Initiative to ban heroin safe-injection sites in King County qualifies for ballot

King County voters will get a chance to decide whether to ban proposed safe-injection sites for heroin and other drugs. Initiative 27, which would impose such a ban, qualified for the ballot by receiving the required 47,443 valid signatures from registered voters, county officials confirmed Thursday. King County Executive Dow Constantine and Seattle Mayor Ed […]
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Energy Drinks Won’t Make You a Coke Addict: Cocaine Will Make You A Coke Addict

Science doesn’t give answers. Instead, it’s a tool that humans have created to make meaningful conclusions from data. So, if someone tells you that science says energy drinks will turn you into a cocaine user, well, science won’t ever do that. Read more...
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A physician doesn’t hide his depression

A colleague said earlier this week, as he bravely disclosed his journey with anxiety and depression that he had “become excellent at hiding [his] depression, especially as an extrovert.” My colleague brings others along into a wake of happiness he trails but is also able to sit knee-to-knee with the parents of dying patients and empathize in their suffering — to truly let a small part of their pain sit and brew in his heart, to be laid on his shoulders. Depression and a full understanding of one...
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St Rita to the RescueGuest Post By Esther GomborDear Friends! There is also another saint who has helped me greatly in my life, and to whom you can turn with confidence: St. Rita of Cascia, who lived during the 14th century, in the height of Renaissance Italy. She is the patron saint of hopeless cases, the saint of impossible situations, the one who intercedes when all hope seems to be lost. Click here for the Saint Rita Pendant Necklaceand more about her life and sainthood Many years...
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Do we really have a choice in health care?

As every physician practicing today knows, health care is in a constant state of flux. The latest news from Washington creates even more uncertainty. What we do know is that, for the foreseeable future, there will be an emphasis on team care, coordination, technology and, of course, meeting the requirements of the ever-expanding alphabet soup of acronyms, from MACRA to MIPS and beyond. As I think about all the changes of the past decade, it’s quite remarkable to see where we are, and how far we’...
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PTSD can happen at the end of life

Sheila’s jaw is clenched. Sweat is beading on her forehead. I make a slow audible inhale, non-verbally inviting her to do the same. We’ve been talking about the nightmares which started shortly after she began receiving help with personal care. I remind her that she is safe — the day she was raped is decades in the past. Her conscious mind knows this, of course, but for people with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) the brain, body and nervous system remain on high alert, responding to trauma ...
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Here’s what could happen if you stare at the solar eclipse with no eye protection

Permanent damage can be done with even the slightest look into direct sunlight, an eye doctor says.
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Target won’t be adding Hampton Creek products back on its shelves

 Despite clearance from the Food and Drug Administration earlier this month, Target has decided to terminate its relationship with beleaguered food startup Hampton Creek. Target pulled all 20 Hampton Creek products from its shelves two months ago, including its original “Just Mayo” eggless mayonnaise spread, and held an internal review of the startup after it was notified of… Read More
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Patient Participation at Health Care Conferences: Engaged Patients Increase Information Flow, Expand Propagation, and Deepen Engagement in the Conversation of Tweets Compared to Physicians or Researchers

Background: Health care conferences present a unique opportunity to network, spark innovation, and disseminate novel information to a large audience, but the dissemination of information typically stays within very specific networks. Social network analysis can be adopted to understand the flow of information between virtual social communities and the role of patients within the network. Objective: The purpose of this study is to examine the impact engaged patients bring to health care conferenc...
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7 ways to combat compassion fatigue

This is the patient’s eight admission over the course of two weeks. The patient is a heroin abuser and has bacteremia and endocarditis. Their heart valve is failing and they are in and out of congestive heart failure. Every day, dozens of medical professionals converge on the patient to give treatment and advice. And every day after hearing that advice, the patient leaves the hospital against medical advice and goes to use IV drugs. They wind up back in the hospital out of fear or panic, or they...
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Doctors: Are you employees, business owners or entrepreneurs?

Hate your job? You may be in the right profession, but the wrong position for your personality. Want to love your life and career? Step one: discover whether you are an employee, a business owner or an entrepreneur. Here’s how to figure it out: Employees are risk averse and like to know the rules. They thrive on structure and predictability. They need clear instructions and direction. Employees play it safe, and they value job security. Knowledge base is narrow. Motivation may vary from low to ...
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Doctors: Don’t emotionally detach

“He is the best physician who is the most ingenious inspirer of hope.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge I was a third-year medical student on a Sunday morning when the reality of what I had chosen as my life career truly hit me in the gut. At that moment, I realized how intimate the practice of medicine was and that I would have to bring not only my brain and skills to work every day but my heart. I was on my internal medicine rotation on hospital wards, and I was pre-rounding, seeing each patient on m...
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Validation Relaxation: A Quality Assurance Strategy for Electronic Data Collection

Background: The use of mobile devices for data collection in developing world settings is becoming increasingly common and may offer advantages in data collection quality and efficiency relative to paper-based methods. However, mobile data collection systems can hamper many standard quality assurance techniques due to the lack of a hardcopy backup of data. Consequently, mobile health data collection platforms have the potential to generate datasets that appear valid, but are susceptible to unide...
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The science behind twitching eyelids

Scientist Steve Mould developed an eye twitch, and in this video, he explains how and why it happens. Some of the causes include fatigue, over-exercise, and too much caffeine.
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Forever Labs preserves young stem cells to prevent your older self from aging

 Forever Labs, a startup in Y Combinator’s latest batch, is preserving adult stem cells with the aim to help you live longer and healthier. Stem cells have the potential to become any type of cell needed in the body. It’s very helpful to have younger stem cells from your own body on hand should you ever need some type of medical intervention like a bone marrow transplant as the risk… Read More
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Can health care executives help with physician burnout?

