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Jordan bans smoking and vaping in indoor public spaces

Decision follows recent revelation country has highest rates of tobacco use in the worldThe Jordanian government has banned smoking and vaping in all indoor public spaces a week after a Guardian investigation revealed tobacco use in the country had become the highest in the world.The country’s health ministry said on Wednesday all enclosed public areas would now be “100% smoke-free environments”, building on an existing but widely flouted ban on smoking inside government buildings and ending an ...
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How did Jordan end up with the highest smoking rate in the world?

When international correspondent Michael Safi began looking into why Jordan had become the country with the world’s highest smoking rates, he began to uncover what public health advocates have described as widespread interference in policymaking by multinational tobacco companiesGuardian international correspondent Michael Safi tells Anushka Asthana about why he decided to look into smoking rates in the Middle Eastern kingdom of Jordan. They have become the highest in the world, with more than e...
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DeAndre Jordan, Spencer Dinwiddie have coronavirus, may not return with Nets

NEW YORK (AP) — Spencer Dinwiddie and DeAndre Jordan said Monday they have tested positive for the coronavirus, potentially leaving the Brooklyn Nets without two starters when the NBA season resumes. Jordan said he won’t be in Florida with the Nets when they return from the suspension of the 2019-20 season, while Dinwiddie told The Athletic that he was experiencing symptoms and it was unclear if he would be at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. At least six players on the Nets have test...
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Nets’ DeAndre Jordan says he has coronavirus

DeAndre Jordan says he has tested positive for the coronavirus and won’t be joining the Brooklyn Nets in Florida when the NBA season resumes. Jordan announced his status on Twitter, hours after fellow Nets player Spencer Dinwiddie told The Athletic that he had tested positive and was experiencing symptoms. They give the Nets at least six players who have tested positive for the virus. The other four were back in March, when Kevin Durant said he was one of them. Jordan wrote that he had learned o...
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The Social Justice Debate: Jordan Peterson on White Privilege

Last week I posted John MacArthur’s response to a seminary student’s question about social justice in the church. In that reply, MacArthur invoked the concept of intersectionality and defined it in a manner which echoed Jordan Peterson in his infamous lecture on white privilege. Since I first heard Peterson on white privilege, I have considered writing a critical response. The MacArthur post provoked me to finally get to it.  In the 10 minute clip below, Peterson explains why he doubts the privi...
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Origins of bread found 14,400 years ago in Jordan

Scientists have found the remnants of a meal shared by a group of Natufian hunter-gatherers around 14,400 years ago. They noted the expected varieties of meat including those from a gazelle, waterfowl and hare and were surprised with three to four types of flat bread made up of mixed grain.
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Physician speakers are ready to highlight your conference: Spring 2018 update

It’s been a great start for my new speakers bureau, Physician Speaking by KevinMD.  We are a group of practicing physicians who can tell a story, command the stage, and inspire your audience. This Spring 2018, we’re highlighting the following events: University of Maryland Community Medical Group, keynote SUNY Downstate Medical Center, keynote Becker’s Hospital Review Health IT + Clinical Leadership 2018, presentation and panel discussion Association of Staff Physician Recruiters Annual Confer...
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Jordan Harbinger On The Art of Communication

“First impressions are actually made non-verbally. It has nothing to do with what you say or don’t say.” Jordan Harbinger...
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How an executive order can erase an entire childhood

Having recently returned from a medical mission to the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan, I have become consumed with advocating for the rights of the children outside of our borders.  All the while the children I have spent the last five years caring for have been fighting for themselves in this changing political climate. As a pediatrician for an underserved immigrant population, I have seen first hand how a simple signature of an executive order can erase an entire childhood. When the patient hi...
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in which i come home and get caught up without anxiety (hooray for medication)

I recently had a very positive experience with anti-anxiety medication, and realized I should share it here.I've written many times about the wonders of modern medicine for treating depression and anxiety, and the life-changing, relationship-saving, and quite possibly life-saving effects of using the right medication. While these drugs may be sometimes prescribed unnecessarily, I believe they are under used -- that many more people could be helped by these meds, if their own biases didn't stand ...
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His power over her was cultural. How could I do the right thing?

She burst into tears when I asked if she wanted to get pregnant. Eman, a beautiful young woman from Jordan, sat in my family-practice office with her husband, Ali, and two adorable children about one and two years old. With her scarf and dark clothing covering all but her pale face and enormous sable-brown eyes, Eman looked closer to fourteen than twenty-four, and scarcely old enough to have any children. “How can I help you?” I started. “We wish to remove her IUD so that we can have another bab...
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A pediatrician, silently screaming for the Syrian children

On the eve of President Trump signing an executive order on immigration, I lay here awake, silently screaming for the Syrian children. What will become of the hundreds of children I met recently at the Zaatari camp in Jordan whose hopeful eyes searched my own for answers? Unable to return home because of a war that has stretched more than 5 years, where will they go if we turn our back on them? How do I make the world understand that these children are much like our own, with the same hopes and ...
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The Neediest Cases: After Escape From Syria, Another Dangerous Foe: Diabetes

A Neediest Cases beneficiary agency tries to help bridge a health care gap for a young refugee in Jordan, far from home.
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Resilience: The Gift You Get from Multiple Failures

I no longer chase happiness. I believe, much like renowned psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, that you can’t PURSUE happiness. It ensues when you live a meaningful life. What you CAN chase after is resilience. And I have been pursuing that bad boy with everything I have for the last 10 years. My self-help bookshelves in the living room, in my bedroom (bad Feng shui, I know), and in my son’s bedroom (where I work) are lined with books that contain the word “resilience” in the s...
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Why Pokemon Go is Taking Over Your Brain

(Rare Pokemon: Aerodactyl – Screenshot from Jordan Flood)   Games Have Reached Into the Real World You know how older generations always say children are the future? Well once upon a time Millennials were children, and now this is the world that we are starting to create. But I’m not talking about planet earth. I’m talking about the convergence of the real world, and the world of Pokemon. Pokemon Go has taken the place of pretty much every other app on my phone, and plenty of other people’...
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What can physicians do to increase empathy about the health of populations?

As physicians, we are charged with extending empathy to our patients. In addition to a professional responsibility, empathy is also a mechanism for improving patient care and professional satisfaction. It has been associated with better patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, fewer medical errors and lawsuits, as well as provider happiness. However, while physicians can be expected to pursue the ideal of empathy towards individual patients, that of empathizing with populations is more challengi...
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Are You Helping Your Employees To Reach Their Potential?

When it comes to my role serving as the Governing Board Chairman at my daughters’ high school, one aspect of this leadership role that I enjoy the most is being invited to school events that celebrate the achievements of our students.After all, when you spend much of your time discussing school budget issues, funding projects, approving various school policies and the like, having the opportunity to talk with students to learn about their accomplishments really helps to provide a context for the...
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Monday round-up

Justice Samuel Alito took his seat on the Court ten years ago yesterday. Reporting on the anniversary for the ABA Journal, Mark Walsh observes that Alito “has quietly helped move the court rightward on issues such as race in K-12 education, abortion rights, campaign finance, voting rights and religious accommodation.” Tamara Tabo of Above the Law contends that Alito may be “the most important conservative currently on the Court,” because he is “more coherent than Kennedy, more conventional than ...
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