Towards finding a druggable cancer target

It's known that cancer involves unchecked cell growth and that a biological pathway that regulates organ size, known at the Hippo pathway, is also involved in cancer.
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New research center will pave way to better diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases

The new LEO Foundation Skin Immunology Research Center at the University of Copenhagen will pave the way to a better understanding, prevention and treatment of skin diseases that plague a quarter of the world's population.
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Researchers identify genetic changes that could increase risk for death by suicide

Researchers at University of Utah Health identified four gene changes that occur more frequently in people who died by suicide that may point to increased risk in vulnerable individuals.
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Gun control is our lane: Physician opinions on guns matter

We’re very fortunate in anesthesiology. We’re seldom the physicians who have to face families with the terrible news that a patient has died from a gunshot wound. But all too often we’re right there in the operating room for the frantic attempts to repair the bullet hole in the heart before it stops beating, or […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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First ever drone-delivered kidney is no worse for wear

Drone delivery really only seems practical for two things: take-out and organ transplants. Both are relatively light and also extremely time sensitive. Well, experiments in flying a kidney around Baltimore in a refrigerated box have yielded positive results — which also seems promising for getting your pad thai to you in good kit. The test flights were conducted by researchers at the University of Maryland there, led by surgeon Joseph Scalea. He has been frustrated in the past with the inflexibi...
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Health hazards from wildfires can linger; here's how to protect yourself

The deadliest wildfire in California history will hurt the health of people who may never have seen the flames.
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Effective and Efficient Hydration with Liquid I.V.

Osmotic science allows for optimum hydration Whether it’s after a long flight, workout, or big night, our bodies oftentimes need hydration. By enlisting the help of decades-old science led by the World Health Organization, Liquid I.V. hydrates (whether you’re active or sedentary) more effectively and efficiently than water alone. Their “hydration multiplier” comes in three flavors: açaí berry, lemon lime and—our favorite—passion fruit. The non-GMO electrolyte drink …
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Instant Chemistry Doesn’t Mean True Love

Instant attraction isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Do you want to find true love in a more relaxed way, without all the pressure of everyone knowing that you’re “looking?” But how do you know when you’ve finally found “true love”, especially when you’re meeting so many people? True love seems to be everywhere and all around you. You may believe you’ll recognize true love when you see it, or you’re depending on instant chemistry to know if your new love is “the one”, but if that’s really how it ...
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How to Talk to People You Don’t Agree With, With Social Psychologist Jonathan Haidt

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means that many of us will find ourselves elbow to elbow with family members, some of whom may have wildly differing opinions on topics like whether cranberry sauce should be homemade or canned, and who should be president. Before things get too heated, we recommend listening to this…Read more...
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Evaluation of a Web-Based Intervention for Multiple Health Behavior Changes in Patients With Coronary Heart Disease in Home-Based Rehabilitation: Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

Background: Web-based and theory-based interventions for multiple health behaviors appears to be a promising approach with respect to the adoption and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle in cardiac patients who have been discharged from the hospital. Until now, no randomized controlled trials have tested this assumption among Chinese rehabilitation patients with coronary heart disease using a Web-based intervention. Objective: The study aim was to evaluate the effect of an 8-week Web-based interv...
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A new study says alcohol changes how the brain creates memories

A new study suggests that drinking alcohol can affect how memories are stored away as good or bad.This may have drastic implications for how addiction is caused and how people recall intoxication. The findings may one day lead to a new form of treatment for those suffering from addiction. A new study from Brown University suggests that alcohol changes how the brain processes memories, potentially influencing how we become addicted to it. While the study was carried out on fruit flies, it could ...
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Suboxone for pain makes sense. Why don’t more doctors prescribe it?

Many patients who end up in Suboxone treatment have chronic pain. They were originally prescribed other opiates and ended up addicted to them. Skeptics argue that is just substituting one opiate for another. But that isn’t quite accurate. More on that in a bit. In my seven years of prescribing Suboxone for opiate addiction, I […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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does anyone know what illness this could be?

so, starting about a week ago i started getting a cough, a dry cough that after repeatedly doing started to scratch up the back of my throat.. occasionally the cough would be productive, but not much... the second sympton was weakness and dizziness.. at some times i couldnt even sit up in my bed, or push myself out of a chair and id low my balance a few times, but other times my strength and balance were just fine.. it'd come and go.. another symptom was painful headaches, possibly related an...
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New Integrated Model Approach to Understand the Factors That Drive Electronic Health Record Portal Adoption: Cross-Sectional National Survey

