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Sexy Exercising Galore in Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru is looking ready to provide watchers with sweaty girls in awkward positions as they perform sexy repetitive motions, likely the most desired element for a series that focuses on physical fitness. Unfortunately teasing only a little of the hardcore training, the PV may have watchers pumping things other than iron: The […]
Tags: Health, Fitness, Anime, Oppai, PV, Adaptations, Dogakobo, Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru

A Subtle Friendship Lesson from Gintama

If you ask Gintama fans on what arc was one of the most emotional to them, it was the Mitsuba Okita arc. It’s still one of my favorite Gintama stories ever as I even wrote about it years ago. That... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Religion, Friendship, Anime, Manga, Luck, Gintama, True Friendship, Mitsuba Okita, Sogo Okita

Nishino Miki Anally Inserts It on TV

A segment on Japanese TV show Inumokuwanai had former AKB48 idol Nishino Miki running about performing all sorts of exercises, with the activities starting to get a bit heated as the woman then had something inserted between her cheeks. The rather raunchy segment that may convince observers into paying for Japanese TV:
Tags: Health, Japan, TV, Bizarre, Anime, Fetish, Oshiri, Image Gallery, AKB48, Nishino Miki Anally, Inumokuwanai, Nishino Miki

Elf-san wa Yaserarenai Still Plump & Juicy

The french fry loving elf of Elf-san wa Yaserarenai can be adored once again by lovers of large women by way of the manga’s 4th volume, which is naturally full of all sorts of comedic happenings and sexy moments involving its oversized elves. Some sample pages of the 4th elf-laden volume: Omake:
Tags: Health, Comedy, Anime, Manga, Elf, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, Ero-manga, Voluptuous, Elf-San wa Yaserarenai, Yaserarenai

Getting Love With Quintessential Fairness

Equality. I strive for it. You strive for it. We strive for it. We argue to critics that disadvantaged groups of other people should get the same kind of treatment as everyone else. However, what if... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Religion, Anime, Manga, The Quintessential Quintuplets, 5 Toubun No Hanayome, Psychology Of Equality, Fariness, Negi Haruba, Miku Nakano, Futaro Uesugi

One Night Stand as a Shonen Fanboy

I still remember the year I discovered Dragon Ball Z. It was 1994 and I got exposed to it via a friend back in junior high. After watching a few episodes on VHS, I began to see action figures of the... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Religion, Anime, Manga, Self-reflection, Fandom, Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Super Broly, Shonen Manga

Japanese Government To Investigate “Gaming Disorder”

The Japanese government is set to investigate the effects of “gaming disorder”, perhaps as a result of its classification by the World Health Organization. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is planning to begin an investigation into the effects of gaming disorder, due to concerns that addiction to video games is causing difficulty […]
Tags: Health, Games, Medical, Addiction, Anime, Otaku

Relationship Troubles Never Get Ancient (The Ancient Magus Bride)

mangatherapy: “Not that long ago, the two of them seemed like a father and daughter. Now they look like a mother and son.” Now that the anime series has concluded and the manga caught up to the... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Marriage, Relationships, Religion, Mental Health, Dating, Anime, Manga, The Ancient Magus Bride, Chise Hatori, Elias Ainsworth, Psychology Of Marriage

The Pros of a Con - Fandom and Mental Health Science

For a while now, I and other mental health/anime fans have been promoting how to use anime and manga to improve mental health for other fans. But wait - what if it’s possible to learn from fan... More after the jump!
Tags: Religion, Mental Health, Anime, Mental Illness, Manga, Psychology Of Fandom, Fandom, Otaku Culture, Social Interactions, Health Science, Con Fandom and Mental Health Science

Anime NYC 2018 - My 1st Crossplay That Was One to Remember

I finally decided to attend an anime convention this year and it was technically the last major one of the year. But boy, was it something I don’t want to forget for a long time to come. Anime NYC... More after the jump!
Tags: Religion, Mental Health, Anime, Personal Thoughts, Fandom, Crossplay, Anime Conventions, Anime NYC, 2018 Conventions

