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Dutch surgeon wins landmark 'right to be forgotten' case

Ruling will ensure doctors no longer judged by Google on fitness to practise, lawyer saysA Dutch surgeon formally disciplined for her medical negligence has won a legal action to remove Google search results about her case in a landmark “right to be forgotten” ruling.The doctor’s registration on the register of healthcare professionals was initially suspended by a disciplinary panel because of her postoperative care of a patient. After an appeal, this was changed to a conditional suspension unde...
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How Google is quietly influencing medicine

With nearly 80 percent of internet users searching online for health-related information, it’s no wonder the catchphrase “Dr. Google” has caught on, to the delight of many searchers and the dismay of many real doctors. What’s received little attention from physicians or the public is the company’s quiet metamorphosis into a powerhouse focused on the actual practice of medicine. […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Alphabet’s Verily scores FDA clearance for its ECG monitor

Big week for Google wearable news — which, honestly, is not a phrase I expected to write in 2019. But a day after the company announced an agreement to purchase Fossil’s wearable technology for $40 million, Alphabet-owned research group Verily just scored FDA clearance for its electrocardiogram (ECG) technology. The clearance pertains specifically to the company’s Study Watch. The device, which was announced back in 2017, shouldn’t be confused with the company’s more consumer-facing Wear OS ...
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A map of London's most toxic breathing spots

Dirty air is an invisible killer, but an effective one.More than 9,000 people die prematurely in London each year due to air pollution, a recent study estimates.This map visualizes the worst places to breathe in Central London. The Great Smog of 1952 London used to be famous for its 'pea-soupers': combinations of smoke and fog caused by burning coal for power and heating. All that changed after the Great Smog of 1952, when weather conditions created a particularly dense and persistent layer...
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Why Google engineers worked full-time to combat sex trafficking

When the government seized classified-ads site Backpage, forcing it to shut down in April, it became a lot harder to find and locate potential victims of sex trafficking. While it was symbolically good that the site, whose CEO later pled guilty to charges of sex trafficking, shut down, it created a significant technical challenge for law enforcement and the organizations trying to help prevent sex-trafficking, Google Senior Software Engineer Sam Ainsley told TechCrunch. “Once Backpage was gone, ...
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Evaluating Digital Maturity and Patient Acceptability of Real-Time Patient Experience Feedback Systems: Systematic Review

Background: One of the essential elements of a strategic approach to improving patients’ experience is to measure and report on patients’ experiences in real time. Real-time feedback (RTF) is increasingly being collected using digital technology; however, there are several factors that may influence the success of the digital system. Objective: The aim of this review was to evaluate the digital maturity and patient acceptability of real-time patient experience feedback systems. Methods: We syste...
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The Strange Dancing Plague of 1518: When Hundreds of People in France Could Not Stop Dancing for Months

If you find yourself thinking you aren’t a victim of fashion, maybe take another look. Yes, we can consciously train ourselves to resist trends through force of habit. We can declare our preferences and stand on principle. But we aren't consciously aware of what's happening in the hidden turnings of our brains. Maybe what we call the unconscious has more control over us than we would like to think. Inexplicable episodes of mass obsession and compulsion serve as disquieting examples. Mass panics...
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Podcast: A Bipolar and a Schizophrenic Talk Self-Sabotage

 Most of us are to blame for our failures, believe it or not. We didn’t practice enough, plan ahead, or work hard enough. If we are honest, we could have done more to succeed, but something stopped us. In this episode, our hosts discuss why people sabotage their own success and fess up to whether or not they are sabotaging their own.   SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW “People would rather fail because they didn’t try rather than fail because they weren’t good enough.” – Gabe Howard   ...
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A Novel Insight Into the Challenges of Diagnosing Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy Using Web-Based Symptom Checkers

Background: Degenerative cervical myelopathy (DCM) is a common debilitating condition resulting from degeneration of the cervical spine. While decompressive surgery can halt disease progression, existing spinal cord damage is often permanent, leaving patients with lifelong disability. Early surgery improves the likelihood of recovery, yet the average time from the onset of symptoms to correct diagnosis is over 2 years. The majority of delays occur initially, before and within primary care, mainl...
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An Animated History of Cats: How Over 10,000 Years the Cat Went from Wild Predator to Sofa Sidekick

Dogs sees us as their masters while cats sees us as their slaves. - Anonymous The next time your friend’s pet cat sinks its fangs into your wrist, bear in mind that the beast is probably still laboring under the impression that it’s guarding the granaries. Anthropologist Eva-Maria Geigl’s animated Ted-Ed Lesson, The History of the World According to Cats, above, awards special recognition to Unsinkable Sam, a black-and-white ship’s cat who survived three WWII shipwrecks (on both Axis and...
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Microsoft Bing not only shows child pornography, it suggests it

