Researchers understand cues controlling collective cell migration during development

Collective cell migration, where groups of cells move together with a common purpose, is important for processes ranging from wound healing to tumor metastasis.
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Vitamin D helps clear bacteria from lungs of people with multi-drug resistant TB

Vitamin D has been found to speed up the clearance of tuberculosis bacteria from the lungs of people with multi-drug resistant TB, according to a study of 1,850 patients receiving antibiotic treatment, led by Queen Mary University of London.
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Physicians more likely to prescribe drugs of manufacturers who paid them money

In a study published in The Oncologist, physicians treating certain cancers who consistently received payments from a cancer drug's manufacturer were more likely to prescribe that drug over alternative treatments.
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China says tests on plasma products negative for HIV

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese investigators say tests on a batch of a plasma product feared to have been contaminated with HIV have turned up negative for the virus that causes AIDS. The result appears to have headed off the possibility of yet another scandal involving medical products in the country. Incidents include the falsifying of […]
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Australian government ignored refugee transfer advice from its own doctors for up to five years

Plight of sick refugees detained offshore revealed as MSF launch telehealth psychological service to treat patients on NauruAsylum seekers and refugees are waiting as long as five years for specialist medical treatment even when it has been formally recommended by the Australian government’s contracted doctors, new data has revealed.Support workers and medical groups have accused the government of maintaining a “dangerous and sometimes fatal” system of care on Manus Island and Nauru, as MPs prep...
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Beta wave control in Parkinson’s diseased brain could be a potential therapy

A neurofeedback system whereby the patients with Parkinson’s disease can themselves voluntarily control the beta wave activity in their own deep brain and the effects this control might have on their symptom control.
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A new treatment for Chlamydia via Canadian researchers

A new way to prevent and treat one of the commonest sexually transmitted infections (STIs) has been developed by the researchers at the University of Manitoba and the University of Waterloo. This new method is more of a gene therapy than antibiotic therapy against the infection.
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Study looks at effects of microdosing of psychedelics on mental health

Microdosing of psychedelic substances involves taking very small doses of a psychedelic drug such as LSD or psilocybin (magic mushrooms) over weeks or even months. There have been anecdotal claims that such microdosing can improve health and also performance and relationships. These earlier studies dealt with the one time effect of microdosing.
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Rapid weight gain in early childhood affects heart health in adolescence

Excessive weight gain in children under two years can lead to cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors in teenage years including increased cholesterol, being overweight and having fat around the middle, finds new research from the University of Sydney.
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Omega 3

The fish vitamins and does it really work and how long to regulate your cholesterol once it's in your system
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Study: Schoolchildren with type 1 diabetes perform just as well as their classmates

In the study, the researchers reviewed the results of nationally standardised tests in math and reading completed by more than 630,000 Danish schoolchildren in grades 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8. Approximately 2,000 of these children had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and the comparison shows that they perform just as well as their classmates with or without adjusting for socioeconomic status.
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Study: School children with type 1 diabetes perform just as well as their classmates

In the study, the researchers reviewed the results of nationally standardised tests in math and reading completed by more than 630,000 Danish schoolchildren in grades 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8. Approximately 2,000 of these children had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and the comparison shows that they perform just as well as their classmates with or without adjusting for socioeconomic status.
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Measles outbreak sends vaccine demand soaring, even among the hesitant

Demand for measles vaccine has surged in the Washington county where the highly contagious virus is linked to more than 50 confirmed illnesses this year — including among people who had previously shunned the shots.
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Kerryn Phelps urges Labor not to 'cave' to PM's 'scare tactics' on refugee bill

Independent MP’s warning comes after Bill Shorten signals he is open to examining Coalition’s medical review panel Independent Kerryn Phelps has urged Labor and fellow parliamentarians not to “cave in” to Scott Morrison’s “scare tactics and deliberate misinformation” on the crossbench medical transfers bill, ahead of the resumption of parliament next week.The Labor leader, Bill Shorten, has signalled over the past 48 hours that the opposition is open to examining a new proposition from the gover...
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While I realize the current storm is considered a disaster in most of the country, here in Wyoming it is a blessing. We LOVE it!! Watch and enjoy.
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Our stories: the women mutilated by Emil Gayed

An independent inquiry has delivered its findings about the gynaecologist Emil Shawky Gayed after Guardian Australia revealed he was the subject of dozens of complaints from women about botched surgery and other practices at numerous hospitals in New South Wales and the ACT. Here are some of the cases uncovered so far – the list will be updated as more information is received or when more patients give permission Continue reading...
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A timeline of the complaints against Emil Gayed

A look back at the way health authorities dealt with patients’ grievances1976– Gayed graduates as a bachelor of medicine and a bachelor of surgery in Egypt. Continue reading...
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Arizona may require license for care facilities after rape

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona may boost state oversight of long-term care facilities like the one in Phoenix where an incapacitated woman was raped and later gave birth, reversing a decision more than 20 years ago to drop state regulation. Lawmakers are considering legislation that would require intermediate care facilities like Hacienda Healthcare to apply for […]
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Washington measles outbreak sends vaccine demand soaring, even among the hesitant

