Now it’s easier to show what your business offers on Google

When people search for your business on Google, it’s important to show up-to-date information and the details that make your business stand out — like what services you offer and when you're open. That’s why we’re constantly building tools that make it easier for you to update how your business appears to potential customers on Google Search and Maps. Last year, we added ways for you to change basic business information, message your customers and see detailed insights. And now, as we head into ...
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Hit game PUBG Mobile returns to India with scores of questions

Krafton, which filed for an IPO earlier this week, has built a gigantic gaming empire. If the firm is able to raise the target $5 billion from the IPO it will be the largest public offering in its home country, South Korea. The firm has something to celebrate elsewhere in the world, too. On Thursday, it pulled off another feat that no other firm has been able to achieve: Its sleeper hit title, PUBG Mobile, has made a return to India, which banned the title more than nine months ago. The world’s ...
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Google Backs Linux Project To Make Android, Chrome OS Harder To Hack

Google said Thursday it's funding a project to increase Linux security by writing parts of the operating system's core in the Rust programming language, a modernization effort that could bolster the security of the internet and smartphones. From a report: If the project succeeds, it'll be possible to add new elements written in Rust into the heart of Linux, called the kernel. Such a change would mark a major technological and cultural shift for an open-source software project that's become found...
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The best laptop deals we expect for Amazon Prime Day 2021 including some early discounts

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Amazon; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Amazon Prime Day 2021 is right around the corner, and we're expecting to see some significant deals on laptops. The annual shopping holiday will take place on June 21 and 22, making it a great opportunity to snag a new laptop, whether it's for school, work, or even gaming.Last year, we saw deals on laptops from Apple, Leno...
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10 things in tech: Zuck's no longer a top CEO, Google salaries, Apple health clinics

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Good morning and welcome to 10 Things in Tech. If this was forwarded to you, sign up here. Let's get started.1. Companies like Amazon, Twitter, and Goldman Sachs are pursuing vastly different post-pandemic office policies. Some are embracing an all-remote workforce, while others are encouraging employees to return to their office desks. Here's what some of the world's biggest companies have planned.2. Mark Zuckerberg has fallen off Glassdoor's t...
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Google To Open First Retail Store Steps Away From Apple in NYC

Google will open its first retail store in New York City, highlighting the internet giant's effort to promote its consumer hardware devices. From a report: The store, in Manhattan's trendy Chelsea neighborhood, will open to the public Thursday, the Mountain View, California-based company said Wednesday in a blog post. The shop, which is a block away from rival Apple's 14th Street store, occupies part of the first floor of Google's New York offices. Alphabet's Google began experimenting with pop-...
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Zeotap Launches Google Customer Match Integration to Drive Addressability in a Post-Cookie World

New API integration delivers 79% higher CTR and 67% higher CVR than non-audience traffic[1] Zeotap, the leading Customer Data Platform, has launched a new integration with Google Customer Match, enabling marketers to leverage their first-party data to engage audiences at scale across Google Search, Shopping, Gmail, YouTube and Display.[2] In doing so, the new integration […] The post Zeotap Launches Google Customer Match Integration to Drive Addressability in a Post-Cookie World appeared first o...
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'Cash is king': Buyers who can liquidate high-yield assets are boxing first-time homeowners out of the hectic real estate market, real estate agents say

Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images Waiving appraisal contingencies has become a popular tactic for winning a bidding war. That means if an appraisal falls short, the buyer is on the hook for coming up with the extra cash. This is making it more challenging for first-time homebuyers to find a house, realtors say. See more stories on Insider's business page. If you want to nab a home in today's wild real estate market, you better have tons of cash, realtors say. Prices have risen, i...
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Android is now encrypting your RCS texts

Google is rolling out a bunch of new updates for Android users related to privacy and usability. Here’s what you’ll be getting: End-to-end encryption for RCS RCS messages are getting end-to-end encryption support on Google’s Messages app. Apps like WhatsApp and Signal use this tech to keep your conversations private, so no one can see them. Currently, this feature is available to those who have access to RCS messaging and only for one-to-one chats. Plus, you’ll need to enable the chat feature in...
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Google's health team is reorganizing

Hello,Welcome to Insider Healthcare. I'm Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer, and today in healthcare news:Google's healthcare team is reorganizing;Doctors and drugmakers disagree on when we might need coronavirus booster shots;What a lawsuit against Centene reveals about pharmaceutical middlemen.If you're new to this newsletter, sign up here. Comments, tips? Email me at [email protected] or tweet @lydiaramsey125. Let's get to it...Just a heads up that there will be no newsletter tomorrow, i...
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How to unzip ZIP files on any device, including smartphones

