Mozilla unveils 28 horror stories about YouTube’s recommendation algorithm

Mozilla just launched a site featuring 28 user-submitted stories, detailing incidents where YouTube’s recommendation algorithm served bizarre and horrifying videos the users had shown no interest in. This included recommendations featuring racism, conspiracies, and violence. YouTube’s recommendation algorithm has faced a lot of scrutiny this year for radicalization, pedophilia, and for generally being “toxic” — which is problematic because 70 percent of the platform’s viewing time comes from rec...
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Google Stadia cloud gaming platform launching on November 19

Earlier this year, Google announced 'Stadia' the company’s new video game platform that lets you instantly play games on TV (via Chromecast Ultra), laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. After revealing the pricing recently, Google has announced that Stadia gaming platform is launching on November 19th 2019 with the pre-orders shipping soon. The servers will open to public starting at 9 AM PST/9:30 PM IST on November 19 and will be available in countries like Canada, Ireland, UK, Germany,...
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Was Flash Responsible For 'The Internet's Most Creative Era'?

A new article this week on Motherboard argues that Flash "is responsible for the internet's most creative era," citing a new 640-page book by Rob Ford on the evolution of web design. [O]ne could argue that the web has actually gotten less creative over time, not more. This interpretation of events is a key underpinning of Web Design: The Evolution of the Digital World 1990-Today (Taschen, $50), a new visual-heavy book from author Rob Ford and editor Julius Wiedemann that does something that ha...
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The Google Nest Mini sure looks a lot like the Home Mini

It’s the start of a new week, time for yet another Google leak. This time it’s for Google‘s latest voice assistant device, the Google Nest Mini. As far as we can tell, it looks a whole lot like the original Google Home Mini, except it has a wall mount. That’s something, I guess. Google has slowly been renaming its Home devices under the ‘Nest,’ bringing some cohesion to its home hardware lineup. WinFuture acquired what appear to be official marketing images of the device, showing the new, single...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Monday. SoftBank could reportedly take control of WeWork at a valuation below $10 billion as the embattled office rental company seeks bailout options. WeWork could run out of money as soon as the end of November; the company's new co-CEOs are slashing thousands of jobs, selling off businesses, and closing non-core activities like WeGrow. Facebook's cryptocurrency project suffered a massive blow after MasterCard, Visa, eBay, and others ...
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How to watch Google’s Pixel 4 launch event

Goddamn I love this time of year. Yeah, the days are getting shorter, the weather is going to shit, and I won’t be able to sit in a park for another six months, but there’s so much sweet new technology being launched. That makes all the other nonsense a bit more bearable. We’ve already had Apple announce its new iPhones in September. Then came Microsoft’s exciting new Surface gear at the start of October. Now? We’ve got Google’s Pixel 4 launch event to look forward to. God, I’m hyped. Google’s P...
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Samsung opens Android 10 One UI beta ahead of final launch

After pushing back a planned early-October launch, Samsung has introduced the Android 10 beta of its One UI. The 2.0 version of the Android skin follows a little under a year after the first version’s beta (released in November 2018). The concept goes counter to the earliest Android overlays, instead intending to create a simpler take on Google’s operating system. Manufacturers’ long standing instance on putting their own stamp on Android is understandable — if sometimes misguided. Samsung’s...
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Would You Give Up Google For $17,000 a Year? The Federal Reserve Wants To Know

The Federal Reserve wants to know what the internet is worth to you. The answer could help the central bank solve one of the most puzzling paradoxes of the modern economy: The current expansion is the longest in history, yet productivity gains are weak and GDP growth, while steady, is far from stellar. From a report: In a speech last week, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell raised the possibility that the problem is with the data itself. GDP measures the value of products and services that are bought an...
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New Google Nest Wifi Brings Mesh Nodes That Double As Smart Speakers

The original Google Wifi promised reliable and fast internet across your entire home using a series of identical mesh nodes positioned around your house. It’s the same approach that’s used for the company’s new and renamed Nest Wifi. But now, a central router is employed with satellite nodes that double as smart…Read more...
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Up close with Google’s new Pixel 4

This is the Pixel 4, the handset that literally everyone saw coming. Even by Google’s standards, the handset leaked like crazy. Some was almost certainly by design as the company looked to hype up its new flagship amid slowing smartphone sales. That said, showing up for preorder on two different sites in the past few days is a lot, even by Pixel Standards. Google’s Pixel 4 ships October 24, starting at $799 From the front, at least, the new device doesn’t really stand out The standard P...
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H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds Becomes a New BBC Miniseries Set in Edwardian England