The National Academy of Medicine has launched an Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, but there is one missing stakeholder. On July 14th, NAM hosted its first public meeting on establishing clinician well-being as a national priority. The inaugural sponsors include nearly many medical specialty societies, the major insurance companies, the American Associations for hospitals, nurses, physicians and medical colleges, Johns Hopkins, Mass General and my employer — IBM Watson...
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This Concealer Was Made For Rosacea, but Is Baller at Covering Acne Scars

If you have fair to medium skin, you know the agony of the acne scar. No, I'm not talking about actual scars, but rather the postacne red marks that are also commonly referred to by the same name. Technically they're called postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, but that doesn't really roll off the tongue quite as well when you are cursing at them in the mirror. Those red marks (if you have darker skin, they will manifest as brown spots) are a byproduct of the inflammation caused by an acne lesion...
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Watch Zendaya Cover Her Acne Scars With No Other Makeup On

When you woke up today, looked at your bare face, and felt bad about your acne scars - know you're not alone. I personally struggle with this every time I wash my skin (ICYMI: I am a recovering chronic face picker). And guess what? Beauty queen Zendaya has acne scars, too. And she's so f*cking real that she created a video for her own app, revealing her makeup-free skin and her process for covering up said spots. The young Hollywood star also shows off her gorgeous, naturally curly hair...
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Literacy is a health care problem no one talks about

Just as summer is in full swing, the back-to-school advertisements are running. This time of year can be exciting for many — the first day of elementary school, high school or college. For the rest of us, we try to be lifelong learners: learning from our successes and failures, learning from others and if we are lucky learning by reading. Reading is a skill learned in the early school years. Children spend the first few years of their education learning how to read. After that period ends, in th...
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Let’s change the mediocre status quo of health care

On a daily basis, I am introduced to new people from all walks of life. Some sit on the board of directors, some are CEOs, some are presidents, some are middle managers and other administrators, some are investors, others are entrepreneurs, and some are physicians, nurses, case managers and even patients. I listen to people talk about the big challenges in health care. It costs too much, we have a shortage of trained professionals, and our communities live an unhealthy lifestyle. I learn about s...
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Why You Should Be Using This to Combat Acne

Chances are you've probably come across retinoids in your quest for better-looking skin. While the skin-care ingredient, which helps with cell turnover, is a popular go-to for targeting many concerns, one of its more surprising uses is to treat recurring breakouts. If you're looking to incorporate the powerhouse ingredient into your routine to target mild to moderate acne or even occasional flare-ups, we broke down everything you need to know with the help of a dermatologist below. First off, w...
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5 Effective Ways To De-Stress And Lowers Risk Of Heart Attack & Stroke

Guest post provided by resident counselor Lisa Walters. Are you always stressed due workload at home and in your job? Do you feel a sting in your chest every time you are so much stressed? It’s high time that you learn how to de-stress before your heart suffers. Studies have shown that stress increases your risk of heart attack and stroke by triggering the activity of the amygdala (fear center of the brain). It results to arterial inflammation, which can cause heart attacks. People who are hig...
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You're 3 Ingredients Away From Clearer, Brighter Skin

While we love testing the hottest masks and skin care treatments on the market, nothing can beat a no-frills DIY. If you're struggling with a dull, blemish-prone complexion, whip up an aspirin mask. The effective ingredient in aspirin is chemically similar to salicylic acid, which helps exfoliate skin. Just mix the over-the-counter medicine with three ingredients (you already have them!) for an affordable treatment that really works. Use it as a resurfacing paste, or leave it on for about five...
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Researchers uncover brain mechanism that makes high risk people resilient to bipolar disorder

Researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have identified a brain mechanism in siblings of bipolar patients that makes them resilient to bipolar disorder.
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Study finds link between vitamin D deficiency and elevated heart failure risk in older adults

A recent study found an elevated risk of heart failure in more than half of older individuals, and this risk was significantly associated with vitamin D deficiency.
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New terahertz imaging could be useful tool for detecting early-stage skin cancer

Researchers have developed a new terahertz imaging approach that, for the first time, can acquire micron-scale resolution images while retaining computational approaches designed to speed up image acquisition.
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Study provides insight into development of red blood cells

Every cell in the body, whether skin or muscle or brain, starts out as a generic cell that acquires its unique characteristics after undergoing a process of specialization. Nowhere is this process more dramatic than it is in red blood cells.
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Children need to be up-to-date on immunizations before heading back-to-school

While we prepare our children to go back to school, parents should check and make sure their children are current on all vaccinations before the start of the school year or they may not be able to start on the first day.
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The 1787 Constitutional Convention – National Power to Curb Rebellions

August 17, 1787 (Click to read Madison’s notes on the day) Summary The delegates debated many details relating to the enumeration of Congressional powers. Influences on the Delegates Madison again referred to the example of Great Britain as instructive for the Constitution. The Statute of Anne was the first British law to establish copyright protection. […]
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Air pollution particles could make you more susceptible to infection, say scientists

AIR pollution could make you more vulnerable to infection, scientists at a Scots university have revealed.
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