Helpful Ways on How to Brew Weed Tea Correctly

The variations in the consumption of weed have certainly upgraded for the better. If you haven’t heard about this unique beverage, then you should get to know about it now and fast. Weed Tea is like any other marijuana edibles available for recreational purposes. One of the best things Weed Tea has to offer is the many exciting and delicious flavors. You can choose any taste of tea and infuse it with marijuana to make Weed Tea. It is one of the easiest and convenient ways to consume cannabis f...
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Children with Kawasaki Disease at increased risk for cardiovascular events 10 years later

New research shows that children with Kawasaki Disease remain at an increased risk for cardiovascular events more than 10 years after hospitalization for their condition, highlighting the need for long-term heart disease surveillance and risk reduction strategies for these young patients.
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Improved diet and more physical activity during pregnancy modifies infants’ DNA

A new study has shown pregnant women with obesity could reduce the health risks for their infants through improved diet and more physical activity.
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Biologic or targeted synthetic DMARDs reduce dementia in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

The incidence of dementia in patients with rheumatoid arthritis is lower in patients receiving biologic or targeted synthetic disease modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) than in patients who receive conventional synthetic DMARDs, according to a new study.
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Black patients with lupus have higher risk of stroke and ischemic heart disease

New research reveals that, in the U.S., Black patients with lupus have a threefold higher risk of stroke and a 24-fold higher risk of ischemic heart disease.
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FDA releases final guidance to help identify and prevent insanitary conditions at compounders’ facilities

Protecting patients from exposure to poor quality compounded drugs is a fundamental part of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's drug compounding program, and we are committed to protecting patients.
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Research sheds light on how encapsulated viruses hijack protein production systems

Researchers from the Universities of Melbourne, York, Warwick and Oxford have shed light on how encapsulated viruses like hepatitis B, dengue and SARS-CoV-2 hijack the protein manufacturing and distribution pathways in the cell - they have also identified a potential broad spectrum anti-viral drug target to stop them in their tracks.
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Photos: ‘Rose River’ memorializes lives lost to the coronavirus pandemic

The Rose River Memorial is installed at Self Help Graphics and Art in Los Angeles. The growing art installation features a felt rose for each victim of the coronavirus. Artist Marcos Lutyens is behind the project, with the help of people from across the nation who are making red felt roses using a simple design and mail them to the Rose River Memorial team. For information on how to make roses for the project, log on to (Photo by David Crane, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)...
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A new method to improve the preclinical evaluation of CAR T cell therapies

Ludwig Cancer Research scientists have developed a method to significantly improve the preclinical evaluation of chimeric antigen-receptor (CAR) T cell therapies, in which the immune system's T cells are extracted from a patient, engineered to target a specific tumor-associated molecule and then grown and reinfused for cancer treatment.
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KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: Change is in the air

Assuming former Vice President Joe Biden becomes President-elect Joe Biden and Republicans retain control of the Senate, the health agenda could be very different from what Democrats campaigned on.
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Workout Equipment to Use at Home While Still in Quarantine

The year 2020 is coming closer to being over, but a lot of us are still in quarantine in fear of Covid-19. We are still working remotely from home and trying to find ways to save money in the process. During this time, we have also tried to eat better and make sure our health is our top priority. Now that I’m no longer working night shift, I’ve gotten into a much better routine. My sleep pattern has improved; I’m consuming more water instead of drinks and just feeling better. Usually, I’m goin...
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Moral injury and practicing oncology during COVID-19 [PODCAST]

“As our office begins to return to pre-COVID operations, it has been uplifting to have a relative sense of normalcy, even though morale seems to be reduced. It is difficult to promote team building and improve morale when everyone has to maintain social distancing. I would love to go out for a meal with my […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Is Text-Based Therapy Effective?

Living with mental illness looks different for everyone, but for many people, there are periods of time when your anxiety and/or depression symptoms are worse than others. One minute I’ll be typing away feeling neutral, and then the feelings start trickling in. (I picture it being like that older couple in bed…Read more...
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Pregnancy Over 40, Trying To Conceive?  Go Easy On Exercise I have always suspected that too much exercise will not only affect your ability to get pregnant, but also Fertility Yoga, Reflexology, Acupressureyour ability to stay pregnant (especially in early pregnancy). I actually address this in my book that it just makes logical sense that if your body is bouncing around with high impact exercise, it would be harder for an embryo to "take hold" and implant the way it should.  When I...
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Should we pay ex-drug users to help them get clean?

