A place for music in the emergency department

The emergency department is a place of unpredictability. Some days are a whirlwind, others drag, but both can be interesting. On a calmer day, I found myself, a fourth-year medical student, working with a physician I will call Dr. Smith. We discovered that we shared a common love for music, and between patients, we discussed everything from opera, to banjo, to Indian music. I am a composer and amateur classical pianist, and he often takes the train to New York City to catch an opera at the Met. ...
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Young Polish doctors on a hunger strike!

If you follow Polish news, you probably already heard about young Polish doctors starting a hunger protest at the beginning of the month. A few dozen young doctors have been on a hunger strike at a children’s hospital in Warsaw and were joined by groups in Szczecin, in the northwest, and in the central city of Łódź. Recently Gdańsk, Kraków and other cities joined in as well. Hundreds of protesting doctors, medical students and supporters convened in front of Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło’s ...
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Using Facebook is Not Helping Your Eventprof Health

Do you love or hate Facebook? It probably comes as no surprise that it’s not exactly the healthiest environment but it’s one that we have to make work as event planners. Here are some traps to avoid to ensure it doesn’t begin robbing you of your happiness. According to Facebook, the average user spends about […] The post Using Facebook is Not Helping Your Eventprof Health by EventMB Team appeared first on
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Find out WHY the book remains in 1st Place!

B 'SD 4 Cheshvan, 5778 See the information here! It's a pleasure to know that  EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge  print and E- book remain  in 1st place after all this time! Anyone in Israel can listen to me discuss that later this week.  I'll be the featured speaker at the Beer Sheva English Speaking Group (behind the WIZO building on Rager/Weitzman) this week. C'mon over and join the interaction with the book and author. 26 Oct 2107        Subject...
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What would it be like if we said hello to everyone in our communities?

My first memory of encountering a person who appeared to have no place to live was during my first year of college at UCLA. A man was sitting outside a mini-mart, his legs crossed and his hair long. He looked tired, and his clothes had stains on them. Feeling pity for him, I went into the mini-mart and purchased a turkey sandwich on wheat. “Here,” I said as I handed him the sandwich. I beamed with Warm Fuzzies for Doing a Good Deed. “Take this.” Because I expected him to thank me for My Act of G...
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Are Americans Sick of Living?

B'SD 3 Cheshvan, 5778 I read this   Americans Retiring Later, Dying Sooner and Sicker In-Between...  headline and wondered "What went wrong?" America has been a leader of health statistics, from infancy up. Mortality rates were enviable, demonstrating excellent health care far into older ages than in previous decades. Interstate systems allow easy transportation of goods and services, the ports function well and mass media publicizes healthcare options. Foods and medicines have been...
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Ancestry answered the DNA questions 23andMe couldn’t

 A really awesome thing about being black is that ancestry can be very unclear because of, you know, slavery. Enter DNA kits. Read More
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See what happens when you give a doctor a user-friendly EMR?

I’ve finally found my groove with our EMR. Maybe I’m even starting to like it. A few weeks ago I got a new iPad, this time a Mini, which lets me type with two thumbs the way some people text on a smartphone, and the voice transcription is good enough as long as you avoid fancy jargon and unusual generic drug names. Yesterday as I sat next to a patient and dictated her history, she added to it and her words transcribed perfectly into my office note, unintended but very elegantly. Even the size di...
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Trump urges House GOP to move quickly on budget, tax cuts

By JILL COLVIN and ALAN FRAM WASHINGTON, D.C.  — President Donald Trump warned House Republicans on Sunday that 2018 would be a political failure for the GOP and disappointment for the nation if they fail on tax overhaul. A GOP aide familiar with the conversation said Trump told the lawmakers again and again that the party would have a steep price to pay in next year’s midterm elections if they failed to pass his plan. It would slash the corporate tax rate to 20 percent and double the standard d...
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How to Tell a Campus Pastor from a Church Planter

I recently accepted the role as Director of Mission Harvest at Harvest Bible Chapel here in the Chicagoland area. One of my responsibilities is coordinating recruitment, selection and training for pastors who want to be equipped to plant churches at our training center. So after years of working in the trenches of multisite — on church staff teams and consulting, as well as recruiting and hiring Campus Pastors — I am now in the trenches of church plantin g. The candidates selected t...
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Respiratory syncytial virus: Are we making any progress?

