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Once-a-month injection to treat HIV passes two initial trials

Researchers in Seattle unveiled study results that offer hope to men with HIV, as well as those on PrEP.
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Aiming to change the way people take medicine, Lyndra Therapeutics raises $55 million

A little over two years after Lyndra Therapeutics Inc. first unveiled its technology for time-delayed drug delivery through a simple pill, the company has raised $55 million to continue developing the technology for public consumption. By creating a new kind of ultra long-acting drug delivery mechanism in pills, the company claims it can remove the need for patients to follow strict guidelines for taking their medication. Following doctors’ prescriptions for medication is a problem in emerging m...
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US government concludes that HIV is untransmittable at undetectable levels

The National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases has reached an absolute conclusion: HIV+ cannot transmit the virus when carrying an undetectable viral load.
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NIAID joins 300 other worldwide health agencies to say HIV is untransmittable at undetectable levels

The National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases has reached an absolute conclusion: HIV+ cannot transmit the virus when carrying an undetectable viral load.
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Twin Girls Might Be The World’s First Gene-Edited Babies

Chinese researcher He Jiankui of Shenzhen, along with US scientist and bioengineering professor Michael Deem, assisted in making the world’s first gene-edited babies. While this was not announced in a journal or peer reviewed as of yet, Jiankui asserts that he used a tool during the fertilized embryo stage of recently born twin girls. His goal was to offer them the ability to resist HIV infection …
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Real World’s Danny Roberts comes out as HIV-positive, says “I spent so long beating myself up”

On the eve of World AIDS Day, the retired reality star recently revealed that he's living with HIV.
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Why Casey House Turned June’s Pop-Up Eatery Into a Documentary

Back in November, Casey House, Canada’s first and only standalone hospital for people living with HIV/AIDS, opened a pop-up restaurant in Toronto run by HIV-positive chefs​. It was called June’s in honor of founder June Callwood, the pioneering journalist and activist whose many philanthropic interests led her to open a groundbreaking care facility at a time when there were fears, misconceptions and a lack of general support for people with HIV/AIDS, with the medical crisis dismissed as somethi...
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Watch as Bob The Drag Queen pushes his assistant to the limits

When you're a world-famous drag queen, you get other people to do things for you…
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Talking body positivity and sexual health with Colby Melvin

Whatever you look like, and whoever you are is good enough as is.
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Model Colby Melvin on why he prefers connected sex to random hookups

Colby isn't your ordinary underwear model....
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WATCH: Wake up with Nick & Justin and own your sexual health

Hop into bed with one of Instagram's most popular young same-sex couples.
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California makes major step in decriminalizing HIV, lowers penalty for exposing partners to virus

"With his signature, Governor Brown has moved California’s archaic HIV laws out of the 1980s and into the 21st century," Rick Zbur says.
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14 Questions for Instastud couple Nick Grant & Justin Moore (and lots of hot pics!)

The Instagram duo talked to Queerty about staying in shape, the advantages of gay life, getting hit on and how to own your sexual health…
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What Do Teens Think About When They Think About HIV?

Teens today have never known a world where HIV was a certain death sentence. They missed the “plague years” of AIDS—the confusion, the pop-cultural discussions, the general feeling of hopelessness regarding the disease. This is sometimes referred to as “historical privilege.” It means that through no fault of their…Read more...
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How HIV testing can help you own your sexual health

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in eight Americans do not know their HIV status.
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Las Vegas Is Installing Drug Needle Vending Machines

Needle exchange programs are generally considered a huge success. In New York state, the programs have been credited with virtually eradicating the transmission of AIDS through contaminated needles. Now, in an effort to further crack down on disease transmission via shared needles, Las Vegas has become the first city…Read more...
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This Week in Health: Eat 100 Filling Foods, Beware of Spinning

This week, we rounded up a list of the very best foods for curbing hunger and keeping you full for longer. Here’s what else grabbed our attention in health this week. 100 super-healthy and filling foods By now the elements of a heathy diet are clear (one rich in whole, fresh fruits and vegetables), but…
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HIV/AIDS situation in Nepal

