer Capital, HashKey, Signum Capital, Longling Capital, SNZ and Liang Xinjun, the co-founder of Fosun International. Founded in 2016, the startup’s last funding announcement was for its $10 million Series A, led by IDG, in May 2018. imToken says its wallet for Ethere...
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Australian lidar maker Baraja collects $31M B round to illuminate the future of autonomy

Lidar companies across the planet are going SPAC, but Baraja isn’t in a hurry to go public. The Australian lidar maker has raised a $31M B round to continue the deployment and development of its “unique and ingenious” imaging system, with participation beyond the usual VC suspects. Baraja’s lidar uses what the company calls SpectrumScan, letting physics do the hard work of directing the light. By passing its laser through a prism, different wavelengths of light go in different directions — and w...
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OnePlus 9 Pro review: super slick, rapid charging Android phone

Latest top-spec handset has Hasselblad-branded camera, great screen and long battery lifeOnePlus’s latest 9 Pro Android phone takes the firm’s winning formula of slick speed and adds knowhow from the Swedish renowned camera manufacturer Hasselblad to try to improve things in the photography department.The £829 phone tops the Chinese brand’s line for 2021 and joins its stablemate Oppo in its pursuit of top dog Samsung. Continue reading...
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