H.G. Wells began writing the novel that would become The War of the Worlds in the England of the mid-1890s. As a setting for this tale of invasion from outer space, he chose the place he knew best: England of the mid-1890s. Staging spectacles of unfathomable malice and fantastical destruction against such an ordinary backdrop made The War of the Worlds, first as a magazine serial and then as a standalone book, a chillingly compelling experience for its readers. Orson Welles understood th...
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Google aims to change the definition of good photography with Pixel 4’s software-defined camera

Google’s new Pixel 4 camera offers a ton of new tricks to improve its photographic chops, and to emphasize the point, it had Professor Mark Levoy, who leads camera technology development at Google Research, up on stage to talk about the Pixel 4’s many improvements, including its new telephoto lens, updated Super Res Zoom technology and Live HDR+ preview. Subject, Lighting, Lens, Software Levoy started by addressing the oft-cited saying among photographers that what’s most important to a ...
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Amazon nibbles away at Google's search advertising dollars

Amazon is the only real threat to Google’s search dominance in the U.S., according to a new report from eMarketer, which forecasts that the e-commerce giant will generate more than $7 billion in search advertising revenue this year. Today, eMarketer releases its search ad report which shows Amazon grabbing more of the market, even though it is still way behind Google on the search front. Google will notch more than $40 billion in search advertising revenue in the U.S. this year, compared to A...
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Hands-on with the new Pixel 4

After the onstage presentation at Made by Google 2019, we got our hands on a Pixel 4. In this video, you can watch us do a quick run-through of the major new features — like Motion Sense, which provides gesture controls that don’t require you to touch your phone, and improved Night Sight, which allows you to take high-quality photos in dark environments.   The Pixel 4 will start shipping on October 24, with a starting price of $799.  
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Worst parenting book of the year: Esther Wojcicki’s homage to narcissism

Esther Wojcicki wrote her book, How to Raise Successful People, so she could take credit for her daughters’ success: “I raised two CEOs and a doctor. These are my secrets to parenting successful children.” Here are Esther’s five stunningly obvious secrets: trust, respect, independence, collaboration, and kindness. This book is a case study for how a narcissistic parent destroys the children through gaslighting, breaking boundaries, and emotional neglect. The small group of people who read t...
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Treasures in the Trash: A Secret Museum Inside a Working New York City Department of Sanitation Garage

Like many New Yorkers, retired sanitation worker Nelson Molina has a keen interest in his fellow citizens' discards. But whereas others risk bedbugs for the occasional curbside score or dumpster dive as an enviro-political act, Molina’s interest is couched in the curatorial. The bulk of his collection was amassed between 1981 and 2015, while he was on active duty in Carnegie Hill and East Harlem, collecting garbage in an area bordered by 96th Street, Fifth Avenue, 106th Street, and First Av...
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Google's Response To Antitrust Accusations

When businesses have accused Google of antitrust violations in the past, they've often focused on its key asset: search. We look at the complaints, and Google's response.
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Google Nest Mini with improved bass and Nest Wifi mesh router announced

Google has announced Google Nest mini second-generation Google Assistant speakers and new Nest Wifi mesh router at its US event. The second-generation Nest Mini has been completely re-engineered with upgraded hardware for improved bass. The Nest Wifi mesh router, which are two separate devices: The Nest Wifi router plugs directly into your modem, forming the basis for a strong and powerful home network, and the Nest Wifi point expands your coverage where you need it most. Highlights of Goog...
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IPO flops and CEO firings have made it clear that Silicon Valley's magic startup formula is about to change: Welcome to the age of Founder Frenemies

For more than a decade, Silicon Valley's law of the land has rested on one fundamental principle: a startup's founder does whatever they want, unmolested by the rules and constraints governing everyone else, and the investors backing the startup keep their mouths shut and reap big returns. This non-aggression pact between startups and investors is known as "Founder Friendly." It's long been touted as the magic recipe that produced smash-hits like Google and Facebook. It's the reason Mark Zucker...
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Google Pixel Buds truly wireless earbuds with hybrid design, adaptive sound announced

At the October hardware event in New York today, Google just announced its new audio product - Google Pixel Buds truly wireless earbuds from the company. Pixel Buds come with a hybrid design, long-range Bluetooth connectivity, support for Google Assistant, and more. Google Pixel Buds sport a low-profile look that sits flush in one's ear and comes with interchangeable ear tip for a secure and comfort tip. The truly wireless earbuds feature a hybrid design and the spatial vent underneath re...
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Annie Leibovitz used the Pixel 4 to shoot a new collection of photos

