New machine learning method predicts if atypical ductal hyperplasia will turn cancerous

Atypical ductal hyperplasia is a breast lesion associated with a four- to five-fold increase in the risk of breast cancer.
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Study finds no association between antiepileptic drug use and dementia risk

Epilepsy is a common neurological condition with a prevalence of around 2%. Many antiepileptic drugs are available to prevent epileptic seizures, allowing up to 80 percent of patients to become seizure-free.
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Researchers design new protocol to improve reproduction of ovine cattle

Researchers of the Veterinary Faculty of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University and the National Institute of Farming and Food Research and Technology have designed a new protocol to synchronize heats and ovulation periods to improve the reproduction of ovine cattle, which is based on the use of natural hormones.
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Government extends question time to avoid potential second loss – politics live

After pulling the big stick legislation to head off likely defeat, the Coalition faces a battle on a new front. All the day’s events, live 4.29am GMT Now taking bets on whether we reach the “what’s your favourite lettuce” level of dixer. 4.28am GMT Jordon Steele-John has arrived from the Senate.He is about to hear at least another 45 minutes of pointless questions, involving “strong” and a variety of nouns. Continue reading...
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New research explains presence of ‘natural’ magnetism in human cells

Although magnetic nanoparticles are being used more and more in cell imaging and tissue bioengineering, what happens to them within stem cells in the long term remained undocumented.
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Breast pumps could be transmitting asthma-causing bacteria in babies, finds study

Mothers across the world use breast pumps to pump put the milk that is fed to their babies. A new study has revealed that these pumps may not be safe and may be contaminated with bacteria that can cause asthma in the babies later in life. The results of this study were published in the latest issue of the journal Cell Host & Microbe.
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Cannabis use as a teenager linked to depression later in life

A new study has shown that at least 400,000 cases of adults with depression in the US could have been avoided if greater measures were in place to discourage teenage use of cannabis. The results of this new study were published this week in the latest issue of the journal JAMA Psychiatry.
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Morrison faces lower house test on disability royal commission – question time live

After pulling the big stick legislation to head off likely defeat, the government faces a battle on a new front. All the day’s events, live 3.29am GMT Memories, light the corners of my mind....Remember, when Peter Dutton contested the leadership last year, in that mad week of courtship, he said he’d love to get everyone off Manus and Nauru tomorrow? The charter flight? #TBT #qt 3.28am GMT Singing anti-Adani protesters are escorted from the House of Reps #auspol...
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Anyone Here Use a Fitbit?

I recently got a Fitbit Charge 3 and have finally gotten around to setting it up, installing the app on my phone, etc. I was just wondering if anyone else here has any experience with using one of these things, and can offer any advice? Being full-time military, I used to run regularly and was in reasonably good shape for my age. Then I had ankle surgery in 2018 and could not walk at all for a few months, I had to get around on one of those knee scooters. Then after that I was restricted to clom...
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Citizenship report puts national security reform on back burner – politics live

Joint committee calls for further review of bill stripping terrorists of citizenship, as PM hands down Closing the Gap report and Coalition keeps up medical transfers scare campaign. All the day’s events, live 1.29am GMT The Hinkler MP says he has called for the meeting, because the legislation is vitally important in his home state of Queensland.“The Queensland government owns all the poles and wires, 70% of the generators and the only retailer in town,” he said. 1.23am GMT Keith Pitt h...
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The hidden curriculum of medicine

Think all the way back to your grade school years. Did you know that your personality traits were starting to be honed for the work you do today? Let me give you some examples about myself and see if you can relate. I remember the praise and exhilaration of being the only kid in the […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Duchess Kate Delivers Passionate Speech About Motherhood and Mental Health

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends a ‘Mental Health In Education’ conference at Mercers’ Hall on February 13, 2019 in London, England. Dave Poultney/Kensington Palace via Getty Images Duchess Kate lent her voice to an important cause at the Royal Foundation’s Mental Health in Education conference in London on Wednesday, February 13. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and Other Royal Kids From All Over the World The 37-year-old royal spoke passionately about h...
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Coalition offers student debt relief for remote teachers – politics live

PM hands down his first Closing the Gap report, as Coalition keeps up scare campaign against medical transfers. All the day’s events, live 12.19am GMT The speech ended with an anecdote about the first time Morrison met Aboriginal people, as a young child, and was cautious but then found them to be welcoming. It’s not clear who this anecdote was for.He then commented on the welcoming and forgiving nature of Aboriginal communities in a way that could be interpreted as putting the burden of rec...
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PM hands down his first Closing the Gap report – politics live

Targets for Indigenous Australia under the microscope as Coalition keeps up its scare campaign against medical transfers. All the day’s events, live 11.37pm GMT The prime minister and indigenous affairs minister have released their official response to the latest Closing the Gap report:Australia’s Closing the Gap targets will be redeveloped in partnership with Indigenous Australians for the first time with a direct focus on education as the key to unlocking the potential of this and future g...
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Public schools should offer more vegan menus, this San Fernando Valley assemblyman says

LOS ANGELES – Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian, D-Van Nuys, announced proposed legislation Wednesday that he said would provide incentives for public schools across the state to offer students a plant-based entree and plant-based milk at meals. Under AB 479, the Healthy Climate-Friendly School Lunch Act, schools would receive additional state funding for serving the vegan options, which Nazarian said would be healthier and more climate-friendly. The bill would also provide state support for staff trai...
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Fostering a Lust for Life

“Musicians must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he’s to be ultimately at peace with himself. What one can be, one must be.” ~ Abraham Maslow February is often thought of as the month of love. For some people this refers to romantic love, and for others, it might refer to love for a friend or relative. It can also be about the love — or lust — for life and living life to its fullest, which means listening to the messages of your heart and going in the direction of what...
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PM to hand down his first Closing the Gap report – politics live

