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The next major iPhone update coming this fall will make Apple's apps much more useful, report says

Apple will announce updates to several of its iPhone apps like Heath, Reminders, iMessage, and Maps among others at its developers conference next month, according to Bloomberg. The updates would come amidst mounting concerns that Apple is making it difficult for third-party developers to compete with its own services. Apple typically releases its new iOS software in the fall alongside new iPhones. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Apple is planning to announce a host of new...
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Driving A Tesla Increases CO2 Emissions – Sen Hassan Aid Stole Gigabytes Of Data and more Today on TTWCP Radio Show: [04-27-19]

Driving A Tesla Increases CO2 Emissions – Sen Hassan Aid Stole Gigabytes Of Data and more Today on TTWCP Radio Show: [04-27-19] document.createElement('audio'); DOWNLOAD TRANS...
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Hand dryers v paper towels: the surprisingly dirty fight for the right to dry your hands

For a century, the humble paper towel has dominated public toilets. But a new generation of hand dryers has sparked a war for loo supremacy. By Samanth SubramanianIn the summer of 2005, a Chicago marketing consultant named George Campbell received a tantalising call from a headhunter. Was he open to an interview at Dyson? The company was secretively preparing to launch a new appliance, and it needed a sales strategy for the US: that was all the headhunter would divulge. Campbell was excited; he ...
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Google Fit comes to iOS

Google today announced that Google Fit, the company’s fitness tracking app that launched on Android back in 2014, is now available on iOS. It definitely took Google a while to bring the app to iOS. Until today, the only way to get your Fit data on your iPhone was in a special section of the Wear OS app on the iPhone. Without a Wear OS device, though, that section would’ve been empty. If you’ve seen the Fit app on Android, then the iOS version will look very familiar. It features the same f...
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Senior Living: ‘The United States of Stress’ and what to do about it

By David W. Hart, Ph.D.  Contributing writer On a recent Sunday, I was scrolling through the plethora of television and movie options available to me on Apple TV and came across a documentary on HBO titled “The United States of Stress.” The program is moderated by Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN fame and explores the empirical science that makes one finding abundantly clear: Americans are dying as a result of chronic stress. The documentary explores the possible causes of what has become a sobering cont...
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Prince Harry is partnering with Oprah Winfrey on Apple TV+ series about mental health

Prince Harry is the latest big name attached to Apple’s upcoming streaming service, Apple TV+, which was formally introduced last month. According to an announcement published to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s official Instagram account, Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey are co-creators and executive producers on an Apple TV+ docuseries focused on mental health. “I truly believe that good mental health – mental fitness – is the key to powerful leadership, productive communities and a purpose-driv...
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Apple, Amazon, and Uber are moving in on health care. Will it help?

Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google have been busy investing in health care companies, developing new apps, and hiring health professionals for new business ventures. Their current focus appears to be on tech-savvy millennials, but the bulk of health care expenditures goes to the elderly. Big tech should look to integrating its most promising health care devise, the smartphone, more thoroughly into health care. None Health care spending in the United States reached $3.5 trillion in 2017, ro...
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Apple watch could detect irregular heart beat says study

A new study has shown that the latest Apple Watch is capable of detecting irregular heartbeats in the user. This is a significant step towards wearable healthcare devices says Apple.
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EU gov’t and public health sites lousy with adtech, study finds

A study of tracking cookies running on government and public sector health websites in the European Union has found commercial adtech to be operating pervasively even in what should be core not-for-profit corners of the Internet. The researchers used searches including queries related to HIV, mental health, pregnancy, alcoholism and cancer to examine how frequently European Internet users are tracked when accessing national health service webpages to look for publicly funded information about se...
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EU gov’t and public health sites are lousy with adtech, study finds

A study of tracking cookies running on government and public sector health websites in the European Union has found commercial adtech to be operating pervasively even in what should be core not-for-profit corners of the Internet. The researchers used searches including queries related to HIV, mental health, pregnancy, alcoholism and cancer to examine how frequently European Internet users are tracked when accessing national health service webpages to look for publicly funded information about se...
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Apple Watch app could save your life by detecting irregular heartbeat, study says

