New blood test detects genetic disorders in fetuses

Tel Aviv University researchers have developed a new blood test for genetic disorders that may allow parents to learn about the health of their baby as early as 11 weeks into pregnancy.
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Newly designed molecule could benefit people with Friedrich's Ataxia

Skin cells taken from patients with a rare genetic disorder are up to ten times more sensitive to damage from ultraviolet A radiation in laboratory tests, than those from a healthy population, according to new research from the University of Bath.
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Surgery and other treatments offer viable options for adult scoliosis

For years, spine surgeons have debated the best methods for treating scoliosis in adults. Spinal curvature often results in more back pain, leg pain and other symptoms for adults than teens because adults also can have degeneration in the discs between vertebrae, and spinal stenosis -- a narrowing of the opening for the spinal nerves.
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Vitamin D supplementation less effective in the presence of obesity, shows study

A new Journal of Bone and Mineral Research study confirms that vitamin D supplementation is less effective in the presence of obesity, and it uncovers a biological mechanism to explain this observation.
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A holistic approach key to minimize treatment complexity in patients with interstitial lung disease

Patients with interstitial lung disease—a group of disorders causing progressive scarring of lung tissue—are often prescribed various medications that specifically target their disease and others that treat their symptoms.
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Behavior change of prolonged smoking cessation may delay or prevent onset of seropositive rheumatoid arthritis

In an Arthritis Care & Research analysis of 230,732 women, those who quit smoking many years ago had a lower risk of a certain form of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) compared with women who recently quit.
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New method helps quantify very low concentrations of neonicotinoid pesticides in honey

Researchers from the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland have developed an ultra-sensitive method to quantify extremely low concentrations of neonicotinoid pesticides in honey.
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News study reanalyzes the effects of noncaloric sweeteners on gut microbiota

There is currently not enough evidence related to the effects of noncaloric sweeteners on appetite, short‑term intake, and risk of suffering from cancer or diabetes, as shown by a study recently published in the scientific journal 'Advances in Nutrition'.
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Patients turn to GoFundMe when money and hope run out

Tammy Fox wanted to help after a friend took ill with a rare and difficult-to-diagnose autoimmune disorder that required many trips to the Mayo Clinic. Although Fox couldn’t do anything medically, she knew there was a way to ease some of the burden of medical bills and costs associated with doctor visits. She turned to […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Painting and Playing Board Games Releases Oxytocin

Oxyto c in has been nicknamed the “love hormone” because it is typically associated with good feelings and emotions. That is an oversimplified description of this hormone that also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Oxytocin plays a complex role in our bodies, and appears to be connected to (but not limited to) human emotions, childbirth, breastfeeding, recognition and bonding. The positive effects of increased levels of oxytocin are many and include greater relaxation, more willin...
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Here's What People Google Before Going to the Hospital

Accepting medical help in this country is often no easy task, especially given rising health care costs. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that plenty of people in need of emergency care first turn to Dr. Google for advice, according to a new study out Thursday.Read more...
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Using DNA tests, Dwight Manley found his birth father: L.A. politician Mike Antonovich

It only takes one look to spot their likeness. It’s there in the eyes. Blue. But the kind that can look green at certain times, the father and son say almost simultaneously. Blue is also both their favorite color. They only recently discovered that mutual personality trait. It hasn’t been a year since they learned of their relationship. A present given to Dwight Manley for Christmas 2017 unlocked the secret to his birth father. Now, they both get to celebrate Manley’s 53rd birthday this year. Th...
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The culture of permission in medicine

During the recent winter break, I went home and visited my yearly slew of doctors for check-ups: vision, dental, gynecology, etc. In the exam room, my new gynecologist instructed me to put my feet up in the stirrups. I had recently learned in a seminar at school that new guidelines on Pap smears suggest spacing […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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A Smoking Prevention Program Delivered by Medical Students to Secondary Schools in Brazil Called “Education Against Tobacco”: Randomized Controlled Trial

Background: Smoking is the largest preventable cause of mortality in Brazil. Education Against Tobacco (EAT) is a network of more than 3500 medical students and physicians across 14 countries who volunteer for school-based smoking prevention programs. EAT educates 50,000 adolescents per year in the classroom setting. A recent quasi-experimental study conducted in Germany showed that EAT had significant short-term smoking cessation effects among adolescents aged 11 to 15 years. Objective: The aim...
Tags: Health, Germany, Brazil, Brazil Education Against Tobacco EAT

