Soothing Hearts and Minds after Horror

B'SD 28 Iyar, 5777 I've weighed how to respond to the terrorism in Manchester, England.  Though I write for a mental health site, and socialize with mental health professionals, I needed time to recover from my own sense of shock and sadness before I could attempt comforting anyone else. I offer this  simple, sensible,  somewhat soothing presentation: Talking with Our Children  after the Attack at Ariana Grande Concert The ideas in the article can soothe adults, too. ...
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Harnessing Facebook for Smoking Reduction and Cessation Interventions: Facebook User Engagement and Social Support Predict Smoking Reduction

Background: Social media technologies offer a novel opportunity for scalable health interventions that can facilitate user engagement and social support, which in turn may reinforce positive processes for behavior change. Objective: By using principles from health communication and social support literature, we implemented a Facebook group–based intervention that targeted smoking reduction and cessation. This study hypothesized that participants’ engagement with and perceived social support from...
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Fifteen Challenges in Establishing a Multidisciplinary Research Program on eHealth Research in a University Setting: A Case Study

Background: U-CARE is a multidisciplinary eHealth research program that involves the disciplines of caring science, clinical psychology, health economics, information systems, and medical science. It was set up from scratch in a university setting in 2010, funded by a governmental initiative. While establishing the research program, many challenges were faced. Systematic documentation of experiences from establishing new research environments is scarce. Objective: The aim of this paper was to de...
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Trump Is Slashing Funding for Birth Defect Research as States Brace for Zika Season

As public health officials are gearing up for another season of the mosquito-borne Zika virus, the Trump administration’s budget proposal is here with some very bad news: the administration wants to slash the Centers for Disease Control’s budget by 17%, including cuts to programs like the National Center on Birth…Read more...
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Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

It was a quiet Sunday evening , and I had just got back from a holiday in Portugal. I was in the middle of trying to change a lightbulb (true progress on the DIY front for me), and I felt the need to tell Rich, my co-founder, about a feeling that had been consuming me for three weeks or so. I had been filled by a pretty deep sadness. It wasn’t about any one thing in particular, but it made my tasks seem less achievable. Goals seemed further away, my connection to those around me seemed dull and...
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How the $8 bottle of water in Las Vegas is a health care issue

I recently attended the annual Society of Hospital Medicine conference in Las Vegas. As a proud hospital medicine doctor, this organization has grown exponentially over the last decade, and thousands of hospital physicians from across the nation descended on the city for a few days of great learning and networking opportunities. However, away from the conference, this being Vegas, there had to be some time for fun as well. On Saturday evening, a group of us decided to visit a night club in one o...
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How are we supposed to deal with death?

December 2012, three days before Christmas. It started as an ordinary day, but soon it would become the turning point of my career. As I entered my office, I noticed a different energy in the room. The receptionist looked at me and said, “Doc, one of your patients died last night.” As a psychiatrist, I am not used to the feelings generated when someone you cared for, passes in the prime of their life. I had just seen him the week before. I rush to look at my last progress note that read: “Even t...
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Make Time to Nourish Yourself Today

Make Time to Nourish Yourself Today When first considering her Nourish supplement, Nicole Granato never let “general” and “comprehensive” not be part of the supplement’s makeup… This post comes from certified Health and Wellness Coach, Nicole Granato. Whether you’re aiming to combat suppressed immunity, toxic buildup or imbalanced hormones, Nourish can assist your body and mind in a potent and powerful way. Keep it in your purse or while you’re traveling to stay balanced… She’ll become yo...
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When science ceases to be value-neutral, science ceases to be science

Recently, the Harvard Chan School of Public Health reported on the effect of surgical checklists in South Carolina. The press release was titled, “South Carolina hospitals see major drop in post-surgical deaths with nation’s first proven statewide Surgical Safety Checklist Program.” The Health News Review, for which I review, grades coverage of research in the media. Based on their objective criteria, the Harvard press release would not score highly. The title exudes certainty — “nation’s first ...
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4 Leadership Lessons Gained from Weight Loss