A novel treatment aims to help former drug users by paying them to stay clean. Some moral objections to the idea of paying people to not use drugs help keep the program underused. Many other treatment methods face similar issues. Addiction is a terrible thing, and there is a lot of it to be found these days. In addition to the ongoing opioid epidemic, an increase in overdose deaths, likely related to COVID-19 lockdowns, is being reported. While opioid addictions and the pain they cause tend to ...
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A physician at the precipice of the pandemic’s next wave

We sit silently on this precipice—my family, my friends, my colleagues.  Time spins. Momentum is building.  It is a tidal wave slowly moving towards us.  We are fixed in its path of raging destruction.  It is our enemy, not each other.  Each tick on the clock, an ICU bed filling across the West—an exponential net […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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How P.E. teachers are trying to get students off the couch during the pandemic

Imagine trying to work out in a crowded living room, with no exercise equipment besides rolled-up socks and soup cans. For many students in California, that’s what physical education class looks like these days. Since campuses closed in March, P.E. teachers are scrambling for creative ways to keep students physically active — with no gymnasiums, sports fields or playgrounds — at a time when experts say students’ physical and mental health is paramount. “P.E. has been one of the most challenging ...
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Anorexia inquests: 'Confront it early. Get help.'

Simon Brown's daughter Emma died after a long fight against anorexia nervosa.
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Natural component of ayahuasca tea promotes neurogenesis

One of the main natural components of ayahuasca tea is dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which promotes neurogenesis --the formation of new neurons-- according to research led by the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM).
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Indian Government Alleges K.P. Yohannan and Believers Church Misused Church Funds

The raids on Believers Church properties in India continued Friday with the Indian government seizing nearly a million dollars in currency and alleging fraud and misuse of funds. The media in India are reporting the church as a scam: Trusts formed under Believers Church have received Rs 6000 cr ($810,679,320 usd) from abroad within the last 5 years. As per the law, the foreign fund received for charity must be used only for that purpose and the details must be informed to the government…Irregula...
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New guideline for juvenile idiopathic arthritis gives emphasis to disease-modifying treatments

The American College of Rheumatology will preview the 2021 Guideline for the Treatment of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at ACR Convergence, the ACR's annual meeting.
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Lupus patients receiving prophylactic therapy are at high risk for adverse reactions

New research shows that adults with systemic lupus erythematosus, who receive trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (TMP-SMX), a prophylactic therapy to help prevent pneumocystis pneumonia, are at high risk for adverse reactions to the drug, particularly if they are also positive for anti-Smith (anti-Sm) antibodies.
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White blood cells can be used to attack tumors after completing a special training

Scientists at the National Center for Tumor Diseases Dresden and Dresden University Medicine, together with an international team of researchers, were able to demonstrate that certain white blood cells, so-called neutrophil granulocytes, can potentially - after completing a special training program - be utilized for the treatment of tumors.
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Why you should cut back on social media and how to do it

Social media can make people anxious, depressed, lonely, and stressed out.There are several ways to cut back your use of it. Even using it slightly less has been shown to reduce depressive symptoms. Between the stakes, the uncertainty, and the increased polarization of our discourse, it is little wonder that 68 percent of Americans reported that the election was causing them a considerable amount of stress. Not helping matters is how much time people spent last week doom-scrolling their social ...
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Advice from a psychiatrist during these unprecedented times

Unprecedented. How many times have we heard that word? Yet, here we balance between the life we knew and the life we long for with the deep, frightening chasm of the unknown strikingly in between. 2020 has not only been one for the history books; it has upended lives. The world economy crawls along, jobless […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Patients with rheumatic diseases reported antimalarial drug shortages during COVID-19

A new study shows that patients with rheumatic diseases across Africa, Southeast Asia, the Americas and Europe had trouble filling their prescriptions of antimalarial drugs, including hydroxychloroquine, during the 2020 global coronavirus pandemic, when antimalarials were touted as a possible COVID-19 treatment.
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Survey: Only few children with rheumatic diseases report contracting COVID-19

Results from a large, international survey shows that only a small fraction of children with rheumatic diseases reported contracting COVID-19.
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People of color with rheumatic disease have worse COVID-19 outcomes

New research at ACR Convergence, the American College of Rheumatology's annual meeting, reveals that people of color with rheumatic disease have worse health outcomes from COVID-19 infection, are more likely to be hospitalized to treat their coronavirus infection, and are more likely to require invasive ventilator treatment
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Study highlights racial disparities in the care of patients with rheumatoid arthritis

A new study reveals that Black patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) were less likely to be prescribed a biologic treatment and more likely to use glucocorticoids, which carry a risk of serious long-term side effects.
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AI enables accurate detection of radiographic sacroiliitis in people with axial spondyloarthritis

New research presented at ACR Convergence, the American College of Rheumatology's annual meeting, shows that an artificial intelligence-based analysis model, called an artificial neural network, enables accurate detection of definite radiographic sacroiliitis in people with axial spondyloarthritis, an advance that could be useful for both diagnosis in the clinic and classification of patients for inclusion in clinical trials.
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