Genetic defect linked to pediatric liver disease identified

Researchers from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, in collaboration with several other institutions, have discovered a genetic defect linked to Biliary atresia, the most common pediatric cause of end-stage liver disease, and the leading indication for liver transplantation in children.
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Sustained smoking cessation can lower risk of seropositive RA

Smoking is an important risk factor for developing the most common form of rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, but a critical question remains: Can those who quit smoking delay or prevent RA or have they permanently and irrevocably altered their risk of the disease? A new study by investigators from Brigham and Women's Hospital leverages data from the Nurses' Health Studies to find out.
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Digital Health Professions Education on Diabetes Management: Systematic Review by the Digital Health Education Collaboration

Background: There is a shortage of health care professionals competent in diabetes management worldwide. Digital education is increasingly used in educating health professionals on diabetes. Digital diabetes self-management education for patients has been shown to improve patients’ knowledge and outcomes. However, the effectiveness of digital education on diabetes management for health care professionals is still unknown. Objective: The objective of this study was to assess the effectiveness and...
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Robotics, AR and VR are poised to reshape healthcare, starting in the operating room

About 20 years ago, a medical device startup called Intuitive Surgical debuted the da Vinci robot and changed surgical practices in operating rooms across the United States. The da Vinci ushered in the first age of robotic-assisted surgical procedures with a promise of greater accuracy and quicker recovery times for patients undergoing certain laparoscopic surgeries.  For a time, it was largely alone in the market. It has skyrocketed in value since 2000, when the stock first debuted on public...
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Digital Trespass: Ethical and Terms-of-Use Violations by Researchers Accessing Data From an Online Patient Community

With the expansion and popularity of research on websites such as Facebook and Twitter, there has been increasing concern about investigator conduct and social media ethics. The availability of large data sets has attracted researchers who are not traditionally associated with health data and its associated ethical considerations, such as computer and data scientists. Reliance on oversight by ethics review boards is inadequate and, due to the public availability of social media data, there is of...
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Unhealthy diet linked to poor mental health

A study has found that poor mental health is linked with poor diet quality -- regardless of personal characteristics such as gender age, education, age, marital status and income level.
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Podcast: KHN’s ‘What the Health?’ How safe are your supplements?

The federal government's annual projections of health spending for the next decade suggest that it will go up faster than in recent years.
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Global health burden of glaucoma has increased, study reveals

The health burden of glaucoma has continuously increased around the globe in the past 25 years, according to an Acta Opthalmologica study.
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Study finds motor skills problems in children exposed during pregnancy to plasticizer chemicals

Scientists with the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health report motor skills problems in children exposed during pregnancy to plasticizer chemicals known as phthalates that are widely used in personal care products like moisturizers and lipstick, as well as plastic containers and children's toys.
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Factors associated with increased risk of developing surgical site infections

In an International Wound Journal study of 4,818 older patients undergoing elective orthopedic surgeries, five risk factors were linked with an increased risk of developing surgical site infections, including diabetes, morbid obesity, tobacco smoking, prolonged surgical duration, and lower serum albumin levels prior to surgery.
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Study explores daily exposure to indoor air pollutants

In an Indoor Air study conducted in a suburb of the city of Kuopio, Finland, relatively short-lasting wood and candle burning of a few hours increased residents' daily exposure to potentially hazardous particulate air pollution.
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Dietary fiber helps to aggregate gut particles, study shows

Food, microbes, and medicine all clump together as they move through our gut. Sticky molecules secreted into our intestines bind the gut particles in the same way that flour holds a ball of dough together.
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Artificial intelligence technique can be used to identify alcohol misuse in trauma setting

A first-of-its kind study has demonstrated that an artificial intelligence technique can be used to identify trauma patients who misuse alcohol.
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Google makes it easier to find prescription drug disposal sites

In an effort to combat the opioid crisis, Google will begin labeling places where people can safely dispose of their prescription drugs. Now, users can find clearly labeled drug disposal sites directly from searches for things like “drug drop off near me” or “medication disposal.” Those locations include a network of hospitals, pharmacies and government buildings where people can drop off medication they might have left over from a surgical procedure so that it doesn’t fall into idle hands. A...
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Overweight, obesity in adolescence associated with increased risk of renal cancer later in life

Being overweight has been linked with a higher risk of developing a form of kidney cancer called renal cell carcinoma among adults, but it's unclear if this risk is present during adolescence.
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