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Using DNA tests, Dwight Manley found his birth father: L.A. politician Mike Antonovich

It only takes one look to spot their likeness. It’s there in the eyes. Blue. But the kind that can look green at certain times, the father and son say almost simultaneously. Blue is also both their favorite color. They only recently discovered that mutual personality trait. It hasn’t been a year since they learned of their relationship. A present given to Dwight Manley for Christmas 2017 unlocked the secret to his birth father. Now, they both get to celebrate Manley’s 53rd birthday this year. Th...
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7 Ways to Manage High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a problem that many people deal with today. According to the FDA, almost 65 million adults in the US are affected by it. Needless to say, it can be rather scary. With symptoms like Severe headaches, shortness of breath, and nosebleeds, it’s no wonder it’s a popular topic. When left untreated, it can lead to a lot more serious problems like a heart attack or kidney damage. Luckily, most cases can be managed or even prevented with a few lifestyle changes that -let’s be hon...
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The Pill Club raises $51M as VCs find new opportunities in women’s health

Through telemedicine and direct-to-consumer sales platforms, startups are streamlining the historically arduous process of accessing contraception. The latest effort to secure a significant financing round is The Pill Club, an online birth control prescription and delivery service. Consumer-focused investor VMG Partners has led its $51 million Series B, with participation from new investors GV and ACME Capital (formerly known as Sherpa Capital), and existing investors Base10 Partners and Shasta ...
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Podcast: Bizarre Questions Psychiatrists and Therapists Have Asked

 There is an assumption among many Americans that doctors are pretty darn smart and always know what they’re talking about. Psychiatrists work with the mentally ill, so they are certainly smarter than their patients. Because, after all, their patients are “crazy.” Right? In this episode, our hosts discuss all the times that psychiatrists and therapists didn’t live up to the hype – or stereotype.  SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW “Therapists and psychiatrists. . . They don’t know everyt...
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Visual Disturbances: what eye-tracking and 187 unlicensed clips reveal about change blindness and our perception of films

My most recent essay film, Visual Disturbances, premiered in the open access journal [in]Transition yesterday. This open access journal features peer reviewed academic video essays and showcases a wide variety of film and media analysis. Visual Disturbances uses some cutting-edge eye tracking visualizations to explore how film audiences both perceive and mis-perceive movies. A few readers may remember my 2007 Disney mashup, A Fair(y) Use Tale. That film, in its own small way, helped op...
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The 12 high-school cliques that exist today, and how they differ from past decades

Researchers conducted focus groups with students who recently graduated from high school to ask them about their experience with peer groups.Altogether, the participants identified 12 distinct "peer crowds" and ranked them in a social hierarchy.The results show that, compared to past decades, some groups have risen or fallen in the hierarchy, and a couple new groups have emerged. None How do modern high-school peer groups compare to the familiar cliques of past decades — jocks, stoners, brains? ...
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Constant cravings: is addiction on the rise?

From sex to sugar to social media, people are in the grip of a wider range of compulsive behaviours. But what is driving them – and what can be done?Addiction was once viewed as an unsavoury fringe disease, tethered to substances with killer withdrawal symptoms, such as alcohol and opium. But now the scope of what humans can be addicted to seems to have snowballed, from sugar to shopping to social media. The UK’s first NHS internet-addiction clinic is opening this year; the World Health Organiza...
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HOW CAN AYURVEDA AND TCM HELP YOU GET PREGNANT? Do you know the difference between Ayurveda and TCM? When I was trying to conceive, I used elements of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurveda, and I consulted with an acupuncturist who did a few trial treatments on me. She also taught me a little bit about what type of foods I should be eating for my "constitution". This guest post gives some of the basics about TCM and Ayurveda and how they may enhance your health and fertility....
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The path of bliss: 11 epic quotes from Joseph Campbell

The famous academic will forever be known for his message to "follow your bliss".George Lucas admitted that Star Wars was heavily influenced by Campbell. The Power of Myth remains one of the most popular public television series of all time. None Very few biographies can be described in three words, yet the entirety of mythologist Joseph Campbell's career has often been summed up in one simple message: follow your bliss. Problem is, this catchphrase has been stripped of much of its intended mea...
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U.S. nixed FBI checks on staff at growing migrant teen detention camp

By GARANCE BURKE AND MARTHA MENDOZA TORNILLO, Texas — The Trump administration announced in June it would open a temporary shelter for up to 360 migrant children in this isolated corner of the Texas desert. Less than six months later, the facility has expanded into a detention camp holding thousands of teenagers — and it shows every sign of becoming more permanent. By Tuesday, 2,324 largely Central American boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 17 were sleeping inside the highly guarded faci...
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Actor Selma Blair reveals that she has multiple sclerosis