I’ve been fat for a big chunk (no pun intended) of my life. I have proved to myself over and again that I can lose weight, and get down to that place where my height and weight agree with each other. Then slowly but surely, one donut and one ribeye at a time, the pounds and the paunch return. Over the years, the pounds have brought new friends with them…blood pressure and blood sugar medications, back and digestive issues, and most recently sleep apnea!  This is not a club of friends you want t...
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7 ways to not feel like an imposter

If you are a physician reading this, please pat yourself on the back. You made it through medical school and residency so, de facto, you have both resiliency and grit (serious buzzwords, y’all). But as anyone who has gone through these professional challenges, it often doesn’t seem so. I am 44 years old and am faculty at a major public university and cis-gendered, heterosexual, married, two kids and have a full-time job. Which really doesn’t make me too different from the majority of the people ...
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Where money and the law intersect, truth can sometimes be the victim

Afterword from a story entitled “Litigation Lane,” excerpted from Beyond Bedlam’s Door: True Tales from the Couch and Courtroom (Thunder Lake Press).  Forensic psychiatry involves the interface of psychiatry and the law. Over the years, I was asked to psychiatrically evaluate people in the context of civil litigation. Both plaintiff and defense attorneys retained my services to determine if an accident or incident that was the subject of a lawsuit involved psychiatric injury. The people suing c...
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Development of Trust in an Online Breast Cancer Forum: A Qualitative Study

Background: Online health forums provide peer support for a range of medical conditions including life-threatening and terminal illnesses. Trust is an important component of peer-to-peer support, although relatively little is known about how trust forms within online health forums. Objective: The aim of this paper is to examine how trust develops and influences sharing among users of an online breast cancer forum. Methods: An interpretive qualitative approach was adopted. Data were collected fro...
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Benchmark just backed an ER doctor who wants to keep stoned people off the road

 Many people enjoy several careers over their lifetimes. Then there’s Mike Lynn, an emergency room doctor in Oakland, Calif.; a reserve deputy sheriff; a faculty member at UCSF; a former venture capitalist; and the founder of Hound Labs, a three-year-old, Oakland, Calif.-based company at work on a breathalyzer for marijuana. Read More
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American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP)

AACAP partners with our members in advocacy efforts at the federal and state levels to improve policies and services for children and adolescents with mental illness. We work to educate policymakers and administrators about issues affecting child and adolescent psychiatry and children’s mental health and regularly engage our members on pertinent legislation and regulatory activities. AACAP continually develops resources for members to use as they communicate with policymakers about issues relat...
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It's Pretty Messed Up That Plan B Isn't Made for the Average American Woman

You might not know this, since it doesn’t appear anywhere on the medication itself, but the morning-after pill doesn’t necessarily work for women over 176 pounds.Read more...
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Skin Inflammation: How to Fight It

Skin Inflammation: How to Fight It Let’s walk through what this all means, starting from the beginning… You know how, in almost every movie ever made, there’s a hero and a villain? The hero, obviously, is the character you root for, the one you become invested in watching succeed. And the villain, well, the villain is the one who does his or her best to thwart the hero’s plans. You love the hero because in most cases, the hero is good and right and deserves to be happy and healthy and succes...
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Physicians are low-hanging fruit. Here’s why.

When my children were growing up, I advised them, “Don’t choose any profession in which your worth is determined by knowing a body of information or using algorithmic thinking. If you do that, you’re toast.” ”Toast” because monopolies on information have been supplanted by the internet, and algorithmic thinking replaced by computers and artificial intelligence. Incredibly, this seismic shift in what society values has occurred in just a single generation. And that’s put a generation of physician...
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This coffee butter-chugging startup just pulled in $19 million more in funding

 Dave Asprey, the man famous for encouraging Silicon Valley execs to put butter in his special blend of coffee, has raised another $19 million to keep on doing just that. His company and lifestyle brand Bulletproof 360 claims to make coffee free of something called mycotoxins, which is, basically, mold and can make you very ill if ingested. Asprey says about 75 percent of other brands are full… Read More
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What to stock in a natural, family-friendly medicine cabinet

