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"An affected or simpering smile; a silly, conceited, smiling look."

That's the definition of "smirk" in the (unlinkable) OED. I looked up the word because it was used over and over to refer to the smile on the face of the Covington Catholic schoolboy the media singled out to destroy over the weekend.When is a smile a "smirk"? The dictionary says, when it's affected or simpering or silly and conceited looking.But I'd like a deeper psychological explanation of what is supposed to be in the mind of the smirker and how observers of smiles decide they have a window i...
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How the ultra-rich deal with stress

From the Guardian: Burned-out billionaires are taking extended multimillion-dollar 'sabbaticals' to recharge:A 40-year-old tech CEO, fresh off selling his multimillion-dollar business, embarked on an extended world tour, visited 66 countries over two years via private jet. The trip included learning to hunt with a bow and arrow with the San people in the Kalahari Desert and filming a documentary in South Africa – and it cost "well into the seven figures.""It could be a couple of million dollars ...
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Parenting advice: 5 supportive gestures remembered by the mnemonic CLICC

Mnemonic CLICC:Comfort: stay calm and patientListen: show interest in their passionInspire: expose them to new ideasCollaborate: ask for their opinionCelebrate: use “put-ups”, “not put-downs” Comfort: stay calm and patientPractice active listening and provide support. For teens: Be present and pay attention to changes in behaviors. Offer validating and reflecting statements to help them label their own emotions when in distress.Practice relaxation techniques such as counting to ten, deep breathi...
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Best of Our Blogs: January 18, 2019

Did you catch the aging #10yearchallenge on Facebook and other social media outlets? If not, you can learn more about it in this article. It’s fun to see how we’ve aged over a decade. But wouldn’t it also be neat to see what things we learned in ten years? It’s all the things you’ve garnered that can’t be captured on film. Instead of how many wrinkles or white hair we’ve earned, what if we catalogued the items that can’t be picked up in a photograph, things like wisdom, and greater self-acceptan...
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Don’t judge when trainees use dating apps in the hospital

During rounds, in between seeing patients, the medical student pulls out his phone and scans a dating app for new matches. In the team room, a resident opens Facebook before responding to a non-urgent page. Each of these instances may seem trivial enough, but I’ve seen both lead to poor evaluations, reprimands, or others whispering […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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People overreport their height and underreport their weight. What are the real numbers?

From the NYTimes:“People tend to overreport their height and underreport their weight,” said the senior author, Cynthia L. Ogden, an epidemiologist at the C.D.C. The new figures, she noted, are the result of actual measurements:Meet the average American man. He weighs 198 pounds and stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. He has a 40-inch waist, and his body mass index is 29, at the high end of the “overweight” category.The picture for the average woman? She is roughly 5 feet 4 inches tall, and weighs 171 ...
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My Local Town Facebook Groups are a Hot Mess

Back in the 1990s when I first got my start publishing mental health resources, it was my firm belief that the internet was a wonder that could help anyone who had access to it. I was a true believer, and it was my job to help convert not only my profession, but everyone I met. In the 2000s, when social networking sites began to take hold, I again held out hope and expressed optimism. “Such services allow us to better keep in touch with our loved ones.” Over the past few years, however, my optim...
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The Case for Downtime

I’m scared of downtime. That’s right, relaxation is downright uncomfortable for me. Part of me craves it like every other human being. Yet as soon as it is here, I twitch. I pace the house. I don’t know what to do with my hands and my legs — even more importantly, my brain. Sometimes the quiet space is too intolerable so I fill it with mindless activities like scouring Facebook or checking how many Twitter followers I have. My busyness is, at times, a defense mechanism whereby I can prove that I...
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Podcast: A Bipolar and a Schizophrenic Talk Self-Sabotage

 Most of us are to blame for our failures, believe it or not. We didn’t practice enough, plan ahead, or work hard enough. If we are honest, we could have done more to succeed, but something stopped us. In this episode, our hosts discuss why people sabotage their own success and fess up to whether or not they are sabotaging their own.   SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW “People would rather fail because they didn’t try rather than fail because they weren’t good enough.” – Gabe Howard   ...
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9 Productivity Hacks for Working from Home

Working from home can be incredibly convenient. You get to skip the long commute and rush-hour traffic. Your schedule is flexible, and can bend and bow to fit whatever you need to do (like picking up your kids from school and actually getting to the bank before it closes). But working from home isn’t without its challenges. For instance, distractions are aplenty: dishes in the sink, piles of laundry, and interruptions from everyone from your kids to UPS to your next-door neighbor. It’s also hard...
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People who live in neighborhoods with green spaces have less stress, healthier blood vessels and lower risk of heart attack and stroke

