FDA authorizes marketing of new test to aid in the diagnosis of M. gen. infections

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today permitted marketing of a new test to aid in the diagnosis of a sexually-transmitted infection called Mycoplasma genitalium (M. gen.).
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Researchers develop new model to predict methylmercury levels in tuna fish

Most consumers' exposure to toxic methylmercury occurs when they eat fish. But research just published in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology could help clarify why methylmercury concentrations in tuna vary geographically.
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Exposure to stimulating environment increases brain plasticity of mice as well as their offspring

If mice grow up in a stimulating environment, for example in large cages with running wheels and labyrinths with several other mice, their brain remains adaptable for longer, ie more plastic. In fact, not only these mice, but also their offspring, benefit from this enrichment.
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Trump zeroes in on surprise medical bills in White House chat with patients, experts

President Donald Trump on Wednesday instructed administration officials to investigate how to prevent surprise medical bills, broadening his focus on drug prices to include other issues of price transparency in health care.
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This giant cognitive bias codex will transform your understanding of yourself

Nearly 200 cognitive biases affect our decision-making.The codex groups the biases based on 4 major "problems".The sheer amount of biases teaches us "humility," says one of the Codex's creators. None Perhaps aside from mythical spiritual figures, humans are not objective in how they react to the world. As much as we would like to be fair and impartial about how we deal with the situations that arise on a daily basis, we process them through a complex series of internal biases before deciding on ...
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200 cognitive biases rule our everyday thinking

Nearly 200 cognitive biases affect our decision-making. The sheer amount of biases should teach us humility.And we should recognize the essential role they play in life, as well. None Aside from mythical spiritual figures and biblical kings, humans are not objective in how they react to the world. As much as we would like to be fair and impartial about how we deal with the situations that arise on a daily basis, we process them through a complex series of internal biases before deciding how to...
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King County man may have contracted measles from Southwest Washington outbreak

Health officials are investigating the suspected measles case and believe the risk to the general public is low.
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One serving of fried chicken a day linked to 13% higher risk of death

A regular serving of fried chicken or fish is associated with a higher risk of death from any cause except cancer, according to a new study done in postmenopausal women in the United States.
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What clothing choice says about a patient

The woman waiting to see me looked every inch a lawyer or accountant in her black pencil skirt, pink shirt, and a Chanel-style houndstooth jacket. Her ankle boots were reminiscent of those worn by women in Victorian times with a row of small buttons up the side. She had a scarf loosely knotted around her […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Harvest Bible Chapel Won’t Reply to Media Questions During Peacemaking Process

Last week I wrote Harvest Bible Chapel’s spokeswoman Sherri Smith a couple of emails with questions about the firing of former Harvest Bible Chapel-Naples pastor John Secrest. Since I did not get a response, I wrote to ask if HBC planned to respond. In response, Ms. Smith answered this afternoon with the following explanation: While the peacemaking process is underway, Harvest Bible Chapel does not presently intend to respond to further media inquiries. Our focus remains on seeking the Lord and ...
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Muffin or apple: Do you know what you 'should' be eating?

A nine-year analysis of the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey shows mixed results.
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The Ice Cream Inquiry: Scooping Up Life and Savoring Sweetness

When your eyes open in the morning light, what gets you out of bed, and into your day? For some, it is their children calling for their attention, their dog needing to be walked, or their boss expecting them to get to work on time.  For others, particularly those who face depression instead of the sunshine, simply pulling back the covers feels like a daunting task. What drives you to motor on when your ‘get up and go has got up and went?’ In my therapy practice, I sit with people who q...
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Expertise Modulates Students’ Perception of Pain From a Self-Perspective: Quasi-Experimental Study

Background: Perception of stimuli presented in a virtual dentistry environment affects regions of the brain that are related to pain perception. Objective: We investigated whether neural correlates of virtual pain perception are affected by education in dentistry. Methods: In this functional magnetic resonance imaging study, a sample of 20 dental students and 20 age-matched controls viewed and listened to video clips presenting a dental treatment from the first‐person perspective. An anxiety que...
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Server-Focused Security Assessment of Mobile Health Apps for Popular Mobile Platforms

Background: The importance of mobile health (mHealth) apps is growing. Independent of the technologies used, mHealth apps bring more functionality into the hands of users. In the health context, mHealth apps play an important role in providing information and services to patients, offering health care professionals ways to monitor vital parameters or consult patients remotely. The importance of confidentiality in health care and the opaqueness of transport security in apps make the latter an imp...
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EuroQol (EQ-5D-5L) Validity in Assessing the Quality of Life in Adults With Asthma: Cross-Sectional Study

Background: The EuroQol-5 Dimension (EQ-5D), developed in 1990, is a most widely used generic tool to measure the health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and considered suitable for patients with asthma. In 2009, the EuroQol Group developed a new EQ-5D version to overcome limitations related to its consistently reported high ceiling effect. To enhance the sensitivity for assessing the HRQoL in further patient populations, the number of responses of EQ-5D was increased from 3 to 5 levels (EQ-5D-5L...
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Must-have medical apps for primary care

