'We want to deliver': Covid vaccine delays hit vulnerable Melbourne tower residents

Community health groups have nurses, GPs and locals ‘ready to go’, but a lack of deliveries has forced them to cancel vaccination clinicsAustralian government meets just half of aged care targetAustralian vaccine tracker: how is the rollout progressing?For the past four months, in the towering Richmond housing estate of Melbourne, community health workers have been hard at work, preparing locals for the arrival of the Covid-19 vaccine.It’s a difficult but vital task. Many of the roughly 2,000 re...
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Mice experiencing hallucination-like events provide clues to understand psychosis

The humble lab mouse has provided invaluable clues to understanding diseases ranging from cancer to diabetes to COVID-19. But when it comes to psychiatric conditions, the lab mouse has been sidelined, its rodent mind considered too different from that of humans to provide much insight into mental illness.
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During this increasingly unnerving era, talking to kids about tragedies is even more essential

Chicago, Atlanta, Boulder. Mass shootings in cities throughout the country over the past three weeks are disturbing enough. But when an incident occurs closer to home — as it did this week in Orange County, where a gunman is accused of shooting and killing four people, including a 9-year-old boy — parents locally may be wrestling with how to talk to their children about such traumatic events. While there’s no one way to approach it, experts generally are encouraging parents to have honest conver...
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Restoring dysfunctional lymphatic networks to allow the body to fight disease

The human body is an incredibly designed machine, and mechanical processes such as those in the lymphatic system play major roles in maintaining healthy tissue and organs.
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Study finds vaccine distrust among majority of incarcerated people

Fewer than half of inmates in jails and prisons surveyed in a study by the CDC and University of Washington said they would accept a COVID-19 vaccine, while the majority either said they wanted to wait before getting the vaccine or would refuse one.
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Novel method uses device cameras to measure physiological signals from real-time video of the face

Telehealth has become a critical way for doctors to still provide health care while minimizing in-person contact during COVID-19. But with phone or Zoom appointments, it's harder for doctors to get important vital signs from a patient, such as their pulse or respiration rate, in real time.
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Salmonella Infections In 8 States, including California, May Be Tied To Wild Songbirds, CDC says

(CNN/CBS13) — Investigators are looking into an outbreak of salmonella infections in 19 people across eight states, including California, that could be associated with sick or dead birds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Eight people required hospitalization and no deaths are currently reported. The CDC cites interviews with sick people and laboratory testing that show contact with wild songbirds and bird feeders could be driving the infections. The California Departm...
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Harnessing previous research to mitigate the mental health impacts of COVID-19 on adolescents

A team of researchers has sought to mitigate the mental health impacts of COVID-19 on adolescents by harnessing previous research on youth physical and mental health.
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HCAs are a promising risk indicator of type 2 diabetes

A series of studies led by researchers from Hong Kong Baptist University have revealed that hyocholic acid and its derivatives (collectively known as HCAs), a component of bile acids that facilitate fat digestion, are a promising risk indicator of type 2 diabetes.
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Wearing helmet during a crash associated with more arm and hand injuries

Maybe parents are right to bristle when their infatuated offspring brings home a motorcycle rider: despite only making up 10% of vehicles on US roads, motorcycle riders comprise 40% of all traffic accident trauma patients.
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COVID-19: Several 'proxy wars' spawned by the pandemic

When Australia, India, Japan and the US — countries strategically allied under the so-called Quad (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) — switched focus to fighting COVID-19, it was seen as one more of the several 'proxy wars' spawned by the pandemic.
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Signal detection theory can be used to better understand cognitive fatigue

A team of New Jersey researchers has shown that changes in perceptual certainty and response bias, two central metrics of signal detection theory (SDT), correlate with changes in cognitive fatigue.
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Vaccine eligibility widens in LA County despite limited doses

As another million people in Los Angeles County on Thursday, April 1, were able to get in line for often scarce coronavirus vaccine appointments, public health officials urged residents to be patient and avoid gathering and follow pandemic safety rules as they wait to be inoculated. Residents age 50 and older are now eligible for the shots, but at least 631,000 residents in that age group have already received at least one vaccine dose, officials have said, by qualifying in another eligible cate...
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NSW considers separate Covid quarantine program for international students

Treasury calls for expressions of interest for a new program to sit outside the existing 3,000-a-week cap for arrivals from overseasThe New South Wales government is considering an alternative hotel quarantine program to allow for the return of international students, a “vital” $14.6bn industry decimated by the Covid-19 pandemic.The state’s treasury department has begun calling for expressions of interest to run the program, which it wants to sit outside the existing 3,000-a-week cap for arrival...
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Changing diet and exercise can make chemotherapy more effective in youth with leukemia

