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4 Steps To Treat Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Jennifer of FOMO bones has written a very practical article on how to treat anxiety in dogs and has kindly shared it with us. As a dog owner, dealing with canine separation anxiety and distress can sound like a daunting task. When you become a dog parent, you never even think about the potential behavioral issues that might arise and the thought of having a dog that struggles with anxiety almost seems slightly absurd. The reality is, though, that at one point or another during your life of ...
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Dogs can smell when seizures are about to begin, scientists find

Scent linked to epileptic seizures could mean dogs can be trained to warn ownersDogs can detect a telltale scent linked to epileptic seizures, scientists have discovered, raising the possibility that they could be trained to reliably warn owners when a seizure is imminent.The findings may also help explain anecdotal reports that dogs are able to sense when their owner is about to have a seizure. Knowing when a seizure is going to occur could allow people with epilepsy to have greater control and...
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Robocall Hell, Divination Bot Returns, and a Fake MD: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

The winds of time blow strangely here, in our unfortunate state of internet-enabled perpetual present, but how the heck is it already March? This is not a rhetorical question. If you could explain this to me, that would be great.Read more...
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Dog cancer treatment startup raises $5 million from Andreessen Horowitz and others

One in every three dogs gets cancer, according to the National Canine Cancer Foundation. OneHealth, a startup that just raised a $5 million seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz’s Bio fund with participation from Lerer Hippeau and Y Combinator, aims to make it easier for humans to treat canine cancer, which is the number one disease killer of pups. “Prevalence and incidence for cancer is much higher with dogs,” OneHealth founder and CEO Christina Lopes told TechCrunch over the phone. OneHealth’s...
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Researchers have identified an area of the dog brain dedicated to processing human faces

If you want to know about the special relationship between human and canine you need only watch a dog owner slavishly feed, cuddle and clean up after her furry companion, day after day after day. But is this unique cross-species relationship also reflected at a deeper level, in the workings of the canine brain? A recent study in Learning and Behavior suggests so, finding that highly trained dogs have a dedicated neural area for processing human faces, separate from the area involved in processin...
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Is Gustave Doré's "Saintly throng in the shape of a rose" the source material for the illustration for the NYT article "Everything Is for Sale Now. Even Us"?

In Dante's "Paradiso" the souls in Heaven form a rose:Dante sees an enormous rose, symbolising divine love, the petals of which are the enthroned souls of the faithful (both those of the Old Testament and those of the New). All the souls he has met in Heaven, including Beatrice, have their home in this rose. Angels fly around the rose like bees, distributing peace and love. Beatrice now returns to her place in the rose, signifying that Dante has passed beyond theology in directly contemplating G...
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Dogs Can Sniff Out Malaria in Worn Socks

New research shows that dogs can be trained to detect the malaria parasite in infected individuals using their keen sense of smell.Read more...
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Is CBD Oil Good For My Dog?

CBD oil seems to be one of the hottest trends on the market today. From bubble bath to desserts, people are consuming CBD in a huge variety of ways for countless reasons. In this popularity boom, you might have heard that CBD could be useful for your dog too. If you’re like many people, you might not even be sure what exactly CBD oil is, much less know if its safe and beneficial to your dog. Read on while we break it down for you: What is CBD Oil Anyway?: CBD is a phytocannabinoid that’s de...
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If a Bat Was in Your Bedroom, You Probably Need a Rabies Shot

Bats are adorable and important members of our ecosystem, but they also caused 17 of the 19 rabies deaths in the US between 1997 and 2006. You can be bitten without knowing it, which is why health departments often recommend a rabies shot if you wake up with a bat in your room.Read more...
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Our Fat Pets

Sixty percent of cats tip the scales at unhealthy weights, slightly more than the 56 percent of dogs. It’s not good for them.
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Bristly Lets Dogs Brush Their Own Teeth: This toy entertains your pooch while also improving their oral hygiene

Pinning your dog down to brush his or her teeth isn't fun for anybody—between their painstaking reluctancy and your own guilt—but ignoring their oral health isn't possible. Dental bones and other chews can help, but they don't often get into those...... Continue Reading...
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Don't Use DNA Tests to Make Decisions About Your Dog’s Health

You can swab the inside of your dog’s cheek to find out whether they have any genes linked to certain canine diseases—but it may be best if you don’t. These services have flaws similar to those of human DNA tests, including false positives and false negatives. Read more...
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"The internet has always been lawless, but the chaos of the Trump era has worsened online nastiness to the point where even I, a verifiably snarky internet writer..."