Earlier this year, we put together a list of what we thought were the best medical apps for health care providers. Now at the end of 2018, we’re augmenting that list to give you a full picture of what we think are must-haves medical apps for those in primary care. Safe Motherhood Initiative: ACOG DII SMI […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Differences Between Mothers and Fathers of Young Children in Their Use of the Internet to Support Healthy Family Lifestyle Behaviors: Cross-Sectional Study

Background: In early life, both mothers and fathers are important influences on their children’s diet, active play, and obesity risk. Parents are increasingly relying on the internet and social media as a source of information on all aspects of parenting. However, little is known about the use of Web-based sources of information relevant to family lifestyle behaviors and, in particular, differences between mothers’ and fathers’ use and sociodemographic predictors. Objective: The objective of thi...
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Doctor reprimanded for removing wrong man’s kidney

WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts doctor who removed a kidney from the wrong patient has received a reprimand from the state. The Telegram & Gazette reports Tuesday that the state Board of Registration in Medicine issued its reprimand to Dr. Ankur Parikh last month after he admitted to the error. The board says in […]
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Sexual Masochism Disorder

Ever since I was a child (7 to 10 years)I would feel aroused when I see someone humiliated or slightly tortured, I would imagine myself being the one receiving getting humiliated. I began masturbating when I was about 10, I didn’t even know what was I doing, I didn’t even know anything about sex or had any sexual feelings. I would lay on my stomach and just sort of pressure myself against the floor and I would never use my hands or finger myself, it has been the same way ever since. I am 20 year...
Tags: Psychology, Anxiety, Therapy, Self-esteem, Abuse, Egypt, Psychosis, Torture, Humiliation, Masochism, Sexual disorder

Can predicting obesity make you gain weight?

Predictions can shape behaviors and decisions that eventually make the prediction come true. Could learning that you're at high risk of obesity increase your risk? [Author: Dr. Ayala]
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Aspirin Lowers Your Chances of a Heart Attack. But It’s Not Safe for Everyone, a New Study Says

A study quantifies how the drug's risks and benefits stack up
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How hospitals are taking advantage of the 340B Drug Pricing Program

Sometimes it is hard for hospitals to provide expensive care to poor patients. When a low-income patient needs $20,000 of chemotherapy, a hospital loses money if that patient cannot pay for the medicine, or pays through Medicaid, with its relatively stingy reimbursement. Fortunately, the federal government created a program for hospitals that care for a […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Hospital: ‘Poor decisions’ by staff giving outsize pain meds

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio doctor’s orders for potentially fatal doses of pain medicine given to at least 27 hospital patients were carried out by employees who “made poor decisions” and ignored existing safeguards, a top administrator told staff in an internal video. The Columbus-area Mount Carmel Health System said it fired the intensive […]
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Old oligodendrocytes can repair damage in the brains of patients with multiple sclerosis

A new study shows that there is a very limited regeneration of cells in the brain of patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
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Researchers design interleukin protein to balance overshooting immune response

Small infections can be fatal: Millions of people die each year from sepsis, an overreaction of the immune system.
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Collateral damage from laws around euthanasia | Letters

Readers respond to an article by Christopher de Bellaigue that asked whether euthanasia has gone too farIn response to the excellent article on what we can learn from the expanding practice of euthanasia in the Netherlands (Death on demand: Has euthanasia gone too far?, 18 January), we would like to add our assessment of the effects of assisted dying legislation on vulnerable patient groups. As experts in the fields of intellectual disability and palliative care, coming from both the Netherlands...
Tags: Health, Europe, UK, Law, Cancer, Society, World news, Disability, Autism, Netherlands, Older people, Assisted dying, Christopher de Bellaigue, Netherlands Death, Dutch Euthanasia Review Committee

Unplanned C-sections put new mothers at greater risk of developing postnatal depression

A new study has revealed first-time mothers who give birth via unplanned cesarean section are 15% more likely to experience postnatal depression.
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£20 million research hub could improve health, life prospects of African youth

A long-term initiative championed by the UK Research and Innovation Council could significantly improve the health and life prospects of a generation of Africa's youth.
Tags: Health, Africa, UK Research and Innovation Council

NUS researchers make muscle recovery easier for patients with ingenious medical device

The journey of muscle rehabilitation can be long and arduous, and requires strong perseverance from the patient. Now, researchers from the National University of Singapore are making the recovery process much easier for patients with an ingenious medical device capable of regenerating muscles in a non-invasive and painless manner.
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Clinical testing begins for temperature-stable experimental tuberculosis vaccine

Vaccinations have begun in a Phase 1 human clinical trial testing a freeze-dried, temperature-stable formulation of an experimental tuberculosis vaccine candidate.
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