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Health-Related Internet Usage and Design Feature Preference for E-Mental Health Programs Among Men and Women

Background: Major depressive episodes (MDEs) are prevalent in the workplace and affect workers’ health and productivity. Therefore, there is a pressing need for innovation in the prevention of MDEs in the workplace. Electronic mental (e-mental) health programs are a cost-effective approach toward the self-management of stress and emotional issues. E-mental health dropout rate, MDE prevalence, and symptoms greatly vary by sex and age. Thus, the development and implementation of e-mental health pr...
Tags: Health, Canada, Statistics Canada, E Mental Health Programs Among Men and Women

I Feel I’m Not Normal

I don’t really know how to deal with myself, in general, I feel likeI could be going crazy. What does it mean when I feel like i’m going crazy or that there is something is wrong with me, I take several type of disorder test and they all confirm there is something wrong with me but I don’t know how to handle it. For example, I can’t handle the thoughts I think some can be violent and some really nice, sometimes I feel like I can’t believe these thoughts our from my mind I just feel like a differ...
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Gospel for Asia’s Headquarters Funded by Canadian Donor Funds – Guest Post by Bruce Morrison

Bruce Morrison is a pastor in Nova Scotia, CA and a former Gospel for Asia supporter. In recent years, he has actively sought to bring to light GFA’s practices regarding fund raising and spending. In this guest post, Morrison documents and describes the path of funds from Canadian donors to India and then the Wills Point, TX where they were spent to complete the GFA headquarters. The routing of money from Canadian donors who thought they were spending money to help poor India people to the Wills...
Tags: Health, Asia, Usa, Texas, India, Court, US, West, Canada, Infertility, Sri Lanka, Hamilton, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Rbc, Morrison

Failing, Succeeding, Pausing, Deciding and Thriving with Chronic Illness

Today, I’m writing about some prompts that were given to chronic illness bloggers at A Chronic Voice‘s monthly chronic illness link-up party. Thank you, Sheryl! The writing prompts we were given for this month are: Failing, Succeeding, Pausing, Deciding, and Thriving with chronic illness. I’d like to start by observing my last post which was about receiving my Ankylosing Spondylitis diagnosis over a decade ago. I celebrated that milestone with a new article called Ankylosing Spondylitis – 10 Yea...
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More support needed for caregivers in Canada

It's time to strengthen support for the 28% of people who provide care for an ageing family member, friend or neighbor in Canada, argues an editorial in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).
Tags: Health, Canada

Canada appeals court orders tobacco firms to pay billions in damages

A Quebec appellate court has upheld a 2015 decision that ordered the firms to pay over C$15bn.
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"The influence of negative expectation — of fear — on our health is known as the nocebo effect."

"Walter Kennedy, a British doctor and drug expert, first used the term in 1961, to describe the opposite of the better-known, more benign 'placebo.' ('Placebo' means 'I will please,' in Latin; 'nocebo' means 'I will harm.') Most researchers agree that the way we react to spurious worrying information is not dissimilar to how we respond to a sugar pill. The nocebo effect is most often observed in connection with the side effects of drugs, cases in which self-fulfilling prophecies are common. Duri...
Tags: Psychology, Law, Australia, Drugs, Germany, Cancer, Canada, New Zealand, Ann Althouse, Strange Medical Condition, Sam Knight, Walter Kennedy, Eltroxin

Most promising pest-controlling wasp considered for future release in Canada

Thought to be Canada's most promising potential defense against the brown marmorated stink bug - a globally spreading agricultural pest native to Asia - the samurai wasp has been considered for future release in the country in recent years.
Tags: Health, Asia, Canada

In Florida, drug re-importation from Canada finds new champions, old snags

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday he intends to bring down skyrocketing drug prices by leaning on an existing federal law that could enable the state to import prescription meds wholesale from Canada, where they're much cheaper.
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Crossing border with rx I have never had problems crossing with rx drugs though once i was pulled out for secondary screening. It is unofficial policy to allow you to pass with a 90 day supply of personal rx drugs, I get humalog insulin for under 1/10th the us price in Canada. In the border wall bill of over 1,000 pages this would become law and official. Only a few pages deal with border crossing and the word wall is not mentioned.
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Sausage mislabeling in Canada is down, new study finds