MS diagnosis came in August but Hollywood star has lived with symptoms for yearsThe American actor Selma Blair has been praised for speaking candidly about having multiple sclerosis (MS).In an Instagram post the 46-year-old Cruel Intentions star said she had been officially diagnosed in August but had experienced symptoms for years. Continue reading...
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Helena Bonham Carter: ‘Standing up to Harvey wasn’t easy’

In her 35-year career, the actor has seen the best and worst of Hollywood. She talks about divorce, depression and making her most personal filmHelena Bonham Carter does not attempt to disguise her hurt. She says she has just made the most important and personal film of her career, and is convinced nobody will see it. 55 Steps tells the story of Eleanor Riese, a psychiatric patient who successfully fought the US’s medical and political establishment in the 1980s for the right to refuse antipsych...
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They Aren’t Dangerous Characters: Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dangerous characters with multiple personalities continue to be part of cinema. M. Night Shyamalan’s new film Glass, coming to theaters in January 2019, is a sequel to his 2017 movie “Split” and includes a villain with multiple personalities. Two other movies slated to come out in the next few years also depict volatile characters with multiple personalities: “Cowboy Ninja Viking” and the new film from DC Universe with the character “Crazy Jane.” In “Split,” a sociopath with twenty-four p...
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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop to pay for making unsubstantiated claims about vaginal Jade eggs

Goop, the lifestyle and e-commerce site startup up by Hollywood darling Gwyneth Paltrow, has settled a $125,000 lawsuit connected to false advertisements of a $66 vaginal Jade egg, which the company said balanced hormones, prevented uterine prolapse and more. Scientists begged to differ. According to the lawsuit, filed with the Santa Clara County District Attorney, the “wellness empire sold a series of women’s health products whose advertised medical claims were not supported by competent a...
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Donald Drains the Swamp – New Book by Eric Metaxas

After books on Christian heavyweights Bonhoeffer and Luther, Eric Metaxas tackles the heaviest weight of them all – Donald the Caveman. I haven’t seen a pre-publication copy as yet, but I can only imagine the wonders within this prehistoric prose. I do wonder how Metaxas will delicately handle a full treatment of Donald the Caveman’s swamp draining. How, for instance, will he depict the Access Hollywood episode and all that grabbing? Maybe the book will carry a parent’s advisory. Will there be a...
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‘Is there a doctor on board?’ This Loma Linda University grad, LA resident saves life midflight over Atlantic

Dean LaBarba (Courtesy of Loma Linda University Health) You’re returning home on a flight from Zurich, halfway over the Atlantic Ocean and a passenger collapses a few seats down. You start chest compressions. A call goes out: “Is there a doctor on board?” The captain of the Boeing 777 with several hundred passengers asks “should we land?” This is not a bad dream, nor is it a Hollywood movie plot, it happened to 27-year-old recent Loma Linda University graduate Dean LaBarba. On June 19, the Lo...
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How 4 teens from Southern California are helping kids with problems from homelessness to bullying

They are a stellar group. The boy who taught himself how to sew in order to give homeless youth better-looking clothes to wear. The pint-sized girl, bullied mercilessly in seventh and eighth grades, who then later created an app so kids can find someone to eat lunch with at school. A Girl Scout who loved her time at camp in the San Jacinto Mountains so much, she created a summer day camp for underprivileged children. And the artist whose Bat Mitzvah project blossomed into an ongoing series of ar...
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LA leaders urge Kaiser to keep 306 jobs in the city

The Los Angeles City Council moved on Tuesday to urge healthcare and insurance giant Kaiser Permanente to save 306 jobs in the city — several from the San Fernando Valley — from being cut or moved somewhere else. “As a major employer in the City of Los Angeles, including the communities of Woodland Hills, Hollywood, and North Hollywood, Kaiser Permanente should be committed to growing and retaining jobs, which are key components of a healthy local economy and vibrant quality of life for resident...
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Father’s and son’s injuries lead to the mother of all therapy bills

Angel Dean Lopez is a Hollywood television writer and father who enjoys doing projects with his three kids. Every fall, he helps them transform 7-inch-long blocks of wood into whimsical race cars for the neighborhood’s annual Pinewood Derby in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles.
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"The Bullshit-Job Boom/For more and more people, work appears to serve no purpose. Is there any good left in the grind?"

