The 1918 pandemic provides a cautionary tale of potential future pandemic

The 1918 influenza pandemic provides a cautionary tale for what the future may hold for COVID-19, says a Michigan State University researcher.
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Scientists publish new analysis of most diverse genetic data set

Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) and their colleagues published a new analysis today in the journal Nature from genetic sequencing data of more than 53,000 individuals, primarily from minority populations.
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Descriptions on infant and toddler food products may not accurately reflect ingredient amounts

The descriptions on the fronts of infant and toddler food packages may not accurately reflect the actual ingredient amounts, according to new research.
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Innovative collaboration applies state-of-the-art computation to medical care

An innovative partnership at The University of Texas at Austin takes aim at medicine down to the individual level by applying state-of-the-art computation to medical care.
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Covid vaccination sceptic's health retreat received $62,000 from jobkeeper

Government has labelled Michael O’Neill’s political party ‘anti-vaxxers’, which he denies while saying complaints against Misty Mountain Health Retreat are politically motivatedThe federal government’s pandemic stimulus program delivered $62,000 in wage support to a controversial health retreat run by a prominent vaccination sceptic whose political party campaigns against using coercive policies to increase uptake of the Covid-19 jab.Misty Mountain Health Retreat, a registered charity, charges c...
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Study could help develop drugs for pregnancy maintenance, treat autoimmune diseases

A team of scientists from Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University with their colleagues from the Institute of Ecology and Genetics of Microorganisms of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Perm) studied the effect of trophoblastic β1-glycoprotein in the blood of pregnant women on pro-inflammatory immune cells.
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LA County looks to next phase of vaccinations: Essential workers

With coronavirus numbers still claiming disproportionately high numbers of Latino and Black lives, Los Angeles County officials on Wednesday said that workers in education, food, agricultural, and public safety will be eligible for vaccines within a couple of weeks, as the county moves into a new immunization phase. The announcement came as the county scrambles to get vaccines to the 80% of the county’s 65-and-older population who have not yet been vaccinated. So far, 20 % have received at least...
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San Fernando Valley schools, daycares offered COVID-19 vaccines by local hospital

Teachers and staff at various schools and daycare centers throughout San Fernando Valley were recently offered COVID-19 vaccines after a local hospital reached out to them about getting vaccinated, despite the fact that educators younger than 65 aren’t yet eligible to receive the shots in most of Los Angeles County. The revelation came amid an ongoing debate as to how soon educators should be able to receive the vaccines, which remain in scant supply, as four in five seniors aged 65 and older in...
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Australia news live: Scott Morrison says hotel quarantine still 'right way to go' despite Melbourne Covid cases

Scott Morrison says hotel quarantine still ‘right way to go’ as South Australian border closes to Melbourne. Follow the latest developments liveFollow the global Covid liveblogVictoria Covid hotspots; NSW Covid hotspotsMore Covid cases linked to Melbourne’s Holiday Inn outbreak 2.31am GMT An update from Australia’s High Court on the case involving the sacking of contrarian marine scientist Dr Peter Ridd. Judges have granted Ridd special leave to appeal.Ridd was sacked by James Cook Universi...
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Garcetti: Dodger Stadium vaccine site to close for 2 days, as ‘first-dose’ Moderna vaccine runs low

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Wednesday, Feb. 10, that the massive Dodger Stadium clinic will be closed for at least two days this week, with the city’s current supply of first-dose Moderna vaccines expected to run out. “This is an enormous hurdle in our race to vaccinate Angelenos,” Garcetti said during his evening briefing on Wednesday. “And unfortunately, it means that we will have to temporarily close Dodger Stadium and the other four non-mobile vaccination sites for two days, on Frid...
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Nursing care during COVID-19 pandemic impacted by fear and isolation

Researchers from the University of Seville's Nursing Department, with the collaboration of professionals from the ICU at Virgen Macarena University Hospital in Seville, have analyzed the key factors in caring for critical COVID-19 patients during the first wave of the pandemic.
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Scientists decipher the molecular blueprint for important receptor

In order for a drug to be effective at the right places in the body, it helps if scientists can predict as accurately as possible how the molecules of that drug will interact with human cells.
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Researchers discover a recipe for cyclical regeneration of bioengineered hair

Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research in Japan have discovered a recipe for continuous cyclical regeneration of cultured hair follicles from hair follicle stem cells.
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Scientists make four major discoveries about SARS-CoV-2

University of Minnesota Medical School researchers studied SARS-CoV-2 infections at individual cellular levels and made four major discoveries about the virus, including one that validates the effectiveness of remdesivir - an FDA-approved antiviral drug - as a form of treatment for severe COVID-19 disease.
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Metabolomics and machine learning used to identify possible COVID-19 biomarkers