The National Center for AIDS and STD control has updated its national data on HIV AIDS epidemiology and prevalence till year 2016 AD. Here is the picture depicting, the number of positive cases, people living with HIV. Also the data on PMTCT services in Nepal is shown.   Other Useful links Preventing mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) in Nepal National Consolidated Guidelines for Treating and Preventing HIV in Nepal Must read Guidelines – Download PMTCT guidelines and Management of HI...
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I Watched Neil deGrasse Tyson Take On a Science Skeptic

Last week, the American Museum of Natural History in New York and famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson held a press event to announce the museum’s new Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation.Read more...
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Testing for HIV is Necessary to Promote Good Health

Img Source: Should you get tested for HIV? Many people are confronted with this question because the majority of people are shy to come out in the open with their HIV status for reasons of societal prejudice. Many others feel that testing for HIV could convey some negative message to people about their lifestyle. Whatever may be the reasons it is never the right thing to do. While HIV is usually linked to uncontrolled sex life it is not the only reason for the disease. Some other ...
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HIV Drug Resistance: Tip of the Iceberg

The diagnosis Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection leading to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was considered as a death sentence a few decades ago. Advents in diagnosis, monitoring and therapy, have dramatically reduced HIV related mortality and morbidity. The use of HIV medicines to treat HIV infection is called antiretroviral therapy (ART). ART involves taking a combination of HIV medicines (called an  HIV regimen ) daily. ART has been proven to reduce the HIV viral loa...
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Researchers identify antibody that kills 98% of HIV strains

Scientists may be getting closer to finding an effective way to prevent transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that leads to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). After decades of research, the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) announced a "remarkable" breakthrough in prevention and treatment of the highly contagious disease. They successfully isolated an antibody from an HIV-infected patient that, in lab tests, neutralized 98 percen...
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This USB Stick Performs an HIV Test

Scientists in the UK have developed a USB stick that can quickly and accurately measure the amount of HIV is in a patient’s blood. Read more...
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44-year-old British man could be first to receive HIV cure

A 44-year-old British man may be the first person to receive a cure for HIV through a therapy developed by researchers from five universities. Scientists from the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, King's College London, University College London, and Imperial College London designed the two-stage therapy. Now they say the virus can no longer be detected in the man's blood. The first stage of the therapy is a vaccine that assists the body in identifying cells infected with HIV...
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Survey Finds Nearly 25% Of Single Gay Men Don’t Use Condoms

Well this is alarming: a new study shows that lots of gay men are avoiding condoms. Some are opting for other measures, like PrEP (which, let’s remember, don’t prevent other STIs that condoms can block). Some are monogamous. And others are simply taking their chances. Only about 36% of gay men didn’t have unprotected anal sex in the last year, according to the survey of UK gays. About 40% said that almost all of their sex was unprotected. Guys! What are you doing? Do you like getting gonorrhea ...
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Two men just learned via Grindr that they are HIV-positive

A recent study has found that the gay dating app Grindr is a pretty effective way to get black and Hispanic men who like to have sex with men to try home H.I.V. self-testing kits. The home test doesn't require blood, but rather uses a swab of the gums to generate reliable results in 20 minutes. Of the 56 Los Angeles area men who participated in the study and received kits, two men learned from the kits that they were infected. (more…)
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Tips to expand coverage of LGBT health beyond HIV and AIDS

Photo: Ted Eytan via Flickr For the past several decades, HIV and AIDS have dominated discussions and reporting about LGBT health. While HIV/AIDS continues to be relevant to this population, thorough coverage of health for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals must be much more comprehensive in examining other challenges they face. Several takeaways from the Health Journalism 2016 session, “Beyond HIV/AIDS: Reporting on the LGBT Community,” can help reporters go beyond those issu...
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New Way of Attacking HIV Virus Boosts AIDS Vaccine Efforts

Researchers have found a new HIV weakness that could lead to a more effective vaccine
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