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Local Man Survives Shopping Trip While Wearing Mask

Local Man Survives Shopping Trip While Wearing Mask GROVE CITY, PA – A local man went shopping for groceries late Wednesday night while wearing a cloth face covering in response to COVID-19 regulations. With his mask on, Warren Throckmorton, a professor at Grove City College, was able to secure numerous items during the 35 minute excursion without injuring his health. “I know it might surprise some people, but I didn’t lose consciousness even once. My heart rate went up a little in the hot sauc...
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V.P. Pence’s Visit to First Baptist Church in Dallas: How Not to Do Church During a Pandemic

Buzzfeed News is reporting this morning what I wanted to report last week but couldn’t verify: Prior to V.P. Mike Pence’s visit to First Baptist Church in Dallas on Sunday, there was an outbreak of COVID-19 among the church’s orchestra and choir. I had heard this from two twitter accounts but could not get primary source verification, so I didn’t run with it. Buzzfeed reporters were able to get that confirmation and went with the story today. The video of the event shows that the choir was singi...
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New Zealand Health Official Resigns Over Two Covid-19 Cases Imported From Britain

New Zealand’s top health official stepped down on Thursday following a relatively minor scandal that shows the enormous difference in how the U.S. and other wealthy countries are dealing with the covid-19 pandemic. Read more...
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Google confirms US offices will remain closed until at least September, as COVID-19 spikes

A few months back, Google announced plans to reopen some U.S. offices after the July 4th holiday. But the best-laid plans, and all of that. Things have obviously not been going great in terms of the United States’ battle with COVID-19, and Google once again finds itself proceeding on the side of caution. As was first reported by Bloomberg, Google has since confirmed with TechCrunch that it will be pushing back reopening at least until September 7, after the Labor Day holiday in the States. A...
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We can’t expect learners and teachers to function optimally right now

It may well be that we have warm bodies in schools, but to think their minds are highly productive is a reach The post We can’t expect learners and teachers to function optimally right now appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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The COVID-19 Crisis And The Perils It Poses

Make no mistake: we're not out of the woods yet.
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Pop-up wearable tent for COVID-19 protection in offices, schools, and medical facilities

A few years back, my brother Rick Pescovitz came up with Under The Weather Pods, single-person pop-up shelters. (You may have caught Rick on Shark Tank.) Rick was sick of getting soaked at his kids' soccer games and was inspired by a portable toilet he saw by the field. Under The Weather Pods are designed for watching sports, fishing, and other outdoor events where it's raining, windy, or cold, but you are either obligated to watch or having so much fun you don't want to leave. When the pa...
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When Churches Reopen: The Mentally Vulnerable

You are reading a post in the mini-series entitled “When Churches Reopen” which I decided to write when I began seeing that some churches around the world were beginning to reopen and in reading their announcements or newsletters I began noticing that a lot of them were forgetting a few things. This post in the series is about the mentally vulnerable.It’s no secret that with the pandemic everyone’s mental health has been affected whether it’s more stress or existing mental health struggles that ...
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American Airlines Throws Out Social Distancing Measures During Pandemic

Although the U.S. is still in the middle of a raging coronavirus pandemic that is breaking records in states like Texas and Florida and getting us banned from visiting Europe, American Airlines has decided to throw out social distancing measures on its planes. The airline quietly announced on Friday that it will start …Read more...
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Apple temporarily re-closes 14 more Florida stores as COVID-19 numbers surge

After closing stores across four states, this was no doubt a bit of an inevitable: Following reporting earlier today, Apple has confirmed that it will be shutting down an additional 14 stores in Florida, joining the two it closed last week. The company sent a statement to TechCrunch that is essentially identical to the one it gave us last week, reading, “Due to current COVID-19 conditions in some of the communities we serve, we are temporarily closing stores in these areas. We take this step...
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NASA’s JPL open-sources an anti-face-touching wearable to help reduce the spread of COVID-19

