How to maintain a sense of accomplishment as a physician

In my last year of training, I came to realize the difference between doctors who felt successful and those who didn’t. From the beginning, I had always been hard on myself. I always thought about the decisions I made for every patient in detail, played them over and over in my head, and wondered what I could have done differently for each one. Whether or not their outcome was satisfactory, I’d go through my thought processes and actions, thinking about how I could transform myself for the bette...
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Loneliness is Still a Big Problem for the Elderly – but Technology is Helping

Every now and again we seem to hear a story about an elderly people who are lonely and don’t have anyone to turn towards for a quick chat or close relationship. We may only hear about these issues on the odd occasion, but these types of issues effect the elderly every day – and there aren’t necessarily lots of clear solutions to help. However, something which has started to make a difference in eradicating loneliness in the elderly is technology.   How Is it Helping? Technology has now de...
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Doctors should fight fake health news at the checkout aisle

I see them every time I wait in the inescapably long lines at the grocery store. They’re offering me so much. Fat-melting foods that “work like gastric bypass.” Sleep masks that prevent breast cancer. One day diets. And, of course, the perennial “medical miracles.” All these revelations can be mine with a simple magazine purchase. It’s easy to dismiss the medical advice being propagated through the supermarket checkout aisle. Who would take health advice from a magazine sitting next to a box of ...
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What Is A Contract Research Organization And What Does It Do?

  Contract research organizations (CROs) work to provide research support for a variety of health care through clinical trials. They assist medical devices, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as universities, private foundations and government agencies. Essentially, a contract research organization   is a third-party outsource company rather than an in-house extension of an organization’s research division. It is a cost-effective way for organizations to outsource highl...
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Planned Medicaid cuts a threat to nursing homes, middle class

Medicaid, targeted by the Republicans’ health-care bills, pays for most of the 1.4 million elderly people in nursing homes, some of whom do not know they are on it.
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Toward the stars: On humility and pain in medicine

Your brain is a three-pound hunk of biological tissue. And though it’s nothing more than a conglomeration of specialized cells, it generates the taste of cheesecake, the ecstasy of enchantment, and the misery of suffering. Amazing, right? I certainly think so, though I find myself among a shrinking minority. Whereas the eyes of our medical forefathers were turned toward the heavens in search of answers to seemingly unknowable questions — how does blood move around the body? — my eyes, and those ...
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How to respond to physician burnout in a colleague

Two hours of administrative tasks for every hour with patients. A proliferation of non-physician administrators deciding how the day is going to run. Little in our training about how to cope with uncertainty and change. It’s no surprise that burnout rates are approaching 60 percent. Despite being so common, when we see a colleague struggling with physician burnout, we may not know what to say. Responding appropriately can bring someone back from burnout and may even save a life. Here are some ti...
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How to fix the EHR mess we’re in

Computers, more specifically, electronic health records (EHRs), will someday revolutionize the practice of medicine. In fact, successful computerization of medical care is the most critical step necessary to transform the American health care system from its current sorry state to the 21st-century system of our dreams. It is ironic, then, that today EHRs represent one of the worst problems plaguing medical professionals. At this point, many physicians would say that EHRs have created more proble...
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Wellness Quickie: Goodwell + Co.

Wellness Quickie: Goodwell + Co. “Just like organic farming is better and more nutritious for people’s health, our toothbrush is better for your wellness and personal impact on the environment…” Brushing your teeth is often a mindless act — something you do when you’re in semi-conscious state, either half-awake or half-asleep. But this small, seemingly mundane part of your daily routine can have a major impact on the environment. Just consider the Great Pacific Garbage Patch , a large floati...
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Symbolizing Your Way to Success

You're reading Symbolizing Your Way to Success, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. How tiny objects can have a massive influence on the world ”The feeling of having no power over people and events is generally unbearable to us—when we feel helpless we feel miserable,” writes the author Robert Greene. “No one wants less power; everyone wants more.” Research shows that feeling ...
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The striking parallels between doctors and journalists

Once during my TV news days, I was feeling pretty good about myself during a three-hour drive to the Mayo Clinic. “I am so glad I don’t practice!” I crowed to my photographer. “Practicing physicians are so sad. They’ve lost their income, their autonomy, and the public’s respect.” My photographer didn’t miss a beat. “Yeah,” he replied. “They sound just like you.” By which he meant that as a journalist, I’d lost those very same entitlements. As they say: You can’t see the paradigm when you’re in t...
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Here’s why people hate the word “moist”

Mashable explains why so many people can’t stand the word “moist.” It turns out it has to do with both word association and the bandwagon effect.
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Mike Eisenstein of PATH in Seattle is a medical tinkerer out to save lives