Google ended today’s hardware event by going deep on the photo technology in its new Pixel 4, and brought out someone who’s actually been using the camera — legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz. The company announced that it’s working with Leibovitz back in October 2018. Today, she spoke about the experience of working with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 for the past year. Leibovitz told the audience that while she’s been using cameraphones for a while, she was “dying for this opportunity, to be g...
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Disney+ unleashes an epic tweetstorm. And Amazon invades Google turf: Tuesday Wake-Up Call

Welcome to Ad Age’s Wake-Up Call, our daily roundup of advertising, marketing, media and digital news. If you're reading this online or in a forwarded email, here's the link to sign up for our daily newsletter. You can also get an audio version of this briefing on your Alexa device. Disney’s power move Why tweet once when you can tweet hundreds of times? Disney+, the upcoming streaming service, just pulled off a clever stunt: In an epic tweetstorm, it spent hours tweeting out posters of movies...
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10 Tips for Retailers to Get the Most Out of Pinterest

Pinterest has 200 million monthly active users. And two thirds of them look at saved Pinterest content while they’re actually shopping. This means that retail businesses can make a major impact on their sales by making use of the platform. Pinterest Tips for Retailers If you want to attract new customers and sell more products by using Pinterest, here are some expert tips for you to consider. Don’t Ignore Pinterest There are some misconceptions about Pinterest that have led some business ow...
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Google announces the dual-camera, notchless, & face-unlocking Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Yes, Google has now officially launched the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. After months of leaks, the search giant has finally confirmed at today’s event what we’ve all known for some time now: the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL both have two rear cameras, a face unlocking feature, gesture controls, and a 90Hz display. The lack of the notch is one of the big evolutions of the Pixel 4. Last year’s phones (the surprisingly named Pixel 3 range) suffered with one of the worst notches I’ve ever seen on a phone. Hon...
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William Burroughs Meets Francis Bacon: See Never-Broadcast Footage (1982)

The writing of William S. Burroughs and the paintings of Francis Bacon take us into often troubling but nevertheless compelling realities we couldn't possibly glimpse any other way. Some of that effect has to do with the inimitable (if often unsuccessfully imitated) styles they developed for themselves, and some with what was going on in their unusual lives as well as the even wilder realms of their minds. And though no scholars have yet turned up a Burroughs monograph on Bacon's art, or...
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Google Pixel 4: What to expect from Google's latest smartphone

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are Google's latest attempts to gain ground against the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. What we know about the new flagships.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Google teases fully wireless Pixel Buds, arriving Spring 2020

As rumored, Google just dropped a little hint about its next generation Pixel Buds. The company unveiled a pair of fully wireless earbuds following the release of its promising, but fairly disappointing tethered earbuds. The new headphones are certainly nice looking, maintaining the same pastel color scheme it offers on its Pixel handsets. The headphones are still a long ways out, arriving in spring of next year. Clearly the company wanted to let the world know that it still has a vested inte...
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Google overhauls Nest Aware cloud recording plan

Google is updating the Nest Mini today, the device formerly known as Google Home Mini. And the company used this opportunity to announce an update to its home awareness product, Nest Aware. If you have Nest security cameras, you can subscribe to a Nest Aware plan. It currently costs $5 a month for 5-day video history, $10 per month for 10-day history and $30 per month for 30-day history. All plans include continuous recording, intelligence alerts, clips and more. But it can get complicated wh...
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Here's why the founder of a beloved productivity app is refocusing his startup incubator on health from artificial intelligence

All Turtles, an incubator launched and run by Evernote cofounder Phil Libin, has shifted its focus. Libin launched it with the idea that it would foster applications and products based on artificial intelligence. Now, All Turtles' focus is on developing products that help improve the health of individuals or workplaces. Libin still thinks AI will be important for most of the products the company develops — just not all of them. Click here for more BI Prime stories. It's well known that startu...
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Is iOS 13 Sharing Your Browsing Data With China's Tencent?

iOS 13's “Fraudulent Website Warning” feature for Safari mobile shares some of your browsing data by default. That’s normally a good thing, since Google takes this data, hashes what you’re attempting to access, and is only able to sort-of match what you were looking for with your IP address. However, Apple is also…Read more...
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