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Deadline to enroll for health care coverage in California is Jan. 15

The deadline to enroll for health care coverage through Covered California is Jan. 15 and its executive director, Peter V. Lee, will be riding a bus through Southern California starting Saturday, Jan. 12, to spread awareness about the importance of getting health insurance. Lee said the number of people buying insurance through Covered California has dropped, with enrollment down about 10 percent from last year, largely because Congress did away with the individual mandate requiring everyone to ...
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Couple makes millions off Medicaid managed care as oversight lags

By Chad Terhune, California Healthline CHULA VISTA >> Norma Diaz and her husband, Joseph Garcia, have dedicated their careers to running a nonprofit health insurer that covers some of California’s neediest residents. For three decades, they have worked for a Medicaid managed-care plan, Community Health Group, serving nearly 300,000 poor and disabled patients in San Diego County under a state contract funded entirely by taxpayers. They’ve earned above-average ratings for patient care. And in the ...
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California may buck Congress with its own health insurance requirement

By Elizabeth Aguilera, CALmatters With Congress ending the requirement that all Americans have health insurance, California leaders are preparing to counter that move by securing health care for as many residents as possible in a fortified state insurance exchange. State lawmakers say they will present a package of health-related proposals in the coming weeks, before a Feb. 16 deadline for new bill introductions. Details are still developing, but officials and health care advocates say discussio...
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Oh, that health-insurance deadline? Doesn’t apply to California

By Ana B. Ibarra, California Healthline Don’t be fooled, Californians. Despite what you may be seeing or hearing about a Dec. 15 enrollment deadline, you didn’t miss it. You still have more than six weeks to choose or switch your Affordable Care Act health plans. It’s true that Americans who live in the 39 states that rely on the federal health insurance marketplace,, face a final deadline Friday to sign up for plans. Related Articles Pharmacy costs continue to...
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Putting money where its mouthpiece is: California outspends U.S. to market Obamacare

By Ana B. Ibarra and Carmen Heredia Rodriguez, California Healthline The marketing blitz is on. Californians are getting barraged with online pop-up ads, radio spots and television commercials, all aimed at persuading them to sign up for Affordable Care Act health plans during this year’s open-enrollment season. Covered California, the state’s Obamacare exchange, is wielding a monster marketing budget that devotes $45 million to ads, including $18 million for TV and $8 million for radio. The age...
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Ask Emily: Acute confusion reigns as exchange enrollment nears

By Emily Bazar, California Healthline Emily Bazar’s monthly column focuses on navigating health care coverage in California.Send questions for Emily to [email protected] — If the comments on Covered California’s Facebook page are any indication, you’re all suffering from acute health insurance confusion: “I wanted to sign up again this year. … I’m hesitant now because of what Trump has done. Should I still consider?” “Does the removal of subsidies mean we might lose our premium tax credits during...
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Ask Emily: Tips to help you claim your bed in nursing home

Latest in a series of columns answering consumers’ questions about California’s changing medical landscape. By Emily Bazar Most everyone agrees that it can be very difficult – next to impossible, really – for Medi-Cal enrollees to snag a spot in a nursing home, especially if they’re transferring from their homes or assisted living facilities rather than going straight from the hospital. Not everyone agrees on the reasons, however. “There’s massive, systemic Medi-Cal discrimination,” says Pat McG...
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California Sets Target Of 1.7 Million People Signed Up For Covered California

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — After initial missteps caused a choppy start, California health care officials are betting that an upgraded website, more help and better Spanish-language outreach will result in a smoother and bigger second open enrollment season under the Affordable Care Act this year. Starting Saturday, Californians who don’t have access to health plans through their employer can obtain coverage for 2015 through the state’s insurance marketplace known as Covered California. The excha...
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