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Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) review: wearable-free sleep tracking smart display

Radar-based gesture and sleep tracking turns top smart assistant into a great alarm clock tooGoogle’s second-generation Nest Hub smart display now comes with radar-based sleep tracking as it attempts to keep Amazon’s Alexa at bay.The new Nest Hub costs £89.99 on launch, which makes it cheaper than its predecessor and slightly undercuts competitors of a similar size. Continue reading...
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Google Nest Mini review: better bass and recycled plastic

Upgrade keeps what is good and improves sound for Google’s smallest, cheapest smart speakerThe second generation of Google’s smallest smart speaker gets a new name, more eco-friendly, a little smarter and more bass.The £49 Nest Mini replaces the Google Home Mini as part of a revamped and renamed line of Google smart home products under the Nest brand, pushing its predecessor to a clearance price of only £19. Continue reading...
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Google reportedly in talks to acquire Fitbit

According to Reuters, Google parent Alphabet is looking to acquire publicly traded wearables company Fitbit. Reuters says the deal is still being negotiated and could still fall apart, but if it came together, it would surely strengthen Google’s position in the wearables space, an area where it has struggled despite its efforts around smartwatches and Wear OS. With Wear OS, Google only focused on the smartwatch market, though, and while many of these devices have fitness tracking built-in, ei...
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Alphabet’s Wing gets FAA permission to start delivering by drone

Wing Aviation, the drone-based delivery startup born out of Google’s X labs, has received the first FAA certification in the country for commercial carriage of goods. It might not be long before you’re getting your burritos sent par avion. The company has been performing tests for years, making thousands of flights and supervised deliveries to show that its drones are safe and effective. Many of those flights were in Australia, where in suburban Canberra the company recently began its first c...
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Google Home Hub review: the smart display to buy

This gadget is your Google Assistant, smart-home dashboard and digital photo frame in one – and it’s good for cooking, tooThe Home Hub is Google’s first own-brand smart display, combining Google Assistant, advanced smart-home control and a digital photo frame into a neat and tidy package.Google isn’t the first to market with smart displays. Amazon’s Echo Show put the company’s Alexa on a screen a year ago, while Google Assistant smart displays made by Harman, Lenovo and LG were released a few mo...
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Google launches DIY smart Nest Thermostat E

Heating controller cheaper than previous model and consumers will not require a boiler engineer to install itGoogle’s latest smart-home product is a cheaper smart thermostat that anyone can install themselves without the need for a boiler engineer.The new £199 Nest E learning thermostat is a two-part system consisting of a battery-powered heating controller called the Heat Link E, which replaces an existing wired thermostat or heating controller, and a smart thermostat that can be placed somewhe...
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Nest Hello review: Google's smart facial-recognition video doorbell

Excellent smart device comes with optional 24/7 video recording with facial recognition – and works as a doorbell too Google’s new Nest Hello is a video doorbell that aims to be smarter than the rest with constant recording, face and object recognition.The Hello is a direct replacement for a wired doorbell, working with an existing chime and requiring constant power, making it one of the high-end options for smart doorbells. Continue reading...
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Google Home Max review: bigger and smarter sound

Big new Google Assistant smart speaker finally launches in the UK with best-in-class voice control aiming to be the life and soul of the partyGoogle’s big, premium Apple HomePod rival the Home Max is finally being released in the UK today, bringing Google Assistant to the high-end smart speaker market.Announced in October 2017 and on sale in the US since November, the Home Max joins Google’s smaller Home and smallest Home Mini smart speakers as the big one. Google Assistant sorts voice commands,...
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Google launches video doorbell with facial recognition in UK

Nest Hello promises to recognise friends and family at the door, but could provoke privacy concernsGoogle’s facial recognition video doorbell, the Nest Hello, is launching in the UK to challenge Amazon’s Ring.Initially released in the US in March, Nest Hello is the first of Google’s new home security product lineup to make it to the UK, ahead of its Nest Secure alarm system. Continue reading...
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Google to provide free UK phone calls through Home smart speaker

Tech firm is first to offer calls to UK mobile and landline numbers without charge, as battle for the home intensifiesGoogle has started offering free voice calls through its Home smart speakers to UK landlines and mobile phones, bringing it in line with US offerings.Following an update rolling out this week, Google’s Home and Home Mini smart speakers will be able to place calls to ordinary UK numbers over its wifi connection, for hands-free phone calls. It doesn’t need a mobile phone to work, u...
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CES 2018: voice-controlled showers, non-compliant robots and smart toilets

