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New Research Raises Concerns About the Dangers of Marijuana Use

Whatever your personal position on the subject of marijuana legalization, whether for medical or recreational use, a growing body of research reveals concerns over the potential harms caused by cannabis. The concerns are more than academic. With increasing public support (varying by demographic cohorts) for legalized marijuana, and 10 states legalizing recreational marijuana and 33 states where medical marijuana use is legal , the cannabis movement is just gaining steam. A new Pew R...
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Dispute over rules riles California’s legal pot market

LOS ANGELES (AP) — California has finalized its rules governing the nation’s largest legal marijuana market, a milestone coming more than a year after the state broadly legalized cannabis sales for adults. But a dispute over home deliveries into communities that ban pot sales could end up in court. And the hundreds of pages of […]
Tags: Health, Business, News, California, Los Angeles, Ap, Nation

Innovaccer nabs $11 million from Microsoft’s VC arm to give doctors a better window into patient heatlh

Cracking the silos of digital health records promises to bring better care to patients by better informing doctors, according to Abhinav Shashank, the chief executive officer of San Francisco-based startup Innovaccer . Shashank’s company is just wrapping up a $35 million round of financing with a new $11 million commitment from Microsoft’s investment arm M12 (formerly known as Microsoft Ventures). The corporate investor joins Westbridge, and Lightspeed Partners, who previously committed to the...
Tags: Health, TC, Microsoft, California, San Francisco, Tech, Healthcare, Healthcare Industry, Nebraska, Health Care, University Of California, Enterprise Software, Puerto Rico, Primary Care, Westbridge, Abhinav Shashank

The Strange Marketplace for Diabetes Test Strips

It is legal to resell unused test strips for blood glucose, and many patients do, driving an unusual trade online and on the streets.
Tags: News, California, Diabetes, Medical Devices, Drugstores, Brooklyn (NYC, Drugs (Pharmaceuticals, Tests (Medical, Discount Selling, Rebates and Refunds

Judge blocks Trump birth control coverage rules in 13 states

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — A U.S. judge in California on Sunday blocked Trump administration rules, which would allow more employers to opt out of providing women with no-cost birth control, from taking effect in 13 states and Washington, D.C. Judge Haywood Gilliam granted a request for a preliminary injunction by California, 12 other states and […]
Tags: Health, News, California, Washington, Nation, Trump, Oakland Calif, Haywood Gilliam

Mass drug overdose in California kills 1 person and sends 14 more to hospitals

Chico Police Chief Michael O'Brien said the substance is believed to be fentanyl -- the most commonly used drug involved in drug overdoses.
Tags: Health, California, Michael O Brien, Chico Police

Deadline to enroll for health care coverage in California is Jan. 15

The deadline to enroll for health care coverage through Covered California is Jan. 15 and its executive director, Peter V. Lee, will be riding a bus through Southern California starting Saturday, Jan. 12, to spread awareness about the importance of getting health insurance. Lee said the number of people buying insurance through Covered California has dropped, with enrollment down about 10 percent from last year, largely because Congress did away with the individual mandate requiring everyone to ...
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Newsom diverges sharply from Washington with health care budget

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday unveiled his first state budget, one that leads California down a very different health care path than the one Washington has forged.
Tags: Health, California, Washington, Gavin Newsom, Newsom

A radiologist saved my father’s life

My dad flew to California in the spring to meet his grandson, who was about five months old at the time. He wasn’t that interested in baby care. He mostly wanted to sight-see and spend the evenings watching TV. One weekday morning, he ventured out on a hike alone, while I was at work. He […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
Tags: Health, California, Neurology, Physician, PA NP, Radiology, CRNA

En route to Congress, California Democrats hit wall on ‘Medicare-for-all’

Each of the seven California Democrats who flipped Republican congressional seats in the midterm election campaigned for more government-funded health care — with most of them calling for a complete government takeover.
Tags: Health, California, Republican, Congress California Democrats

How California’s right-to-die law survived 2018

California’s End of Life Option Act, which gives terminally ill individuals the choice to legally end their lives by using physician-prescribed lethal drugs, survived a significant scare in 2018 after a Riverside County judge in May struck down the law. The judge’s move invalidated the law for a period of time causing confusion among doctors, assisted living centers and terminally-ill patients who were left wondering if they would be able to procure new prescriptions or use the drugs they obtain...
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Born on drugs: The goal is to keep kids with parents. Sometimes, that’s dead wrong

