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There Are Sex Differences In The Trajectory Of Depression Symptoms Through Adolescence, With Implications For Treatment And Prevention

By Matthew Warren. The study provides the most detailed study yet of the trajectory of depression symptoms through adolescence.
Tags: Psychology, Gender, Sex, Mental Health, Developmental, Matthew Warren

In Later Life, We Become Less Aware Of Other People’s Anger And Fear, But Remain Sensitive To Their Happiness

By Emma Young. The findings may help to explain why older adults report feeling happier than younger people. 
Tags: Psychology, Emotion, Developmental, Emma Young

These Violent Delights Don’t Have Violent Ends: Study Finds No link Between Violent Video Games And Teen Aggression

By Matthew Warren. Given on-going concerns about the potential negative consequences of violent video games, a null finding from a large, carefully designed study should offer some reassurance.
Tags: Psychology, Technology, Media, Forensic, Developmental, Matthew Warren Given

Young Children With Thinner Brain Regions Have Better Working Memory

By Matthew Warren. With a better understanding of what causes cortical thinning, researchers could begin to figure out how to intervene to facilitate these changes and improve working memory in children at risk of memory impairments.
Tags: Psychology, Memory, Brain, Developmental, Matthew Warren With

Researchers Explore A “Striking Phenomenon” In Young Children’s Thinking – Their Denial That Improbable Events Are Possible

By Christian Jarrett. Prompting children to consider events in far away lands helps them to be more open-minded.
Tags: Psychology, Developmental

Time For A Fresh Approach To Learning Difficulties? The Cognitive Profile Of Kids Struggling At School Bore No Relation To Their Official Diagnoses

By Emma Young. The research involved over 500 children who had been referred to a research clinic.
Tags: Psychology, Brain, Educational, Developmental, Emma Young

Even two-year-olds can tell the difference between a leader and a bully

By Alex Fradera. Toddlers recognise that the iron fist holds the most tenuous grip on power.
Tags: Psychology, Developmental, Alex Fradera Toddlers

Growth mindset doesn’t only apply to learning – it’s better to encourage your child to help, than to be “a helper”

By Emma Young. Children primed to think of themselves as "helpers" were more discouraged when things didn't go to plan.
Tags: Psychology, Developmental, Emma Young

The first study to explore what cisgender kids think of their transgender peers

By Christian Jarrett. Cisgender kids who categorised transgender children by natal sex also showed less liking of them, mirroring similar findings with adults.
Tags: Psychology, Gender, Developmental, Christian Jarrett Cisgender

How kids shape their parents’ parenting style

By Christian Jarrett. The findings have implications for the design of parenting interventions.
Tags: Psychology, Genetics, Personality, Developmental, Christian Jarrett

Study suggests your adulthood self-esteem has its roots in the way you were raised as a child

Interventions to enhance the quality of the early home environment could have lasting benefits for children's self-esteem. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Mental Health, Personality, Developmental, The self

An over-abundance of toys may stifle toddler creativity

Fewer available toys allow a child to focus more on a toy, to explore it more thoroughly, and discover different ways of using it. By Emma Young
Tags: Psychology, Developmental

This is what happened when psychologists gave toddlers a version of the classic Marshmallow Test

Some toddlers are capable of impressive levels of self-control. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Developmental

Children with higher working memory are more inclined to finger count (and less able kids should be encouraged to do the same)

The researchers said their findings support teaching less able young kids how to finger count effectively. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Educational, Cognition, Developmental

Belief in brain myths and child development myths continues even among those who’ve studied psychology

By Christian Jarrett Despite countless myth-busting articles online, dedicated bloggers like Neuroskeptic, and the publication of a recent book described by Ben…
Tags: Psychology, Brain, Educational, Developmental, Neuroskeptic

Your childhood best friend’s intelligence probably rubbed off on you

Just by hanging out with a brainy buddy, you will likely have absorbed some of their knowledge and skills. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Intelligence, Educational, Developmental

New insights into teen risk-taking – their “hot” inhibitory control is poorer than children’s

The researchers said their findings could contribute to educational programmes for teenagers. By Emma Young
Tags: Psychology, Decision Making, Emotion, Developmental

Sex differences in human brain structure are already apparent at one month of age

Pretending these early sex differences in the brain don't exist will not help us make society fairer. By Alex Fradera
Tags: Psychology, Gender, Sex, Brain, Developmental, Biological

New “Highly Sensitive Child” test identifies three groups: orchids, dandelions and tulips

Early research suggests that Environmental Sensitivity is a meaningful concept distinct from other common traits. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Developmental, Environmental Sensitivity

New insights into lifetime personality change from “meta-study” featuring 50,000 participants

The findings debunk William James' assertion that personality is set like plaster after age 30. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Personality, Developmental, William James

Our growing tendency to “chunk” our experiences could explain why life speeds up

Using mindfulness to appreciate the uniqueness of moments could make it less likely that they’ll be swallowed up into a "chunk". By Emma Young
Tags: Psychology, Time, Memory, Developmental

Positive parenting gets “under the skin”, showing up years later in the cortisol response

Positive parenting seems to have psychological benefits that last from adolescence into adulthood. By Alex Fradera
Tags: Psychology, Developmental, Biological

The four ways to promote creativity in children come more naturally to some mothers than others

The research found that mothers’ personalities were related to their creation of a creative climate in a number of ways. By Alex Fradera
Tags: Psychology, Personality, Creativity, Developmental

A 30-minute lesson in the malleability of personality has long-term benefits for anxious, depressed teenagers

The brief session taught the teenagers that you can exert control over the kind of person you want to be. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Mental Health, Personality, Developmental

Pretending to be Batman helps kids stay on task

Adults may be tempted to give this technique a go too
Tags: Psychology, Educational, Developmental

Children of today are better at delaying gratification than previous generations

The research looked at how children's performance on the "Marshmallow Test" of self-control has changed over the last 50 years. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Developmental

Children as young as four believe in karma – good things happen to those who do good

Regardless of whether they have a religious upbringing, young kids seem to believe in cosmic karma – that the world rewards good behaviour. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Religion, Morality, Developmental

The first study to see if fussy-eating children grow into fussy-eating adults

The findings may provide a crumb (sorry) of comfort for anxious parents. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Mental Health, Eating, Developmental

Against expectations, no evidence that toddlers with older siblings have superior Theory of Mind

The researchers found that, for toddlers, having a younger sibling could even be a hindrance to Theory of Mind development. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Developmental

Rural Cameroonian pre-schoolers just aced Mischel’s iconic Marshmallow Test

It's the first time that the iconic test of children's self-control has been used in a traditional non-Western culture. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Cross-cultural, Developmental, Mischel

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