It’s fall in the PICU, and we just saw our first severe case of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) of the season. RSV is by far the most common cause of bronchiolitis in infants. To scientists, RSV is a fascinating virus with several unique properties. One of these is its behavior in the population. When it’s present, RSV is everywhere. Then it suddenly vanishes. There are exceptions to everything in medicine — I have seen sporadic cases during the off-months– but generally RSV arrives with a ban...
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Book @KevinMD for your 2018 keynote!

I’m really excited to announce my keynote engagements for 2018. I’ll be keynoting 4 Pri-Med Conferences, with venues in Florida, Texas, Illinois, and my adopted hometown of Boston, MA. I’m also speaking at the annual conferences of the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters, the American Orthopaedic Association, and the College of American Pathologists. Sample the video above to get a sense of who I am, and take a look at what you can expect from a KevinMD keynote, what sets me apart, ...
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Traces of Alzheimer’s Disease Detected in Wild Animal for the First Time

An international team of researchers has uncovered tell-tale signs of Alzheimer’s disease in dolphins, marking the first time that the age-related disorder has been detected in a wild animal. Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Aging, Dolphins, Diabetes, Old Age, Dementia, Insulin, Alzheimers, Mammals, Longevity, Alzheimers Disease

Can This $125 Back Facial Cure Bacne?

Do you struggle with b acne ? If so, you know how frustrating it is to get rid of it. We tried Nurse Jamie's "Back Facial," which promises to tackle the hard-to-reach problem area. Even Khloé Kardashian relies on this treatment for the perfect red carpet back. It's important to take care of your skin even when it's hard to reach. Can this $125 back facial cure your bacne ?
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The flu vaccine doesn’t cause the flu. Period.

Flu vaccines are available, and so that means that the anti-vaccine brigade is out in force. The Daily Mail published an anti-vaccine op-ed by a former reality TV contestant named Katie Hopkins. It was followed by a shorter counter argument by a doctor, but when you are given less than half the word count and are at the bottom of the page it is hard to mount an effective response. Hopefully the Daily Mail will give us an op-ed next week on how the earth is flat. I noticed many responses to Ms. H...
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Social Media–Promoted Weight Loss Among an Occupational Population: Cohort Study Using a WeChat Mobile Phone App-Based Campaign

Background: Being overweight and obese are major risk factors for noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. The prevalence of overweight and obesity is high throughout the world and these issues are very serious in the Shunyi District in China. As mobile technologies have rapidly developed, mobile apps such as WeChat are well accepted and have the potential to improve health behaviors. Objective: This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a mobile app (WeChat) as an interve...
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Kona Dreams

Last weekend while following all of the coverage of IRONMAN World Championships, commonly referred to as Kona, I couldn’t help but think “I want to be there.” (Okay, yes, I started this post last week and then got mired down in work and extra hours and then got a cold, so I didn’t get it done.) Watching the coverage of all of those amazing athletes in that gorgeous setting, I couldn’t help but dream of someday being among them.  No not as an athlete.  That’s just laughable.  I am and remain a re...
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Feel over-boarded by MOC? Fight back.

According to recent Ohio statistics, 1.3 million people have limited or no access to primary care physicians. Based on the 2015 Ohio Primary Care Assessment, 60 of 88 Ohio counties have medically-underserved populations. The Patient Access Expansion Act (HB 273), co-sponsored by Representative Theresa Gavarone (3rd District) and Representative Terry Johnson (90th District), specifically addresses health care access by prohibiting physicians from being required to comply with maintenance of certi...
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How Curology's Personalized Skincare Completely Changed My Skin (& a GIVEAWAY!)

Skincare has just been elevated to a whole new level. We've all had our fair share of skin issues in the past, but I'm sure most of you can relate to one of the peskiest problems of all: acne. Yup, it's not just for teenagers. College girls get acne too, and let me tell you, this girl is sick of having to deal with acne in her 20s.Fortunately, brands today have come up with some incredible treatments that can go up against acne and win! I was given the chance to test out what is honestly one of...
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The first day of my ER rotation is one that this doctor will never forget

Text message: Me: “Mom you alright? I just heard that there was an explosion at the Pepsi Center.” Mom: “What are you talking about? I am fine, everything is OK over here.” Earlier that day: It’s the first day of my first ER rotation as an intern. Continue reading ... Your patients are rating you online: How to respond. Manage your online reputation: A social media guide. Find out how.
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The Sackler Family: best known for philanthropy, they made billions promoting Oxycontin