Background: The future of health care delivery is becoming more patient-focused, and electronic health record (EHR) portals are gaining more attention from worldwide governments that consider this technology as a valuable asset for the future sustainability of the national health care systems. Overall, this makes the adoption of EHR portals an important field to study. Objective: The aim of this study is to understand the factors that drive individuals to adopt EHR portals. Methods: We applied a...
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Suffering an Unexpected Betrayal

My daughter and the man that I loved both had a relationship behind my back. More than two months ago more my daughter and the man with whom I had a relationship (today a friendship) went to live together but now they already separated. At some point we were a couple and he was keeping the relationship with me until I discovered it. The lies they told have affected me psychologically from a betrayal I least expected. (From Argentina) You’ll need some time alone to recover from this and some ther...
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Personalized program of physical exercise effective in reversing functional decline in the elderly

A program of personalized physical exercise implemented over a three-year period and involving 370 people over the age of 75 admitted to the Geriatric Service of the Hospital Complex of Navarre has turned out to be "safe and effective" in reversing the functional deterioration associated with hospitalization to which patients in this age group are subjected.
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Study: 45 minutes of patient education can help better manage chronic diseases

Just 45 minutes of patient education can improve outcomes for patients with chronic diseases, according to a study in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.
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Replacement of dysfunctional microglia has therapeutic potential for neurodegenerative diseases

A new study by researchers at Karolinska Institutet supports the theory that replacement of dysfunctional immune cells in the brain has therapeutic potential for neurodegenerative diseases like ALS and Alzheimer's disease.
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New report highlights key focus areas to help cancer screening realize its full potential

Cancer screening has contributed substantially to reduced incidence, morbidity, and mortality, but issues like access and quality care and have kept screening from fulfilling its full potential, according to a new report.
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How to Build a Cheap Air Purifier

A high-quality HEPA air purifier can eliminate nearly all the smoke, dust or allergen particles from the air in a room—but a $30 contraption can eliminate about 90 percent. It’s worth a try if you need to clean your indoor air on the cheap. Read more...
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11th child dies in adenovirus outbreak in New Jersey

An 11th child has died and 23 additional children have become sick in connection with an adenovirus outbreak at a New Jersey health care facility, the state's Department of Health announced Friday.
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Hookah-Related Posts to Twitter From 2017 to 2018: Thematic Analysis

Background: Hookah (or tobacco waterpipe) use has recently become prevalent in the United States. The contexts and experiences associated with hookah use are unclear, yet such information is abundant via publicly available hookah users’ social media postings. Objective: In this study, we utilized Twitter data to characterize Twitter users’ recent experiences with hookah. Methods: Twitter posts containing the term “hookah” were obtained from April 1, 2017 to 29 March, 2018. Text classifiers were ...
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How to make time for exercise — even on your craziest days

There's no shortage of science suggesting that exercise is good for your mental as well as your physical health — and yet for many of us, incorporating exercise into our daily routines remains a struggle. A new study, published in the journal Neuropsychologia, asks why. Shouldn't it be easier to take on a habit that is so good for us?The study's answer points towards what's holding us back: According to the researchers, picking physically active behaviors over sedentary ones actually requires mo...
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Researchers have trained a computer to analyze breast cancer images and classify tumors

Using technology similar to the type that powers facial and speech recognition on a smartphone, researchers at the University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center have trained a computer to analyze breast cancer images and then classify the tumors with high accuracy.
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New drug shows promise for treating people with peanut allergy

Controlled ingestion of peanut protein could help build tolerance in peanut allergy sufferers. Authors of a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine say an oral immunotherapy drug they tested could be the first FDA-approved medication of its kind for people with peanut allergy.
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Adolescents increasingly choose marijuana over cigarettes, alcohol

The "gateway pattern" of adolescent substance use is changing, and marijuana is increasingly the first substance in the sequence of adolescent drug use, according researchers at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.
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Vision impairments may increase risk of falls in older adults

Vision impairment and blindness affect one in 11 Americans age 65 and older. Because our population is aging, the number of older adults with vision problems is predicted to rise.
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Concomitant use of sleeping pills and opioids found to prevalent among people with Alzheimer’s disease

One in five people with Alzheimer's disease who use a benzodiazepine are also concomitant users of an opioid, according to a new study from the University of Eastern Finland.
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Marijuana prevention programs should focus on promoting mental wellbeing of youth

High school students with positive mental health are less likely to consume cannabis, a recent University of Waterloo study has found.
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Researchers identify gene vital for post-stroke recovery

Having certain specific variants of the PATJ gene predisposes to worse recovery from ischemic stroke. 7 out of 10 patients with these variants suffer severe sequelae three months after having a stroke, in other words, they are in a situation of dependence, compared to less than half of patients who do not present these variants.
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