Voice assistants were in everything at the trade show, suggesting the future is smart – but does anyone actually want to talk to their toilet?The annual trend-setting tech extravaganza that is CES International in Las Vegas is drawing to a close, having suffered through torrential rain, blackouts and a few uncooperative robots. And it’s clear that your voice is more important than ever.CES 2018 rammed home that big technology thinks voice is the next major evolution in computing. First we had th...
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How smart speakers stole the show from smartphones

Amazon and Google believe they’ve struck gold with their voice-controlled speakers while Apple and Microsoft struggle to catch upMove over smartphones. The battle now raging between the big technology companies for consumer cash is focused on the voice-controlled smart speaker.Having already conquered the pocket with the ubiquitous smartphone, big tech has been struggling to come up with the next must-have gadget that will open up a potentially lucrative new market – the home. Continue reading.....
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Google v Amazon: YouTube app pulled from Fire TV and Echo Show

Public spat between two of world’s biggest tech companies intensifies as Google uses access to video platform as leverage to force retailer to sell its productsGoogle is using YouTube as leverage over Amazon to try and force the world’s largest retailer to sell its Home smart speakers, Chromecasts and Nest products.Google has pulled official support for YouTube from Amazon’s Echo Show and Fire TV devices, meaning that owners can no longer access the video site through a YouTube app. Continue rea...
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Google Pixel Buds review: Bluetooth earbuds are a missed opportunity

Google enters the headphone market with interesting but flawed earbuds that don’t match Apple’s AirPods – and translation doesn’t live up to the hypeThe Google Pixel Buds are a set of wireless neckband-style Bluetooth earbuds that have a few fancy tricks up their sleeve, including the ability to near real-time translation. But are they really that good?First things first, the Google Pixel Buds are not entirely wireless, unlike Bluetooth earbuds such as the Bragi Dash Pro or Apple’s AirPods. Inst...
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Google might bring Nest back into its own hardware business

 Google might fold Nest back into the Google, well, fold. The company is considering integrating Nest, which is a separate company under mutual parent Alphabet at the moment, back into Google’s hardware business. The re-integration, first reported by Wall Street Journal, is a move that Google is considering as a way to help it build out its smart home capabilities vs. Amazon, which is… Read More
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SpotMini: the headless robotic dog sure to give you nightmares

Latest incarnation of quadruped robot has new design and eerily smooth motion in a perfect blend of Terminator robot and Pixar characterThe latest robot from former Google sibling Boston Dynamics looks like a cross between something out of a Terminator movie and a cutesy Pixar character.Shown off in a short teaser clip, the latest evolution of the firm’s SpotMini robotic dog has ditched the snapping-claw-for-a-head in exchange for a creepier headless design replete with soft, yellow plastics and...
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Google Home Mini review: a brilliant little £50 voice assistant speaker

Condensing everything that’s good about the bigger Google Home into a small pin-cushion-like speaker works great, but it won’t blow you away for musicGoogle Home Mini is the company’s new smart speaker that shrinks down all the intelligence into a cheaper, smaller package. The Home Mini joins last year’s Home and the upcoming Home Max smart speakers housing the Google Assistant, the voice assistant housed in most Android smartphones that has access to your Google profile and its various bits of ...
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Google Pixel Buds: is Babel fish dream of in-ear translation now a reality?

AI-powered translation piped through wireless earbuds is another big step towards the removal of the language barrierAlongside the new Pixel 2 smartphones Google unveiled on Wednesday night, the company also launched a set of Bluetooth earbuds called the Pixel Buds with one standout feature: instant translation between 40 different languages using a Pixel smartphone.In a live demo on stage, the Pixel Buds were shown translating short phrases back and forth between English and Swedish using Googl...
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Roomba maker may share maps of users' homes with Google, Amazon or Apple

iRobot’s chief executive says company could share or sell maps of robot vacuum users’ homes to US tech firms as part of smart home and profit pushThe maker of the Roomba robotic vacuum, iRobot, has found itself embroiled in a privacy row after its chief executive suggested it may begin selling floor plans of customers’ homes, derived from the movement data of their autonomous servants.“There’s an entire ecosystem of things and services that the smart home can deliver once you have a rich map of ...
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The Nest Cam IQ may be smarter, but it’s not yet brilliant