Targets for Indigenous Australia under the microscope as Coalition keeps up its scare campaign against medical transfers. All the day’s events, live 9.31pm GMT There is a whole other week after this!The sitting week is drawing to an end. Get the final Daily Program for this week here: 9.27pm GMT This first week has been quite something, hasn’t it.February is shaping up to be quite the [email protected] on the medivac bill: It's simply not tr...
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Romance and…Medicare? Hilarious #healthpolicyvalentines poems are trending on Twitter

This year, Valentine’s Day on social media is inspiring many different messages: professing love for that special someone, angry threads about being single, and….clever poems confessing a love/hate relationship with health policy? From Medicare services to out-of-network fees, Twitter users from all over the country came up with witty rhymes and declarations for all things medical around the hashtag #healthpolicyvalentines. Here in California, state lawmakers hope to provide more health insuranc...
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Cleaning routine shows promise in curbing superbug infection

Think of it as decontaminating yourself. Hospitalized patients who harbor certain superbugs can cut their risk of developing full-blown infections if they swab medicated goo in their nose and use special soap and mouthwash for six months after going home, a study found. It’s a low-tech approach to a big problem: About 5 percent of […]
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Evaluation of Mothers’ Perceptions of a Technology-Based Supportive Educational Parenting Program (Part 2): Qualitative Study

Background: Transitioning into parenthood can be stressful as parents struggle to cope with new parenting responsibilities. Although perinatal care in hospitals aims to improve parental outcomes, there is a general consensus that it is suboptimal and insufficient. Therefore, many studies have designed intervention methods to supplement support for parents during this stressful period. However, studies often focus on parental outcomes as indicators of their interventions’ success and effectivenes...
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Use of Learning Analytics Data in Health Care–Related Educational Disciplines: Systematic Review

Background: While the application of learning analytics in tertiary education has received increasing attention in recent years, a much smaller number have explored its use in health care-related educational studies. Objective: This systematic review aims to examine the use of e-learning analytics data in health care studies with regards to how the analytics is reported and if there is a relationship between e-learning analytics and learning outcomes. Methods: We performed comprehensive searches...
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Older Adults’ Perspectives on Using Digital Technology to Maintain Good Mental Health: Interactive Group Study

Background: A growing number of apps to support good mental health and well-being are available on digital platforms. However, very few studies have examined older adults’ attitudes toward the use of these apps, despite increasing uptake of digital technologies by this demographic. Objective: This study sought to explore older adults’ perspectives on technology to support good mental health. Methods: A total of 15 older adults aged 50 years or older, in two groups, participated in sessions to ex...
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Effectiveness of a Technology-Based Supportive Educational Parenting Program on Parental Outcomes (Part 1): Randomized Controlled Trial

Background: Transitioning into parenthood can be stressful for new parents, especially with the lack of continuity of care from health care professionals during the postpartum period. Short hospital stays limit the availability of support and time parents need to be well equipped with parenting and infant care skills. Poor parental adjustment may, in turn, lead to negative parental outcomes and adversely affect the child’s development. For the family’s future well-being, and to facilitate a smoo...
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The dilemmas faced by the chronically ill as they age  

I’ve been concerned lately. Here’s why. In 2001, I got sick with what the doctors assumed was an acute viral infection, but I never recovered. I’m mostly housebound, often bedbound. My diagnosis is the little understood (but much misunderstood) myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome or ME/CFS. I describe it as “the flu […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Jordan Peterson's take on the origins of the Buddha

During this class, Jordan Peterson describes how overprotective parenting led to the creation of Buddhism.Peterson compares the Buddhist origin myth with the story of Eden.Both tales deal with the onset of consciousness and mortality and therefore are universal in appeal. None Jordan Peterson begins at the outset of the origin myth. Siddhārtha Gautama's father was a local oligarch in the region of modern-day Nepal. It was prophesied that his child would either become a great political king or s...
Tags: Psychology, Elon Musk, Adventure, China, Compassion, Meditation, Nepal, Innovation, Morality, Buddhism, Jeff Bezos, Derek, Buddha, Buddhist, Peterson, Siddhartha Gautama

Wife of top Trump official cheers return of measles

Darla Shine is a former Fox News producer and the wife of Bill Shine, the White House deputy chief of staff of communications. This morning, Darla went on a dangerously ill-informed Twitter rant about the recent measles outbreaks in Washington state and Oregon. Here we go LOL #measlesoutbreak on #CNN #Fake #Hysteria The entire Baby Boom population alive today had the #Measles as kidsBring back our #ChildhoodDiseases they keep you healthy & fight cancer — Darla Shine (@DarlaShine) February ...
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State Bar Examiners Do Away With Mental Health Question On Bar Exam Application

This is an important change that will eliminate a barrier to mental health treatment.
Tags: Law, Virginia, Mental Health, Law Schools, Quote Of The Day, Bar Exams, Catherine Woodcock

Young cannabis users have increased risk of depression and suicidal behavior

Adolescent cannabis use has been linked to an increased risk of depression and suicidal behavior in young adulthood, according to the first meta-analysis by a team of scientists at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre and McGill University, in collaboration with the University of Oxford and Rutgers University-Camden, which is published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry today.
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DDT exposure linked to increased breast cancer risk for all women through age 54

All women exposed to high levels of DDT are at increased risk for breast cancer through age 54, but the timing of cancer risk depends on when they were first exposed, according to a new study published today in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
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Exercise gives a better brain boost to older men than women

New research suggests that the relationship between physical and brain fitness varies in older adults by virtue of their sex. The study is published ahead of print in the Journal of Applied Physiology.
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