"... have grown sick of it all. Desperate for an antidote, I started dabbling in wholesome activities: bicycling, crossword puzzles, baking and writing in my journal. 'Oh no! You’re becoming a hippie,' my mother said after I informed her of my new hobbies. In these efforts to self-soothe, I made a life-changing discovery: Making sourdough bread is the opposite of using the internet...."From a NYT essay by Eve Peyser, "I Wanted a Dog. I Bake Bread Instead." The headline highlights the dog/bread a...
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Are you one of those people who eat the same thing every day?

My question is prompted by an article I'm reading — from 2015 about Oliver Sacks:“I’m a compulsive eater. I can’t have much food in the fridge.” Sacks has eaten the same meals every day for years: oatmeal or Grape-Nuts for breakfast, and canned fish for lunch and dinner. When I ask about this, Sacks stands and shuffles off toward the kitchen, “Stay put,” he instructs. He returns a minute later to methodically stack on the table between us seven tins of sardines, and a half-finished plastic-wrapp...
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"Most Science-fiction missed the most important thing in the world, which is the internet itself. They had flying cars. They had rocket ships. None of that exists..."

"... but the internet governs our lives today. It used to be that when you communicated with someone, the person you were communicating with was as important as the information; Now on the internet, the person is unimportant at all. Becoming your own filter will be the challenge of the future. Will our children's children's children need the companionship of humans - or will they have evolved in a world where that's not important? It sounds awful doesn't it? But maybe it will be fine, and the co...
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Fuzzy Pet Health launches a $10-per-month telemedicine vet care plan

A new subscription service will now let you chat with a vet from your smartphone for $10 per month. This telemedicine vet care plan is the latest from Fuzzy Pet Health, a subscription vet care service providing in-home vet visits to subscribers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. But while in-home pet care may take time to properly scale, on-demand vet Q&A is something that can be offered nationwide. Fuzzy Pet Health Connect, as the new telemedicine service is called, works over the Fuzzy Pet...
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Alternative vs. Modern Medical Treatments for Pets

Disclosure: Allivet is a participant in Marketing That Makes a Difference  When it comes to your pets' health, you don't want to take any chances. Yet, there are two schools of thought when it comes to pet health: alternative treatments can help prevent more serious medical issues, and modern medicine is vital for more serious accidents, injuries and diseases. While both of these statements are true, it's important to know when to use alternative medicine and when modern medicine is more e...
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"Let me get this straight. You’re saying that we should organize our societies along the lines of the lobsters?"

From "Why Can't People Hear What Jordan Peterson Is Saying?/A British broadcaster doggedly tried to put words into the academic’s mouth" by Conor Friedersdorf in The Atlantic.The quote in the post headline is what Cathy Newman said after Peterson said:There’s this idea that hierarchical structures are a sociological construct of the Western patriarchy. And that is so untrue that it’s almost unbelievable. I use the lobster as an example: We diverged from lobsters evolutionarily history about 350 ...
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Pet Owner Essential – Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you purchase through my links (at no additional cost to you). Man’s best friend. The family pet. Escape artist extraordinaire.  Years ago we had a dog – one of the most lovable dogs ever – but he was a true escape artist. We lived on a 5 acre lot and had a HUGE fenced in run for our dogs to call their own. One day we arrived home to find Kodi gone. The kids were devastated, I was perplexed and all we coul...
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7 Tips to Prepare Your Dogs for a Vet Appointment

  7 Tips to Prepare Your Dogs for a Vet Appointment A visit to the vet can be quite stressful if your dogs aren’t prepared for it. To bring down your stress levels and make regular check-ups less traumatic for your pets, you need to establish a few habits prior to every visit. Try doing the following tips before dropping by the vet’s office with a furry patient.   Stay calm. Remember that dogs look up to humans and feed off their owner’s energy, meaning your feelings easily transfer to them. ...
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7 Ways to Form a Closer Bond with Your Pooch