There are some wearables out there in the world that are making claims around COVID-19 and their ability to detect it, prevent it, certify that you don’t have it and more. But a new wearable device from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory might actually be able to do the most to prevent the spread of COVID-19 — and it’s not really all that technically advanced or complicated. JPL’s PULSE wearable uses 3D-printed parts and readily available, affordable electronic components to do just one thing: ...
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After Telling Staff That Working During Pandemic Was Voluntary, Tesla Reportedly Sent Termination Notices

Some Tesla workers who were originally informed they were not “obligated” to show up for shifts at the company’s Fremont, California production facility as it reopened during the coronavirus pandemic have in fact received termination notices, the Washington Post reported on Thursday.Read more...
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New research suggests biases play a role in FDA drug approval

When new drugs are similar to popular drugs on the market, FDA approval takes up to 75 percent longer. Texas McCombs Professor Francisco Polidoro Jr. reviewed 291 drugs over a 35-year period. Polidoro believes that potential coronavirus treatments or vaccines could help the FDA improve upon this longstanding bias. Speaking in front of Congress earlier this week, Dr. Anthony Fauci said he is "cautiously optimistic" that a coronavirus vaccine will be developed. He believes "it will be when and n...
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Investing in education as a global common good

High-stakes choices today, transforming education for tomorrow. Covid-19 must be used as a catalyst to strengthen health and education The post Investing in education as a global common good appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Demand for fertility services persists despite COVID-19 shutdowns

In 2019, the global fertility services industry was estimated to be worth $14.8 billion with demand driven by the significant growth in the median age of first-time mothers, according to a Research & Markets report. Gina Bartasi, founder and CEO of NYC-based fertility center Kindbody, has pointed to macroeconomic trends responsible for the industry’s consistent growth, such as the increase in single mothers by choice and the fact that “heterosexual couples are waiting to have children and ...
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9 top VCs discuss the future of New York startups

New York City was an initial U.S. hotspot for the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s also one of the most expensive cities in the world — so you might think startups would be anxious to leave. However, when we surveyed a number of New York-based venture capitalists, they seemed bullish about the city’s future as a startup and technology hub. As AF Ventures’ David Levinson put it, “New York simply has too much to offer, from its richly diverse population, cultural significance and vast collection of ind...
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We are all part of the biggest psychological experiment in history

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 2.6 billion people were under a mandate to stay at home. According to psychologist Elke Van Hoof of Free University of Brussels-VUB, [the lockdown] "is arguably the largest psychological experiment ever conducted." What impact will COVID-19 have on the planet's mental health? The scientific study of psychological resilience is not a new field. But COVID-19 is fairly unique in the range of stressors it triggers, from the death of loved ones to isolation, devastatin...
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How to See a Doctor During the Pandemic, With Cardiologists Marc Eisenberg and Chris Kelly

We’ve seen a rise in preventable deaths since the start of the pandemic, largely because people are too afraid to go to the doctor. So we want to change that this week with the help of cardiologists Marc Eisenberg and Chris Kelly, who tell us all about the ease of booking a televisit, how to prepare for one, and what…Read more...
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Apple Is Closing Some U.S. Stores Again in States With Rising Coronavirus Cases

Although many people may be glad to see parts of the country gradually reopening, it doesn’t mean that some places or companies won’t decide to close again if coronavirus cases flare up. That’s exactly what Apple is doing at about a dozen stores in the U.S. “out of an abundance of caution.” Read more...
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AMC Changes Its Mind and Says It Will Require Moviegoers to Wear Face Masks

After facing customer backlash, AMC, the largest movie theater chain in the U.S., decided on Friday that health was more important than politics and announced that it would require all moviegoers to wear face masks in its theaters.Read more...
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California Does the Smart Thing and Orders Residents to Wear Face Masks in Public

In light of rising covid-19 cases, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, Governor Gavin Newsom of California on Thursday announced that the state would require all residents to wear face masks or coverings in public and in situations deemed high-risk. The reasoning was simple. Apparently, too many people are…Read more...
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After reopening, Apple is closing stores in four states as COVID-19 numbers climb

