The Plux is the wireless charger Apple promised us a year ago

Looking suspiciously like the AirPower charging mat Apple showcased at their keynote last year, the Plux fulfills the promise Apple couldn’t keep. The capsule-shaped Plux mat can, just like the AirPower, charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods case simultaneously by just placing them on the charging mat. The mat can be placed horizontally, or even propped up using a stand that comes along with the Plux kit, letting you charge your phone while using it too. Just plug the mat in, and you’ve...
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VR optics could help old folks keep the world in focus

The complex optics involved with putting a screen an inch away from the eye in VR headsets could make for smartglasses that correct for vision problems. These prototype “autofocals” from Stanford researchers use depth sensing and gaze tracking to bring the world into focus when someone lacks the ability to do it on their own. I talked with lead researcher Nitish Padmanaban at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver, where he and the others on his team were showing off the latest version of the system. It’s meant,...
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Fitbit’s upcoming Charge 3 to sport full touchscreen, per leak

This appears to be the Fitbit Charge 3 and, if it is, several big changes are in the works for Fitbit’s premier fitness tracker band. The leak comes from Android Authority which points to the changes. First, the device has a full touchscreen rather than a clunky quasi-touchscreen like the Charge 2. From the touchscreen, users can navigate the device and even reply to notifications and messages. Second, the Charge 3 will be swim-proof to 50 meters. Finally, and this is a bad one, the Charge 3 wil...
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XYZPrinting announces the da Vinci Color Mini

XYZPrinting may have finally cracked the color 3D printing code. Their latest machine, the $1,599 da Vinci Color Mini is a full color printer that uses three CMY ink cartridges to stain the filament as it is extruded, allowing for up to 15 million color combinations. The printer is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $999. The printer can build objects 5.1″ x 5.1″ x 5.1″ in size and it can print PLA or PETG. A small ink cartridge stains the 3D Color-inkjet PLA as it comes out, ...
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Tomu is a fingernail-sized computer that is easy to swallow

I’m a huge fan of single board computers, especially if they’re small enough to swallow. That’s why I like the Tomu. This teeny-tiny ARM processor essentially interfaces with your computer via the USB port and contains two LEDs and two buttons. Once it’s plugged in the little computer can simulate a hard drive or mouse, send MIDI data, and even blink quickly. The Tomu runs the Silicon Labs Happy Gecko EFM32HG309 and can also act as a Universal 2nd Factor security token. It is completely open sou...
Tags: TC, Gadgets, Tech, Usb, Computing, Github, Computer Mouse, Midi, USB Hub, Tomu, Silicon Labs Happy Gecko lets you play Super Nintendo with your friends

Hot on the heels of the wonderful comes Haukur Rosinkranz’s, a site that lets you play Super Nintendo with all your buds. Rosinkranz is Icelandic but lives in Berlin now. He made a year ago while experimenting with WebRTC and WebSockets and he updated his software to support the SNES. “The reason I made it was simply because I discovered how advanced the RTC implementation in Chrome had become and wanted to do something with it,” he said. “When I discovered that it...
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Nokia 8110 4G review: a nostalgia trip too far

The original was made famous by The Matrix, and some might want to drop this reboot out of the nearest window tooThe new Nokia 8110 4G is the latest nostalgia trip from HMD Global, but is it more than just a remake of that “banana phone” from the Matrix?HMD had a hit on its hands with the new Nokia 3310 from last year, which was a surprisingly charming dumbphone that cost slightly more than other basic Nokias because of the name. Continue reading...
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