Evidence that elevated blood glucose is a significant risk factor for severe COVID-19

The literature analysis pointed to elevated blood glucose levels as a leading facilitator in the progression of COVID-19. Evidence linking elevated glucose to various steps in the life cycle of the virus and presentation of COVID-19 symptoms were also found.
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SARS-CoV-2 study in human gut organoids

Most of the major life-threatening symptoms of COVID-19 disease are associated with the host's generation of an exacerbated pro-inflammatory immune response. Many studies have correlated the intensity of the immune response with the severity of disease.
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Study shows a protective association between anticoagulants and COVID-19

In a new study, researchers investigated the association between the use of oral anticoagulants and warfarin in COVID-19 disease outcomes. They published their results in a paper on the medRxiv* preprint server.
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Differential NK cell activity found to contribute to SARS-CoV-2 infection resistance

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has affected millions of people worldwide and is the leading cause of mortality in Brazil in 2020 as well as early 2021. Clinical manifestations of COVID-19 disease range from no symptoms and mild flu-like symptoms to severe cases leading to hospitalization and death.
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Australia news live: AMA demands Scott Morrison reverse India travel ban

Cricketer Michael Slater adds to voices condemning ban after chief medical officer Paul Kelly warns it could cause the deaths of Australians overseas. Follow live 3.31am BST With that, I shall pass the blog over to the amazing Mostafa Rachwani to take you through the rest of the day. 3.30am BST Here is the full exchange between Cameroonian woman Lillian and Scott Morrison. She is has begged the prime minister to provide support to her family in the African nation. "My people are being k...
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Monoclonal antibody neutralizes all SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern

Researchers in Canada and the United States have identified a monoclonal antibody that potently neutralizes variants of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) – the agent responsible for the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVIdD-19) pandemic.
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Researchers demonstrate real-world effectiveness of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

Researchers in the United States and India have conducted a study demonstrating the real-world effectiveness of a single dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Ad26.COV2.S vaccine at preventing infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 – the agent that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).
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New medical technology helps stop traumatic bleeding on the battlefield

A new medical technology stops traumatic bleeding without requiring wound compression for Soldiers on the battlefield. Hemorrhaging is a leading cause of preventable death for Soldiers in combat.
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College athletes in a supportive environment coped better during the COVID-19 pandemic

Like much of society, college athletics were thrown into disarray by the COVID-19 pandemic. While student athletes were suddenly prevented from competing, training or seeing as much of their teammates and coaches, those who perceived they were part of a positive sporting environment also coped better during the early days of the crisis, a new study from the University of Kansas has found.
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Deworming treatment during pregnancy reduces risk of neonatal mortality and low birthweight

More than 25% of the world's population (greater than 1.5 billion people) face the burden of soil-transmitted helminth (STH) infections, a species of intestinal parasite whose eggs develop in the soil before finding a new host.
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Study provides the most comprehensive look yet on COVID-19 hospital mortality

A new study of hospital deaths in the United States, published today in JAMA Network Open, is the most comprehensive look yet at changes in hospital mortality during the pandemic.
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New study launched to more accurately diagnose early hepatocellular carcinoma

A first of its kind cohort study on patients at high risk of developing primary liver cancer also known as hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), has been launched to diagnose HCC more accurately at an earlier stage and to predict an individual's likelihood of developing the cancer.
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Australia news live: Penny Wong says she understands why people think government’s India policy is racist

Cricketer Michael Slater adds to voices condemning ban after chief medical officer Paul Kelly warns it could cause the deaths of Australians overseas. Follow live 11.16pm BST Scott Morrison has been asked why Australia didn’t ban travellers from the US or UK despite similar rates of infection during their respective spikes, and if the characterisation of the Indian policy as “racist” is fair. Morrison’s tactic when asked this is to talk about China, which by the most generous of characterisa...
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End-of-life conversations: Embrace the responsibility [PODCAST]

“For physicians who lack experience in end-of-life counseling, the process can be daunting at the beginning. However, they can be confident that once they have obtained the proper training, preparation, and experience, these conversations will be among the most fulfilling of their careers. By regarding end-of-life planning as a shared responsibility, physicians can become more […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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IBEC researchers discover the neural mechanism of autonomous learning

Thanks to the so-called deep learning, a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms inspired by the brain, machines can match human performance in perception and language recognition and even outperform humans in certain tasks. But do these synthetic biologically inspired systems learn in the same way that we do?
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Health anxiety in childhood and adolescence can become a permanent problem