Apple today confirmed earlier rumors that it plans to shut down re-opened stores in four states.   Impacted locations include six stores in Arizona, two in Florida, another two in North Carolina and one in South Carolina. “Due to current COVID-19 conditions in some of the communities we serve, we are temporarily closing stores in these areas. We take this step with an abundance of caution as we closely monitor the situation and we look forward to having our teams and customers back as soon a...
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Attention Passengers: We’ve Got a Dweeb Alert

This is your captain speaking. Dweeb alert! This is not a drill. Dweeb alert! That’s right, folks, there is a dweeb alert in effect on this aircraft.Read more...
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Obsessive-compulsive disorder as practice for COVID-19

People who live with obsessive-compulsive disorder, especially those who have learned to manage it with cognitive-behavioral therapy tools, may actually be psychologically well-prepared for this pandemic. The skills those of us with OCD practice to handle anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and all-consuming compulsions are well-suited to dealing with worries of infection and the endless what-ifs about what lies ahead. Those fortunate enough to have been treated for OCD with cognitive-behavioral th...
Tags: Psychology, Post, News, Anxiety, Houston, OCD, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, McIngvale, Carli, International OCD Foundation, COVID-19, Elizabeth McIngvale, McLean OCD Institute, Lars Klintwall Malmqvist

UK gives up on centralized coronavirus contacts tracing app — will “likely” switch to model backed by Apple and Google

The UK has given up building a centralized coronavirus contacts tracing app and will instead switch to a decentralized app architecture, the BBC has reported. This suggests its any future app will be capable of plugging into the joint ‘exposure notification’ API which has been developed in recent weeks by Apple and Google. The UK’s decision to abandon a bespoke app architecture comes more than a month after ministers had been reported to be eyeing such a switch. They went on to award a contr...
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UK gives up on centralized coronavirus contacts tracing app — will switch to model backed by Apple and Google

The UK has given up building a centralized coronavirus contacts tracing app and will instead switch to a decentralized app architecture, the BBC has reported. This means its future app will be capable of plugging into the joint ‘exposure notification’ API which has been developed in recent weeks by Apple and Google. The UK’s decision to abandon a bespoke app architecture comes more than a month after ministers had been reported to be eyeing such a switch. They went on to award a contract to an...
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Microsoft employs experimental undersea data center in search for COVID-19 vaccine

Part of the challenge in seeking out an effective treatment for COVID-19 is simply one of scale – protein folding is key to understanding how the virus that causes COVID-19 attaches to health cells in order to infect them. Modeling said folding gets a big boost from distributed computing efforts like the [email protected] global program, which employs even consumer computers as processing nodes to tackle big problems. Microsoft is testing pre-packed, shipping container-sized data centres that c...
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EU states agree a tech spec for national coronavirus apps to work across borders

European Union countries and the Commission have agreed on a technical framework to enable regional coronavirus contacts tracing apps to work across national borders. A number of European countries have launched contacts tracing apps at this point, with the aim of leveraging smartphone technologies in the fight against COVID-19, but none of these apps can yet work across national borders. Last month, EU Member States agreed to a set of interoperability guidelines for tracing apps. Now they’ve...
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Scientists Warn That Covid-19 Could Cause Diabetes

There may be a double whammy when it comes to the covid-19 pandemic and diabetes. Scientists are warning that people with pre-existing diabetes have a higher risk of developing serious complications from the viral illness, while the infection may also raise people’s risk of developing a new case of diabetes. But it’s…Read more...
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Color’s COVID-19 testing shows most who test positive had either mild or no symptoms

Echoing much of the existing data and research on the subject, SF-based Color released data today showing that based on its own testing program, most individuals who test positive for COVID-19 display either mild or no symptoms, including even running a fever. The results, taken from Color’s own testing of over 30,000 people to date across its California testing stations, shows that despite continuing efforts underway across the U.S. to reopen local and state economies, widespread testing is ...
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