Health clinics are scrambling to keep up with sudden demand, mostly among parents of children in Southwest Washington who had not been inoculated.
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Radiation oncologists aren’t just strangers in the basement

“We have a consult for radiation oncology regarding a 60-year-old gentleman with a history of lung cancer and is currently admitted. His oncologist is Dr. Heme Onc.” As a new radiation oncology resident, I was surprised to hear the consulting physician refer to the patient’s medical oncologist as “his oncologist.” What about the patient’s radiation […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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7 Triggers that Get Teens Reaching for Their Phone When They Shouldn’t

Parents everywhere are complaining that kids are using their phones way too much. They are glued to their screens at dinnertime, staying up when they should be asleep and are opting for virtual interaction over real-life conversations. It’s a growing problem, and even 50% of teens themselves think they’re addicted to their smartphones . Such a high level of usage makes it easy for teens to develop an addiction to their phones and many parents and teens are oblivious to the dangers this ...
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Show Your Skin Some Love on Valentine's Day With These Heart-Shaped Acne Patches

Wearing a pimple patch doesn't exactly make me feel cute, but then again, I've never worn a heart-shaped one. After discovering these Truly Organic Heart-Shaped Acne Patches ($6), I'm inspired to toss out my blah-looking dots in favor of these selfie-worthy cuties. As sweet and innocent-looking as they are, these patches also get the job done, according to online reviews. They contain hydrocolloid, which is effective at drawing out fluid and getting all the gunk out of a blemish (a gross but sat...
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Health Care Professionals’ Perceptions of Home Telemonitoring in Heart Failure Care: Cross-Sectional Survey

Background: Noninvasive telemonitoring (TM) can be used in heart failure (HF) patients to perform early detection of decompensation at home, prevent unnecessary health care utilization, and decrease health care costs. However, the evidence is not sufficient to be part of HF guidelines for follow-up care, and we have no knowledge of how TM is used in the Nordic Baltic region. Objective: The aim of this study was to describe health care professionals’ (HCPs) perception of and presumed experience w...
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Detecting Potential Adverse Drug Reactions Using a Deep Neural Network Model

Background: Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are common and are the underlying cause of over a million serious injuries and deaths each year. The most familiar method to detect ADRs is relying on spontaneous reports. Unfortunately, the low reporting rate of spontaneous reports is a serious limitation of pharmacovigilance. Objective: The objective of this study was to identify a method to detect potential ADRs of drugs automatically using a deep neural network (DNN). Methods: We designed a DNN model...
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Weight Management in Young Adults: Systematic Review of Electronic Health Intervention Components and Outcomes

Background: Young adulthood is a vulnerable period for unhealthy lifestyle adoption and excess weight gain. Scant attention has been focused on developing and evaluating effective weight gain prevention strategies for this age group. Electronic health (eHealth) offers potential as a cost-effective means of delivering convenient, individually-tailored, and contextually-meaningful interventions at scale. Objective: The primary aim of this systematic review was to locate and synthesize the evidence...
Tags: Health, Ovid, Meta Analyses, Effective Public Health Practice Project, EPHPP

Electronic Health Program to Empower Patients in Returning to Normal Activities After General Surgical and Gynecological Procedures: Intervention Mapping as a Useful Method for Further Development

Background: Support for guiding and monitoring postoperative recovery and resumption of activities is usually not provided to patients after discharge from the hospital. Therefore, a perioperative electronic health (eHealth) intervention (“ikherstel” intervention or “I recover” intervention) was developed to empower gynecological patients during the perioperative period. This eHealth intervention requires a need for further development for patients who will undergo various types of general surgi...
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An open letter to a Liverpool fan

Dear Liverpool Fan,Subject : From Doubters to BelieversI started supporting Liverpool in the beginning of 2000. It all started with a Michael Owen goal I caught in telly. And my curiosity pulled me more and more towards Owen and the club he played for. Since there was no way for me to follow Liverpool games back then in the small town I come from, my only source of information was delayed highlights and newspaper articles. Slowly games started appearing in StarSports India and I would watch almo...
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What’s the one thing doctors can learn from corporations?

In the last few years as documentation demands from insurers have skyrocketed, the buck has been passed straight into the lap of physician’s offices where insurers have saved billions of dollars even as they’ve slashed physician reimbursements by even more. Is it any wonder our offices are chaotic, patients complain about long waits, insurance issues, […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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How to Manage Your ADHD While at Work

If you’re a young adult with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), what got you through college won’t necessarily help you at work.Read more...
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Self-Harm Ideation as a Punishing Response to Social Events

Are random thoughts/ideation of self-harm (metal blocks smashing my head, stabbing myself,wanting to punch my face) as an automatic response to shame particularly from social interactions (“omg, I can’believe I said that” or “why didn’I say this”) a standard symptom? If people knew what misery went through my head after a Christmas party . . . Google searches aren’t showing anything as a shame response. (note: I am not suicidal. I have smacked myself a couple times but never actually harmed myse...
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