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Queensland girls subjected to female genital mutilation in Somalia, court told

Mother is on trial in Brisbane after girls were allegedly taken from grandmother’s house and subjected to procedureTwo Queensland girls were playing outside their grandmother’s house in Somalia when they were allegedly taken away to have their genitals mutilated, a court has heard.Their mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is on trial in Brisbane district court. Continue reading...
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7 Habits to Teach Young Kids to Have Healthy Mind and Body

There’s not a right way or a wrong way to raise your children so long as they are healthy, happy, and well-cared for . Everyone has their own version of parenting, and their way is what works for their family. Whether they co-sleep or let their kids cry it out, bottle feed or nurse, or they believe in regular date nights or staying home with their kids for the first three years of their life, what works for one family may not work for another. What works for every family, however, is the art ...
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The tragedy of stillbirth: 'An unfathomable amount of heartbreak'

Stillbirth statistics in Australia have barely changed in 20 years. Two scientists are driven to make progress, raise awareness and empower womenThe Centre for Research Excellence in Stillbirth is in a grand heritage building within the vast Mater hospital complex in Brisbane. With verandahs on all sides, it’s fronted by palm trees and jacarandas in bloom. Aubigny was once a private house with a small synagogue – the Sisters of Mercy took it over and turned it into a hospital, one now so large i...
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Death of woman days after childbirth investigated in Brisbane

Mother who had caesarean section died from a suspected blood clot after being dischargedThe Brisbane Mater Mothers’ hospital is investigating the death of a woman from a suspected blood clot days after a caesarean section.The woman was understood to have been discharged from hospital last month and died days later. Continue reading...
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Nauru asylum seeker's body flown to Brisbane after emotional standoff

Anonymous donors give thousands of dollars for funeral of Fariborz Karami, who killed himselfThe body of Fariborz Karami, the Iranian asylum seeker who took his own life on Nauru more than a month ago, has been flown to Brisbane after an emotional standoff about where he would be buried and donations from anonymous philanthropists in Australia to cover the cost of his funeral.Extended family members in Australia have taken responsibility for Karami’s funeral and burial. Anonymous donors have giv...
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'It's bad here': how One Nation is spooking major parties in Longman

Labor and the LNP feel the pressure in the run-up to crucial Queensland Super Saturday byelectionLongman is tired.Or, more specifically, Caboolture – just too far from Brisbane, and not close enough to the next population hotspot, the Sunshine Coast – is tired. Continue reading...
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Doctors issue warning over tranquilliser linked to deaths in custody

Exclusive: Use of midazolam during the physical restraint of a prisoner is potentially fatal, experts sayMedical experts have warned against the use of common tranquilliser midazolam on suspects in custody after the deaths of two Indigenous men in separate incidents.David Dungay Jr, who died in the Long Bay jail in New South Wales in December 2015, and Shaun Coolwell, who died in Logan hospital after being arrested near Brisbane in October 2015, were both administered with midazolam. Continue re...
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Brisbane airport alleges air services agency failed to clean toxic firefighting foam

Airservices Australia sued over use of foam that contained substances suspected of being linked to cancerBrisbane airport said it warned the nation’s air services agency to clean up firefighting foam contamination six years ago it, but alleges it failed to act. The airport’s owners are suing Airservices Australia, a government-owned corporation, over contamination caused by the decades-long use of toxic foam by aviation firefighters. Continue reading...
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Brisbane airport owner sues firefighting agency over toxic foam

Airservices Australia is now the second federal entity to be sued over the firefighting foam contamination scandalThe owners of Brisbane airport are suing the nation’s air services agency over the toxic firefighting foam scandal, opening up a new front of legal action against the federal government. The airport site has been contaminated with chemicals from a group of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (Pfas), which have been found to share a probable link with cancer. Continue reading...
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Study finds link between high blood lead levels and pre-eclampsia

More than a century since a Brisbane doctor found that lead in paint destroyed children’s lives, new research from Griffith University concludes that it is a major risk factor for pre-eclampsia.
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Brisbane's Mater hospital defends backing coalmine advertising campaign

