I Sure Hope Samsung's Rumored Bean Buds Are Real

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ didn’t offer much new in terms of design—they were more a minor upgrade than a true refresh. But newly leaked renders of the next generation Galaxy Buds have popped up online, and there’s no other way to say it: They’re li’l beans.Read more...
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What Is The Snipping Tool On Mac And How To Use It?

A staggering 1.2 trillion — that’s the estimated number of digital photos taken worldwide in 2017. Images taken with smartphones account for almost nine in 10 of all those stills. Most of these are no doubt photos of majestic landscapes, fluffy doggos, and funny cattos. These aren’t the only types of digital pictures though. Screenshots are also digitized images that have become so common today. Mac computers, however, take screenshots to a whole new level. With the snipping tool on Mac, yo...
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Galaxy Chromebook reviews

Samsung's Galaxy Chromebook is unusually fancy and handsome for a platform usually associated with cheap, low-end machines, at least outside of Google's own flag-carrier devices. How does it stack up? The Verge says its no good because despite the pretty case, high-end hardware and 4k screen, it's unreliable and has poor battery life. Engadget thinks it's likeable enough, but also complains of the poor power management. Wired, however, gives it 8/10, describing it as "everything you could ever w...
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Animated LED Face Mask Reminds Others to Stay Six Feet Away

Being stuck at home for weeks on end has given the world’s hardware hackers some extra time to come up with some truly wonderful creations. Chelsea Klukas, a Product Design Manager at Oculus who’s also known for her experiments merging fashion and tech, has created an LED face mask that could be the most coveted…Read more...
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Dyson Redesigned Its High-Maintenance Humidifier So It Now Cleans Itself

Today Dyson introduced its most all-in-one machine yet with the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool that promises to thoroughly clean and moisturize the air in your home. More importantly, the machine might be one of Dyson’s biggest product redesigns yet, completely rethinking the company’s original humidifier that was fraught…Read more...
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Just Get a Damn Set-Top Box and Free Yourself of Your TV's Crap Software

Planned obsolescence is annoying regardless of which smart gadget you’re talking about, but it particularly grinds my gears when it comes to TVs. Sure, you don’t have to destroy your wallet for a decent 4K smart TV anymore—but I know plenty of friends and gadget nerds who do shell out for something a ‘lil nicer for…Read more...
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PlayStation 5’s new DualSense controller is a sleek and futuristic gaming accessory

Sony has revealed the design of the PlayStation 5‘s controller – a follow-on to its popular DualShock line that takes on a new name for a new generation: DualSense. The DualSense controller is kitted out in black and white, and looks like a futuristic, plastic armor-plated robot companion more than a gamepad in some ways. It’s still recognizably a product of the DualShock legacy, however, and has the same familiar button layout as previous PlayStation controllers. The DualSense incorporates h...
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Bidet startup Tushy scales up to meet demand amid toilet paper shortage

Business at Tushy is booming. While the circumstances that led to the boom are sobering, the bidet company needed to adapt its strategy after seeing an uptick in business amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Other companies in this cohort include video conferencing service Zoom, meal kit service Blue Apron and Facebook, thanks to its social network, video hardware Portal and Oculus Quest VR headset. These companies all have something in common — they offer solutions to problems that, until recently, were...
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COVID-19 crisis spurs triple-digit growth for refurbishing startup Back Market

Eva Yoo Contributor Eva Yoo is founder of Seek Road, the project wherein she cycles from Seoul to London while interviewing startups on the Silk Road. More posts by this contributor How this Kazakhstan internet giant built success on ideas from Russia and China While a number of startups have been hard hit by efforts to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, refurbishing firm Back Market is showing increased growth globally. The Paris ...
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