California’s first surgeon general prioritizes children and addressing health disparities

Addressing the adverse physical and mental repercussions of childhood trauma has been the highlight of Dr. Nadine Burke Harris’s career as a pediatrician. And it’s an issue that will take center stage during her tenure as California’s first-ever surgeon general. Gov. Gavin Newsom appointed Burke Harris in January soon after he unveiled several health initiatives during his inaugural address, including expanding health care coverage and lowering prescription drug costs. Only three other states — ...
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The Story of Ignaz Semmelweis Quote: Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis[A] (German: [ɪˈɡnaːts ˈzɛml̩vaɪs]; Hungarian: Semmelweis Ignác Fülöp; 1 July 1818 – 13 August 1865) was a Hungarian physician of ethnic-German ancestry[2], now known as an early pioneer of antiseptic procedures. Described as the "saviour of mothers",[3] Semmelweis discovered that the incidence of puerperal fever (also known as "childbed fever") could be drastically cut by the use of ...
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Our doctors are feeling the emotional burden of the state of health care

Death is an inevitable part of the journey of life. We all have experienced its effects: the death of a family member, the death of a friend or those special individuals who we might have barely known but who left an indelible mark upon our consciousness of living. I will share with you a remembrance […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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EU to opt against health warning for suspected carcinogen

Decision on titanium dioxide follows industry lobbying and could be illegal, critics sayA suspected carcinogen found in spray paints, sun creams and varnishes will not receive a cautionary health label, under European Union proposals seen by the Guardian.In what campaigners say is an unprecedented and potentially illegal step, the European commission has dropped a recommendation from its chemicals advisers for mandatory health warnings on all inhalable liquid forms of titanium dioxide (TiO2). Co...
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Ontario's low-budget Trump-alike wants to eliminate sedation for people getting colonoscopies

Doug Ford (previously) is the trumpian buffoon elected to the office of Premier of Ontario by rural voters who never experienced his laughable bumblefuckery firsthand (the people of Toronto -- who suffered under his tenure on city council while his asshole crackhead brother was mayor -- resoundingly voted against him). As part of his nonsensical "anti-government waste" campaign, Ford has ordered a review of provincial health spending, with an eye to eliminating "unnecessary" procedures. Amo...
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Nurse cares for baby left alone in NICU -- then adopts her

Liz Smith had always dreamed of becoming a mother and building her own family, but her road to motherhood was rough. She suffered from infertility and went through several treatments that didn't work.
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Addiction Recovery: Distinguishing ‘Who I Am’ Versus ‘What I Do’

While speaking with a young woman who is newly in recovery with more than 100 days clean, the topic of change arose. She said that she was unhappy with who she was. I inquired further and asked what she was distressed about in her life. She went on to tell me her history and all of things she had done over the years that caused pain and sorrow, dysfunction and addictive behaviors. We delved deeper and explored the catalysts for those choices. What became apparent was that she had internaliz...
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High-dose standard radiation treatment well-tolerated by patients with centrally located NSCLC

Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy, a high-dose, precisely delivered radiotherapy, is considered the standard treatment for patients with medically inoperable, node-negative, non-small cell lung cancer.
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Researchers create online tool to determine genetic diversity and ancestry of cell lines

Cancer is a highly varied disease, with genetic differences among different tumor types, individuals and ancestral populations. These genetic differences can impact disease aggressiveness, the type of disease, and the response to therapy.
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A gene regulatory multi-tool plays key role in unjamming the genome after DNA damage

A protein complex that is involved in nearly every step in the regulatory control of gene expression in cells has now been shown also to play a key role in clearing potential traffic jams in the production of RNA.
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NSAIDs ineffective for treatment or prevention of Alzheimer's disease

Researchers have known for decades that inflammation accompanies Alzheimer's disease (AD) brain lesions.
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Study estimates economic burden of smoking on cancer treatment

A study released today in JAMA Network Open reported that smoking after a cancer diagnosis is associated with substantial additional costs of cancer treatment.
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Vascular changes in the eye reveal early cognitive impairment

Reduced blood capillaries in the back of the eye may be a new, noninvasive way to diagnose early cognitive impairment, the precursor to Alzheimer's disease in which individuals become forgetful, reports a newly published Northwestern Medicine study.
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Crowdsourcing for Food Purchase Receipt Annotation via Amazon Mechanical Turk: A Feasibility Study

Background: The decisions that individuals make about the food and beverage products they purchase and consume directly influence their energy intake and dietary quality and may lead to excess weight gain and obesity. However, gathering and interpreting data on food and beverage purchase patterns can be difficult. Leveraging novel sources of data on food and beverage purchase behavior can provide us with a more objective understanding of food consumption behaviors. Objective: Food and beverage p...
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Digital Technology for Internet Access by Patients With Early-Stage Schizophrenia in Spain: Multicenter Research Study

