BIO issues statement on proposed changes to Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans

BIO President and CEO Jim Greenwood issued the following statement regarding today's proposed changes to Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans.
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ASHG reaffirms cautious but proactive approach recommended in its 2017 position statement on germline genome editing

Given this morning's reports of infants possibly born in China whose genomes were edited by CRISPR-based technology, the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) reaffirms the cautious but proactive approach recommended in its 2017 position statement on human germline genome editing, published in The American Journal of Human Genetics.
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Photographic aging clock uses advances in Artificial Intelligence to predict human age

There are many factors that influence the aging process. Unlocking these factors can lead to valuable insights into what impacts the condition and health of the human body and reveal how to minimize these impacts.
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Shit a brick: doctors swallow Lego to allay parents' fears

Researchers from Australia and UK swallow Lego heads in the ‘noble tradition of self-experimentation’A team of doctors who swallowed Lego and timed how long it took to pass through their bowels say the results of their research should reassure concerned parents.In a paper published in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, six researchers from Australia and the UK swallowed the head of a Lego figure – roughly 10mm by 10mm – in the “noble tradition of self-experimentation”. Continue reading...
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Reducing childhood obesity could lower burden of pediatric asthma

Ten percent of pediatric asthma cases could be avoided if childhood obesity were eliminated, according to research reviewing medical records of more than 500,000 children published today in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
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Researchers identify sepsis symptoms that contribute to patient mortality

Using patient records from 210,289 hospital visits between 2013 and 2016, Drexel University researchers have identified the specific symptoms that put patients at the greatest risk of dying from sepsis - and they're not what many clinicians might think.
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Robots could help improve social skills of children with ASD

An emotionally intelligent, partially autonomous social robot could help children with autism spectrum disorder improve their social skills, according to EU-funded researchers who have been developing the next generation of robot-enhanced therapy.
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Middle-aged adults with lung disease may have greater risk of dementia later in life

Middle-aged adults with lung disease may be at greater risk of developing dementia or cognitive impairment later in life, according to new research published online in the American Thoracic Society's American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.
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Certain dietary supplements can have beneficial effect on sperm quality, study suggests

Infertility affects 15% of the world population and is recognized by the World Health Organisation as a global health problem.
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Scientists uncover neural code that predicts behavior

Scientists at the National Eye Institute have found that neurons in the superior colliculus, an ancient midbrain structure found in all vertebrates, are key players in allowing us to detect visual objects and events.
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Breakthrough achieved in decoding multi-resistant pathogens

Researchers at the University of Tübingen and the German Center for Infection Research have achieved a breakthrough in the decoding of multi-resistant pathogens.
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Microglia show distinct responses under inflammatory conditions

The NorLux Neuro-Oncology Laboratory at LIH's Department of Oncology conducts research on brain diseases, with a special emphasis on glioma biology, drug resistance and systems approaches.
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Lawsuit accuses Molina Healthcare of failing to provide required services

Long Beach-based Molina Healthcare has been accused of breaching its Medicaid contract in Illinois and failing to disclose it wasn’t providing required services to skilled nursing home patients in the Prairie State. The alleged cover-up lasted two years, the federal “whistleblower” lawsuit says. The case was filed under seal in September 2017 by the founder of a former Molina contractor named General Medicine P.C. A federal judge unsealed the complaint last week after state and federal attorneys...
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China orders inquiry into 'world's first gene-edited babies'

As experts cast doubt on supposed breakthrough, China’s National Health Commission orders an ‘immediate investigation’Beijing has ordered an investigation into claims by a Chinese scientist to have created the world’s first genetically edited babies, a move that would be a ground-breaking medical first but which has generated a barrage of criticism.A video posted on YouTube by university professor He Jiankui said the twin girls, born a few weeks ago, had had their DNA altered to prevent them fro...
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FDA says some romaine lettuce can be eaten again, including recent harvests from Imperial Valley

It’s OK to eat some romaine lettuce again, U.S. health officials said. Just check the label. The Food and Drug Administration narrowed its blanket warning from last week, when it said people shouldn’t eat any type of romaine because of an E. coli outbreak. The agency said Monday that romaine recently harvested in Arizona, Florida, Mexico and California’s Imperial Valley is OK to eat. It says romaine from those places wasn’t yet shipping when the illnesses began. It says the tainted romaine appea...
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Breast-implant injuries hidden as patients’ questions mount