PATH, a medical nonprofit in South Lake Union, uses innovation to make the world a healthier place.
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Calling their bluff: A Seattle doctor pegs what the GOP health bill is really about

Republicans in Congress have a new version of their plan to repeal Obamacare, which they are spinning as the ‘Better Care Act.’ But who will get this legislation’s better care? Hint: People not like you or me.
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If you want to truly fix a broken system, look at the patients

Dear Senators, I know that the plan is to meet soon to pass the latest GOP health plan. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, failed with a price tag of over a trillion dollars. Yes, this faulty plan is not sustainable as is. Yet, your proposed plan is just a rehashing of the failed elements. While you look at the economics and short-fallings, I look patients in the eye every day, many times a day, and give them a pronouncement of this failed system. I am the one that gets to t...
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Senate bill lets many people drop health coverage, and insurers don’t like it

People with medical problems could game the system by enrolling only when they get sick.
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Newly discovered antibiotic could help treat drug-resistant tuberculosis

A newly discovered antibiotic, produced by bacteria from a cystic fibrosis patient, could be used to treat cases of drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB). This is the finding of a team of scientists from Cardiff University’s School of Biosciences and the University of Warwick.
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Summertime is no fun when you are hungry

School’s out! This time of year is met with great expectation in children all over the country. However, another unwelcomed guest, hunger, comes along with the summer break. Over 30 million children qualify for the National School Lunch Program which provides free or low-cost meals to children daily during the school year. When classes are out over the summer months, the food availability lessens for many children as parents aren’t able to increase the food budget at home. This means that many c...
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Camden officials evacuate residents from fire-trap tower blocks

Residents in properties with the same cladding at Grenfell Tower are being told to leave their homes so the work can take place. Some are refusing to goEver since the horror of the Grenfell Tower fire less than five miles away, Artan Moallim has barely slept a wink in the 16th-floor, one-bedroom Camden apartment he, his wife and three young daughters call home.Yet they were still unprepared for the knock on their door at 2am on Saturday morning ahead of the evacuation of thousands of people from...
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Couple adopts infants with special needs -- 88 of them

The labor of love started in Florida even before Camille Geraldi, a nurse, met her husband Mike, a pediatrician. And it's been going on for the last four decades.
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Let your pain speak

Let your pain speak. Pain management is often necessary and grounded in kindness and mercy. Pain avoidance on the other hand will go too far. Learn to walk that line. The entire medical system, both for physical and mental health, is largely based on pain avoidance-it’s not sustainable. We must feel to deeply heal. Fact […]
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How Syrian refugees battle against cancer

Ammash, 4, has leukaemia and the funds for his treatment are running out.
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Meharry, MTSU collaborate to increase primary care physicians for underserved areas in Tennessee

Leaders from Meharry Medical College and Middle Tennessee State University signed an agreement Thursday (June 22) to develop an accelerated pathway for talented students to graduate as physicians to serve in rural areas of the state.
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Millennials are the most likely generation to use a library. Here's why.

"Teens see libraries different than their parents or caregivers used to see them," says the president of the American Library Association.
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MKSAP: 28-year-old pregnant woman with a cardiac murmur

Test your medicine knowledge with the MKSAP challenge, in partnership with the American College of Physicians. A 28-year-old pregnant woman is evaluated for a cardiac murmur identified on examination by her obstetrician. She is asymptomatic. She is in her 24th week of pregnancy. Medical history is unremarkable, and there is no family history of heart disease. She takes prenatal vitamins and no other medications. On physical examination, she is afebrile, blood pressure is 120/70 mm Hg, pulse rate...
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Chronic lack of sleep reduces cognitive abilities, negatively impacts physical health

A chronic lack of sleep not only impairs cognitive abilities but also increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
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Disability-free life after major stroke could be increased by 270%, say experts

Virtually no other disease has seen such massive strides in treatment in recent years as stroke. Recent studies have confirmed that it is still possible to mechanically remove large vessel occlusions in the brain many hours after a stroke occurs.
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New approaches to early detection of Parkinson's disease on the horizon

Detecting Parkinson's disease before non-reversible symptoms occur: New approaches to early detection are meant to ensure just that. They are based on detection of alpha-synuclein in the skin or intestines.
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Self-help intervention may be useful as initial treatment to manage symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

A self-help approach to a graded exercise program, supervised by a specialist physiotherapist, is safe and may reduce fatigue for some people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), according to a new trial of 200 people published in The Lancet.
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Experimental drug benefits some patients with advanced kidney cancer

Some patients with a form of advanced kidney cancer that carries a poor prognosis benefited from an experimental drug targeted to an abnormal genetic pathway causing cancerous growth, according to research led by a Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientist.
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