Regardless of whether you've got a new pup of you've had your dog for years, there are always steps you can take to strengthen your bond with your pet.  There are clear tell-tale signs that your dog is experiencing certain emotions. This helpful infographic from Vitabiotics SuperDog shows you how to read your dog’s body language so you can decipher just how they’re feeling as well as some tips on how to respond to your dog's mood.   Forming a closer bond with your dog can help you to identify...
Tags: Health, Wellness, Dogs, Pets, Training, Bond, The Pet Blog Lady, Canine, Superdog, Vitabiotics

It’s Official: Dog Owners Live Longer, Healthier Lives

In case you need another reason to snuggle your pup: According to a new study of more than 3.4 million people, owning a dog is linked to a longer life. The research, published in Scientific Reports, is the latest in a growing body of research suggesting that canine companions may be good for human health—especially…
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Know the Signs of Diabetes in Pets - Guest Contributor

  Know the Signs of Diabetes in Pets (Thank you to the TVMA and for this valuable information)  The prevalence of diabetes in pets is growing. According to Banfield Pet Hospital’s State of Pet Health 2016 Report, diabetes in dogs has increased by nearly 80 percent since 2006 and by more than 18 percent in cats over the same time period. These findings stress the importance of observing National Pet Diabetes Month in November, marking a time for pet owners to educate themselves...
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Yahoo’s former VP of Mobile launches YaDoggie, a dog wellness startup

 Having successfully founded and exited a couple of software companies, Tomfoolery (sold to Yahoo) and Rally Up (sold to AOL), Sol Lipman has made his move into dog wellness with the launch of YaDoggie. YaDoggie aims to help dog parents take a holistic approach to caring for their pups. And it has an impressive group of tech investors on board, including Oath CEO Tim Armstrong (my… Read More
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"Having turned 80 last year, I have developed an appreciation for various activities that tend to keep me resilient."

"First would be daily physical exercise. Then comes the forced smile at bad times. Forcing yourself to smile makes you take a deep breath. And deep breathing at random times is productive. Also to keep the mind going keep up with what is going on and contribute comments on the current situation. Some inhalation of medicinal marijuana is also suggested. And get a dog to love."The second-highest-rated comment on a NYT article titled "How to Build Resilience in Midlife."Key phrase: contribute comme...
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More Evidence That Owning a Dog Is Really Good for You

A new study shows how dogs can benefit their owners
Tags: Health, News, Dogs, Animals, Uncategorized, Research, Walking, Onetime, Exercise Science, Walking A Dog

This music has been made using science to relieve dogs’ anxiety

Plenty of studies show that music has a positive effect on dogs, particularly reggae, but this song is tailor-made to de-stress . It has been scientifically proven that music can relax dogs and be a massive help for generally anxious dogs. With that in mind one dog’s owner took to creating music designed just for dogs to chill out to with his stressed and tense dog Daisy as his muse. Daisy’s owner, singer-songwriter Gnash, decided to create music to sooth his dogs tension after attempting m...
Tags: Psychology, Music, Dogs, Stress, Anxiety, Therapy, Record, Track, Reggae, Puppies, Emotion, Soothe, Calm, Daisy, University of Glasgow, Gnash

NuVet Labs - Helping Pets Achieve Optimal Health Since 1997

  Yahoo! NuVet Labs have two great reasons to be very proud!  They are celebrating their 20th Anniversary of making a difference to the pets we love. Plus,  they received the Readers' Choice Award for the favorite pet supplement by readers of Dog Fancy, the world's most widely read dog magazine.  NuVet Labs has been helping pets achieve optimal health since 1997.   (Hence the 20 year anniversary.  Which is 140 in dog years. Just saying.)  Nuvet Labs spent 8 years creating superior supplements....
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Link About It: This Week's Picks: Britain's first female tattoo artist, Gaymojis, how your dog might be a liar and more in our look around the web

1. Underrepresented Voices on Show at Zinister Zine Fair Opening today at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, as part of the BAAD! Ass Women 2017 festival, the Zinister Zine Fair focuses on self-published works by people of color and/or those...... Continue Reading...
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Link About It: Your Dog Will Tell Lies For Treats

A recent study has potentially proven that dogs—while being our best friends—might be big, fat liars. Marianne Heberlein (who studies dog cognition at the University of Zurich) was watching her own pets when she got the idea: she saw one dog pretend...... Continue Reading...
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