Sausage mislabelling in Canada is down, according to a new University of Guelph DNA barcoding study.
Tags: Health, Canada, University of Guelph DNA

New drug raises hopes of reversing memory loss in old age

Toronto researchers believe the drug can also help those with depression, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s An experimental drug that bolsters ailing brain cells has raised hopes of a treatment for memory loss, poor decision making and other mental impairments that often strike in old age.The drug could be taken as a daily pill by over-55s if clinical trials, which are expected to start within two years, show that the medicine is safe and effective at preventing memory lapses. Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Science, Drugs, Memory, Americas, Toronto, Neuroscience, Society, World news, Mental Health, Depression, Schizophrenia, Medical Research, Canada, Alzheimer's, Ageing

Scientists receive $1.5 million to develop new technology for detecting healthcare-associated infections

Healthcare-associated infections are the fourth leading cause of death in Canada, predicted to move up to second place by 2050.
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Venezuela’s political fight could snarl rush to ship aid in

By JOSHUA GOODMAN and CHRISTINE ARMARIO CUCUTA, Colombia — For Anahis Alvarado, whose battle with kidney failure has become more desperate as Venezuela sinks deeper into crisis, the prospect of bringing in emergency medical and food supplies can’t come soon enough. She’s watched five fellow patients in her dialysis group die over the past few years due to inadequate care. Only a quarter of the dialysis machines where she receives treatment at a government-run clinic in Caracas still work. And la...
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How to Stay Healthy When You Travel to Mexico and the Caribbean

No one likes to get sick, especially while on a vacation away from home, even more so in a country where you don’t speak the language. Perhaps you’ve planned the holiday six months out, anticipating time on a beach, not beside a hotel room toilet. If you don’t get many vacation days, getting sick is even harder to stomach. Fortunately most food you eat is safe Is Canada a No Vacation Nation? As a Canadian I think of myself as lucky when it comes to vacation time. But if I look at a 2017 E...
Tags: Travel, Health, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Canada, United States, Ireland, New Zealand, Brazil, Vaccines, British Columbia, Alberta, Caribbean, Expedia, La Paz

Will tech companies change the way we manage our health?

Cyrus Radfar Contributor Cyrus Radfar is the founding partner at V1 Worldwide. More posts by this contributor Amazon isn’t to blame for the Postal Service’s woes, but it will need to innovate to survive Dear United: Autonomous cars will pull you out of your seat As of September 2018, the top 10 tech companies in the U.S. had spent a total of $4.7 billion on healthcare acquisitions since 2012. The number of healthcare deals undertak...
Tags: Apple, Health, Google, Amazon, Column, Utah, California, Washington, White House, Tech, Canada, Healthcare, Oscar, Jp Morgan, Health Insurance, Berkshire Hathaway

New project receives €8.65 million from EU and Canada to ease genomic, health data sharing

The European Union and the Canadian government have awarded the international iReceptor Plus consortium, which is composed of more than 20 partners, €8.65 million to promote human immunological data storage, integration and controlled sharing for a wide range of clinical and scientific purposes.
Tags: Health, Eu, European Union, Canada

A call for the end of routine opioid use after wisdom tooth removal

We are writing as a parent and a dentist to spread a message to parents and dental health care providers across Canada: there are alternatives to prescribing opioids after wisdom tooth removal. Removing wisdom teeth is considered by many as a rite of passage for teenagers. It is one of the most common surgical procedures […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
Tags: Health, Canada, Pain Management, Medications, Primary Care, Meds, PA NP, CRNA

Single national electronic health record will help improve care in Canadian hospitals

Canada should invest in a single national electronic health record for primary care to improve the health of Canadians, argues an editorial in CMAJ.
Tags: Health, Canada

Want your kid to cut down screen-time? Put away your phone, study suggests

A recent study tracked the media habits of families with preschool-age children.The results found that the screen-time of mothers was positively associated with the screen-time of their children, and that offering screens as a reward for good behavior is also linked to increased screen-time among kids.It's important to study the effects of technology on preschool-age children because they're at a stage in development when it's especially easy to form habits and routines that carry on into adulth...
Tags: Health, Science, Technology, Parenting, Mental Health, Canada, Innovation, BMC Obesity, Paediatrics Child Health

