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Health industry lobbyists are posing as "ordinary citizens who don't want Medicare for All"

Here are some "ordinary citizens" who have recently been featured in the press as people who are completely OK with the state of American healthcare and totally opposed to Medicare for All or any other project to reform America's worst-in-the-world health care system: "Mustafa Tameez, businessman, Texas" (Tameez is managing director at Texas-based Outreach Strategists, a public affairs and lobbying firm that reps Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, University of Texas Physicians, and St. Luke’s Ho...
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Self-insurer Walmart flies its sick employees to out-of-state specialists to avoid local price-gougers

Walmart self-insures its workforce, rather than relying on an outside insurer like Cigna or Blue Cross; this means that it gets to make judgment calls that other firms cannot, and that has led the retail giant to a pretty weird place: for certain procedures that it believes to be overused by local hospitals, it flies its employees (even front-line, low-waged employees) to see the nation's top specialists in out-of-state facilities where they receive "concierge, white-glove care that was reserve...
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Ketamine works great for depression and other conditions, and costs $10/dose; the new FDA-approved "ketamine" performs badly in trials and costs a fortune

Ketamine is a sedative first synthesized in 1962; its patents have long elapsed and it costs pennies; it has many uses and is also sold illegally for use as a recreational drug, but in recent years it has been used with remarkable efficacy as a treatment for a variety of disorders, including depression, anxiety, and chronic pain (I have lifelong chronic pain and my specialist has prescribed very low doses of it for me at bedtime). Recently, the FDA approved Esketamine, a ketamine-like drug ...
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​Is science synonymous with 'truth'? Game theory says, 'not always.'

Scientists strive to earn credit from their peers, for grants from federal agencies, and so a lot of the decisions that they make are strategic in nature. They're encouraged to publish exciting new findings that demonstrate some new phenomenon that we have never seen before.This professional pressure can affect their decision-making — to get acclaim they may actually make science worse. That is, a scientist might commit fraud if he thinks he can get away with it or a scientist might rush a resul...
Tags: Psychology, Motivation, Corruption, Science, Innovation, Game Theory, Kevin Zollman

We need disagreeable people to fix our dishonest institutions

Eric Weinstein is a mathematician, economist and managing director of Thiel Capital.In a recent interview with Rebel Wisdom, Weinstein spoke about the origins of the Intellectual Dark Web, and his theory of how our institutions are plagued by an "embedded growth obligation."Disagreeable people, Weinstein says, could help institutions correct themselves. None We are living in a fever dream from which we cannot wake up, and it is because we cannot figure out whom to trust, says Eric Weinstein, a m...
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Elizabeth Warren's new bill: let the US government manufacture generic versions of overpriced, unavailable drugs

Senator Elizabeth Warren has introduced a bill called the Affordable Drug Manufacturing Act, which allows the US government to manufacture generic versions of drugs "in cases in which no company is manufacturing a drug, when only one or two companies manufacture a drug and its price has spiked, when the drug is in shortage, or when a medicine listed as essential by the World Health Organization faces limited competition and high prices." Generic drugs once dominated Americans' filled prescr...
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The dialysis industry just set a campaign spending record to fight California limits on pricing

At $111,000,000, the California dialysis industry's campaign spending against Prop 8 (which caps the price of outpatient dialysis) is now the most expensive in US history. Obviously, the dialysis industry is really in trouble, if all it can scrape up is $111 mil. “These clinics are routinely understaffed, leaving patients at risk,” claimed Yes on 8 spokesperson Sean Wherley. The Yes on 8 campaign believes that the measure would not only rein in dialysis costs (which can run as high as ...
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Koch thinktank inadvertently proves that America would save trillions by switching to socialized medicine

Mercatus (previously) is part of the Koch Brothers' network of thinktanks which allow the billionaires and their cadre of oligarchs to make it appear that their ideas are mainstream by all singing the praises of the wealthy in chorus. (more…)
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For more than half a century, the sugar industry has used Big Tobacco tactics to suppress sugar/cancer link and to confuse the science

UCSF researchers have published an important paper in PLOS Biology that draws on internal documents from the US sugar industry lobby that shows that the industry deliberately suppressed research on the link between sucrose and bladder cancer and heart disease, and then deliberately sowed misinformation about the health effects of sugar, using tactics straight out of the tobacco industry's cancer-denial playbook. (more…)
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Watson for Oncology isn't an AI that fights cancer. it's an unproven mechanical turk that represents the guesses of a small group of doctors

