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Gospel for Asia’s Headquarters Funded by Canadian Donor Funds – Guest Post by Bruce Morrison

Bruce Morrison is a pastor in Nova Scotia, CA and a former Gospel for Asia supporter. In recent years, he has actively sought to bring to light GFA’s practices regarding fund raising and spending. In this guest post, Morrison documents and describes the path of funds from Canadian donors to India and then the Wills Point, TX where they were spent to complete the GFA headquarters. The routing of money from Canadian donors who thought they were spending money to help poor India people to the Wills...
Tags: Health, Asia, Usa, Texas, India, Court, US, West, Canada, Infertility, Sri Lanka, Hamilton, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Rbc, Morrison

2018 Year in Review

I had big plans in 2018, namely to finish a 70.3. Well, we all know how those plans went. 2018 quickly went off the rails, but I did my best to regroup and reframe my goals. One of my goals was to get healthy and I can successfully say that I did that by rehabbing my hip. I’m back to running pain free, so I consider that a huge win. January January was definitely a month of discovery. I started the month with an awesome trip to Disney to cheer for the marathon, but ended the month with a diagnos...
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Once Upon a Time, Tim Clinton Borrowed from The WSJ and Chuck Colson

Good sources, but you have to cite them. Again, Professor Aaron New brought a potential citation problem to my attention and sure enough, it doesn’t look good. In the fourth issue of volume 12* of AACC’s flagship publication Christian Counseling Today, Tim Clinton’s byline rests on an article titled, “Judicial Tyranny.” However, much of the article seems to be lifted verbatim from op-eds by Pete DuPont and Chuck Colson. A fair use copy is . The first page is clean as far as I can tell. However,...
Tags: Health, Supreme Court, Congress, California, Youtube, Senate, America, Joe Biden, Leahy, DuPont, Infertility, American Bar Association, Kennedy, WSJ, Hamilton, Clinton

International study finds viable treatment option for people with mild asthma

A large international study led by a Hamilton researcher has found a patient-centric treatment that works for people with mild asthma.
Tags: Health, Hamilton

Coastal Genomics' LightBench integrated with Hamilton liquid handler systems to bring efficiencies, savings for clinical laboratories

Hamilton Robotics is proud to integrate the LightBench with Ranger Technology from Coastal Genomics onto the NIMBUS® Select and all Hamilton liquid handling platforms. Together, they automate DNA protocols and enable fully automated electrophoresis for size selection or quality control. The combination brings efficiencies and savings for clinical laboratories of any size or budget.
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Blood-thinning drug mitigates risk of complications, death after non-cardiac surgery

Researchers in Hamilton have discovered that a blood-thinning drug, dabigatran, significantly reduces the risk of death, heart attack, stroke, and other heart or blood-vessel complications in patients who have a heart injury following major, non-cardiac surgery.
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Using atraumatic needles for lumbar punctures decreases risk of complications

The type of needle used during a lumbar puncture makes a significant difference in the subsequent occurrence of headache, nerve irritation and hearing disturbance in patients, according to a study by Hamilton medical researchers.
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Meet the primary care doctor who’s happy with his job

Hi, I’m Rob.  I’m a recovering doctor. Yeah, I know I used that line once before, but it’s a special day for me today.  Humor me.  Five years ago today I earned my last money from an insurance company.  Yep, today is my five-year sobriety date. Five years. That was before the Affordable Care Act, before the Cubs won the World Series.  Before anyone knelt for the national anthem, and if they had, people would’ve probably not minded.  It was before the election of a reality TV star to our highest ...
Tags: Health, New Zealand, Va, Rob, Oprah, Hamilton, Ryan, Cubs, Primary Care, Physician, Public Health & Policy, Anthony Wiener, Dave Chase

Newest addition to Hamilton's PSD/4 precision syringe drive product family announced

Hamilton Company expands its PSD/4 precision syringe drive product family with the launch of PSD/4 Smooth Flow. The new PSD/4 Smooth Flow delivers exact flow rates in nanoliters per minute with total dispense times up to 8 hours. They are perfect for engineers looking for an economical way to automate processes that were developed on lab scale pumps.
Tags: Health, Hamilton, PSD, Hamilton Company