Doctors outraged over hospital putting its name to advertising for New Acland mine, saying it sends the wrong message amid coal health concernsA major Queensland hospital, and the mining magnate who heads its board, have defended publicly backing a new coalmine that a court ruled should not go ahead after the company possibly breached air pollution limits.The Mater hospital has put its name to an advertising campaign by New Hope Group calling for the state government to approve its New Acland st...
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Peter Dutton's office tells Canadian-Australian: 'go back to US and deal with Trump'

Doug Stetner, who has represented Australia in underwater rugby, called Dutton’s office to voice support for asylum seekersA Canadian-born Australian citizen who called Peter Dutton’s Brisbane office to voice opposition to treatment of asylum seekers says an electorate officer told him to “go back to the United States then and deal with Trump”.Doug Stetner, an Australian citizen for 21 years, who represented the national men’s team at the 2015 underwater rugby world cup in Colombia, said the res...
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Brisbane researchers synthetically re-create Zika virus to better understand birth defects

Brisbane researchers have synthetically re-created Zika virus in the laboratory - a breakthrough which will help to understand the virus and the fetal brain defects it causes.
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Hamid Kehazaei was metres from care unit that could have saved him, inquest told

Doctor who treated Manus asylum seeker said a cascading litany of mistakes led to the Iranian’s death, and if he had been moved just 10 metres away, he could’ve survivedIf asylum seeker Hamid Kehazaei had been moved to a better-equipped intensive care unit just 10 metres away from his hospital bed he would have been likely to have survived rather than died, a doctor called upon to treat him has told an inquest into his death.A series of “little disasters” led to the “major disaster” of Kehazaei ...
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Queensland Health suspends dentist and shuts practise

Australian Dental Association says closure until proper infection control standards met is concerning but rareThe closure of a Brisbane dental clinic over sterilisation concerns is a worrying but rare situation, the Australian Dental Association says.Queensland Health has taken action under the Public Health Act to order Gap Free Smiles at Carina to shut until proper infection control standards are met, and a dentist has also been suspended. Continue reading...
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Hamid Kehazaei inquest exposes failures of Australia's secretive immigration regime

The Iranian asylum seeker was the victim of a system of control from Canberra that resisted efforts to move critically ill patients to higher levels of careIn the quiet, neat calm of a Brisbane courtroom, a world from the muggy heat and steel fences of the Manus Island detention centre, the final, agonised days of Hamid Kehazaei’s life have been forensically assayed and analysed. The bare details of the 24-year-old asylum seeker’s death in 2014 are well known – the worsening infection, the stubb...
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Hamid Kehazaei inquest told 'life-threatening' infection warning didn't seem urgent

Senior immigration department official says medical transfer request didn’t identify sepsis as an immediate riskA doctor’s urgent request to transfer Hamid Kehazaei off Manus Island, warning he faced a risk of “life-threatening widespread systemic infection”, was not escalated by a senior immigration department official because it “did not paint a picture of urgency”, the inquest into his death has been told.Amanda Little was the immigration department’s Canberra-based director of detention heal...
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Immigration officials routinely ignore medical advice on detainees, inquest told

Critically ill asylum seeker Hamid Kehazaei flown to hospital more than a day after doctor sought transfer, coroner hearsAustralia’s Department of Immigration routinely rejects doctors’ advice to move critically ill asylum seekers to hospital, and refuses permission for offshore detainees to be transferred to Australia, an inquest has heard. The fourth day of the inquest into the 2014 death of the Iranian asylum seeker Hamid Kehazaei has again focused on the bureaucratic delays in transferring t...
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Is Poor Thyroid Function Impacting Your Fertility?Guest Post By Christine SullivanIf you have been unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for more than 6 months, before you embark on invasive medical procedures and spend thousands of dollars for assisted reproductive technology, ensure that your thyroid is functioning at its optimum.Many women don't realize that good thyroid function is necessary for fertility, the ability to conceive and to maintain a pregnancy. An under (or over) functioning t...
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Baby Asha may go to community detention, not Nauru – reports

Demonstrators gather outside Brisbane’s Lady Cilento hospital well into the night amid reports one-year-old is at risk of imminent removal to NauruNegotiations were reportedly under way on Sunday morning to see if Baby Asha and her family could be transferred to community detention, rather than sent back to Nauru. Related: Baby Asha: protest swells at hospital amid fears of imminent removal Continue reading...
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