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Despite Drug Industry Claims, Higher List Prices Do Mean Higher Out-of-Pocket Costs for Many Patients

New research suggests that as the list price of brand name drugs rise, so do out-of-pocket medical costs for these drugs—at least for some patients. This is counter to a common industry claim that patients aren’t affected by list price increases. The study found a link between list prices rising and out-of-pocket…Read more...
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India Surpasses 20 Million Covid-19 Cases as Biden Stays Silent on Vaccine IP Waivers

India surpassed 20 million covid-19 cases on Tuesday, becoming only the second country in the world after the United States to reach that dark milestone. And to make matters worse, experts pretty uniformly agree it’s a vast undercount of the real crisis, which has left at least 222,408 people dead in the country since…Read more...
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YouTube Launches PSAs to Boost Confidence in Covid-19 Vaccine

YouTube launched a series of public service announcements on Monday encouraging people to get vaccinated for covid-19. The videos come as health experts in the U.S. worry there will soon be more covid-19 vaccine doses available to Americans than people who want to take them.Read more...
Tags: Health, Google, Science, Medicine, Youtube, Medical Research, Vaccine, Health Sciences, Covid 19 Vaccine, Health Medical Pharma, Covid 19 Vaccination In Ghana, Covid 19 Vaccination In The United States

What to Do When Your Child Is Terrified of the Dentist

As we emerge from our pandemic cocoons and begin catching up on all the things we either purposefully put off or simply couldn’t fathom attempting over the past year, we may come to the realization that it’s been way too long since a dentist has seen the inside of our kid’s mouth. Whether they’ve got their first-ever…Read more...
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What Is Microdosing and Does It Work?

Microdosing—the act of taking small amounts of usually psychedelic drugs—has been popular with a certain type of person looking for more productivity than what standard life hacks like caffeine and time management can provide. Whether it works is still unknown, but a new study suggests that the vaunted benefits may…Read more...
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Why Some of Your Vaccine 'Side Effects' Might Just Be Placebo

Millions of Americans are getting vaccinated against covid-19 on average every day now, And while many people have proudly shared their vaccination status on social media, others will describe their mild but definitely noticeable side effects right after as a badge of honor, such as a sore arm or flu-like fatigue. But…Read more...
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How to Earn $1,500 Reviewing Skincare Products

Skincare products can be hit-or-miss. A quick Google search will reveal plenty of negative reviews for “cult favorites” that supposedly work for everyone (but obviously don’t, because there are so many different skin types). Read more...
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What the CDC's COVID Vaccination Guidelines Mean for Families

Any grandparent will tell you that occasional video chats or socially distanced, masked get-togethers on the back porch don’t count as sufficient quality time with their grandkids. What grandparents want—what they have craved—all these long months are big hugs and grins they can actually see in real life. And finally,…Read more...
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Expert Panel Calls for More Smokers to Get Tested for Lung Cancer Starting at 50 Years Old

More people with a long history of smoking should be tested annually for lung cancer, even if they’ve quit in recent years, according to new guidance released Tuesday by a government-backed panel of health experts.Read more...
Tags: Health, Medical Terminology, Science, Medicine, Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prevention, Screening, Cancer Screening, Health Sciences, Preventive Healthcare, Rafael Meza, Health Medical Pharma, Health Effects Of Tobacco, Lung Cancer Screening

Microdosing Benefits Might Be Largely Placebo, Experimental Study Suggests

The sometimes hyped benefits of microdosing—regularly using small amounts of psychedelic drugs like lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)—might be overstated, new research this week suggests. The study found that people who microdosed did experience psychological benefits, including greater sense of well-being, but that…Read more...
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How Your Partner's Birth Control Can Affect Your Sex Life (And What to Do About It)

Birth control is unique among medical interventions, not least of all because its name straight-up tells you what it does—it controls birth by preventing pregnancy. Beyond that, though, there are a lot of other things birth control can do. Some are great: Hormonal birth control can clear skin and make periods or…Read more...
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Survivors of Severe Covid-19 Should Get Their Eyes Checked, Study Suggests

Doctors are warning that covid-19 may be capable of causing lingering eye problems. A new study suggests that some people who survive a severe infection can develop growths in the back of their eyes that could lead to vision loss. It is not yet clear how covid-19 might cause these growths, or if people with milder…Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Articles, Public Health, Occupational Safety and Health, Health Sciences, Covid 19, Coronavirus Disease, Zoonoses, Health Medical Pharma, Covid 19 Drug Repurposing Research

The Murky Connection Between the Coronavirus and Climate Change

Climate change is basically messing up everything in our lives. It’s tempting to find a way to pin the coronavirus pandemic on it, and a new study released today does just that, claiming that climate change “may have driven the emergence” of coronavirus. But it may be more complicated than it seems at first blush.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Environment, Articles, Virus, Pandemics, Bat, Epidemiology, Global Health, Health Sciences, Coronavirus, Zoonoses, Animal Virology, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus

Yes, the Anti-Vaxxers Are Coming for the Coronavirus Vaccines

The rollout of covid-19 vaccines in the U.S. is finally starting to pick up steam, but as vaccination becomes more common, the antivax movement is pulling its same old tricks. The latest disturbing trend: blaming the coronavirus vaccine for deaths, illnesses, or injuries without any solid evidence.Read more...
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Moderna Says Its Vaccine Should Work Against UK and South Africa Coronavirus Variants

The covid-19 vaccine developed by Moderna can likely fend off worrying variants of the coronavirus first found in the UK and South Africa, the company announced Monday. Moderna’s preliminary data appears to show that its covid-19 vaccine produces a strong immune response to these variants. However, the company still…Read more...
Tags: Health, UK, Science, Medicine, Medical Research, South Africa, Vaccine, Vaccines, Clinical Trials, Moderna, Health Sciences, Coronavirus Disease, Covid 19 Vaccine, Rna Vaccine, 501v2 Variant, Variants Of Sars Cov 2

Magma Learning wins Innovation Award for providing business ideas on Health Sciences ecosystem

Magma Learning wins the inaugural Vesalius Innovation Award by Karger Publishers. The eLearning startup managed to beat off competition from other innovative business ideas in the Health Sciences publishing sector.
Tags: Health, Health Sciences, Karger

Nurses angry over possible exposure to COVID-19 after warning Eastern Health of risk

Nurses say they and patients at the Health Sciences Centre is St. John's were put at undue risk by Eastern Health when a very sick patient was moved to a shared room in a busy unit at the hospital.They're among the up to 100 hospital workers who are now in isolation for 14 days after the health authority determined they may have been in contact with a patient infected with the virus that causes COVID-19.The patient tested positive for the virus and was admitted to a COVID-19 unit for c...
Tags: Health, News, Newfoundland, Cbc, Labrador, Eastern Health, NAPE, Forward, Health Sciences, COVID, Health Sciences Centre, Debbie Forward, Union Newfoundland, Debbie ForwardEastern Health, Eastern HealthThe, Jerry Earle

Researchers identify genes responsible for sun sensitivity and skin cancer vulnerability

Research carried out at the Health Sciences department of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón, Spain, has identified the genes responsible for sun sensitivity and skin cancer vulnerability.
Tags: Health, Health Sciences, Castellón Spain

This Technicolor Mutant Zebrafish Is Synthetic Biology's Craziest Creation Yet

It sounds ripped out of the pages of a science fiction novel—or maybe a Lisa Frank catalog—but the genetically modified, brilliantly colored zebra fish pictured above is no fantasy. It was created by scientists, to explore one of the most elusive processes in biology: tissue regeneration.Read more...
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