Symptoms of health anxiety are common already during childhood and adolescence - and if the children do not receive the correct help, the anxiety can become a permanent problem with serious personal and socio-economic consequences.
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Simple application of UVC light could make common disinfectants safer to use

Over 400 common disinfectants currently in use could be made safer for people and the environment and could better fight the COVID-19 virus with the simple application of UVC light, a new study from the University of Waterloo shows.
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New findings on the support and barriers to combat TB in high-burden countries

Nine out of ten cases of tuberculosis appear in 30 identified low and middle-income countries, each of which has a national tuberculosis programme.
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Study highlights the importance of improving real and perceived motor competence in children

he AIFPS (Physical Activity and Health Promotion) research group of the University of Valencia has carried out a study that has made it possible to develop longitudinal profiles based on real and perceived motor competence (MC), and the physical condition of boys and girls aged 4 to 9.
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Australia news live: Penny Wong says she understands why people think government’s India travel ban is racist

Cricketer Michael Slater adds to voices condemning ban after chief medical officer Paul Kelly warns it could cause the deaths of Australians overseas. Follow live 12.33am BST Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese is speaking now from MacKay in Queensland. 12.33am BST While we have a second why don’t we jump back to the prime minister’s comments this morning. Scott Morrison has told Seven’s Sunrise that the government will not jump to conclusions as the defence department reviews a Chinese’...
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LA County reports no new coronavirus deaths again, although reporting lags contribute

Although the numbers are likely due to weekend reporting lags, Los Angeles County announced zero COVID-19 deaths for the second day in a row on Monday, May 3, as the public health director expressed confidence the county will move up to the least-restrictive tier of the economic-reopening blueprint this week. COVID-19 case and death numbers are traditionally low on Sundays and Mondays as a result of delays in reporting from the weekend, but the back-to-back days of zero deaths still offered a gl...
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Low doses of ionizing radiation may be a promising therapy for people with Alzheimer’s disease

Individuals living with severe Alzheimer's disease showed remarkable improvements in behavior and cognition within days of receiving an innovative new treatment that delivered low doses of radiation, a recent Baycrest-Sunnybrook pilot study found.
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Tiny 3D brain models could accelerate drug research for multiple sclerosis

Tiny 3-D models that mimic vital aspects of the human nervous system have been developed in a step that could accelerate drug research for neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS).
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Review outlines ways to effectively deliver radiotherapy to optimize benefit and minimize risk

A comprehensive review by University of North Carolina researchers and colleagues highlights the optimal ways that focused, high-dose radiation can be delivered to various types of tumors while sparing normal tissue and mitigating long-term side effects.
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NSAIDs could help mitigate the short-term impacts of air pollution on cognition

Exposure to air pollution, even over the course of just a few weeks, can impede mental performance, according to a new study led by researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.
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NHS introduces 3D heart scans to diagnose patients in 20 minutes

Revolutionary HeartFlow technology turns CT scan into 3D image, allowing treatment five times fasterPatients with life-threatening coronary heart disease will be treated five times faster thanks to 3D scans being introduced on the NHS that allow for a diagnosis in just 20 minutes.The revolutionary technology can turn a regular CT scan of the heart into a 3D image, allowing doctors to diagnose them rapidly, NHS England said. Continue reading...
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Social cognition may exert a central role in the daily lives of MS patients

An international team of multiple sclerosis (MS) researchers showed that longitudinal changes in social cognition are associated with psychological outcomes of daily living, suggesting that social cognition may exert a central role in people with MS.
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Disparities exist in colorectal cancer screenings, study finds

Patients with one or more health conditions are more likely to be screened for colorectal cancer than those without comorbidities, according to new research in the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine.
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28 Mother's Day food gifts she'll want to dig into immediately

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Milk Bar Food, be it decadent sweets or a hearty steak, is a nearly foolproof gift option for Mother's Day. In a stomach growl-inducing search, we found 28 food and drink gifts she'll want to dig into immediately. If you're looking specifically for chocolates, check out our guide for the best chocolates you can get for Mother's Day.Browse all our Mother's Day gift guides here to find ...
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How Much Are Law Firms *Actually* Helping With Employees’ Mental Health During COVID?

The pandemic made the already massive mental health issues in the industry worse.
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