Second of four parts. Read Part 1 Cheyenne Easter turned up on the riverbed under the 22 freeway in the winter of 2016, shortly after her latest DUI. Jeremy Jones was already living there, in a tent, with a pit bull named Haley. He thought Easter was beautiful. Jones’ drug of choice was vodka. Easter’s was meth, which she used to stay awake in the wee hours; a homeless woman’s strategy to fend off rapists. There were lots of people camping under the 22 that first night, all abuzz over the new gi...
Tags: Health, News, California, Sport, Soccer, Leo, Johnson, Disneyland, Riverside County, Easter, Briggs, Jones, Charlotte, Casa, Mickey Mouse, Moreno Valley

California’s First 5 programs evolve as smoking declines and tobacco taxes go away

An otherwise welcome advance in public health — the widespread reduction in smoking —  is having the perverse effect of driving down tobacco tax revenue that, for a generation, has supported some California programs aimed at early childhood education and health. Still, proponents of the programs financed by tobacco taxes are finding new ways to support California’s youngest residents. Proposition 10, which took effect Jan. 1, 1999, placed a 50 cent tax on tobacco products and created state and c...
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Born on drugs: Predictions about crack babies didn’t come true, offering hope for opioid era

To the courts, she was just a case number. It was impersonal because, at the time, she was one in a long line of “crack babies,” which is what newborns like her were called in 1996. Today, she has a name; Nancy Elizabeth Palmer. And even though she came into the world with little chance of surviving her birth mother’s addiction to crack (along with methamphetamine and opioids and anything she could get her hands on), Palmer is more than OK. These days, the condition is known as “neonatal abstine...
Tags: Health, News, California, Sport, Soccer, United States, Tennessee, Palmer, Courts, Orange County, Public Safety, Nancy, Matthew, Amelia, Melissa, Andrew

Southern California’s Newcastle disease toll on chickens rises to 60,000, including commercial flock

After appearing to have taken the upper hand on the bird-killing Newcastle disease outbreak in Southern California, officials this month announced a commercial chicken flock in Riverside County had been infected and that mandatory euthanasia operations has expanded to include Riverside County’s greater Perris area. Since the outbreak of the virus in mid-May, about 60,000 birds – mostly chickens – have been euthanized, according to Steve Lyle, spokesman for the California Department of Agricultur...
Tags: Health, News, California, Environment, Usda, Sport, Soccer, Newcastle, Riverside County, Southern California, Compton, Ventura, U S Department of Agriculture, Lyle, San Bernardino County, CDFA

State audit slams San Diego response to Hepatitis A outbreak

SAN DIEGO (AP) — An audit by the California Legislature has found the city and county of San Diego faltered in quickly controlling a Hepatitis A outbreak last year that grew to be among the largest seen in the United States in decades. The state audit that was released Thursday found the county lacked a […]
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Podcast: How to Survive a “Not Bad” Christmas

 There are all kinds of suggestions out in the world about how to survive a bad holiday… holidays with people you don’t like, holidays with too many people, all kinds of bad holidays. But what about those holidays that are… well… not bad? Maybe not optimal, but in no way awful. Gabe and Vincent talk about how they are each spending Christmas this year, both of them having the “not optimal” version, but also a “not bad” version. Listen to hear their plans, and why they’re totally okay w...
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Zwift, which turns indoor cycling workouts into multiplayer games, raises $120M

Fitness and gaming have been two of the most popular categories of apps for years, and now a startup founded out of London that has combined the two in a unique way has picked up a big round of funding to capitalise on that. Zwift, an interactive platform for people to turn indoor cycling workouts into massive, multi-participant races, social rides, and immersive explorations of new domains, has raised $120 million — money that its co-founder and CEO, Eric Min, said will be used to expand to mor...
Tags: Apple, Health, TC, Facebook, Europe, New York, London, Fitness, California, France, Funding, America, Tech, Cycling, Innsbruck, Jp Morgan

Studio City woman claims Pasadena plastic surgeon ‘experimented’ on her and altered medical records to hide it

If money was her only goal, Wendy Knecht could have walked away when she settled her lawsuit against a Pasadena plastic surgeon for $1 million. Instead, the Studio City woman is taking her case to the state, encouraging authorities to prosecute Dr. Max Lehfeldt’s for altering her medical records after she sued the physician for using an experimental device in her breast reconstruction. Knecht claimed in her 2016 suit that she was left disfigured and forced to undergo three additional surgeries t...
Tags: Health, News, California, Sport, Hospital, Soccer, Fda, Allergan, Pasadena, Los Angeles Times, Arcadia, American Bar Association, Morgan, U S Food and Drug Administration, Sutton, Centers for Medicare

59 People Now Sickened by E. Coli Romaine Lettuce as Investigation Continues

The investigation into the E. coli outbreak that has sickened dozens and forbidden our sweet, sweet romaine lettuce is still underway, but officials with federal agencies investigating the outbreak said this week that they’ve identified at least one farm in California to which the infecting strain O157:H7 may be tied.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, California, Cdc, Produce, Fda, Romaine Lettuce, Bad Lettuce

