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6 Self Care Ideas for Men to Embrace

When you think of self-care, you probably imagine a woman listening to music in a bubble bath, it hardly sounds like a manly activity. What self-care is actually about is giving you the opportunity to relax both physically and mentally. When you’re constantly surrounded by the stress of work, you probably can’t function properly. Coming home doesn’t help much, considering you’ll be surrounded by your screaming kids that crave attention. Finding some time for your hobbies and relaxation seems l...
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WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg Says She Almost Died After Contracting Pneumonia

Whoopi Goldberg briefly returned to The View Friday (Mar. 8) to let everyone that she is OK after nearly dying from a very serious bout with pneumonia.The 63-year-old, who has been absent from the show since early February after contracting pneumonia, appeared via a video update to update fans on her condition.“Yes, it’s me,” Goldberg said. “I am here, I am up and moving around—not as fast as I’d like to be, but I am OK, I’m not dead. So here’s what happened. I had pneumonia and I was septic. Pn...
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Jerry Rice Calls Us Out to Take Kidney Health Seriously

This post is sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation. All opinions are entirely mine. #HeartYourKidneys Growing up as an African American we were always taught so many things about our health. As a black male, we’ve been told about the percentages about getting heart disease and many other things. Unfortunately, we were never educated about anything pertaining to the kidney. When it comes to vital organs, hearts get all the love. Kidneys don’t get nearly the same love as the heart, the bla...
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Jerry Rice Calls Us Out to Take Kidney Health Seriously

This post is sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation. All opinions are entirely mine. #HeartYourKidneys Growing up as an African American we were always taught so many things about our health. As a black male, we’ve been told about the percentages about getting heart disease and many other things. Unfortunately, we were never educated about anything pertaining to the kidney. When it comes to vital organs, hearts get all the love. Kidneys don’t get nearly the same love as the heart, the bla...
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5 Tips to Avoiding the Weekend Blowout

We’ve all been in this situation. You’ve followed through with your diet plan all week and the weekend is upon you. You might feel like it’s time to celebrate with some days off. After all, keeping up with your diet and workout routine can be exhausting. A little break couldn’t hurt, or could it? Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is exactly what leads to failure in maintaining a healthy weight . It’s important to always stay vigilant and on track. Here are some ways you can avoid a weekend...
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7 Ways to Manage High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a problem that many people deal with today. According to the FDA, almost 65 million adults in the US are affected by it. Needless to say, it can be rather scary. With symptoms like Severe headaches, shortness of breath, and nosebleeds, it’s no wonder it’s a popular topic. When left untreated, it can lead to a lot more serious problems like a heart attack or kidney damage. Luckily, most cases can be managed or even prevented with a few lifestyle changes that -let’s be hon...
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7 Habits to Teach Young Kids to Have Healthy Mind and Body

There’s not a right way or a wrong way to raise your children so long as they are healthy, happy, and well-cared for . Everyone has their own version of parenting, and their way is what works for their family. Whether they co-sleep or let their kids cry it out, bottle feed or nurse, or they believe in regular date nights or staying home with their kids for the first three years of their life, what works for one family may not work for another. What works for every family, however, is the art ...
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Self Care: How Sleep Can Revolutionize Your Life and Improve Performance

When we set out to improve our lifestyle by taking care of our health and joining a gym, we often rush down to the supplement store and load up on goodies. In fact, recent studies have found that the supplement industry has grown to over 200-billion dollars in annual revenue from gym enthusiasts around the globe. But what if there were something, we could incorporate into our lifestyle that was more powerful than supplements and less expensive than organic food? Sleep, contrary to popular beli...
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R. Kelly Reportedly Having Panic Attacks Over “Surviving R. Kelly” Lifetime Documentary

Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary series is reportedly taking a toll on R. Kelly, TMZ reports.According to the gossip site, the singer-songwriter has been so stressed out about the whole situation that he’s been suffering from severe panic attacks, which started in the days leading up to the 6-episode series airing last week and has continued even afterward. TMZ reported that one attack was so serious that he had to seek treatment at a hospital.“Surviving R. Kelly” documented in great ...
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“Laverne & Shirley” Star Penny Marshall Dead at 75

Penny Marshall—actress, comedian and director—has died at the age of 75. Marshall, best known for her starring role in the 1970s sitcom Laverne and Shirley was reportedly found dead at her home in Hollywood Hills Monday night (Dec. 17). According to TMZ, Marshall’s cause of death was complications from diabetes. In addition to diabetes, Marshall dealt with a number of health issues during her final years. In 2010, it was reported that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer that had metastasized...
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3 Factors You Should Always Consider Before You Buy Your Exercise Spin Bike

