Sparks players Chiney Ogwumike and Kristi Toliver to sit out WNBA season

By DOUG FEINBERG NEW YORK (AP) — The Los Angeles Sparks will be without Chiney Ogwumike and Kristi Toliver for the WNBA season so they can focus on their health the team announced Friday. Ogwumike, the No. 1 pick by the Connecticut Sun in 2014 has missed two seasons to deal with injuries and with the shortened schedule felt that it would be smart to take care of her health. She missed the 2015 with a knee injury and 2017 because of an Achilles tendon injury. Both were suffered while she played o...
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Pandemic PTSD: Tips To Manage Stress Brought On By Coronavirus Pandemic

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The coronavirus pandemic has brought on stress and fear for people all over the U.S., and some are experiencing classic symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Gregory Jantz, the founder of A Place of Hope, says in this time of COVID-19 and social unrest, past trauma may be re-surfacing. “As far as people experiencing symptoms, I think we are probably going to get to an all-time high,” Jantz said. If you are having trouble sleeping, experiencing lack of interest, fee...
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US reports highest number of new coronavirus cases in a single day

The number of new coronavirus cases reported in a single day hit a new high on Friday after numerous states began pausing or rolling back their reopening plans.
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Researchers provide mechanistic insight into protein co-aggregation in Alzheimer's disease

A research team lead by Ludmilla Morozova Roche at Umeå University, Sweden, has provided the mechanistic insight into protein co-aggregation in Alzheimer's disease.
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A novel strategy to achieve site-selective chiral drug synthesis in living systems

Enantioselectivity plays an important role in the pharmacological and toxicological processes of chiral drugs.
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US surpasses record of new coronavirus cases reported in a single day

The number of new coronavirus cases reported in a single day hit a new high on Friday after numerous states began pausing or rolling back their reopening plans.
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Study tests automated stage discrimination of Parkinson's disease

Announcing a new article publication for BIO Integration journal. In this research article the authors Vered Aharonson, Nabeel Seedat, Simon Israeli-Korn, Sharon Hassin-Baer, Michiel Postema and Gilad Yahalom from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering, Tel Aviv, Israel, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel and Tel Aviv University, Israel consider automated stage discrimination of Parkinson's Disease.
Tags: Health, BIO Integration, Gilad Yahalom, Tel Aviv University Israel

Interactive cloud-based data portal provides access to treasure trove of pediatric solid tumor data

An innovative, interactive cloud-based data portal debuted this week that lets academic researchers mine the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of scientific resources for studying pediatric solid tumors and their related biology.
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Research shows ways to have a better day during a pandemic

It's entirely reasonable during a pandemic to feel more stressed, anxious, lonely and depressed than usual. Yet, despite the circumstances, some people are doing OK. Some people continue to feel love for others, gratitude for what they have and joy in the small things.
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MIT engineers create a focused approach to imaging neural activity

When neurons fire an electrical impulse, they also experience a surge of calcium ions. By measuring those surges, researchers can indirectly monitor neuron activity, helping them to study the role of individual neurons in many different brain functions.
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Live attenuated vaccines may prevent lung inflammation and sepsis associated with COVID-19

A paper published by Paul Fidel, Jr., PhD, Professor and Director of the Center of Excellence in Oral and Craniofacial Biology and Associate Dean for Research at LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry, and Mairi Noverr, PhD, Professor of Microbiology & Immunology at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, suggests that live attenuated vaccines such as MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) may prevent the severe lung inflammation and sepsis associated with COVID-19 infection.
Tags: Health, New Orleans, Tulane University School of Medicine, LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry, Paul Fidel Jr, Mairi Noverr

Kingston, Ont., declares mask use mandatory at many indoor locations after COVID-19 outbreak

The city of Kingston, Ont., has decided to make mask use mandatory for workers and customers at many indoor public locations following an outbreak of COVID-19 at a local nail salon.As of Friday afternoon, there were 16 confirmed COVID-19 cases involving people who work at Binh's Nails and Spa, visited it or are connected to someone who did — almost a quarter of the area's total known cases.Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington Public Health declared an outbreak at the west-end sal...
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New rapid genomic testing can improve therapy selection for colorectal cancer patients

Genomic mutation testing is critical to therapeutic selection and management of patients with colorectal cancer. In a new multicenter study, researchers compared a new cartridge-based laboratory testing device called the Idylla automated system (Biocartis) to current standard-of-care testing methods.
Tags: Health

Music provides a unique context for social bonding, study shows

Creating social bonds is essential for our health and well-being. In a new study conducted at Center for Music in the Brain at Aarhus University, Denmark, postdoctoral researcher Jan Stupacher and colleagues showed that music provides a unique context for social bonding.
Tags: Health, Denmark, Aarhus University, Center for Music, Jan Stupacher