People who live in neighborhoods with more green spaces may have less stress, healthier blood vessels and a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes. Residential greenness is associated with lower levels of sympathetic activation, reduced oxidative stress, and higher angiogenic capacity. This is independent of age, sex, race, smoking status, neighborhood deprivation, statin use, and roadway exposure.For this study (see the link below), researchers tested for a variety of biomarkers of stress and ...
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Using the Facebook Advertisement Platform to Recruit Chinese, Korean, and Latinx Cancer Survivors for Psychosocial Research: Web-Based Survey Study

Background: Ethnic minority cancer survivors remain an understudied and underrepresented population in cancer research, in part, due to the challenge of low participant recruitment rates. Therefore, identifying effective recruitment strategies is imperative for reducing cancer health disparities among this population. With the widespread use of social media, health researchers have turned to Facebook as a potential source of recruitment. Objective: We aimed to evaluate the feasibility and effect...
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Microsoft Bing not only shows child pornography, it suggests it

Illegal child exploitation imagery is easy to find on Microsoft’s Bing search engine. But even more alarming is that Bing will suggest related keywords and images that provide pedophiles with more child pornography. Following an anonymous tip, TechCrunch commissioned a report from online safety startup AntiToxin to investigate. The results were alarming. [WARNING: Do not search for the terms discussed in this article on Bing or elsewhere as you could be committing a crime. AntiToxin is closely s...
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Study: Facebook use linked to perceptions of worsening physical health

Facebook use linked to perceptions of worsening physical health, new research from the University of Surrey, reports.
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Podcast: A Bipolar and a Schizophrenic Discuss Psychiatric Medications

 Psychiatric medication gets a bad rap when it isn’t deserved, while simultaneously being seen by some as the end-all treatment for people living with mental illness. Our hosts both need their prescribed medication to live well, and that makes people around them ask questions ― some of which are weirder than others. Tune in to this episode to hear what they have to say.   SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW “It took me so much pride to get over that I needed psychiatric medication.” – Mi...
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Fear: The Enemy From Within

You're reading Fear: The Enemy From Within, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Have you ever found yourself living under the bondage of fear in all spheres of your life? Then this article is a must-read resource. By the way, I was a victim of self-induced fear for over 20 years. To be precise fear made me lose two of my well-paying jobs. I could not express myself. I remember how I...
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Investors and entrepreneurs need to address the mental health crisis in startups

Jake Chapman Contributor Share on Twitter Jake Chapman is a managing partner at Alpha Bridge Partners. More posts by this contributor Driving the new American century Specialization, Polymaths And The Pareto Principle In A Convergence Economy Colin Kroll, was the co-founder of Vine and HQ Trivia, both consumer sensations that brought joy to millions; Anthony Bourdain, had been a chef, journali...
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Mental Health & Guns: Interview with Michael Sodini of Walk the Talk America

Mental Health & Guns: Interview with Michael Sodini of Walk the Talk America U.S.A. – -( When I was asked to set up an interview with Michael Sodini of “Walk the Talk America” I didn't know much about the organization. Walk the Talk America's (WTTA) mission: “is to fund research and development for outreach and promotion of mental health to reduce the misconceptions and prejudices that exist when it comes to mental illness and firearms. We believe we can be a catalyst for ch...
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I Was Dumped Over My Depression

He found out by Googling me. I’ve been writing candidly about my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve never been able to pull off fiction, because my brain doesn’t work that way, but I’ve been able to, as Hemingway put it, “sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Or, since it is the 21st Century, sit down at a computer and just let it all out. Maybe I’m a product of my 21st Century over-sharing generation, or maybe I just want others to feel less alone in their own struggles; some days, I’m n...
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‘Learning to relax can be life-changing’: how to find your comfort zone

Many of us have forgotten how to truly unwind. We ask the experts for ways to switch off in an always-on worldHow do you like to kick back, chill out and really relax? This sounds as if it should be a simple question. But I can’t be alone in having spent several evenings over the past couple of weeks slumped on the sofa, “watching TV” while my eyes flicker across Twitter and Facebook, as well as five different WhatsApp groups on my phone.Relaxing is increasingly difficult in our always-on digita...
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We finally started taking screen time seriously in 2018