10 lessons from Hamilton that made me a better oncologist

Over 30,000 visitors flocked to Chicago in early June to participate in the ASCO annual meeting, the summer mecca for all things oncology. In between plenary sessions and poster presentations, some attendees found their way to one of the Hamilton Chicago performances. Having opened in Chicago about seven months ago, this version of the “hip-hop musical” has packed in audiences, striving to capture some of the success that its New York production has achieved. Thanks to some last-minute internet ...
Tags: Health, New York, Cancer, Chicago, Hamilton, ASCO, Lin Manuel Miranda, Nobu, Physician, HAMILTON Chicago

The 1787 Constitutional Convention – Alexander Hamilton Proposes a Strong National Government

June 18, 1787 Summary Much of the session was taken by oration from Alexander Hamilton. Influences on the Constitution Hamilton made a passionate appeal for a strong national government. He said his theory is proved by experience. To what experience did he refer? The Bible? Israel? Hamilton did not refer to any biblical model, but [Read More...]
Tags: Health, Israel, Infertility, Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton, JFC2017

Usability, Acceptability, and Adherence to an Electronic Self-Monitoring System in Patients With Major Depression Discharged From Inpatient Wards

Background: Patients suffering from depression have a high risk of relapse and readmission in the weeks following discharge from inpatient wards. Electronic self-monitoring systems that offer patient-communication features are now available to offer daily support to patients, but the usability, acceptability, and adherence to these systems has only been sparsely investigated. Objective: We aim to test the usability, acceptability, adherence, and clinical outcome of a newly developed computer-bas...
Tags: Health, Who, Hamilton, MDI, World Health Organization Well Being Index WHO

Hamilton Robotics and Zymo Research team up to strengthen epigenetics research

Hamilton Robotics and Zymo Research Corporation announced an ongoing collaboration that unites Zymo Research’s epigenetics innovations with Hamilton’s high-throughput workflow expertise.
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Read This Quote — Read Every. Single. Word.

Who knew an NBA coach was such a smart and wise cultural critic? Meet Gregg Popovich -- the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs -- who just so happens to also be an incredibly thoughtful, well-spoken critic of Donald Trump and his nascent administration. Related: Kellyanne Conway Says Trump Doesn't Lie -- He Just Uses 'Alternative Facts,' OK?? Speaking before the Spurs' Saturday night game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Popovich got away from basketball and got real about The Donald, openly c...
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The World Turned

Book club was held at my house in October, just a couple of days after... may I call it Pussygate? No? OK then. A few days after... The Video was released and although I try my utmost to keep both religion and politics away from my baby carrots and ranch dip it was a doomed endeavor. There was no way the subject wasn't going to come up. [In much the same way I sat down here and thought I could possibly write about something other than the election. Ha.] So I offered the water and poured the ...
Tags: Health, France, White House, Britain, Infertility, Edward, Hamilton, Clinton, Trump, Patrick, Caroline

The Hamilton lyrics that resonate with this trauma surgeon

Like much of America, my family is obsessed with everything Hamilton. We jammed to the soundtrack all summer. The season culminated with a late August trip to the show which I described on social media as the best day of my life. Seeing the show, the actors, the set, and choreography, come to life with lyrics we had all memorized was such an amazing experience. I cried. Part of that was pinching myself that it was actually happening. And the other parts were one particular segment that just cut ...
Tags: Health, America, Surgery, Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Physician

Hamilton researchers conduct ground-breaking new trial on pediatric fecal transplant for IBD

Hamilton researchers are conducting a ground-breaking new trial looking at fecal transplants to help treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in children.
Tags: Health, Ibd, Hamilton

Suicidal? Don’t Throw Away Your Shot

One of the most famous lines from the hit Broadway musical comes from the song, “My Shot” by Lin-Manuel Miranda. In it, Alexander Hamilton acknowledges he comes from a very different background than most Americans at the time. That his real only value to the world lies in his youth, scrappiness, hungriness to make his mark, and his brains. “I am not throwing away my shot.” Although death eventually takes Hamilton, as it does with each of us, he recognizes that he has only one life to give in ord...
Tags: Psychology, General, Suicide, America, Disorders, Self-help, Depression, Caribbean, Hamilton, Mental Health And Wellness, Suicidal, Alexander Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda

Hamilton mirrors the duel between doctors-patients and insurance companies

It’s likely that you or someone you know has attempted to purchase tickets, or at least talked about the difficulties of purchasing tickets to Broadway’s most popular show, Hamilton. While participating or overhearing the discussion, the conversation has likely pivoted to how expensive ticket prices are on the secondary market. It has become so difficult to get tickets through the box office, even with the partial block ticket releases that happen every so often, that famed composer/lyricist/sta...
Tags: Health, New York, United States, Broadway, Hamilton, Chris Sacca, Shark Tank, Lin Manuel Miranda, Sacca, Primary Care, Physician

Afternoon round-up: Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt

This morning the Court issued a five-to-three opinion in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, striking down as unconstitutional two provisions of a Texas law regulating abortions in that state.  Lyle Denniston covered the ruling for this blog. Other early coverage comes from Camila Domonoske of NPR; Pete Williams of NBC News; Sarah Ferris of The Hill; Ariane de Vogue, Tal Kopan, and Dan Berman of CNN; Adam Liptak of The New York Times, as well as Manny Fernandez and Abby Goodnough and Ford Fesse...
Tags: Health, Post, Texas, Law, Politico, Court, Nbc News, Bloomberg, Cnn, Atlantic, New York Times, Associated Press, Npr, Usa Today, Vox, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A must-read book? Go on, make me

Faced with rave reviews of musicals, films, books and plays, why does Oliver Burkeman run a mile?Somewhere around the 500th headline I read in praise of Hamilton, the universally acclaimed Broadway musical due in Europe next year, I was struck by a deflating thought: I’ll probably never see it. Not just because it’s virtually impossible to get a ticket, but because so many people – people whose tastes I trust – have raved about it that I now regard the prospect with annoyance. Two years ago, it ...
Tags: Psychology, Europe, Books, Film, Theatre, Life and style, Culture, Health & wellbeing, Stage, Broadway, Mark Twain, Richard Linklater, Donald Trump, Boyhood, Hamilton, Elena Ferrante

This Week’s Shows: May 30-June 5

Upcoming Los Angeles concerts: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Gothic Tropic, Head Wound City, Transviolet, Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Coleman Hell, Moaning, Coyote, Diva, the Used, Yeasayer, At the Drive-In, Paul Simon, Anduze, Kevin Garrett, Moon, the Hush Sound, Ural Thomas & the Pain, Gabriel Garzon-Montano, Sean Watkins, Anvil, Joywave, Nick Waterhouse, Jonny Lang, Gold Panda, Frances Quinlan, Rationale, Verite, the May Company, Local H, Buyepongo, Modern Baseball, Kevin Morb...
Tags: Health, Music, Featured, La, Massachusetts, Paul Simon, Los Angeles, Moon, Union, Ash, Venice, Jupiter, Preview, Santa Barbara, Hamilton, Nani

What Depression Is & What It Isn’t

Depression is one of the most recognized psychological disorders. It’s certainly common. A 2014 survey found that 6.6 percent of American adults or 15.7 million suffered from a major depressive episode within the past 12 months, said Sandra Hamilton, Ph.D, a psychologist who specializes in treating depression, anxiety and relationship issues. With something so prevalent, many of us may assume we know what it is. But assumptions can quickly turn to misconceptions. Misconceptions about what depres...
Tags: Psychology, Family, General, Relationships, Friends, Disorders, Stress, Depression, San Diego, Black Hole, Sadness, Hamilton, Mental Health And Wellness, Major Depressive Disorder, Mood Disorder, Depression (mood)

Trump on road to nomination as Cruz exits Republican race

Bernie Sanders manages a surprise victory over Hillary Clinton in Indiana primary, while Detroit teachers’ ‘sickout’ continues Continue reading...
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Friday round-up

Today the Justices met for their first Conference since January 22. Daniel Fisher of Forbes discusses one case the Justices considered today, a challenge by a collection of counties, farmers, and businesses to an Environmental Protection Agency “plan that would remove hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland from production in regions surrounding the Chesapeake Bay.” The editorial board of The Washington Times urges the Justices to review the case, arguing that the lower court decision will “e...
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