Have you ever imagined how you would look like if you ever got serious with keeping fit? This has been one question that has always motivated people to hit the gym. Don’t forget the health aspect of it,this is according to However, this might not be possible for some people because they have a busy schedule. How would you feel if someone told you that you don’t need to go to a gym, instead you can bring the gym to your home? This is simpler because all you need is to loo...
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What CBD Oil Can Do & How it May Help

Well-known for its natural remedial properties, Cannabidiol popularly known as CBD oil has created quite a stir among the people. It is among the 104 chemical compounds that are extracted from cannabis. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the main psychoactive cannabinoid which is known to get a person ‘high’, CBD is not psychoactive. And hence, it has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds. This property of CBD makes it a very suitable option for all those looking at natural remedy pr...
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Get Better Omega 3 Supplements Now!!

This post is sponsored by iWi but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.   Throughout the years, it’s been rough working on night shift. My oldest child is about to turn 20-years-old in January and I’ve done it since he was born. It was a way to save money on expensive daycare for me to keep him when I got off. Three kids later and my youngest is about to turn 14 this coming March, it’s time to start taking care of self. As a father, we tend to put others like our wife and kids befo...
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Keep Off the Weight: Avoid Dad Bod

As a new dad, it might seem that the new weight you’re carrying around doesn’t just belong to the baby. After a new baby arrives, it can be difficult to care for yourself. With multiple wake ups in the night to just an overall lack of time, many men find themselves falling into traps that will ultimately lead to the “Dad Bod”. While this isn’t necessarily bad, you may be interested in keeping your shape and figure and keeping off any excess weight. If the weight has already gotten to you, you ...
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Boutique Pilates Studio Opens in Sandy Springs Today

Club Pilates, the nation’s largest premium Pilates franchise, will open its doors in Sandy Springs on Thursday, September 6, with a planned grand opening celebration in October. Located at 5968 Roswell Road, the new studio offers members full-body workouts that improve posture, balance, flexibility and strength. For the opening weekend, the studio will be offering 20 percent off memberships for the first three months, and free introductory classes all weekend.   The bright studio welcomes mem...
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4 Health Risks Dads Really Need To Think About

Men are notoriously stubborn when it comes to their health, and it’s often to their detriment. By not taking the ever-present risks seriously, we risk not only our safety, but also the financial security of the family, and even our relationships with those we love the most. Here, we’re going to take a look at health risks you need to be taking more seriously. Chronic disease Not all chronic diseases are preventable. However, a sizeable portion of the 50% of all adults living with chronic disea...
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9 Reasons Taking A Nap Is Beneficial To You

Ever since I’ve become a parent, it seems like sleep has always taken a backseat. Despite my kids getting older, it seems like I’ve always put off getting much needed rest. For the past few months, I’ve been taking my sleeping seriously and even getting in a nap as much as I can. Many people don’t realize that napping can be very beneficial for you. We have always thought napping was for babies, but adults can reap the benefits of it also. A short nap in the mid-afternoon can boost memory, imp...
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Looking to Spice Up Your Training Routine? Make It a Family Thing

Working out or exercising alone can be difficult, so involving your kids is of much importance. It will make them active instead of allowing them to adopt a sedentary lifestyle in which they play video games or watch TV all day. Making things fun is a good motivator during workouts. While still considering all aspects of your family’s health, it is very crucial to ensure that you eat a nutrient-dense diet as a family. Additionally, for parents, you can use supplements and performance enhanceme...
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Better and Cheaper Way to Fight Heartburn from Walmart

This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own How many people deal with heartburn on a constant basis? Of course, as I got older, my body started going through the changes I’d been warned about. Heartburn was something I was dealing with before I knew it. For all of you that don’t know, heartburn is the burning pain or discomfort in your chest that can travel to your throat and neck. There are many things that can trigger your heartburn such as alcohol, spicy foods or eve...
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6 Essential Benefits of Using Hemp For Better Health

Hemp seeds are obtained from the cannabis or marijuana plant. It is composed of most active part of the cannabis that is the traces of THC. Though cannabis is used for an illegal drug making, hemp is the essential component composed of several health benefits. Moreover, it is not illegal to use hemp for different health related benefits. The hemp seeds are edible and are used in the foods especially in Australia. Few important benefits of using hemp seeds It readily reduces or fights inflamma...
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Check Out These Keto Diet Meal Ideas for Men