By Nathan Heller at The New Yorker. In “Bullshit Jobs” (Simon & Schuster), David Graeber, an anthropologist now at the London School of Economics, seeks a diagnosis and epidemiology for what he calls the “useless jobs that no one wants to talk about.” He thinks these jobs are everywhere. By all the evidence, they are. His book, which has the virtue of being both clever and charismatic, follows a much circulated essay that he wrote, in 2013, to call out such occupations. Some, he thought, were st...
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Dieting And Fitness – The Do’s & Don’ts for Weight Loss

Whether it’s to improve your quality life or to stay healthy, people opt for all kinds of weight loss techniques to lose weight. Obesity is an issue for many people, and it can lead to a variety of health problems. Plus, there is nothing wrong with gaining some stamina while working out to lose weight. However, everyone you ask will offer up a different solution to their weight loss methods. This article will cover the do’s and don’ts of weight loss. For instance, do eat nutritious meals and w...
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The Real Reason Sanaa Lathan Buzzed Off Her Long Hair

Update: Sanaa Lathan's drastic September 2017 haircut is starting to grow in — and with that, she's growing more comfortable with her shorter length, too. At first, "it was terrifying!" Lathan told Health magazine in her June 2018 cover story, in which she discussed the change for her role in Nappily Ever After. "My character [Violet] is in crisis, and everything that she thought she knew is unraveling. So the emotions were all over the place for me—because I’m playing Violet, but I’m also shav...
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Can the pupils of your eyes control the lights in your office? A USC professor says yes

When researcher Joon-Ho Choi taps on his keyboard, his computer looks deep into his eyes. No, this is not a Skype call. And it’s definitely not some sci-fi, man-meets-machine romcom as depicted in the 2013 Hollywood movie “Her.” Using a computer’s camera, Choi’s advanced webcam — his pupilometer — captures eye pupil-size data that’s then used to calculate each person’s optimal lighting comfort level in real time. The USC professor’s experimental model is the first in the nation to connect indoor...
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Hear 48 Hours of Lectures by Joseph Campbell on Comparative Mythology and the Hero’s Journey

What does it mean to “grow up”? Every culture has its way of defining adulthood, whether it’s surviving an initiation ritual or filing your first tax return. I’m only being a little facetious—people in the U.S. have long felt dissatisfaction with the ways we are ushered into adulthood. Whether it’s learning how to fill out IRS forms or student loan and credit card applications, our culture wants us to understand our place in the great machine. All other pressing life concerns are seconda...
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The #MeToo movement in medicine can’t come too soon

I’m a trial attorney, and I’m a woman.  , I know what it’s like to be a woman in a traditionally male profession. I also give workshops to women in the medical profession, and I listen to their stories of harassment. I’ve been following the #MeToo movement with interest. It started in Hollywood, and has expanded to Silicon Valley, to corporate boardrooms, and to domestic workers. But we’ve yet to see the #MeToo movement have its moment in medicine, and that moment can’t come too soon. A recent N...
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An ultrasound posted on Instagram. Does a physician have a duty to warn?

Early this month, Joanna Gaines, co-host of HGTV’s popular Fixer Upper, shared her pregnancy news with the world via a baby bump photo and an ultrasound, both posted to Instagram. The congratulations began pouring in from excited fans. But the conversation took a dark turn when a physician commented that the ultrasound appeared to show that Gaines’s baby might have hydrops fetalis. This is a potentially fatal condition in which abnormal amounts of fluid build up in a developing baby’s body. Tab...
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LA’s new Family Justice Center to be ‘a place of refuge,’ for those fleeing domestic violence, abuse

In one of the busiest hospitals in the nation, a refuge now resides. Officials declared that the Family Justice Center, inside the LAC+USC Medical Center in Boyle Heights, will be a place where Los Angeles County residents can escape domestic violence, finding all the pieces to put their lives back together. The new center formally opened Thursday, hailed as a one-stop shop where medical, mental-health, legal and social-service components all come together for victims, officials said. From lef...
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The 76-year-old bodybuilder who can still do the splits

A 76-year-old who once competed against Arnold Schwarzenegger in Mr Universe says he is now fitter than the Hollywood superstar.
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LA approves funding for mobile bathroom program, amid concerns about Hepatitis A

The Los Angeles City Council vote Tuesday to move forward with an experimental six-month program to station four mobile restrooms around the city in an effort to stem Hepatitis A cases among the homeless population. City leaders will test out the program, which is modeled after a San Francisco one known as “mobile pit stop,” at four “high-priority” sites: Venice, Wilmington, South Park and the southeast portion of downtown Los Angeles. The mobile restroom and hand-washing program is part of a la...
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Relative: Rep. Conyers, the target of sexual harassment allegations, won’t seek re-election due to health

By COREY WILLIAMS DETROIT — A relative says John Conyers, who is battling sexual harassment allegations from former female staffers, won’t seek re-election to a 28th term in Congress. Michigan state Sen. Ian Conyers, a grandson of John Conyers’ brother, told The New York Times for a story Tuesday that the 88-year-old Democrat’s doctor “advised him that the rigor of another campaign would be too much for him, just in terms of his health.” Ian Conyers told the newspaper that his great-uncle — the ...
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