At the beginning of this year, I was using my iPhone to browse new titles on Amazon when I saw the cover of “How to Break Up With Your Phone” by Catherine Price. I downloaded it on Kindle because I genuinely wanted to reduce my smartphone use, but also because I thought it would be hilarious to read a book about breaking up with your smartphone on my smartphone (stupid, I know). Within a couple of chapters, however, I was motivated enough to download Moment, a screen time tracking app recommende...
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Exceptional longevity: why some people live to be more than 100-year old

Interventions that promote longevity, remembered by mnemonic: DEEP purple - “eat colorful plant foods: Dietary modification, Exercise, active Engagement, Purposeful living (click here to enlarge the image).Based on a Mayo Clinic Proceedings article ( Human Longevity: the oldest old have an extreme phenotype of delayed onset of age-related diseases and/or resistance to lethal illnesses occurring earlier in life.Cent...
Tags: Health, Facebook, Japan, Lifestyle, United States, Mayo Clinic, Longevity, Ves Dimov, Germany Italy Greece Finland, Sweden Long

Common Threads of Well-Being: 5 Ideas that Influence and Integrate

The concept of well-being has many facets, yet themes weave through all stages of development and point to critical aspects of how and with whom we spend time. Money can’t buy love, but up to a certain level it is crucial to well-being. Health and relationships matter, and pursuing goals deemed personally worthwhile also impact well-being. While there are no formulas there are fundamentals that, when understood and applied, can improve the quality of being and integrate the roles and activities...
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9 most common New Year’s resolutions — and how to make them happen

The top three New Year's resolutions for 2018 were to eat healthier, get more exercise, and save more money. Care to guess what the top three are this year?We check in with experts to devise strategies for tackling the most common New Year's resolutions.Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish and how you will do it can help increase your chances of success in 2019.With New Year's rounding the corner, everyone is sharing their 2019 resolutions, and it's giving us that auld déjà vu. According...
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For type 2 diabetes patients who require an injectable drug, GLP-1-based drugs are preferred over insulin

That's a pretty big change:Diabetes Guidelines Updated: For patients with type 2 diabetes who require an injectable drug, a glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist is preferred over insulin. peptide-1 (GLP-1)-based therapies (eg, GLP-1 receptor agonists, dipeptidyl peptidase-4 [DPP-4] inhibitors) affect glucose control through several mechanisms, including:- enhancement of glucose-dependent insulin secretion- slowed gastric emptying- reduction of postprandia...
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Zwift, which turns indoor cycling workouts into multiplayer games, raises $120M

Fitness and gaming have been two of the most popular categories of apps for years, and now a startup founded out of London that has combined the two in a unique way has picked up a big round of funding to capitalise on that. Zwift, an interactive platform for people to turn indoor cycling workouts into massive, multi-participant races, social rides, and immersive explorations of new domains, has raised $120 million — money that its co-founder and CEO, Eric Min, said will be used to expand to mor...
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The Use of Social Networking Sites in Mental Health Interventions for Young People: Systematic Review

Background: The onset of mental health problems peaks between adolescence and young adulthood; however, young people face barriers to treatment and are often reluctant to seek professional help. Many are instead seeking support and information regarding their mental health via the Web, especially via social networking sites (SNSs), and hence, there is a promising opportunity to use SNSs to deliver or integrate with youth-focused online mental health interventions. Previous reviews have evaluated...
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Is social media a friend or foe of science?

An opinion piece published in JAMA suggests the latter: “Protecting the Value of Medical Science in the Age of Social Media and ‘Fake News’” The authors argue social media poses a threat to science in several ways: Unfettered publication of unvetted information by sources of unknown reliability. An emerging tactic of decrying disagreeable content as […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Piriformis muscle syndrome remains controversial and diagnosis is difficult

Piriformis syndrome is a controversial entrapment neuropathyWhat is  piriformis muscle?The piriformis muscle is a small but important external rotator of the hip that crosses the sciatic nerve and is believed by some to cause sciatica-type pain when it compresses the nerve. However, the existence of this so-called "piriformis syndrome" remains controversial and diagnosis is difficult.Controversy is due to the limited research about the condition and the difficulty of making the diagnosis, partic...
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How social media leads to a loss of creativity

I use social media.  Specifically, I use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  In the beginning, I did so for utilitarian purposes.  As a columnist and aspiring writer of books, these were (and indeed are) useful marketing tools. I have, in the past, carried around a note-pad to jot down ideas.  I was never without my note-pad. […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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