 The Nest Cam IQ is the latest product from Alphabet-owned smart home company Nest, an HD security camera with a 4K sensor it uses to do things like intelligently track faces and people at higher resolution. I’ve been testing the $299 Nest Cam IQ for a while now, and it’s an improvement over other smart home security cameras – but its IQ still leaves a lot to be desired in… Read More
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Google Home review: the smart speaker that answers almost any question

Sleek, intelligent and attractive, new Google voice-controlled device can play music, control other connected objects and give you a personalised briefing on your dayThe Google Home smart speaker has finally made it to the UK, bringing the company’s always-listening voice assistant into direct competition with the incumbent Amazon Echo and its own assistant, Alexa. But is Google’s best worth buying?Artificially intelligent voice assistants are the new battleground between the big US tech compani...
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Crunch Report | Google Home Gets More Personal

 Today’s Stories  Google Home can now recognize up to six voices and give personalized responses Google said to be planning a built-in ad blocker for Chrome GoPro to release prosumer spherical camera in fall 2017 FTC tells ‘influencers’ to quit trying to hide the fact that they’re shilling for brands Shopify launches a free, in-house-designed card reader Credits… Read More
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10 most influential wearable devices

Since the 17th century we’ve been strapping bits and pieces to our bodies in pursuit of technological nirvanaWearable technology is arguably the most exciting area of consumer technology at the moment, but its beginnings go a lot further back than you might expect. Continue reading...
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Google Daydream View review: comfortable mobile VR headset with limited compatibility

Headset for Android smartphones is Pixel-exclusive but kicks off firm’s play for premium, extended VR experiences with wand-style controllerGoogle’s big bet on the future of virtual reality, Daydream, is finally available to buy, but is the Daydream View headset actually worth getting?Daydream is the new VR platform from Google. An evolution of what the company started with its Cardboard headset, it works on the same principle using a modern smartphone as both the screen and powerhouse.
Tags: Google, Gadgets, Games, Technology, Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality, Alphabet

Alphabet reports a strong third quarter despite free-falling advertising values

 Alphabet’s strategy of trying to stuff the difference between declining mobile advertising value with additional clicks appears to still be paying off as the company once again showed Wall Street that it can make a ton of money and continue to grow. Alphabet (we’re just gonna call it what it is because we’re talking about the core business: Google) reported earnings of $9.06… Read More
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Google’s WaveNet uses neural nets to generate eerily convincing speech and music

 Generating speech from a piece of text is a common and important task undertaken by computers, but it’s pretty rare that the result could be mistaken for ordinary speech. A new technique from researchers at Alphabet’s DeepMind takes a completely different approach, producing speech and even music that sounds eerily like the real thing. Read More
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Andy Rubin explains his $300M bet on the future of hardware

 Andy Rubin, the creator of Android — arguably the widest distributed operating system in the world — left Google a few years back to start a hardware incubator with a $300 million fund called Playground. Since then, he’s been pretty busy trying to envision the future of hardware. And that doesn’t just include robotics. At the Bloomberg technology conference he showed… Read More
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Lenovo launches smartphone that senses spaces with 'Terminator vision'

Chinese company builds spacially aware smartphone using Google-derived Project Tango technology along with new super-skinny, modular flagshipChinese electronics manufacturer Lenovo has become the first to put Google’s Project Tango spatial awareness technology into a smartphone.Its PHAB2 Pro range of phones all have cameras, sensors and software capable of motion tracking, depth perception and area sensing, which means it can learn and produce a 3D map of the inside of a building or space. Conti...
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Nest Learning Thermostat third-gen: the simple, effective heating gadget

Google’s smart home heating aid learns your schedule, turns off when you leave the house and increases energy efficiency with upgraded screen and workingsThe new Nest learning thermostat is the third-generation heating control system from Google. It is the second version to be released in the UK, and now comes with a bigger, clearer screen and more advanced components that not only work better, but also protect your boiler. Continue reading...
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Watch Google’s I/O keynote live right here

 And we’re back for yet another developer conference extravaganza. Google is kicking off its annual I/O developer conference today. The conference starts at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (1 p.m. on the East Cost, 6 p.m. in London, 7 p.m. Central European Time) and you can watch the live stream right here on this page. We have a team on the ground ready to cover the event. We’ll have a live… Read More
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