Exclusive Fitness Training is Possible at Home with Svetness Personal Training

Wellness enthusiasts from all over are taking advantage of the opportunity to continue in their fitness goals in the privacy of their house with Svetness Personal Training. Svetness Personal Training Corp is an in-home personal training company that makes exercising convenient, accessible, and affordable. Founder and CEO Svet Zurkov was born in the small town of Popovo, Bulgaria.
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Towbin receives NIH grant to study modifier genes in cardiomyopathy

Jeffrey A. Towbin, MD, of Le Bonheur Children's Hospital and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center was awarded a Research Project Grant (R01) from the National Institutes of Health with co-principal investigators Enkhsaikha Purevjav, MD, PhD and Lu Lu, MD, MS.
Tags: Health, National Institutes of Health, Nih, Le Bonheur Children s Hospital, Lu Lu, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Towbin, Jeffrey A Towbin

An emergency physician explains the importance of being fragile [PODCAST]

“I had been trained to be this way. No panic, just a calm journeyman’s approach to any affliction, like a mathematician working an equation. Years of preparation, acquiring a skill set, building up my vault, had readied me to stand in the lounge like a zebra. And so, I stared at my hands to see […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
Tags: Health, Podcast, Emergency Medicine, PA NP, CRNA

At least 11 states are pausing or rolling back reopening plans to slow Covid-19 spread

Texas and Florida are pushing back on reopening as the number of coronavirus cases across the country reach record-breaking numbers.
Tags: Health, Florida, Texas

WFIRM and Oracle Health Sciences team up to pair Body-on-a-Chip with data analytics

The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Oracle Health Sciences have teamed as part of the Innovation Quarter's iQ Healthtech Labs to develop a consortium of industry, government, and academic members that will study novel approaches to establishing the safety of new drugs that are nearing clinical investigation in humans and FDA approval.
Tags: Health, Fda, Oracle Health Sciences, Healthtech Labs

Brazilian startup to develop a low-cost high-performance COVID-19 diagnostic test

Researchers at Biolinker, a biotech startup based in São Paulo, Brazil, are developing a low-cost high-performance COVID-19 diagnostic test using only locally sourced inputs.
Tags: Health, Sao Paulo Brazil, Biolinker

Survey: 1/3 of parents in 3 states not likely to send children to school because of COVID-19

Kindergartners in face masks. Closed playground structures. Random COVID-19 testing.
Tags: Health

Study reveals colorectal cancer hotspots in the United States

Over the last three decades, colorectal cancer survival in the United States has improved significantly. But in young people--particularly men diagnosed with colorectal cancer before age 50--incidence and mortality due to colorectal cancer are on the rise.
Tags: Health, United States

Study provides more evidence of causal link between air pollution and premature death

Strengthening U.S. air quality standards for fine particulate pollution to be in compliance with current World Health Association (WHO) guidelines could save more than 140,000 lives over the course of a decade, according to a new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
Tags: Health, World Health Association WHO

Coronavirus: The health claims that won't go away

Why this misleading health advice keeps appearing online.
Tags: Health

Wayne State receives grant to develop new COVID-19 risk-prediction system

Since the initial case of COVID-19 was diagnosed at the end of December 2019, there have been more than 2.3 million cases reported in the United States, causing more than 120,000 deaths as of June 23. Around the globe, there have been over 9.2 million cases reported, with nearly 477,000 deaths.
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Measuring air quality across London could help fight against COVID-19

Measuring air quality across London could help fight COVID-19 by providing a rapid means of deciding whether to reduce public transport movement - given strong links between exposure to air pollution and COVID-19 transmission, a new study reveals.
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Duke researchers create first cartilage-mimicking gel that's strong enough for knees

The thin, slippery layer of cartilage between the bones in the knee is magical stuff: strong enough to withstand a person's weight, but soft and supple enough to cushion the joint against impact, over decades of repeat use.
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Study evaluates Oregon's occupational public health surveillance system

A recent study evaluating the effectiveness of Oregon's occupational health monitoring system concludes that the state needs to collect and share data about workplace dangers in a more timely, relevant fashion to allow for rapid intervention.
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Study finds 26% drop in the number of EMS calls since the start of COVID-19 pandemic

Since early March and the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., 911 calls for emergency medical services have dropped by 26.1 % compared to the past two years, a new study led by a University at Buffalo researcher has found.
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Psychological factors matter more than physical performance for marine training

The United States military has a constant need for service members who can serve in elite and specialized military units, such as the Marine Corps. However, because the training courses for these forces is so rigorous, the dropout rate is high.
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