Overweight children and adolescents receiving chemotherapy for treatment of leukemia are less successful battling the disease compared to their lean peers.
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Unique approach to heart-liver transplant offers new hope for highly sensitized patients

All too often, patients with high levels of antibodies face major challenges getting a transplant. These highly sensitized patients have a much higher risk of death while waiting for suitable organs they are less likely to reject.
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Researchers identify protein that interferes with the body's ability to get rid of 'bad' cholesterol

A team of researchers at the University of Alberta has uncovered a long-sought link in the battle to control cholesterol and heart disease.
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New scholarship could open more doors for most promising medical students

With a generous gift of $1.1 million, philanthropist Ann Bedell Hunt has established The Bedell Family Endowed Medical Scholarship at University of California San Diego School of Medicine in memory of her father, Omar Jaspering, and in honor of Simerjot K. Jassal, MD, a primary care physician at VA San Diego Healthcare System and director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program at UC San Diego School of Medicine.
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New study aims to develop population-based dietary assessment mobile app

Excessive intakes of saturated fat and added sugar are a leading cause of premature mortality among adults in the U.S., contributing to nearly 700,000 deaths each year, but nutritional research aimed at improving health is often challenging due to limitations in accurately tracking participants' food intake.
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Road To Recovery: Stanislaus County Opens Up Vaccines To Those 16 And Up

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Researchers develop new AI-based strategy to assess beef freshness

Although beef is one of the most consumed foods around the world, eating it when it's past its prime is not only unsavory, but also poses some serious health risks.
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Keep insulting doctors, and good luck finding a physician [PODCAST]

“The tragedy that’s happening in medicine today is that the loss of respect and the constant threats to fair payment are making physicians regret that they ever chose medicine. They were fascinated with science and wanted to help people, and their reward is insult. It’s no wonder that some newly trained physicians leave anesthesiology quickly; […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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UCI-led team to address health impacts of adverse childhood experiences using precision medicine

A collaborative team centered in the University of California, Irvine and including Children's Hospital Orange County and Chapman University has been awarded a three-year grant totaling in excess of $2.3 million, to address the health impacts of adverse childhood experiences using precision medicine.
Tags: Health, UCI, University of California Irvine

Backed by millions in public and private cash, rapid Covid tests are coming to stores near you

Scientists and lawmakers agree that over-the-counter Covid tests could allow desk workers to settle back into their cubicles and make it easier to reopen schools and travel.
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For Sacramento-Area Residents, Getting The COVID Vaccine Calls For Persistence

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KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: Planning for round two

Congress is out of session, but that hasn't stopped Democrats from planning their next round of health legislation.
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LA County’s lawyers argue against complete lifting of injunction against Sun Valley church

GLENDALE >> Lawyers for Los Angeles County state in new court papers that a preliminary injunction issued by a judge last summer directing a Sun Valley church to refrain from holding indoor church services should be modified only to allow 25% capacity. The county lawyers are challenging a motion by attorneys for Grace Community Church, who cite two recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions in their argument to lift the preliminary injunction in its entirety. The preliminary injunction was issued Sept....
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Queensland and Brisbane Covid cases trends and map: where the cases are

Guardian Australia analysis and graphic shows the trend in cases and where they’re located. Live data updates will track the numbers throughout the stateBrisbane has just lifted its lockdown but other restrictions will remain for up to two weeks. Here you can see the trend in cases, the source of those cases and their locations, using data from Queensland Health. Continue reading...
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MTV Entertainment Group Launches Mental Health Campaign

MTV Entertainment Group (MTVE) announced the launch of a new multi-year initiative, “Mental Health is Health,” to tackle the nation’s growing mental health crisis. The campaign will use the power of storytelling to de-stigmatize mental health and drive behavioral and cultural change. MTVE commits to doubling the number of mental health storylines across its portfolio […]
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Sun Valley firm making see-through seat dividers, readying theaters for return of live performances

LA Propoint, a design, engineering, fabrication, and installation manufacturer of theatrical and theme park systems, has designed and built custom prototype seat dividers for theaters and auditoriums to help performance spaces welcome back audience members after a year of the pandemic. Co-owner Jim Hartman shows the divider on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. (Photo by Dean Musgrove, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG) LA Propoint, a design, engineering, fabrication, and installation manufacturer of th...
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