E. coli outbreak traced to California farm; some romaine lettuce safe to eat

One source of the potentially deadly romaine lettuce e-coli outbreak has been identified, but it's still too early to call outbreak 'over' according to the CDC and FDA.
Tags: Health, California, Cdc

In California, doctors accused of sexual misconduct often get second chances

The doctor instructed his patient to stand in front of him. He cupped her crotch and inserted his fingers into her vagina through her clothes, moving his hand repeatedly to her rectal area. Then he squeezed her breasts, according to a formal accusation filed by the Medical Board of California.
Tags: Health, California

US traces lettuce outbreak to at least 1 farm in Santa Barbara

U.S. health officials have traced a dangerous bacterial outbreak in romaine lettuce to at least one farm in California. Food regulators said Thursday that other farms are likely involved in the E. coli outbreak and consumers should continue checking the label before purchasing romaine lettuce. The Food and Drug Administration said 59 people have now been sickened by the tainted lettuce. Officials said a water reservoir at Adams Brothers Farms in Santa Barbara County tested positive for the bacte...
Tags: Health, Business, California, US, Sport, Recall, Soccer, Food And Drug Administration, Fda, Santa Barbara County, Santa Barbara, San Benito, Top Stories LADN, Top Stories OCR, Top Stories PE, Top Stories IVDB

Podcast: A Delicious Ritual to Reduce Stress

  Living in our fast-paced world, many of us find ourselves stressed out, and many others don’t even realize how stressed they’ve become. Many people choose to ignore their stress, others use meditation, exercise, or other endeavors to reduce stress. This episode shares the story of a woman whose solution to stress involves regularly making challah, a traditional Jewish bread. Not only does the ritual of the making of the bread reduce stress, but the history and tradition of the bread are ...
Tags: Psychology, Amazon, General, Instagram, Wales, California, Stephen King, Los Angeles, Stress, Mindfulness, Ohio, University of Pennsylvania, Kitchenaid, Vincent, Gabe Howard, Don

Sewage from Mexico spill flows north into California waters

IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. — Millions of gallons of raw sewage has spilled into Mexico’s Tijuana River and is flowing north into California, fouling some beaches in San Diego County, where swimmers and surfers were urged to stay out of the ocean. The Los Angeles Times said if the spill that began late Monday continues unabated, […]
Tags: Health, News, California, Mexico, Environment, World, Nation, San Diego County, Los Angeles Times, Calif, Tijuana River, Nation & World

Wellness giant Life Time targets co-working, shopping malls for next act

Founded in 1990 by CEO Bahram Akradi, Minnesota-based Life Time used to be known as a premier health club that operated large gyms mainly in affluent suburbs in Midwestern and Southern states. Its success was memorialized in 2015 when two leading private equity firms, Leonard Green & Partners and TPG Capital, led a $4-billion deal to take the company private. But rather than retire or move on to new challenges, Akradi chose to remain in his leadership post and continue to build the Life Time bra...
Tags: Health, Amazon, TC, Real Estate, New York, Minnesota, California, Time, America, San Francisco, Tech, Indiana, GS, Miami, Private Equity, Silicon Valley

It Still Isn’t Completely Safe to Eat Romaine Lettuce, CDC Says

Romaine lettuce enthusiasts, I am deeply sorry to have to inform you that your forbidden fruit still isn’t safe—at least not completely.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, California, Cdc, Fda, E Coli, Romaine Lettuce, Honestly Why Even Chance It, Eat Romaine Lettuce CDC

Death of a unicorn: Couple endures emotional crime in bizarre botched adoption

Cruelty has no boundaries, no depth, no shape. When it is practiced by someone who doesn’t care about the consequences of their actions, cruelty can continue past the point of understanding. In the age of social media and smartphone connectivity, vulnerable people, like the kind who adopt babies, too often have to rely on the perceived kindness of strangers to fulfill their dreams. Cruelty can be hidden behind the clicks of a keyboard. Even the law seems ill-equipped when the offense, without ph...
Tags: Health, Google, Facebook, New York, News, California, Virginia, Sport, People, Soccer, Williams, New Jersey, Army, Brian, Illinois, South Carolina

More than half of California nursing homes balk at stricter staffing rules

More than half of California's nursing homes are asking to be exempted from new state regulations that would require them to spend more time directly caring for their patients.
Tags: Health, California

VCU researchers test vaccine against opioid abuse

Virginia Commonwealth University researchers are testing a vaccine against opioid abuse developed by the Scripps Research Institute in California. The vaccine is meant to block the effects of heroin and fentanyl in patients with opioid use disorder.
Tags: Health, California, Vcu, Scripps Research Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University

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