It’s Our Time! Volunteer to Use Anime to Help Others

Earlier this year, I got a chance to interview a non-profit organization that’s been trying to make a impact on mental health with anime. 6 months since that interview, Anime for Humanity is looking... More after the jump!
Tags: Religion, Mental Health, Anime, Fandom, Anime Conventions, Anime for Humanity, Mental Health Advocacy

TV Program Girl Holds A Pen in Her Booty

Japanese TV has provided more wholesome entertainment as this program has showcased a woman who has trained her gluteal muscles to the point of being able to keep a pen wedged between her cheeks, a trait that any man would desire in a partner. Aside from gloating about this jaw-dropping feat, the trainer has also […]
Tags: Health, Japan, TV, Anime, Fetish, Oshiri, Image Gallery

Tencent Limits Child Gaming To An Hour A Day

Tencent has followed orders from China’s regulators that are attempting to more aggressively combat video game addiction, limiting the playtime of children to only one hour a day. Tencent’s top mobile game, Honour of Kings, implemented a “registration system” earlier on in the year which confirmed the identities of players against police databases and limited […]
Tags: Health, Games, Children, China, Tencent, Kings, Anime, Tencent Games

Inferiority - A Bigger Threat Than a Titan

In order to get by in life, we look to others to guide us. At the same time, we also compare ourselves to said others. We place ourselves in a hierarchy to see where we stand. While it’s important to... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Religion, Envy, Anime, Manga, Attack on Titan, Inferiority Complex, Eren Jaeger, Keith Shadis, Comparsions

Princess Jellyfish - Getting Together in Good Fashion

Growing up as children, we’re led to believe that we can all get along with one another. Adults tell us to be kind towards others. As we get to adolescence, we start to separate into certain groups... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Religion, Friendship, Anime, Manga, Princess Jellyfish, Tsukimi Kurashita, Kuranosuke Koibuchi, Prolonged Contact

Taking Responsible Responsibility

For many Tokyo Ghoul fans, one of the most iconic moments they can name on the top of their head is the moment in the original series where Ken Kaneki embraces his ghoul side and has his hair turned... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Religion, Tokyo, Anime, Manga, Self-blame, Victim Blaming, Tokyo Ghoul, Sui Ishida, Ken Kaneki

A Mental Health Look at Perfect Blue

“No. I’m the real me.” 21 years ago, a then-unknown anime director took the anime world by storm with an animated feature on the dangers of the cult of celebrity. It was a... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Religion, Mental Health, Anime, Dissociative identity disorder, Satoshi Kon, Mental Disorders, Perfect Blue, Shared Psychotic Disorder, Mima Kirigoe

China Stopping New Games “For the Children”

Regulators in China have announced that they will be limiting new video game releases until they can find a solution to combat game addiction amongst youths, a move that has caused China-dependent developers to lose a significant amount of value on the stock market. China’s drastic actions are in response to a study that revealed […]
Tags: Health, Games, Money, Children, China, Anime, Tencent Games

A Video Primer on Anime Fan Psychology

If you ever filled out the International Anime Research Project Anime Surveys that came out every year since 2014, its head researcher did a presentation called “Anime Fan Psychology” at Animefest... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Religion, Mental Health, Anime, Anime Fandom, Anime Fans, Anime Fan Psychology, International Anime Research Project, International Anime Research Project Anime Surveys

You Bigots Must Learn This: “Vagina = Front Hole”

A Californian NGO has done away with the offensively cisgendered word “vagina” and now exclusively refers to it as “front hole”, a far more tolerant and inclusive term that bigots are just going to have to get used to. Healthline was the health info provider in question, who claimed that HIV and STDs have gotten […]
Tags: Health, Politics, California, Lgbt, International, Bizarre, Feminism, Anime