An Apple Watch may detect heart rate irregularities that subsequent medical tests confirm to be atrial fibrillation, according to preliminary findings from a new study. AFib is often undiagnosed since it might not cause noticeable symptoms, but it contributes to 130,000 deaths and 750,000 hospitalizations in the United States each year.
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Major study suggests Apple Watch can detect irregular heartbeat

More work needed to see if wearables can help screen for heart problems, but researchers call study encouragingA huge study suggests the Apple Watch can detect a worrisome irregular heartbeat – but experts say more work is needed to tell if using wearable technology to screen for heart problems really helps.More than 419,000 Apple Watch users signed up for the study, which was funded by Apple and the largest ever to explore screening seemingly healthy people for atrial fibrillation (A-fib), a co...
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Wireless earphones shown to be source of carcinogenic radiation

Wireless earphones, such as those sold by tech giants Apple and Samsung, could be releasing potentially carcinogenic radiation into the heads of the users.
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How to Control Which Apps Can Access Your iPhone’s Health Data

Your iPhone knows a lot about your health, especially if you use apps like MyFitnessPal or track your activity using an Apple Watch. If given permission, apps can access that data. Here’s how to check which apps have access to your data. We’ve shown how it can keep tabs on your location and expose that data to apps before, but what about your health data? The Health app collects as much data as you can give it, and if you’re using apps for tracking your weight, calories, blood pressure, and mor...
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Fitbit is partnering with Adidas and Blue Apron for an activity rewards program

Fitness should be its own reward, but sometimes you need a little extra push. Fitbit today announced that it’s been testing a new Rewards program in beta, with plans to launch a premium paid version of the service at some point this year. The limited beta, which will close at the end of next month, serves up points based on things like steps, active minutes and sleep, rewarding users with discounts as they hit their designated goals. So far, the company’s enlisted a trio of partners: Adidas,...
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How to Add Data to the Health App’s Today Screen on iPhone

Apple’s focus on health doesn’t end with the Apple Watch. The Health app on your iPhone is a treasure trove of information, but some of it can be hard to find. Why not set up favorites to make it more accessible? Third-party apps and the Apple Watch itself feed data right into Health, so it’s probably been quietly collecting mountains of data without you really noticing. That’s great, but the Health app isn’t exactly Apple’s most user-friendly creation. Instead of digging around for details, yo...
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A personalized approach to treating anxiety and depression

Kristin Gainey, a psychology professor at the University of Buffalo, says that an individualized approach to treating anxiety and depression is possible. 135 volunteers were sent three daily surveys for ten weeks to check for emotional triggers and mindsets. Gainey believes that smartphone tracking could provide better avenues of research for treating mental health problems. None Now that Apple is cutting production on iPhones, the company, seeking other revenue streams, recently announced that...
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DARPA wants smart bandages for wounded warriors

Nowhere is prompt and effective medical treatment more important than on the battlefield, where injuries are severe and conditions dangerous. DARPA thinks that outcomes can be improved by the use of intelligent bandages and other systems that predict and automatically react to the patient’s needs. Ordinary cuts and scrapes just need a bit of shelter and time and your amazing immune system takes care of things. But soldiers not only receive far graver wounds, but under complex conditions that ...
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Apple partners with VA to bring Health Records to veterans

Apple announced this morning it has partnered with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to make the Health Records feature on iPhones available to veterans. The deal will allow the veterans to view their medical information across participating institutions, including the VA, organized in the Apple Health app. These health records include allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures and vitals, and will be displayed alongside other information, like Apple Wa...
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Extend Fertility banks $15M Series A to help women freeze their eggs

Fertility services are raising venture cash left and right. Last week, it was Dadi, a sperm storage startup that nabbed a $2 million seed round. This week, it’s Extend Fertility, which helps women preserve their fertility through egg freezing. Headquartered in New York, the business has secured a $15 million Series A investment from Regal Healthcare Capital Partners to expand its fertility services, which also include infertility treatments, such as in vitro and intrauterine insemination. The co...
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Spotify, eBay set standard for fertility benefits, study finds