There are 50 hospitals on 5 continents that use Watson for Oncology, an IBM product that charges doctors to ingest their cancer patients' records and then make treatment recommendations and suggest journal articles for further reading. (more…)
Tags: Health, Post, Business, Corruption, Science, News, Fraud, Machine Learning, Ibm, Watson, Ai, Weapons Of Math Destruction, cancer isn't Jeopardy

The Sackler Family: best known for philanthropy, they made billions promoting Oxycontin

Purdue cynically created the American opiod epidemic through a combination of bribing medical professionals to overprescribe Oxycontin, publishing junk science, and aggressively lobbying regulators at every level to turn a blind eye to the destruction of the lives of millions of patient; while the company settled a record-setting criminal case, the name of the secretive family of billionaires who run Purdue and profited from the Oxy epidemic is best known for philanthropy, not profiteering: the...
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Susan Komen Foundation attains the sellout singularity with a pinkwashed fracking-drill bit

The Susan G Komen Foundation is the poster-child for shitty charitable activity, from its notoriously high overheads (which divert donors' money to executives, rather than cancer research) to its antipathy to Planned Parenthood (because forcing women to have babies is more important than screening their breasts for cancer), and then there's its string of dubious branding deals. But now the charity has attained a new peak of sellout pinkwashing, partnering with fracking giant Baker Hughes to...
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Audit shows that pharma companies are still cheating by suppressing trials

It's been years since the major pharma companies agreed to participate in the Registry of All Trials, meaning that they'd end the practice of only reporting on trials whose outcomes they were pleased with, leaving about half of all trials unreported-on. (more…)
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Insiders: America's largest chain of psych hospitals kidnaps people seeking care, drugs and holds them until they're out of insurance Universal Health Services (UHS) is the largest chain of psychiatric facilities in the USA, with 2.5x more beds than its closest competitor, and dozens of whistleblowers from inside the company told a Buzzfeed reporter that they were pressured to find pretenses to lock up people who voluntarily presented for assessments, holding them against their will until their insurance ran out, with massive bonuses for executives who increased profits (and much ...
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Polish women go on strike over insane abortion law

Poland's ultra-right government has passed an insane, incoherent ban on abortion that is so badly drafted that it potentially criminalizes miscarriage and surgeries to save the lives of fetuses. (more…)
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Mysterious medical research consortium: we should own volunteers' clinical trial data for 5 years

The "International Consortium of Investigators for Fairness in Trial Data Sharing" -- a group that appears to have just been formed, backed by 282 researcher in 33 countries -- has objected to a plan to limit exclusivity over clinical trial data derived from medical volunteers, insisting instead that the fair thing to do is to lock up this uncopyrightable, factual data for up to five years. (more…)
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North Carolina Eases Coal Ash Cleanup Laws as New Leak is Discovered

Duke Energy, North Carolina's largest coal company, stands to gain in the state's latest round of coal ash regulations. Some payouts protect homeowners' rights to clean water, but does Bill 630 go far enough to protect the state's natural resources? Maybe not, suggests a new suit brought against the coal company. [Author: Jan Lee]
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EPA Links Herbicide to Cancer – and Does Nothing

In a long-awaited study, the EPA concluded that atrazine, the second most commonly used herbicide in the U.S., can cause cancer in amphibians, and is likely to have harmful health impacts for humans as well. Despite this, no action will be taken until 2017. [Author: Nithin Coca]
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Flintnation: 33 US cities caught cheating on municipal water lead tests

An independent investigation by The Guardian found 33 cities in 17 US states (including Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee) are systematically cheating on the tests to monitor lead levels in the municipal water. 21 of those cities used the same cheating techniques that led to criminal charges in the Flint water scandal. (more…)
Tags: Health, Post, Corruption, Crime, Milwaukee, US, Pollution, Usausausa, Urban Theory, Flint

How an engineer/public health whistleblower led the citizen scientists who busted Flint's water crisis

When Marc Edwards was a young Virginia tech engineer, he landed a job with Cadmus Group, an EPA subcontractor who'd been hired to investigate problems with the DC water-supply, but when he discovered a lead contamination crisis and refused to stop talking about it, he was fired. (more…)
Tags: Health, Post, Business, Corruption, Transparency, Science, Virginia, Environment, Water, Epa, Citizen Science, Whistleblowers, Denialism, Flint, Marc Edwards

US trade rep threatens Colombia's peace process over legal plan to offer cheap leukemia meds