Purdue cynically created the American opiod epidemic through a combination of bribing medical professionals to overprescribe Oxycontin, publishing junk science, and aggressively lobbying regulators at every level to turn a blind eye to the destruction of the lives of millions of patient; while the company settled a record-setting criminal case, the name of the secretive family of billionaires who run Purdue and profited from the Oxy epidemic is best known for philanthropy, not profiteering: the...
Tags: Health, Post, Corruption, Crime, News, Addiction, Pharma, Philanthropy, Pain, Purdue, Mundipharma, Whitewashing, Sackler, Opiods, OxyContin, Sackler Family

Dos and don’ts for patients who consult Dr. Google

Dear patient, I meet people several like you on a daily basis. It is always a pleasure to meet you since you come much more prepared compared to the average patient. I have seen you with several sheets of paper or even a notebook, a list of questions and an extra sheet of paper on which to write recommendations. You may even have printed research papers and articles off the Internet. I applaud your efforts. Your engagement and attention to detail mean that I feel very confident you understand an...
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An International Study on the Determinants of Poor Sleep Amongst 15,000 Users of Connected Devices

Background: Sleep is a modifiable lifestyle factor that can be a target for efficient intervention studies to improve the quality of life and decrease the risk or burden of some chronic conditions. Knowing the profiles of individuals with poor sleep patterns is therefore a prerequisite. Wearable devices have recently opened new areas in medical research as potential efficient tools to measure lifestyle factors such as sleep quantity and quality. Objectives: The goal of our research is to identif...
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Traces of Alzheimer’s Disease Detected in Wild Animals for the First Time

An international team of researchers has uncovered tell-tale signs of Alzheimer’s disease in dolphins, marking the first time that the age-related disorder has been detected in a wild animal. Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Aging, Dolphins, Diabetes, Old Age, Dementia, Insulin, Alzheimers, Mammals, Longevity, Alzheimers Disease

Veterans’ Preferences for Exchanging Information Using Veterans Affairs Health Information Technologies: Focus Group Results and Modeling Simulations

Background: The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has multiple health information technology (HIT) resources for veterans to support their health care management. These include a patient portal, VetLink Kiosks, mobile apps, and telehealth services. The veteran patient population has a variety of needs and preferences that can inform current VA HIT redesign efforts to meet consumer needs. Objective: This study aimed to describe veterans’ experiences using the current VA HIT and identify their v...
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Choose your tribe wisely

One of the most important things my mother taught me was to choose my friends intelligently. From a very young age, I remember my mother quoting Proverbs to me and telling me this, “Choose your counsel wisely.” The older I get, the more I believe who I allow to influence me plays an enormous part in the place I find myself in today. Research has shown you become like the five people you spend the most time with. I would argue that you also see the world through the eyes of those who you listen t...
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Why Do People Stay Attached To Someone Who Rejects Them?

XV asked on Do You Ignore Rejection: “What could explain getting attached to someone who keeps rejecting you?” I’m not sure there is one answer. My first thought was that the person my be a glutton for punishment.  “Gluttony” makes … Read More...
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Think of the person behind the cells: the motivations of biomedical research

Born in 1920, Henrietta Lacks lived in Virginia and Maryland, worked as a tobacco farmer, and mothered five children.  At age 31, her life was unfortunately cut short by cervical cancer.  Since her death, she has helped catalyze numerous biomedical discoveries. Upon treatment at Johns Hopkins, Henrietta’s physician obtained a tumor sample.  To his amazement, her cells survived and divided in a petri dish.  Today, her cells are still used in labs around the globe.  Henrietta’s cells, or HeLa cell...
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I love publishing stories of surprise pregnancies in women who are supposedly too old to get pregnant.  Here is a story of one women who was already a grandmother and out of nowhere finds out she is pregnant.  She wasn't necessarily happy about it and even considered termination as many older women do when they find themselves unexpectedly pregnant.  However, she did have a healthy happy baby who is now the light of her life.  Read more: KOKOPELLI, MOONSTONE, ROSE QUARTZ FERTILITY B...
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Schizophrenia Is Improved By An Old And Popular Drug

The common drug could treat schizophrenia, ADHD, bipolar disorder, addiction and other mental health problems. • Try one of PsyBlog's ebooks, all written by Dr Jeremy Dean: Activate: How To Find Joy Again By Changing What You Do (NEW) The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything
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