The tiniest HDMI adapter turns your iPad into a home theater

2018 marks the year that Type-C became the big standard it promised it would be. With the iPad Pro adopting it, alongside the MacBook (and rumors that the iPhone would too), Type-C finally made its way across all dominant operating systems, from Windows, to Chrome OS, to Mac, to Android, and iOS. So if there’s a good time to start adopting Type-C (or USB-C), it’s right now.The beauty of the Type-C standard is that its compact and universal. It’s present everywhere, and works everywhere, and pret...
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The strange and complex world of flame-effect LED bulbs

To my delight and awe, I have discovered a whole, new-to-me universe of "realistic flame" effect LED lightbulbs, which produce the illusion that you have a goblet of raging flame sticking out of your lightsocket: the bulbs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes (and can also be had in fanciful colors, for about $6-8/bulb (via Red Ferret)
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A Watch for Fidgeters!

We all fidget from time-to-time, whether it’s with the phones in our pockets or by clicking the push button at the end of our pens (the latter of the two really annoys everyone in the general area), we sometimes just can’t help it… we may not even know we are doing it! And that was the reasoning behind the Fidget Smartwatch.The fidget element has been introduced to the smartwatch through the imperfect outer bezel; by adding a notch on opposing sides combined with the ability to rotate the sectio...
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Facebook Portal Is Now Mildly More Useful

There’s a lot of issues with Facebook Portal, but one of them was the lack of apps and web browser at launch. Privacy concerns aside, you just couldn’t really make use of the smart display aside from its cool-yet-creepy video calls. Today, Facebook is rolling out some updates to fix that.Read more...
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This drone shrinks to fit

Researchers at the University of Zurich and EPFL have created a robot that shrinks to fit through gaps, a feature that could make it perfect for search and rescue missions. The researchers initially created a drone that could assess man-made gaps and squeeze through in seconds using only one camera. This extra feature – a scissor like system to shrink the drone in flight – makes it even more versatile and allows these drones to react to larger or smaller gaps in nature. “The idea came up aft...
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Facebook Portal adds games and web browser amidst mediocre Amazon reviews

After receiving a flogging from privacy critics, Facebook is scrambling to make its smart display video chat screen Portal more attractive to buyers. Today Facebook is announcing the addition a of a web browser, plus some of Messenger’s Instant Games like Battleship, Draw Something, Sudoku, and Words With Friends. ABC News and CNN are adding content to Portal, which now also has a manual zoom mode for its auto-zooming smart camera so you can zero in on a particular thing in view. Facebook has...
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Tempow’s new Bluetooth profile lets you create AirPods clones more easily

French startup Tempow has been working on software solutions to improve the Bluetooth protocol. The company just unveiled the Tempow True Wireless Bluetooth profile so that anybody can create AirPods clones. Many companies have tried creating a pair of earbuds with absolutely no wire. But none of them are as good as Apple’s AirPods. Manufacturers can’t quite recreate the same experience because Apple has developed its own chip and software solution. Putting aside the magical Bluetooth pairing...
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Amazon is officially stocking Google Chromecasts yet again

There’s been a break in the multi-year feud between Google and Amazon, apparently, as Amazon is now — once again — selling Google Chromecast devices on its site. The devices were banned from Amazon back in 2015, when the retailer then decided that only devices supporting Prime Video would be allowed. A year ago, it said it was assorting Chromecast but that didn’t hold up. Instead, the two companies entered into another feud — this time over Amazon’s implementation of a YouTube player on it...
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OffGridBox raises $1.6M to charge and hydrate rural Africa with its all-in-one installations

The simplest needs are often the most vital: power and clean water will get you a long way. But in rural areas of developing countries they can both be hard to come by. OffGridBox is attempting to provide both, sustainably and profitably, while meeting humanitarian and ecological goals at the same time. The company just raised $1.6 million to pursue its lofty agenda. The idea is fairly simple, though naturally rather difficult to engineer: Use solar power to provide both electricity (in the form...
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Microsoft Surface Headphones review: close but no cigar

Pricey Bluetooth headphones have excellent controls but only good, not great sound quality, noise cancelling and battery lifeSurface Headphones are Microsoft’s high-price, premium noise-cancelling cans aimed squarely at toppling the current kings, Bose and Sony.Headphones seem like an odd choice for the Xbox, Office and Windows maker, but the are being produced by Microsoft’s burgeoning consumer electronics arm responsible for its line of Surface computers and accessories. Continue reading...
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