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Chemsex survival kits come with color-coded syringes and a booklet on what to do if you’re arrested

The kits include latex gloves, condoms, lube, syringes, and G-timers, via straws, and a "bust card," which is a little booklet listing your rights in the case of an arrest.
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Meet the yogi who specializes in all-male naked yoga classes for gay and bisexual guys

Dan Carter is the owner of Danimal Yoga, where he recently began leading all-male naked yoga classes geared towards gay and bisexual men.
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Once-a-month injection to treat HIV passes two initial trials

Researchers in Seattle unveiled study results that offer hope to men with HIV, as well as those on PrEP.
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USC doctor accused of forcing gay students to undergo “medically unnecessary rectal examinations”

USC's Dennis A. Kelly is accused of sexual battery, gender violence, sexual harassment, negligence, and fraud.
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Muscle daddy who spent 20 years promoting conversion therapy says he feels really, really bad about it

David Matheson spent 20+ years and made thousands and thousands (and thousands) of dollars trying to steer gay people into repressing their true feelings.
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These two male cheerleaders will make history when they perform at next month’s Super Bowl

Quinton Peron and Napolean Jinnies are set to make history when they perform at the upcoming Super Bowl.
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Gay quadriplegic has lifelong dream realized by appearing in “hard, aggressive” adult film

Kenneth Connin is living proof that dreams really can come true.
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The APA issued a report saying toxic masculinity is a real thing

The American Psychological Association confirmed this week what women and gay men have known forever: that "toxic masculinity" is a real thing.
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US government concludes that HIV is untransmittable at undetectable levels

The National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases has reached an absolute conclusion: HIV+ cannot transmit the virus when carrying an undetectable viral load.
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NIAID joins 300 other worldwide health agencies to say HIV is untransmittable at undetectable levels

The National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases has reached an absolute conclusion: HIV+ cannot transmit the virus when carrying an undetectable viral load.
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“Romansturbation” is a hot new craze among millennials seeking solo sexy time

More and more millennials are engaging in "romansturbation".
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Yogi trainer Joe Andrews on hydrating and getting in shape for the New Year

The best foods, the best work outs, the best gym and the best jams for getting that new body.
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Los Angeles trainer Kenta Seki is motivation for your New Year’s resolutions

LA trainer Kenta Seki talks staying in shape for the holidays and beyond.
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The Zakar twins on how to avoid “getting the side eye about sexual escapades”

Have trouble keeping up with your New Year's resolutions? Check out what these Instagram stars and LGBTQ advocates have to say!
Tags: Health, Lifestyle, Ad Friendly, The Zakar Twins, OraQuick, OraQuick In-Home HIV, Zakar, Corey Lay, Aurora Sexton, Luis Alvarez Schacht

It’s not that you’re not sexy, I just don’t care: 22 tweets that perfectly explain asexuality

It's estimated that approximately 1% of the planet’s 7.5 billion human inhabitants are asexual.
Tags: Health, Twitter, Identity, Life, Lifestyle, Sexuality, Asexuality, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Asexuals

Bisexual stud Ryan Cleary speaks candidly about liking both guys and girls

"You don’t want to look back on your life and be like I lived for what I thought certain people in society wanted," Cleary says.
Tags: Health, Life, Lifestyle, Sexuality, Bisexual, Coming Out, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Bisexuality, Cleary, Ryan Cleary, The Bi Life

Hunky TV doctor Ranj Singh talks about that time he hooked up with Thom Evans… on the dance floor

We first learned about Dr. Ranj Singh earlier this year when he appeared on Strictly Come Dancing.
Tags: Health, Life, Lifestyle, Body Image, Strictly Come Dancing, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Ranj Singh, Hunky, Thom Evans

12 questions for Drag Race All Star and World AIDS Day Ambassador Manila Luzon

We chatted with the queen who looks equally good in and out of drag on in-home HIV testing, her role models, and how she stays fit and healthy when she's constantly on the go.
Tags: Health, Lifestyle, Ad Friendly, Manila Luzon, OraQuick, OraQuick In-Home HIV

This ripped trans boxer is set to make history in professional fight debut

Pat “Cacahuate” Manuel is will make history on Saturday when he competes in his first professional fight at Fantasy Springs Casino near Palm Springs.
Tags: Health, Life, Lifestyle, Transgender, Boxing, Trans, Boxer, Pat, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Manuel, Athlete, Pat Manuel, Pat “Cacahuate” Manuel

Man spills all the tea on dating with a disability, says “us gays can be bitches!”

"We live in a society where it’s all about the image you have. And I never fit into that ideal of a gay person."
Tags: Health, Life, Lifestyle, Activist, Disabled, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Cerebral Palsy, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Paddy Smyth

What does Tumblr’s ban on x-rated content mean for recovering adult film addicts like this guy?

Tumblr announced this week that it will no longer allow x-rated content on its platform. A public outcry ensued.
Tags: Health, Sex, Life, Lifestyle, Addiction, Tumblr, Adult Content, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Porn Addiction, Willy Hudson

PHOTOS: A loving look back at the early ACT UP heroes of the AIDS epidemic

In his new photo book, The AIDS Activist Project Bill Bytsura showcases 18 activists from around the globe, photographed over two decades, and including members of ACT UP (The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) chapters from the United States and Europe.
Tags: Health, Life, Lifestyle, United States, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Act-up, Hiv/aids, World AIDS Day, Unleash Power

This World AIDS Day short film will mend your broken heart

To commemorate World AIDS Day 2018, the Sero Project has released Sing Your Song, a short film illustrating the life-changing value of communities of people with HIV and their supporters.
Tags: Health, Lifestyle, Ad Friendly, Queerty, World AIDS Day, AIDS HIV, HIV Testing

These sexy stars are HIV testing at home to commemorate World AIDS Day

Check out why Matthew Camp and other OraQuick ambassadors are testing at home this World AIDS Day.
Tags: Health, Lifestyle, Ad Friendly, Max Emerson, Colby Melvin, Matthew Camp, OraQuick, Jarvis Derrell, Andrew Bowens, Corey Lay

These smokin’ hot trans bodybuilders in the new doc “Man Made” have us totally parched

"Man Made" is a new documentary about trans body builders that has everyone talking.
Tags: Health, Entertainment, Film, Documentary, Lifestyle, Trans, Bodybuilding, Bodybuilder, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Man Made

Real World’s Danny Roberts comes out as HIV-positive, says “I spent so long beating myself up”

On the eve of World AIDS Day, the retired reality star recently revealed that he's living with HIV.
Tags: Health, Life, Hiv, Lifestyle, Stigma, Coming Out, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Hiv/aids, Danny Roberts, World AIDS Day, Prepared

Slut shaming of men on PrEP is still happening at a ridiculous rate, study finds

With PrEP undergoing wide studies in the UK, men enrolled in the HIV prevention regimen report anti-PrEP stigma.
Tags: Health, Feature, UK, Sex, Life, Lifestyle, Stigma, Ad Friendly, Truvada, Prep, Slut-shaming

Sad, lonely men are way more likely to bareback, study finds

A new study published in the Achieves of Sexual Behavior finds that lonely men are significantly more likely to have bareback sex.
Tags: Health, Sex, Life, Study, Lifestyle, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Condoms, Safe Sex, Bareback

Helix Studios stud Shane Cook announces he has cancer

Cook has been diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer.
Tags: Health, Cook, Life, Cancer, Lifestyle, Helix, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Hodgkin, Prepared, Helix Studios, Shane Cook

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