Colombia wants to produce Novartis's leukemia drug imatinib under a compulsory license, something it is allowed to do under its trade agreement with the USA, to bring the price down from $15,161/year (double the annual average income) to prices like those charged in India ($803/year). (more…)
Tags: Health, Post, Corruption, Usa, Cancer, India, US, Colombia, Switzerland, Novartis, Corporatism, Pharma, Class War, War On Drugs, USTR

Security researcher discovers glaring problem with patient data system, FBI stages armed dawn raid

Justin Shafer was roused from his bed this week by thunderous knocking at his North Richland Hills, Texas home, and when he opened the door, found himself staring down the barrel of a 'big green' assault weapon, wielded by one of the 12-15 armed FBI agents on his lawn. (more…)
Tags: Health, Security, Post, Corruption, Privacy, Fbi, Infosec, Ftc, Dentistry, CFAA, PII

How a pharma company made billions off mass murder by faking the science on Oxycontin

When Purdue Pharma's patent on the MS Contin was close to expiry, the Sackler family who owned the company spent millions trying to find a product that could replace the profits they'd lose from generic competition on MS Contin: the result was Oxycontin, a drug that went on to kill Americans at epidemic scale. (more…)
Tags: Health, Post, Business, Corruption, Murder, Law, Drugs, Regulation, Fda, Pharma, Class War, War On Drugs, 1 Percent, Purdue Pharma, Sackler

Duke Energy Gets 8 More Years to Clean Up Toxic Coal Ash in North Carolina

If new guidelines issued Wednesday go through, Duke Energy will have eight more years to clean up coal ash deposits in North Carolina. Environmental organizations say that's not fast enough, as criticism mounts against Gov. McCrory's administration and its alleged involvement in softening regulations affecting the energy giant. [Author: Jan Lee]
Tags: Health, Energy, Corruption, Government, Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility, Policy & Government, Public Health, Ethics, Coal, Government Policy, State Governments, North Carolina, Coal Ash Disposal, Dan river coal ash spill, Duke Energy

Big Vitamin bankrolls naturopaths' attempts to go legit and get public money

Backed by huge donations from vitamin companies, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians is pushing to get naturopathic medicine recognized and regulated in all 50 US states, paving the way to receiving public funds in the form of Medicare reimbursements. (more…)
Tags: Health, Post, Corruption, Science, Woo, US, Dark Money

DNC Host Committee composed of GOP megadonors, Net Neutrality haters, fracking boosters and anti-Obamacare lobbyists

The Host Committee for this year's Democratic National Convention includes Finance Chair Daniel Hilferty, a health insurance industry lobbyist on the board of America’s Health Insurance Plan (which lead the FUD campaign against Obamacare and is backing the GOP's anti-Obamacare bills), who has donated thousands to PACs supporting GOP candidates like Orin Hatch, Pat Toomey, and Tim Scott. He also donated to the presidential campaigns of Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and Hillary Clinton. (more…)
Tags: Health, Post, Corruption, Politics, Elections, Net Neutrality, Obamacare, Democrats, Gop, Hillary Clinton, Usausausa, Uspoli, Tammany Hall, Host Committee, Chris Christie Jeb Bush

Doctors who get pharma money prescribe brand-name drugs instead of generics

It's an open secret that the pharmaceutical industry spends billions marketing to doctors, deliberately misleading them about their products, raking in record profits that they shift into offshore tax-havens through legally questionable means, while lobbying for global treaties that benefit them at the expense of the sick. (more…)
Tags: Health, Post, Business, Corruption, Science, Scholarship, Pharma, Doctors For Dollars

Ten hard truths about the Flint water atrocity

Years before the complaints from Flint's citizenry about their water provoked action from the state, Governor Rick Snyder spent $440,000 to supply better water to the GM factory, where the new water supply was corroding the car parts on the assembly line. (more…)
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Majority of UK booze-industry revenues come from problem drinkers

69% of the alcohol sold in the UK is sold to "harmful," "hazardous" or "increasing risk" drinkers, accounting for more than 60% of the industry's revenues. The number of alcohol-related hospitalisations in the UK has doubled in the past ten years, to more than 1m/year. (more…)
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TPP vs Canada: a parade of horribles

Michael Geist has rung in the new year with the first in a series of posts that set out, in eye-watering detail, the bowel-loosening terror of the effects that the secretly negotiated Trans Pacific Partnership would have on Canada if the country ratifies it. (more…)
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