The technology sector awards women and same-sex couples the most comprehensive fertility benefit packages, according to a survey by FertilityIQ, an online platform for fertility patients to review doctors and research treatments. The company asked 30,000 in vitro fertilisation (IVF) patients across industries about their employers’ — or their spouse’s employer’s’ — 2019 fertility treatment policy, and allocated points based on their support for IVF procedures and egg freezing, among other servic...
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A physician’s addiction to social media

For Apple iPhone users, the release of iOS 12 included a new feature called “Screen Time.” Although a number of productivity apps that offered a similar snapshot of phone usage were available before this update, I was never interested in quantifying my usage. Now, on a weekly basis, I get a reminder of the exact […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Juul Labs hires former Apple employee to lead the fight against counterfeits

Juul Labs, the e-cig company under fire for its product’s popularity with young people, has brought on a new VP of Intellectual Property Protection with Adrian Punderson, formerly of PwC and Apple. Punderson’s job is all about working alongside government agencies, as well as Juul Labs Intellectual Property VP Wayne Sobon, to combat the sale of counterfeit and infringing products. These can range from copycat vapes and pods that are actually marketed as Juul products all the way to products that...
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Will tech companies change the way we manage our health?

Cyrus Radfar Contributor Cyrus Radfar is the founding partner at V1 Worldwide. More posts by this contributor Amazon isn’t to blame for the Postal Service’s woes, but it will need to innovate to survive Dear United: Autonomous cars will pull you out of your seat As of September 2018, the top 10 tech companies in the U.S. had spent a total of $4.7 billion on healthcare acquisitions since 2012. The number of healthcare deals undertak...
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Screen time inhibits toddler development, study finds

In news that will surprise few but still alarm many, a study has found that kids 2-5 years old who engage in more screen time received worse scores in developmental screening tests. The apparent explanation is simple: when a kid is in front of a screen, they’re not talking, walking, or playing, the activities during which basic skills are cultivated. The topic is a thorny one, as there are plenty of arguments on both sides as to the possible pros and cons of screen use at an early age, and as wi...
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The Value of Our Mistakes

None of us like to fail. But some of us find it especially difficult to rebound from a mistake. We beat ourselves up for months, even years, rehashing our blunder. We ruminate about what we could have done differently. We are stuck on what we lost. However, with time, we often discover that our failures are packed full of blessings, that our errors open doors to surprising opportunities. Even if they don’t lead us to fame and fortune, our mistakes make us better people. April Fool’s! Or Not T...
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Alphabet’s Verily scores FDA clearance for its ECG monitor

Big week for Google wearable news — which, honestly, is not a phrase I expected to write in 2019. But a day after the company announced an agreement to purchase Fossil’s wearable technology for $40 million, Alphabet-owned research group Verily just scored FDA clearance for its electrocardiogram (ECG) technology. The clearance pertains specifically to the company’s Study Watch. The device, which was announced back in 2017, shouldn’t be confused with the company’s more consumer-facing Wear OS ...
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Apple reportedly looking to subsidize Watch with Medicare plans

If nothing else, the addition of ECG/EKG reinforced Apple’s commitment to evolving the Watch into a serious medical device. The company has long looked to bring its best selling wearable to various health insurance platforms, and according to a new report, it’s reaching out to multiple private Medicare plans in hopes of subsidizing the product. If Medicare companies bite, the move would make the $279+ tracker much more successful for older users. Along with electrocardiograph functionality, l...
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Podcast: A Bipolar and a Schizophrenic Talk Self-Sabotage

 Most of us are to blame for our failures, believe it or not. We didn’t practice enough, plan ahead, or work hard enough. If we are honest, we could have done more to succeed, but something stopped us. In this episode, our hosts discuss why people sabotage their own success and fess up to whether or not they are sabotaging their own.   SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW “People would rather fail because they didn’t try rather than fail because they weren’t good enough.” – Gabe Howard   ...
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We finally started taking screen time seriously in 2018

At the beginning of this year, I was using my iPhone to browse new titles on Amazon when I saw the cover of “How to Break Up With Your Phone” by Catherine Price. I downloaded it on Kindle because I genuinely wanted to reduce my smartphone use, but also because I thought it would be hilarious to read a book about breaking up with your smartphone on my smartphone (stupid, I know). Within a couple of chapters, however, I was motivated enough to download Moment, a screen time tracking app recommende...
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