Running in the Mid-2000s’ and Forward

This past weekend, I caught the U.S. premiere of the live-action adaptation of BLEACH. It was pretty much a nostalgia trip. I was reminded of why I loved the series back when it was huge in the U.S.... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Religion, Anime, Manga, Bleach, Psychology Of Age, Psychology Of Nostalgia

Work On That Otaku Passion Like a Saiyan

In an age where there’s a variety of jobs related to fandom that people can find and love, most of us who are fans ourselves and would love to work those jobs. One of the most common statements that... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Religion, Anime, Manga, Growth Mindset, Psychology Of Passion, Fixed Mindset

Anti-Itch Medication Ad Recruits Giant Mecha

An animation featuring giant mecha has been used to advertise an anti-itch medication of all things, naturally featuring plenty of hilarious moments and demonstrating the influence that giant robot anime has now come to possess in terms of marketing. The animation consists of 2 videos, with the concept revolving around an evil monster spreading itchiness […]
Tags: Health, Japan, Marketing, Bizarre, Anime, Mecha, Otaku

The Anime/Manga Version of #IWillListen

If you ever had a conversation with a friend/peer/family member that becomes deep and heavy, you might be tempted to say something that might tell them to “chin up.” But in reality, it may not be the... More after the jump!
Tags: Religion, Mental Health, Anime, Manga, Bleach, Mental Health Awareness Week, Rukia Kuchiki, Psychology Of Listening, Ichigo Kurosuaki

Faith Is Restored - An Interview With “Anime For Humanity”

Ever since I started this blog, I thought to myself whether I or someone else can start up a mental health organization that helps people using anime. I had some optimism at first, but grew jaded... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Interviews, Religion, Mental Health, Therapy, Anime, Manga, Non-profit Organization, Anime for Humanity, Otaku Fandom, Mental Health Organizations

Almost a Loss for Words (The Ancient Magus Bride)

We’ve all had our moments where we say things that we don’t mean. Stress and frustration cause us to lash out at our friends and family. Most of the time, nothing serious happens. However, as a... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Religion, Anime, Manga, The Ancient Magus Bride, Stella Barklem, Chise Hatori, Ashen Eye, Psychology Of Abandonment, Saying The Wrong Things

A More Inclusive Site for Comrades

Just wanted to let everyone know that Comrades Against Suicide is now Comrades for Mental Health. After a lot of thinking, I felt that the “s” word (being suicide) is too strong and frightens most... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Religion, Mental Health, Anime, Manga, Comrades For Mental Health

Japanese Artist: “Having Huge Boobs is Suffering!”

Tokyo-based illustrator xxNishizawa has given her Twitter followers a dose of reality by showing them the terrifying truth about life with gigantic oppai. According to the artist, there are nine main problems with having large breasts, although one of the items on her list seems like it would actually be a plus. Your breasts sit […]
Tags: Health, Twitter, Clothing, Illustration, Tokyo, Anime, Manga, Oppai, Brassieres

Dragon Ball’s Androids - The Alluring Synergy Between Man and Machine

If you were to ask many Dragon Ball Z fans about iconic villains in the series, the first one to come to mind would be Frieza. After all, he was the egotistical and high-class leader-type that made... More after the jump!
Tags: Psychology, Science Fiction, Religion, Anime, Manga, Androids, Dragon Ball, Psychology Of Technology, Psychology Of Androids, Android 17, Android 18

Thailand Penis Whitening “The Latest Fad”

Insecure Thai men have apparently become fixated with lightening their swarthy organs by way of laser surgery, finally realizing the benefits of being white in the process. The Lelux Hospital, located in Bangkok, reputedly started drawing male customers in droves (about 100 a month) after it spread images of a man undergoing the whitening treatment, […]
Tags: Health, Fashion, Medical, International, Bizarre, Thailand, Anime, Bangkok, Penis Abuse, Lelux Hospital

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