Children seem to have more bumps, bug bites and scrapes than anyone else in the family. Yet most over-the-counter (OTC) remedies have side effects that are risky to our little ones. Sherry Torkos award winning pharmacist and author of Saving Women’s Hearts, has taken a moment to share some of her favorite picks for smarter, safer alternatives that are especially good to have on hand in the spring and summer. According to Torkos, most of these can be used for kids as young as two years old as wel...
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The PrEP Diaries: A safe(r) sex memoir

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Warby Parker’s Prescription Check app lets you skip the eye doctor

 Warby Parker wants to get you the right prescription glasses without forcing you to get an in-person eye test. It’s now testing its new Prescription Test app that uses your phone and computer in tandem to adminster a 20-minute series of eye tests, which are then reviewed by a doctor who makes the final call on your prescription. This could let Warby Parker sell people prescription glasses… Read More
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There’s no place for locker room talk in the OR

I am nearing the end of my training at one of the top surgical fellowships in the country. I chose this fellowship not just for the name, but also because the surgeons all seemed like genuine and altruistically motivated individuals. It was two-thirds of the way through fellowship when I found myself in conversation with two male trainees. We were discussing the younger trainee and his girlfriend; he would be moving away soon for fellowship, and they had decided to stay together. He mentioned th...
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Cera is building an AI for social care decision support

 Can AI overhaul the social care system? That’s the pitch underpinning UK home care provider Cera’s plans. The startup has today taken the tiniest baby steps to launch an AI chatbot that it hopes will, at an unspecified point in future, be able to assist carers with recommendations for home care of people with conditions such as dementia. Read More
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Evaluating the Social Media Performance of Hospitals in Spain: A Longitudinal and Comparative Study

Background: Social media is changing the way in which citizens and health professionals communicate. Previous studies have assessed the use of Health 2.0 by hospitals, showing clear evidence of growth in recent years. In order to understand if this happens in Spain, it is necessary to assess the performance of health care institutions on the Internet social media using quantitative indicators. Objectives: The study aimed to analyze how hospitals in Spain perform on the Internet and social media ...
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Trump Wants to Slash Funding for Birth Defect Research as States Brace for Zika Season

As public health officials are gearing up for another season of the mosquito-borne Zika virus, the Trump administration’s budget proposal is here with some very bad news: the administration wants to slash the Centers for Disease Control’s budget by 17%, including cuts to programs like the National Center on Birth…Read more...
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It’s time we look at the Australian health system for lessons

President Donald Trump in a recent press briefing with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced, “Of course the Australians have better health care than we do – everybody does.” On the heels of the House narrowly passing the first in many steps toward Obamacare repeal and replace, President Trump’s comment caused a bit of a stir, to say the least. MSNBC was all over it. Chris Hayes interviewed fellow socialist Senator Bernie Sanders who was giddy over Trump’s comment. “Thank you Mr. ...
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Hand Sanitizers May Hurt Fertility I talk in my book about how you should avoid some hand sanitizers if you are trying to conceive - especially those with triclosan. Triclosan can be quite dangerous and it is in a number of consumer products, not just hand sanitizers. Please read the labels and do your research! I was surprised to find out that triclosan isn't just a hormone disruptor, it's also a carcinogen. Yikes!From the article:The EPA considers triclosan a high risk for human hea...
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Apple and Nokia bury patent hatchet

 Well that didn’t last long. A fresh patent spat between Nokia and Apple which fired up at the back end of last year when Cupertino accused the former world number one mobile maker of making like a patent troll appears to have been resolved already. Read More
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Brands Test Limits as UK Introduces Plain Tobacco Packaging

The UK is now the second country in the world and the first in Europe to require cigarettes to be sold in plain, standardized packaging, following the lead of Australia, which implemented the first such measure in December 2012. In May 2016, new EU legislation dictated how tobacco products are manufactured, produced and sold across Europe. The revised rules, called the Tobacco Products Directive, banned certain products from sale such as flavored cigarettes (except menthol). Retailers were give...
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