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CDC Says 'Test Cruises' Can Start With Volunteer Passengers to Prove They're Covid Safe

The U.S.-based cruise ship industry will need to prove it can operate safely with test cruises and volunteer passengers before normal operations can begin, the Centers for Disease Control said in a statement on Wednesday. All cruise volunteers will need to be fully vaccinated and must agree to be tested for covid-19…Read more...
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What to Do If You Lose Your Vaccine Card

While debates rage about whether we need national or state “vaccine passports,” the truth is that we already have one, and it’s a little piece of paper with some numbers and your name scrawled on it. These cards, originally intended as a convenient reminder for personal use, are increasingly being used as proof of…Read more...
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Despite Drug Industry Claims, Higher List Prices Do Mean Higher Out-of-Pocket Costs for Many Patients

New research suggests that as the list price of brand name drugs rise, so do out-of-pocket medical costs for these drugs—at least for some patients. This is counter to a common industry claim that patients aren’t affected by list price increases. The study found a link between list prices rising and out-of-pocket…Read more...
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India Surpasses 20 Million Covid-19 Cases as Biden Stays Silent on Vaccine IP Waivers

India surpassed 20 million covid-19 cases on Tuesday, becoming only the second country in the world after the United States to reach that dark milestone. And to make matters worse, experts pretty uniformly agree it’s a vast undercount of the real crisis, which has left at least 222,408 people dead in the country since…Read more...
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YouTube Launches PSAs to Boost Confidence in Covid-19 Vaccine

YouTube launched a series of public service announcements on Monday encouraging people to get vaccinated for covid-19. The videos come as health experts in the U.S. worry there will soon be more covid-19 vaccine doses available to Americans than people who want to take them.Read more...
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U.S. Health Regulators Lift Pause on Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine

Federal officials have cleared the Johnson & Johnson covid-19 vaccine for use in the United States once again, albeit with an updated label to warn of blood clot risks. Read more...
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What to Do If You Get a Bill for Your COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID vaccines are free in the U.S. Period. The CDC has been extremely clear about that, but we’re still hearing occasional reports of people getting a bill for their vaccine, or being charged a fee for the service of “administering” that vaccine. In either case, this is illegal. You don’t have to pay it, and you can…Read more...
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What to Know About the Research Into Athletes' Hearts and Covid-19

Recent findings, including a new study out this week, should reassure people about fears that even mild covid-19 could damage the heart in young and fit people. Despite earlier research that found reason for concern, athletes don’t seem to be at high risk for heart issues related to the viral illness after all.Read more...
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UK Researchers Will Try to Reinfect People With the Coronavirus, for Science

Researchers in the United Kingdom are asking people who previously contracted covid-19 to volunteer for one last mission: allow themselves to be intentionally exposed to the coronavirus again. The scientists expect that their research will help us better understand the limits of natural immunity, including the risk of…Read more...
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Terminally Ill Patients Deserve Access to General Anesthesia, UK Doctors Say

Doctors and medical ethicists in the UK are calling for terminally ill patients to have the option of using general anesthesia prior to their death as a way to relieve suffering.Read more...
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The Challenges of Unravelling Long Covid

Mixed into the collective tangle of agony and loss caused by the ongoing covid-19 pandemic are the “long-haulers”—people who become or continue to feel sick after their initial encounter with the virus. But the road to understanding what’s now become known as long covid will take time, nuanced inquiry, humility, and…Read more...
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Care Has Always Been Infrastructure

The emerging debate over whether care is infrastructure isn’t new or surprising. The question “what is infrastructure?” was triggered by President Biden’s announcement that the American Jobs Plan includes a $400 billion investment to expand Medicaid coverage of home and community-based services for people with…Read more...
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What to Do After Your Fad Diet Fails

Diets tend to fail, and the ones that promise quick weight loss through following one weird trick are especially doomed to failure. If you’ve just been on one of them, don’t just hop on a different fad diet; instead, take a minute to reflect on what you’ve learned, and make a plan to eat healthier in the future. Read more...
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Why Do I Feel Like I'm Dying During a Panic Attack?

If you would like to know what it feels like to die, while at the same time continuing to live, you have a number of solid options. You can eat fast food quickly on a 90-degree day; you can lay awake all night mentally rehearsing your greatest failures and then board a packed bus to work; you can experiment, for days…Read more...
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Surviving COVID Can Have Mental Health Implications, Too

According to a new analysis, people who recover from COVID-19 are more likely to have conditions that affect their mental health or their brain and nervous system, compared to people who recover from the flu or other respiratory diseases. In other words, if you’ve been having mental health issues after COVID, you are…Read more...
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40,000 Kids in the U.S. Have Lost a Parent to Covid-19, Study Finds

A new study provides a heartbreaking reminder of the pain caused by the covid-19 pandemic. It estimates that nearly 40,000 children in the U.S. have lost at least one parent to the viral illness as of February this year. The study also found that more than 100,000 children would have lost a parent if the virus had…Read more...
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Travel Is Safe-ish for Vaccinated People, CDC Says