Illegal child exploitation imagery is easy to find on Microsoft’s Bing search engine. But even more alarming is that Bing will suggest related keywords and images that provide pedophiles with more child pornography. Following an anonymous tip, TechCrunch commissioned a report from online safety startup AntiToxin to investigate. The results were alarming. [WARNING: Do not search for the terms discussed in this article on Bing or elsewhere as you could be committing a crime. AntiToxin is closely s...
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Identifying Common Methods Used by Drug Interaction Experts for Finding Evidence About Potential Drug-Drug Interactions: Web-Based Survey

Background: Preventing drug interactions is an important goal to maximize patient benefit from medications. Summarizing potential drug-drug interactions (PDDIs) for clinical decision support is challenging, and there is no single repository for PDDI evidence. Additionally, inconsistencies across compendia and other sources have been well documented. Standard search strategies for complete and current evidence about PDDIs have not heretofore been developed or validated. Objective: This study aime...
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Why exercise alone won’t save us

Sedentary lifestyles are killing us – we need to build activity into our everyday lives, not just leave it for the gym. By Vybarr Cregan-ReidThis is the time of year when trainers are mined from under beds and gym kits are disinterred from the bottom drawer. Google searches relating to physical fitness peak in January. Many people even trawl the web to find out about “desk exercises” and “workouts on the go” in case they are too busy to use their new gym memberships.Our relationship with exercis...
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How to Network without Face-to-Face Interactions If You’re an Introvert

You're reading How to Network without Face-to-Face Interactions If You’re an Introvert, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Networking opens many doors for entrepreneurs. This is a sure-fire way to get people interested in your services, find loyal partners, and most importantly, attract new customers. But things are not that optimistic if you’re an introvert like me. A lump in the ...
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I Was Dumped Over My Depression

He found out by Googling me. I’ve been writing candidly about my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve never been able to pull off fiction, because my brain doesn’t work that way, but I’ve been able to, as Hemingway put it, “sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Or, since it is the 21st Century, sit down at a computer and just let it all out. Maybe I’m a product of my 21st Century over-sharing generation, or maybe I just want others to feel less alone in their own struggles; some days, I’m n...
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10 top questions you had for Dr. Google in 2018

People were curious about the keto diet, ALS and endometriosis in 2018.
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Jazz Musician Plays Acoustic Guitar While Undergoing Brain Surgery, Helping Doctors Monitor Their Progress

Unlike many colorful expressions in English whose origins are lost to us, the comparison of majorly consequential tasks to brain surgery makes perfect sense. One false move or miscalculation can result in instant death. The chances of irreversible, life-altering damage are high, should a scalpel slip or a surgeon mistake healthy brain tissue for diseased. This can happen more readily than we might like to think. “It can be very difficult to tell the difference between the tumor and norma...
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Electronic Consultation Services Worldwide: Environmental Scan

Background: Excessive wait times for specialist care pose a serious concern for many patients, leading to duplication of tests, patient anxiety, and poorer health outcomes. In response to this issue, many health care systems have begun implementing technological innovations designed to improve the referral-consultation process. Among these services is electronic consultation (eConsult), which connects primary care providers and specialists through a secure platform to facilitate discussion of pa...
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K Health raises $25m for its AI-powered primary care platform

K Health , the startup providing consumers with an AI-powered primary care platform, has raised $25 million in series B funding. The round was led by 14W, Comcast Ventures and Mangrove Capital Partners, with participation from Lerer Hippeau, Primary Ventures, BoxGroup, Bessemer Venture Partners and Max Ventures – all previous investors from the company’s seed or Series A rounds. Co-founded and led by former Vroom CEO and Wix co-CEO, Allon Bloch, K Health (previously Kang Health) looks to equ...
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Technology will kill the 9-to-5 work week, says Richard Branson

Branson made the argument in a recent blog post published on the Virgin website.The 40-hour work week stems from labor laws created in the early 20th century, and many have said this model is becoming increasingly obsolete.The average American currently works 47 hours per week, on average. None Have you ever had a 'case of the Mondays,' or remarked that you can't believe it's 'hump day' already, or said TGIF to a coworker at the end of a regular, 9-to-5 week? The chances are that, as A.I. contin...
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Examining Predictors of Real-World User Engagement with Self-Guided eHealth Interventions: Analysis of Mobile Apps and Websites Using a Novel Dataset

Background: The literature suggests that the product design of self-guided electronic health (eHealth) interventions impacts user engagement. Traditional trial settings, however, do not enable the examination of these relationships in real-world use. Objective: This study aimed to examine whether the qualities of product design, research evidence, and publicly available data predict real-world user engagement with mobile and Web-based self-guided eHealth interventions. Methods: This analysis inc...
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How does screen time affect kids’ brains? The first results of a landmark study are alarming.