One of the many mysteries still surrounding COVID-19 is why some people experience only mild, flu-like symptoms, whereas others suffer life-threatening respiratory problems, vascular dysfunction and tissue damage.
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Study identifies new therapeutic targets for treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes

The GIP receptor in the central nervous system plays a crucial role in the regulation of body weight and food intake.
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Virtual reality app can help reduce fear of heights

Researchers from the University of Basel have developed a virtual reality app for smartphones to reduce fear of heights.
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Researchers find higher odds of hospital readmission after endovascular aneurysm repair

Ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms (rAAA) are responsible for nearly 2% of all deaths in U.S. men over the age of 65.
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Playing sport during COVID-19 pandemic eased anxiety and depression for students

School sports came to an abrupt halt during the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) pandemic. How this impacted adolescents' health, who were otherwise generally active in sports in their school, is examined in new research. What happened when adolescent athletes returned to organized sport in this pandemic?
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Obesity, age and COVID-19 infection can make someone a super-spreader of SARS-CoV-2

Scientists and public health experts have long known that certain individuals, termed "super-spreaders," can transmit COVID-19 with incredible efficiency and devastating consequences.
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Why do some California counties get COVID-19 vaccines into arms faster than others?

California is pushing shots into arms at a much faster clip than it was just a month ago — closing in on the national average, with vows to accelerate even further — but the pace of COVID-19 vaccinations varies greatly from county to county within the Golden State. A Southern California News Group analysis of state data found that smaller counties with fewer people and less complicated logistics are leading the pack in vaccinating their residents: Little Mono, with 14,526 residents, ranked No. ...
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Virtual recovery program for sepsis patients may also help in post-COVID care

A new paper published online in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society describes a "virtual" recovery program for sepsis patients that may also help post-COVID-19 patients and survivors of other serious illnesses.
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Chocolate-flavored e-cigarettes are 'particularly harmful' to the lungs, study shows

New research shows chocolate-flavored e-cigarettes are "particularly harmful" to the lungs. In fact, scientists found all 10 flavors tested caused some level of toxicity in the cells lining the lungs, resulting in cell death in some instances.
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Children with epilepsy experience poor, disrupted sleep

Children with epilepsy sleep poorly compared to healthy children, and are more likely to experience disruptions such as night terrors, sleep walking or sleep disordered breathing, according to a new study.
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#ThisIsOurShot to end the pandemic [PODCAST]

“Vaccines have been around as early as 1776 when Edward Jenner first pioneered the smallpox vaccine and Louis Pasteur produced a rabies vaccine. As a microbiologist’s child, I grew up hearing these stories from my father and thinking of these men as heroes. Vaccines have been proven so effective and safe that we are guilty […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Study: Children with Type 1 diabetes have lower brain volume, verbal IQ, and overall IQ

Brain volume, verbal IQ, and overall IQ are lower in children with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) than in children without diabetes, according to a new longitudinal study published in Diabetes Care, a journal of the American Diabetes Association.
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Researchers develop new weapon to fight against resistant bacteria

Every day, people die from simple infections even though they have been treated with antibiotics. This is because more and more bacteria have become resistant to the types of antibiotics that doctors can prescribe.
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Novel tool guides evaluation of patients who develop COVID-19 symptoms

When patients arrive in emergency departments and hospitals with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, it's critical to isolate them to avoid the potential spread of infection, but keeping patients isolated longer than needed could delay patient care, take up hospital beds needed for other patients, and unnecessarily use up personal protective equipment.
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Israel to open leisure facilities to vaccinated – as it happened

WHO recommends AstraZeneca jab ‘even if variants present’; Israel to open hotels and gyms to those who have had vaccine or recovered from virus. This blow is now closed – follow our new one belowCoronavirus live updates 12.09am GMT We are closing this blog now, but you can stay up to date on all the day’s developments on our new blog below: Related: Coronavirus live news: Two masks 'substantially reduce' exposure; Italy to reopen ski resorts 11.38pm GMT Continue reading...
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Coronavirus live news: Two masks 'substantially reduce' exposure; Italy to reopen ski resorts

US CDC says benefits of ‘double masking’ and flattening mask on face; cheap asthma drug appears to reduce risk of severe illness; WHO backs Oxford jab for all adults. Follow latest updatesCDC study recommends double masking to reduce Covid-19 exposureWHO backs use of Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine for adults of all agesEuropean office workers don’t expect to return before summerAstraZeneca to build new Covid-19 vaccine facility in GermanySee all our coronavirus coverage 12.01am GMT Hello a...
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