It only takes a few moments to unzip a file. Crystal Cox/Business Insider To unzip a file, you can use tools that come pre-installed on your device. You can unzip ZIP files on both computers and smartphones, since they're one of the most common file types. Once you've unzipped a file, you can use, view, edit, and delete its contents freely. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. As time goes on and computers get more advanced, file sizes keep growing bigger. Z...
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U.S. Antitrust Legislation Would Ban Apple From Pre-Installing Its Own Apps on iPhones

Apple would not be permitted to sell iPhones with its own apps installed under proposed U.S. antitrust legislation that was released last week. Representative David Cicilline confirmed the self-preferencing ban in a discussion with reporters, details of which were shared by Bloomberg. Rather than pre-installed apps, Apple would have to offer other app options for consumers to download. Right now, iPhones come with a range of free Apple-designed apps from Messages and FaceTime to Calendar and ...
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How to keep your evergreen content fresh!

Blogging packs tons of big SEO benefits for your website – we’re talking backlinks , keyword targeting , relevancy and fresh content. Google loves that kind of stuff. But there’s one thing all SEO-minded bloggers strive for above all: evergreen content. No, we’re not suggesting you start blogging about coniferous trees (unless that’s your thing). Instead, write blog posts that remain relevant throughout the years. Ensure they answer highly-Googled questions , and are centred on...
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Daily Crunch: Google’s first retail location opened today in NYC

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Welcome back to the Daily Crunch for Thursday, June 17. Thank you to Walter Thompson and the Extra Crunch staff for taking the reins I took from Alex. I was released from jury duty, so I’ll be seeing you through the remainder of the week, and we’ll be back to regularly scheduled Alex in no time. But before we get on with the show, I want to let you know that Duolin...
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The 5 best WiFi routers in 2021 for better streaming, gaming, and working

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky A new router will noticeably improve Internet reliability and download speeds of every device in your home. Today's best routers are much quicker and more reliable than those of only a few years ago. TP-Link's Archer AX73 is the best router for most people, with outstanding performance at a reasonable price. A new router is among the best upgrades you can purchase for your home. The router you purchase will determine the network speeds of every device ...
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What is metadata? Understanding the type of data that describes data sets and determines much of what you see online

Metadata is a common type of data that exists nearly everywhere online. alvarez/Getty Images Metadata is a term for data that describes the attributes of another set of data. Metadata can determine much of what you encounter online, from the top search results returned in Google to the contents of the ads you see. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. "Metadata" is one of those techy buzzwords you'll frequently hear in the discourse surrounding internet privacy, ...
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Google announces EPYC-based Tau virtual machines for Cloud

Google this morning announced the launch of Tau, a new family of virtual machines built on AMD’s third-gen EPYC processor. According to the company, the new x86-compatible system offers a 42% price-performance boost over standard VMs. Google notably first started utilizing AMD EPYC processors for Cloud back in 2017, while Amazon Cloud’s offerings date back to 2018. Google claims the Tau family “leapfrogs” existing cloud VMs. The systems come in a variety of configurations, ranging up to 60vCPUs ...
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Best Early Amazon Prime Day Fitbit Deals 2021

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Fitbit; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Fitbit is one of the most reputable names in fitness wearables and rightly so - the brand offers a huge variety of fitness and health trackers and smartwatches at different price points for different people's needs. Whether you're a serious runner who wants to track their mileage or someone who just wants to improve their health and set a few fitness goals, ...
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Open for business: A look inside our Google Store in NYC

On June 17, our first-ever physical retail store opens its doors for business in New York City. This new space will be a natural extension of our commitment to NYC and provide customers with hands-on interaction with our lineup of devices and services — from Pixel phones and Nest products to Fitbit wearables and Pixelbooks. To mark the occasion, here’s a look inside the Google Store in Chelsea  — from our commitments to sustainability to new product experiences throughout the space. A pe...
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The best 4K TVs in 2021 for sharp, colorful images and reliable streaming

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky 4K TVs are available at many price points and performance levels. The best 4K TVs balance picture and smart features for stunning images and reliable streaming. With its sharp OLED panel and next-gen gaming support, LG's CX is our pick for best 4K TV overall. 4K Ultra HD (UHD) TVs have become the norm for any buyer looking to purchase a new display in 2021. However, while all 4K TVs offer a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, picture quality and smart conn...
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A look inside Google’s first store, opening in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood tomorrow