The study uses MRI scans to track the changes in the brains of children who use screens at varying amounts.Early results revealed that kids who use screens for more than 7 hours per day show physical changes to the brain in the form of premature thinning of the cortex.It will likely be decades before scientists truly understand how smartphones and other technologies affect the brain. None How does screen time affect the developing brains of young kids?That's the big question behind a $300-millio...
Tags: Health, Google, Technology, Brain, Innovation, Cbs, Silicon Valley, National Institutes of Health, Pew Research Center, Facebook Apple, Seattle Children s Hospital, Christakis, Dimitri Christakis, Dowling, Tristan Harris, Gaya Dowling

How Music Can Awaken Patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

In the late 1950’s, pioneering free jazz bandleader Sun Ra played a gig at a Chicago mental hospital, booked there by his manager Alton Abraham, who had an interest in alternative medicine. The experiment in musical therapy worked wonders. One patient who had not moved or spoken in years reportedly got up, walked over to the piano, and yelled out, “you call that music!” The anecdote illustrates just one experience among untold millions in which a person suffering from a debilitating neur...
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Death of a unicorn: Couple endures emotional crime in bizarre botched adoption

Cruelty has no boundaries, no depth, no shape. When it is practiced by someone who doesn’t care about the consequences of their actions, cruelty can continue past the point of understanding. In the age of social media and smartphone connectivity, vulnerable people, like the kind who adopt babies, too often have to rely on the perceived kindness of strangers to fulfill their dreams. Cruelty can be hidden behind the clicks of a keyboard. Even the law seems ill-equipped when the offense, without ph...
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Apple puts third-party screen time apps on notice

A number of app developers building third-party screen time trackers and parental control applications are worried that Apple’s increased scrutiny of their apps in recent weeks is not a coincidence. With Apple’s launch of iOS 12, the company has implemented its own built-in screen time tracking tools and controls. Not long after, developers’ third-party screen time apps came under increased review from Apple, and, in some cases, rejections and removals from the App Store. The impacted develop...
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When a Therapist and Journalist Comes Clean About Her Self-Doubt

As a career therapist since 1979 who decided to traverse a professional writing path beginning a bit less than a decade later, I have blended two of my passions; guiding people on their own journeys and communicating the thoughts that insist on being documented for posterity. Lofty pursuits? Perhaps. Fraught with challenges and responsibility for integrity? Absolutely. Thus, this article. A week ago, Psych Central published a piece called, “ How the President’s Communication Style Is Like...
Tags: Psychology, Google, Facebook, Politics, Aging, Vulnerability, Personal, Trauma, Self-doubt, Stigma, Authenticity, Brown, Oval Office, DSM, Brené, Minding the Media

Study investigates how women value, use, and trust 'Dr Google'

Women experiencing signs of breast cancer vary in how they value, use, and trust 'Dr Google' when making sense of their symptoms, a new study in the journal Health, Risk & Society reports.
Tags: Health, Google, Health Risk Society

How Google plans to eradicate dangerous mosquitoes: Breed more.

The method involves breeding thousands of male mosquitoes, infecting them with a particular kind of bacterium that renders female eggs unviable, and releasing them into the wild.It's proven to be very effective in a test area in Southern California.The method could be used to combat mosquito populations in areas where the insects carry deadly diseases.In 2017, Verily, a research organization run by Alphabet, Google's parent company, began a counterintuitive project designed to kill off mosquitoe...
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Why Dating Sucks: Advice from a Dating Therapist

In the United States, as of April of 2017, 19% of people are using online dating or dating apps, and 84% of those people are looking for a romantic relationship. The dating industry brought in over 3 billion dollars in 2017, with the app bringing in 2.1 million dollars in one month alone! And yet, over 1,000 people search the words “dating sucks” every month on Google. Despite our technological advances and having access to resources that are meant to bring people together, people...
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NIMH’s Inaccurate Depiction of Depression Treatments

One of my life-long battles is to ensure that people get the most objective, useful information they can about mental illness and its treatment. It’s painful to me when I come across a popular website that misrepresents these illnesses or their treatment. So you can imagine my surprise when I reviewed the National Institute of Mental Health’s (NIMH) page on depression recently. This is a super-important page to get right, because it often appears as the number one or two search result in Google....
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