Background: Digital technology and social networks are part of everyday life in the current internet age, especially among young people. To date, few studies have been published worldwide on the pattern of use of digital technology devices and applications in patients with early-stage schizophrenia and even fewer comparing them with healthy participants (not using data from general population surveys) from the same demographic areas. In Spain, no such study has been carried out. Objective: The a...
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A patient imagines a conversation with Alexa

When Hubby isn’t around to act as a sounding board, when I’m not feeling well, I talk to my dog.  She sometimes gets a fearful, tearful earful.  I think if I could channel her thoughts to Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, our conversation might go something like this: Me: Alexa, it took seven days of seeing dentists for […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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New clinical pathway reduces rate of debilitating complications for frail elderly trauma patients

A standardized interdisciplinary clinical pathway to identify and manage frailty in older patients has reduced the rate of one of the most debilitating complications for older patients--delirium--and kept patients from returning to the hospital within 30 days of treatment for traumatic injury.
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Autism enhances characteristics that help at home and at work, experts find

Autism enhances characteristics such as loyalty and focus which help those with the condition at work and in their relationships with others, experts have found.
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"There are three types of boredom, all of which involve problems of engagement of attention."

"These include times when we are prevented from engaging in wanted activity, when we are forced to engage in unwanted activity, or when we are simply unable for no apparent reason to maintain engagement in any activity or spectacle. Boredom proneness is a tendency to experience boredom of all types. This is typically assessed by the Boredom Proneness Scale.... People ranked low on a boredom-proneness scale were found to have better performance in a wide variety of aspects of their lives, includi...
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UCI discovery may lead to mitigation of side effects caused by erectile dysfunction drugs

In a study published in Science Advances magazine, researchers from the University of California, Irvine have captured, for the first time, the full-length structure of the rod photoreceptor phosphodiesterase 6 (PDE6), an enzyme that plays an indispensable role in human vision.
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Researchers discover how specific mutation obstructs healthy blood cell maturation

In the veins, stem cells constantly mature and develop into different blood cells that are necessary for the body to work properly.
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NYU biologists develop methods to validate gene regulatory networks

A team of biologists and computer scientists has mapped out a network of interactions for how plant genes coordinate their response to nitrogen, a crucial nutrient and the main component of fertilizer.
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Dietary fiber could help prevent chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Dietary fiber may be a new tool in the prevention of progressive lung disease, thanks to the production of anti-inflammatory short chain fatty acids, according to a new study by Australia's Priority Research Centre for Healthy Lungs at University of Newcastle, and the Centre for Inflammation, a partnership between The University of Technology Sydney and Centenary Institute.
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Kentucky toddler’s cancer in remission after long treatment

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (AP) — The family of a 21-month-old Kentucky girl who was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma more than a year ago is celebrating now that she is cancer-free. WBKO-TV in Bowling Green reports Molly Hughes went through five rounds of chemo, and her family recently learned she is in remission. Her mother, […]
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Identification of Anxiety and Depression Symptoms in Patients With Cancer: Comparison Between Short and Long Web-Based Questionnaires

Background: Physicians and nurses in cancer care easily fail to detect symptoms of psychological distress because of barriers such as lack of time, training on screening methods, and knowledge about how to diagnose anxiety and depression. National guidelines in several countries recommend routine screening for emotional distress in patients with cancer, but in many clinics, this is not implemented. By inventing screening methods that are time-efficient, such as digitalized and automatized screen...
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New study explains why heart failure patients have trouble with thinking and depression

Heart failure patients often have trouble with thinking and depression. A new study by University of Guelph researchers explains why and points to ways to prevent and treat both heart and brain maladies through the emerging field of circadian medicine.
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A Digital Game and School-Based Intervention for Students in Hong Kong: Quasi-Experimental Design

Background: In Hong Kong, with an increasing number of children experiencing mental health issues, there is a need to not only develop innovative interventions but also develop comprehensive prevention interventions so as to reduce their anxiety symptoms and enhance their emotional management and interpersonal relationships. Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of The Adventures of DoReMiFa, an integration model of the cognitive-behavioral approach and positive psy...
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Dentists' diagnostic performance deteriorates when put under time pressure

Dentists can miss important details on x-rays when put under time pressure, according to new research led by the University of Plymouth.
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Applications of Machine Learning in Real-Life Digital Health Interventions: Review of the Literature

Background: Machine learning has attracted considerable research interest toward developing smart digital health interventions. These interventions have the potential to revolutionize health care and lead to substantial outcomes for patients and medical professionals. Objective: Our objective was to review the literature on applications of machine learning in real-life digital health interventions, aiming to improve the understanding of researchers, clinicians, engineers, and policy makers in de...
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Spouse’s Disturbing Behavior

Been married about 10mth. We’ve known each other 10 years, mostly not together as he is from overseas. He moved to the US and we got married recently. Seemed a bit homesick and perhaps depressed after a few months, but that’s it. Recently he started not coming home. It started small. He was late from work or school, didn’t text or respond to texts or calls. Then he just wouldn’t come home until next day and wouldn’t say or would just say be home late and ignore any follow-up question. After the ...
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