There have been plenty of pop-ups over the years, but tomorrow Google’s first store opens in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood. The brick and mortar model finds the company joining peers like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and even Amazon, all of whom have a retail presence in Manhattan, including several just around the corner from Google’s new digs. The new space, which opens tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. local time, fills 5,000 square feet of selling space in Google’s big, pricey West Side real estate inve...
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How to use Google's Nearby Share feature to send files wirelessly between Android devices and Chromebooks

Nearby Share lets you easily share photos, links, and more. Samsung Google's Nearby Share feature lets you send files wirelessly between Android devices and Chromebooks. To use Nearby Share, you'll first need to enable it in your device's Settings menu. Once enabled, you'll see the Nearby Share option whenever you try to share a file. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Apple users are familiar with AirDrop, the feature that lets you share files and...
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Google's Next AI Move: Teaching Foreign Languages

An anonymous reader shares a report: Google CEO Sundar Pichai last month previewed an artificial intelligence model that he said would enable people to have open-ended conversations with technology. But current and former employees who have worked with the language model say enabling coherent, free-flowing and accurate dialogue between humans and technology remains a tall order. As a result, Google is taking a more incremental step in conversational AI by preparing to teach foreign languages thr...
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Google updates its kids online safety curriculum with lessons on gaming, video and more

Google announced today it’s updating and expanding its digital safety and citizenship curriculum called Be Internet Awesome, which is aimed at helping school-aged children learn to navigate the internet responsibly. First introduced four years ago, the curriculum now reaches 30 countries and millions of kids, says Google. In the update rolling out today, Google has added nearly a dozen more lessons for parents and educators that tackle areas like online gaming, search engines, video consumption,...
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U.S. Antitrust Legislation Would Require Users to Be Able to Delete All Pre-Installed Apple Apps [Updated]

Update: Bloomberg inaccurately interpreted the original comments and has since drastically changed the wording of its article. The original Bloomberg piece said that Apple would be prohibited from pre-installing its own apps on iPhones. The updated Bloomberg article has been rewritten to clarify that the antitrust legislation prohibits Apple from preventing users from removing Apple-created apps on their Apple devices, which is quite different. Under the legislation, users would need to be per...
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Roblox sinks after revealing the number of monthly active users on its platform declined in May

Roblox CEO David Baszucki introduces one of the new Roblox games. Roblox Roblox stock fell as much as 10.5% on Wednesday before mounting a mild recovery. The fall came after the company revealed a 1% decline in month-over-month active users on its platform in May. Roblox's monthly active user count was still up 28% since May of last year. Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell. Roblox stock sank on Wednesday after the gaming company revealed the number...
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Accelerating health and wellbeing startups in Europe

COVID-19 has changed life as we know it, and around the world, startup founders are stepping up to solve new and unforeseen challenges with agility, resilience and innovative technology. In particular, the pandemic spurred a high demand for digital health and wellbeing solutions. Germany alone reported a 1,000% increase in telehealth offerings — with more than 20,000 medical doctors and psychotherapists now offering appointments through video-consultations — and Frost & Sullivan forecasts a seve...
Tags: Google, Europe, Small Business, Germany, Israel, Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketing, Frost Sullivan, Kasia, Google in Europe, Google for Startups, Yosh, Google for Startups Accelerator, Michał Kramarz, Martin Pentenrieder, Tina Bychkova Synctuition

Jillian Kelly’s championship focus is threaded with laughter ahead of El Camino Real’s City Open final

Support our high school sports coverage by becoming a digital subscriber. Subscribe now. They call her Giggles. At least once a game, El Camino Real senior left-hander Jillian Kelly will call out her catcher Abigail Miller for a quick meeting. Then the laughter begins. Unbridled. Unrestrained. Uproarious. “I will call time out and try to re-focus. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to calm down,” Kelly said. “I’m always having a good time. I never want to make it a stressful situation. I’ve a...
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Si! Das ist richtig! Google’s reportedly building a Duolingo competitor

Google’s pretty good at letting you search the web in multiple languages and using AI to translate between them. Now, the company wants to use this prowess to help you learn different languages. According to a report from The Information, the company is preparing a new product called Tivoli that’ll be rolled out later this year. It’ll initially work on text, and will live in Google Search. At the company’s developer conference Google IO in May, the company showed off a new conversational AI mode...
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LinkedIn told a China expert remove all mention of the Tiananmen Square massacre from his profile or they would block it in China

"Tank man," a protester who stood in front of a column of tanks and became an enduring image of the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. AP Photo/Jeff Widener LinkedIn told a writer his profile has "prohibited content" and would be be blocked in China. Jojje Olsson's profile mentioned the Tiananmen Square massacre, an event China works to suppress. LinkedIn told Insider that it needs to enforce Chinese censorship to provide "value" to users there. See more stories on Insider's busin...
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