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US government concludes that HIV is untransmittable at undetectable levels

The National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases has reached an absolute conclusion: HIV+ cannot transmit the virus when carrying an undetectable viral load.
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NIAID joins 300 other worldwide health agencies to say HIV is untransmittable at undetectable levels

The National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases has reached an absolute conclusion: HIV+ cannot transmit the virus when carrying an undetectable viral load.
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Yogi trainer Joe Andrews on hydrating and getting in shape for the New Year

The best foods, the best work outs, the best gym and the best jams for getting that new body.
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Los Angeles trainer Kenta Seki is motivation for your New Year’s resolutions

LA trainer Kenta Seki talks staying in shape for the holidays and beyond.
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How To Find Your Calling, According to Psychology

By Christian Jarrett. People who feel they have answered their calling in life are more likely to thrive and prosper.
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Slut shaming of men on PrEP is still happening at a ridiculous rate, study finds

With PrEP undergoing wide studies in the UK, men enrolled in the HIV prevention regimen report anti-PrEP stigma.
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What Are We Like? 10 Psychology Findings That Reveal The Worst Of Human Nature

By Christian Jarrett. Deep down, are we wired to be bad, blinkered, idle, vain, vengeful and selfish?
Tags: Psychology, Feature, Christian Jarrett Deep

Research into the mental health of prisoners, digested

Around the world, more people than ever are locked up in prisons, and many incarcerated individuals have intensifying mental health needs. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Feature, Mental Health, Forensic

Can Sound Make You Sick?

American diplomats in China are falling ill with symptoms like headaches, nausea, and hearing loss after hearing “odd sounds” in their apartments. It’s an eerily similar situation to what happened in Cuba in 2016 when 24 diplomats complained about strange sounds and nearly-identical symptoms. Is sound actually making…Read more...
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Three years of research into #thedress, digested – a lesson in humility for perceptual science

Even the best perception experts in the land cannot predict whether you will see the dress as black and blue or white and gold. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Feature, Perception, Cognition

Are tweets a goldmine for psychologists or just a lot of noise? Researchers clash over the meaning of social media data

With big data come new challenges – as a recent debate between researchers illustrates. By Jon Brock
Tags: Psychology, Health, Twitter, Feature, Methods, Guest Blogger

The Psychology of Fighting, Digested: 9 Fascinating Findings Involving Boxing and Other Combat Sports

By Christian Jarrett Ahead of the world heavyweight boxing championship reunification fight on Saturday, featuring Great Britain’s Anthony Joshua versus…
Tags: Psychology, Feature, Sport, Anthony Joshua, Great Britain, Christian Jarrett Ahead

Becoming a mother in a Rohingya refugee camp

This was her third baby. She was accustomed to the harsh realities of motherhood in a life in poverty. But I wasn’t. I’m a midwife. I was volunteering at one of the camp clinics when I was called to visit Rojinessa on the morning after her baby was born. I walked about half a mile into the sprawling refugee camps to her tent and stepped inside. The tent was smoky and very dark. I could hardly breathe. I asked one of the Bangladeshi midwives who came with me to open the flap of plastic sheet...
Tags: Health, Feature, Texas, News, San Francisco, Refugees, Burma, Myanmar, Midwifery, Chittagong, Ukhia, Royhingya, Rojinessa, Rohingya Rojinessa, Firen Jones

Entitled millennials have totally ruined hookup culture, says millennial

"Our generation is armed with a sense of entitlement when it comes to other people’s bodies. We don’t hope for sex anymore, we expect it."
Tags: Health, Feature, Sex, Life, Love, Lifestyle, Dating, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Hooking Up, Casual Sex

10 Of The Most Famous Animals In Psychology

From Clever Hans to Harlow's Monkeys, this Digest feature post is a celebration of the contribution that animals have made to psychology. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Feature, Harlow, Comparative

Watch as Bob The Drag Queen pushes his assistant to the limits

When you're a world-famous drag queen, you get other people to do things for you…
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“Significant loss of neurons is a normal part of ageing” and other brain cell myths

Over the years, text-book knowledge about brain cells has proven to be wrong many times. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Feature, Brain, Textbooks, Biological

Talking body positivity and sexual health with Colby Melvin

Whatever you look like, and whoever you are is good enough as is.
Tags: Health, Feature, Video, Life, Aids, Hiv, Lifestyle, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Colby Melvin, QueertyTV Link, OraQuick, Gay Men Health

Watch Matthew Camp strip down for this photoshoot promoting sexual health

What color underwear do you think Matthew is wearing?
Tags: Health, Feature, Fitness, Lifestyle, Model, Matthew, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Goods, Matthew Camp, OraQuick

WATCH: Wake up with Nick & Justin and own your sexual health

Hop into bed with one of Instagram's most popular young same-sex couples.
Tags: Health, Feature, Instagram, Life, Aids, Hiv, Lifestyle, Health and Wellness, NICK, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Justin, Hiv Drugs, OraQuick, OraQuick In-Home HIV Test

14 Questions for Instastud couple Nick Grant & Justin Moore (and lots of hot pics!)

The Instagram duo talked to Queerty about staying in shape, the advantages of gay life, getting hit on and how to own your sexual health…
Tags: Health, Feature, Life, Aids, Hiv, Lifestyle, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Nick Grant, Justin Moore, OraQuick, Nick and Justin

The Psychology of Sex Differences – 5 Revealing Insights From Our Primate Cousins

Non-human primate research shows that average differences in the psychology of human boys and girls have biological & evolutionary roots. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Feature, Gender, Sex, Evolutionary Psych, Comparative

Punishment vs. Negative Reinforcement + 9 More Pairs of Psych Terms You’re Getting Confused

"Our list ... should hopefully be a modest contribution toward enhancing psychological literacy and critical thinking in psychology," write Lilienfeld et al.
Tags: Psychology, Feature, Lilienfeld

Origins Zero Oil™ Collection

If excess oil and shine are doing a number on your skin, it’s Origins Zero Oil™ Collection to the rescue. This oil-control collection helps banish breakouts, clear pores, eliminate excess oil and reduce shine. Bring on perfect skin! I’ve used Origins products for years, and had never tried the Zero Oil™ products (with the exception of Super Spot Remover) until now. The active ingredient in the products in the Zero Oil™  skin care range is Saw Palmetto; shown to be effective in controlling o...
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How HIV testing can help you own your sexual health

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in eight Americans do not know their HIV status.
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5 Reasons It’s So Hard To Think Like A Scientist

Unfortunately being smart isn't enough. By Christian Jarrett
Tags: Psychology, Decision Making, Feature, Intelligence, Cognition, Thought

The PrEP Diaries: A safe(r) sex memoir

Tags: Feature, Books, Happy Mutants, News, Sex, Mental Health, Lgbtq, Pharma, Truvada Memoirs

What Happens When You Get Shot and How to Survive It

If you’re afraid of being shot, you’re not alone, and your fears are, unfortunately, justified. Guns kill almost 300 people in America every single day. Even worse, guns and the bullets they fire are not the hyper-precise weapons Hollywood makes them out to be. They’re messy, and they do a lot of damage you can’t see.…Read more...
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