For more than a decade, manufacturers with high numbers of recurring problems — in the case of implants, ruptures that required surgery to remove — were allowed to report issues in bulk, with one report standing in for thousands of individual cases.
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FDA approves ‘precision medicine’ drug for different cancers with same mutation

Precision medicine in recent years has generated immense enthusiasm. But it also has spurred skepticism, in part because both the drugs and tests tend to be expensive.
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The surprising thing this patient was missing

She had everything she needed.  Her husband had died long ago.  But the fortune he left her would suffice.  She had given up on mansions long ago.  There were no children, so who needed the space?  She was happy as can be in her little condo in the city.  The building had the most lavish pool, […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Today Is the Last Day to Eat Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Leftovers, with few exceptions, last four days in the fridge. That means if you’ve got turkey, miso stuffing, garsquashrooms and so on chilling in the icebox, today is the day to polish them off.Read more...
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Comfort Zones: An Alternative Perspective

Comfort zones. They usually get a lot of bad press. We’re regularly told that they’re something we need to “break out of” or “smash” in order to progress and grow as a human being. I’ve lost count of the number of meme diagrams I’ve come across depicting this. You know the ones, with the “where the magic happens” mentality. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found there’s something a little conflicting about the language used here. “Comfort” versus “break out.” Why would I want to break somet...
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Devices implanted to treat pain worsen the suffering for many

Medical device companies and doctors have touted spinal-cord stimulators as remedies for millions of people in pain. But the stimulators are more dangerous than patients know: Many report being shocked or burned, or suffering nerve damage ranging from weakness to paralysis.
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Skip the Over-The-Counter Meds for Your Kids' Colds

For Thanksgiving this year, my entire extended family traveled to Disney World. Six adults and four kids trekking our way first across several states to get there, and then across four different parks over the span of a week.Read more...
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Economic Evaluation of an Internet-Based Preventive Cognitive Therapy With Minimal Therapist Support for Recurrent Depression: Randomized Controlled Trial

Background: Major depressive disorder (MDD) is highly recurrent and has a significant disease burden. Although the effectiveness of internet-based interventions has been established for the treatment of acute MDD, little is known about their cost effectiveness, especially in recurrent MDD. Objectives: Our aim was to evaluate the cost effectiveness and cost utility of an internet-based relapse prevention program (mobile cognitive therapy, M-CT). Methods: The economic evaluation was performed alon...
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A medical student as a patient. She thanks her support systems.

Two weeks ago, while I was helping with an emergency medicine course that I’m a teaching assistant for, I started feeling extremely light-headed, and the chest tightness that I had dismissed as heartburn earlier that morning got worse. I was tended to by the emergency medicine doctor who I was teaching with, admitted to the […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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International study of ADHD at genomic scale

An international study, focused on the analysis of the genome of more than 50,000 people worldwide, has identified twelve specific fragments of DNA related to the vulnerability of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
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Global report highlights how the changing world is affecting children's physical activity levels

Children around the world are not moving enough to maintain healthy growth and development, according to a global report released today.
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NanoSphere develops new intraoral product that has potential to revolutionize cannabis therapies

NanoSphere Health Sciences Inc. is pleased to announce the Company has developed a new intraoral delivered cannabis product for the Canadian market, which produces similar effects to smoking cannabis, but is safer and more effective than edibles.
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A Preclinical Solution to Studying Neurological Diseases

At SfN 2018, Antti Nurmi explained a case study of how Charles River have used neuroimaging to study Batten's Disease.
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Study finds genetic links between alcohol dependence and psychiatric disorders

In the largest study of genetic factors linked to alcohol dependence, an international team of researchers identified a gene known to affect risk, and they determined that many other genes also contribute to risk for alcohol dependence to a lesser degree.
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Scripps Research scientists reveal potential new approach to design HIV vaccines

A new candidate HIV vaccine from Scripps Research surmounts technical hurdles that stymied previous vaccine efforts, and stimulates a powerful anti-HIV antibody response in animal tests.
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