The keto diet is one of the latest health trends in the 21st century. It has a wide variety of benefits to those who practice it. The idea is simple: Get your body to burn all of that fat to give you that sexy slim look you always wanted. However, there are several guides out there. Maybe you don’t know where to begin. Perhaps you want to improve your knowledge about the keto diet. For a more comprehensive guide, learn about the keto diet at tasteaholics. Without further ado, here are some keto ...
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Smoking Effects on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a downward plummeting lung disease. People who develop COPD experience worsening conditions over the years. After a great deal of scientific research, a link has been found between smokers, and those who develop COPD. Some of the symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease A feeling of tightness in the chest Increasing difficulty in breathing Persistent cough, often with the accompaniment of mucus A wheezing sound during coughing bouts S...
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3 Healthy Products That Should Be A Part of Your Everyday Routine

Besides my family, you can say that my focus has been my health. With my new health initiative, my family has started to take their health more seriously also. One of the first things I’ve done is start watching what I’m eating. As of now, I’ve stopped my fast food addiction and focused more on fruits, vegetables and less greasy foods. My weekly routine now consists of me going to the gym three times a week and that will increase starting next week. Since I’m a night shift worker, it was hard ...
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6 Ways on How to Choose CBD Oil for Pain

It is not uncommon for new CBD patients to feel a bit overwhelmed by the numerous options these days. CBD dispensaries and shops carry a wide variety of products than before. With these new brands hitting the market, newbies may find it difficult to choose the best CBD oil for pain. To help you choose the right product for your pain condition, here’s a simple guide on how to pick the best CBD product. Things to Consider When Choosing CBD Oil Product Some people that since you are buying a prod...
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6 Perfect Snacks to Take on Your Family Road Trip

The kids have less than two weeks of school left, and summer is around the corner. In Georgia, we’re anticipating those hot and humid days where it seems like you’re suffocating. This summer I’ll officially have two kids finished with high school. My youngest will be entering her final year of middle school and we’re already planning our vacation and a couple of road trips. This year, we’re doing something different because we used to just wake up and take off for the road. My wife wants to pl...
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4 Healthier Lifestyle Changes For the Better

This post is sponsored by Michelob ULTRA but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. After turning 40-years-old last year, my wife told me that I need to focus more on my health. I’ll be honest, it took me a while to finally get the message. The unhealthy habits continued as I was drinking so many sodas throughout the day. When I wasn’t drinking drinks, you could catch me with some sugary snack in my possession. When my wife stated how important my health was moving forward because...
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4 Simple Ways in Which Every Man Can Easily Stay Fit

To some people, fitness sounds like a monster that they are unable to tackle; the kind that terrifies them because no matter how much they try, they are unable to defeat it. However, one reason why people don’t achieve their fitness goals is because they put too much unhealthy pressure on themselves. Instead of losing weight, you end up gaining. Men are seen as the providers and protectors of their homes. They need to be fit to do so. If you are a man, there are some basic principles that can ...
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10 Ways to Promote a Healthy Body and Mind for Kids

As a parent, we always want to make sure our kids are as healthy as possible. One thing we need to do is make sure they’re eating healthy foods. To go with a healthy body, we also want our kids to have a healthy mind. At times, we tend to steer in the wrong direction, but below are some things to help myself and other parents. Check out these 10 Ways to Promote a Healthy Body and Mind for Kids. HEALTHY BODY Apple Sauce Pouches   – In a world full of ‘fake news’ and fake foods, Tree Top want...
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How To Choose The Right Punching Bag

If you’ve been thinking of putting together a special room or you want to organize your basement so that you can work out comfortably and effectively, you might know that installing a heavy bag is good for your health and resistance training. The trouble with getting your first punching bag is that there are several essential aspects you have to keep in mind to make sure that you are able to select the right product both for your physical attributes and your skills right now. There’s a short g...
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7 Ways to Help Your Child with Allergy Symptoms

It’s that time of year that the pollen count is extremely high. In a little over a month, the kids will be out of school and spending most of their time out side playing. My kids are older now, with two of them out of high school and the other headed to the 8th grade. Throughout the summer, my daughter will be headed to cheer camp and practice, so she’ll be outside a lot. Just like a lot of other kids, she comes home and talk about her stuffy nose or constantly coughing. It’s hard to deal with...
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