The CDC issued new guidance today for traveling after you’re vaccinated, noting that “fully vaccinated travelers are less likely to get and spread COVID-19.” But director Rochelle Walensky also noted that just because you can travel doesn’t mean you should. Read more...
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Deaths in America Surged in 2020, Well Beyond Official Covid-19 Toll

The covid-19 pandemic drove a horrifying surge in U.S. deaths last year, new research published Friday has shown. According to the study, over half a million more people died than would have been expected during the last 10 months of 2020. Most of these deaths were directly attributed to the viral illness, but some…Read more...
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In 2020, Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Skipped Out on Medical Treatment Due to Cost

A new survey released this week suggests that more than 46 million American adults avoided getting the medical care they needed because they couldn’t afford it in 2020. Sadly, the results reflect a long-running problem in the U.S.Read more...
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What Happens to Your Eyes When You Stare at Screens All Day

We spend a lot of time staring at screens. There’s the small screen in our pocket, the big screen we watch our shows on, and the medium screen that many of us stare into for eight hours a day to help pay for those other screens. Are all of these screens ruining our eyes? Read more...
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Can You Still Get COVID After You've Had the Vaccine?

Reports are trickling in of people who contracted COVID-19 even though they were vaccinated, like these four people in Oregon and these 12 in Hawaii. But these are just a few cases out of millions vaccinated. New research confirms that the vaccines are overwhelmingly effective in real-world use, and that breakthrough…Read more...
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How to Get Your Vaccine Card Laminated for Free

Staples must have seen all the attention Krispy Kreme is getting for handing out free doughnuts to vaccinated people all year long—with proof via a valid vaccination card—because now they’re offering to laminate those cards for all of us for free. In the latest installment of Nice Things Companies Are Doing For Us…Read more...
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How to Pay Your Medical Bills Without Crowdfunding

A third of all donations through the popular crowdfunding site GoFundMe are for medical care, which isn’t surprising considering that the U.S. has the highest healthcare costs in the developed world. However, crowdfunding has its limits, as only a few campaigns reach or surpass their goal. You’ll want to exhaust all…Read more...
Tags: Health, Crowdfunding, Articles, Social Issues, Health Insurance, Lifehacks, Medicaid, Health Economics, Medical Billing, Federal Assistance In The United States, Healthcare Reform In The United States, Health Medical Pharma, Healthcare In The United States, Presidency Of Lyndon B Johnson, Health Care Prices In The United States

What Is Microdosing and Does It Work?

Microdosing—the act of taking small amounts of usually psychedelic drugs—has been popular with a certain type of person looking for more productivity than what standard life hacks like caffeine and time management can provide. Whether it works is still unknown, but a new study suggests that the vaunted benefits may…Read more...
Tags: Health, Medical Research, Lifehacks, Hallucinations, Clinical Research, Microdosing, Placebo, Health Sciences, Lysergic acid diethylamide, Health Medical Pharma, Psychedelic Drug, Pharmacokinetics, Entheogens, Alternatives To Animal Testing

Do Processed Meats Cause Dementia?

At this point, it can be easy to ignore headlines on the latest studies claiming that a particular food is “bad” for you—or, conversely, has been canonized as a “superfood.” Most articles on research demonizing a certain kind of food typically follow a pattern: identifying a particular condition everyone’s afraid of,…Read more...
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Why Some of Your Vaccine 'Side Effects' Might Just Be Placebo

Millions of Americans are getting vaccinated against covid-19 on average every day now, And while many people have proudly shared their vaccination status on social media, others will describe their mild but definitely noticeable side effects right after as a badge of honor, such as a sore arm or flu-like fatigue. But…Read more...
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Processed Meat Linked to Increased Dementia Risk, Study Finds

People’s love of processed meat might come back to bite them in the long run, new research from the UK suggests. The study found a link between greater consumption of processed meat and higher rates of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. At the same time, it also found a possible link between eating…Read more...
Tags: Health, Meat, UK, Science, Diets, Articles, Dementia, Processed Meat, Red Meat, Alzheimers Disease, Learning Disabilities, Cognitive Disorders, Branches Of Biology, Health Medical Pharma, Psychiatric Diagnosis, Huifeng Zhang

Vaccine Death Reports Are Not What They Seem

The US government maintains a database called VAERS, to which anybody can file a report if they think something bad happened to them after receiving a vaccine. It’s an important tool in keeping tabs on vaccine safety, but it’s also being mined by anti-vaccine activists to make vaccines seem scarier than they are.Read more...
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How to Know If Your Child Has Pediatric Feeding Disorder

For many families, mealtimes can be a battle. Trying to get kids to try something outside the endless cycle of chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese can feel like a never-ending negotiation. But while getting your kids to eat something of nutritional value is just a phase for many families, some parents are truly…Read more...
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Don't Worry About Your Child’s Pandemic Weight Gain

From the beginning of the pandemic, parents everywhere were concerned about how to keep our kids of all ages physically active while stuck at home. Just like that, their team sports, gym class, recess, playdates, and walks to and from school were all snatched away. Maybe we tried to get them out of the house for…Read more...
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