Israel to allow medical marijuana exports

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s parliament has unanimously approved a law to permit exports of medical marijuana, allowing Israel to tap the lucrative global market. Israel will become the third country, after the Netherlands and Canada, to take its medical cannabis global. The Israeli medical cannabis company iCAN predicts the global industry will reach $33 billion […]
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5 Tips For Buying High Quality Cannabis On A Budget

Cannabis is becoming a household word as more and more people are realizing the health benefits that little plan contains. Those that used cannabis years ago were considered pot-heads that couldn’t hold a good job because they were stoned all the time. Using cannabis is becoming so popular now that it is widely accepted and readily available, that your average American is enjoying it’s benefits whether you realize it or not. If you are looking to add marijuana into your life, you may be...
Tags: Health, Fashion, Fitness, Weed, Marijuana, Cannabis, Canada, Pot, Health Care, Medical Marijuana, Health & Fitness, Dispensary, Thc, Tips For Buying High Quality Cannabis On A Budget

Daughter signs for deaf dad at rock concert

Rocking out at a concert, Kari Carberry didn't miss a beat as she signed the lyrics of the songs for her deaf dad in Canada last week.
Tags: Health, Canada, Kari Carberry

McMaster study: Your postal code may play a role in your risk of major diseases

Where you live in Canada may play a role in your risk of major diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.
Tags: Health, Canada, McMaster

An Unsupervised Smart App–Optimized HIV Self-Testing Program in Montreal, Canada: Cross-Sectional Study

Background: Although HIV self-testing strategies have been recommended by the World Health Organization, HIV self-tests are not yet approved in Canada. Currently approved HIV self-tests offer toll-free lines that are insufficient for initiating expedited linkages to counseling and care, accurate interpretation, and support during HIV self-testing. We developed an innovative, multilingual software app called HIVSmart! to plug these gaps. Objective: This study aimed to test our app-optimized oral ...
Tags: Health, Canada, World Health Organization, Montreal, Montreal Canada, MSM, Clinique Médicale L'Actuel

Study shows extreme heat events in both summer and winter are increasing across the U.S., Canada

A new study shows extreme heat events both in the summer and in the winter are increasing across the U.S. and Canada, while extreme cold events in summer and winter are declining.
Tags: Health, Canada

FDA says some romaine lettuce can be eaten again, including recent harvests from Imperial Valley

It’s OK to eat some romaine lettuce again, U.S. health officials said. Just check the label. The Food and Drug Administration narrowed its blanket warning from last week, when it said people shouldn’t eat any type of romaine because of an E. coli outbreak. The agency said Monday that romaine recently harvested in Arizona, Florida, Mexico and California’s Imperial Valley is OK to eat. It says romaine from those places wasn’t yet shipping when the illnesses began. It says the tainted romaine appea...
Tags: Health, Business, Science, News, California, Sport, Canada, Soccer, Fda, Central Coast, Whitaker, Yuma, The Food and Drug Administration, Georgia State University, Yuma Arizona, Produce Marketing Association

New analysis outlines potential cost of national Canadian pharmacare program

A new analysis in CMAJ outlines the potential government cost of a national Canadian pharmacare program and sets out approaches to shifting the funding for drugs in Canada to realize billions in savings.
Tags: Health, Canada

Throw out your romaine lettuce, CDC declares E.coli outbreak

Romaine lettuce is unsafe to eat … again. The CDC is advising people to throw out and avoid eating all romaine lettuce following an E.coli outbreak that has left 32 people sick and 13 people hospitalized across 11 states in the U.S. so far. The CDC along with public health officials across the U.S. and Canada are investigating another outbreak of E.coli connected to romaine lettuce. The center said that consumers should not eat any romaine lettuce, and restaurants and retailers should not serve...
Tags: Health, Food, Design, News, Safety, Cdc, Public Health, Canada, Illness, Outbreak, E.coli, Eat & Drink, Lettuce, Caesar, Romaine Lettuce

Female Sexuality

On behalf of a friend, I want to talk to you about what she told me. A 15 year old friend of mine who is straight. She made the point that even if a guy was attractive, it turns her off when she has to see his face, she feels as if it were better if she doesn’t have to see anyone’s face at all. A little background that I know, she had divorced parents and many siblings and cousins living with her under the same roof. She’s Hispanic and doesn’t have the best relationship with her father, consider...
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