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Australia news live: Linda Reynolds taken to hospital; Kelly's exit from Libs prompts Nats leadership talk

Defence minister admitted as precautionary measure on advice of her cardiologist. Follow all the latest news and updates, liveFollow the global coronavirus live blog 11.24pm GMT Media group Nine Entertainment Group, which owns the Nine TV network and the former Fairfax mastheads, has joined the rush to repay jobkeeper subsidies received during the pandemic.It’s all the rage in corporate circles these days, piling pressure on companies that have so far resisted, such as Solomon Lew’s Premier ...
Tags: Health, Australia, Australia news, Australian politics, Scott Morrison, National party, Peter Dutton, Nats, Kelly, Fairfax, Harvey Norman, Solomon Lew, Craig Kelly, Gerry Harvey, Libs, Linda Reynolds

Australia news live: Labor grills Morrison over Craig Kelly resignation; jobseeker to increase by $50 a fortnight

Kelly says he will support government on confidence and supply; Morrison faces mores questions over releasing report into what his office knew of rape allegations. Follow the latest updates liveBrittany Higgins’ partner abandons Canberra job due to fears of paybackHiggins’ rape allegation has launched five inquiries. Here’s the breakdownWhen will I get the Covid-19 vaccine in Australia?Follow our global coronavirus live blog 3.34am GMT The crux of the IR stuff today is that the gig economy h...
Tags: Health, Labor, Australia, Australia news, Australian politics, Canberra, Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese, Morrison, Kelly, Fair Work Commission, Higgins, Craig Kelly, Ian Ross, Coronavirus

Australia news live: Craig Kelly resigns to join crossbench; jobseeker to increase by $50 a fortnight

Kelly says he will support government on confidence and supply; Morrison faces mores questions over releasing report into what his office knew of rape allegationsBrittany Higgins’ partner abandons Canberra job due to fears of paybackWhen will I get the Covid-19 vaccine in Australia?Follow our global coronavirus live blog 2.29am GMT The government still as a one-seat buffer, as it hold 76 seats of 151 in the House of Representatives including speaker Tony Smith.Labor is saying the Morrison go...
Tags: Health, Australia, Australia news, House Of Representatives, Australian politics, Qantas, Rex, Canberra, Scott Morrison, Smith, Anthony Albanese, Morrison, Kelly, Higgins, Consumer Commission, Tony Smith

Australia news live: Craig Kelly quits Liberal party to join crossbench; Albanese gets Covid vaccine

Kelly says he will support government on confidence and supply; Morrison faces mores questions over releasing report into what his office knew of rape allegationsBrittany Higgins’ partner abandons Canberra job due to fears of paybackWhen will I get the Covid-19 vaccine in Australia?Follow our global coronavirus live blog 1.35am GMT Michaelia Cash on the new mutual obligations:In the first instance there will be a require for job seekers to attend face-to-face appointments with their provider...
Tags: Health, Australia, Australia news, Australian politics, Canberra, Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese, Morrison, Kelly, Higgins, Albanese, Craig Kelly, Coronavirus

Australia coronavirus news live: masks mandatory on all flights; international arrival caps reduced in NSW, WA and Queensland

NSW records four new locally acquired cases as Daniel Andrews calls for daily testing of quarantine hotel workers. Follow all the latest news and updatesNSW hotspots; Victoria hotspots; Queensland hotspotsFollow the global coronavirus live blog 2.34am GMT Chief medical officer Paul Kelly is also clarifying that any Covid-19 vaccination will not be mandatory. Kelly and Morrison have both drawn comparisons with other vaccination programs, such as that for measles.In this case I think the word ...
Tags: Health, Australia, Australia news, Queensland, New South Wales, Brisbane, Victoria, Daniel Andrews, Paul Kelly, Morrison, Kelly, Coronavirus

Why great thinkers balance optimism and pessimism

When it comes to thinking about the future, is it best to assume the best or the worst? Like with most things, it's actually a little column A and a little column B. This video features theoretical physicists, futurists, sociologists, and mavericks explaining the pros and cons of both."In the long term optimists decide the future," argues Kevin Kelly, Senior Maverick for Wired and the magazine's founding executive editor. "It's the optimist who create all of the things that are going to be most ...
Tags: Psychology, Motivation, Science, Technology, Life, Innovation, Emotions, Humanity, Personal Growth, Kelly, Lawrence Krauss, Kevin Kelly, Jason Silva, Michio Kaku, Compilation, William magee

Coronavirus Australia live: PM provides national cabinet meeting update after Victoria records nine Covid deaths and 179 new cases

Lowest rise in Victorian cases in five weeks comes ahead of national cabinet. Follow live updates todayVictoria’s new cases at 179 but nine deaths recordedCoronavirus global live blogAustralian stats interactiveNSW cases map; NSW hotspots listVictoria and Melbourne trend mapSign up for Guardian Australia’s coronavirus email 5.17am BST The last word from Morrison, before he called an end to that press conference:We have got to keep managing this twin challenge of a health pandemic and a Covid...
Tags: Health, Business, Australia, Australia news, Coalition, Queensland, New South Wales, Queensland politics, Victoria, Labor party, Melbourne, Tasmania, Scott Morrison, South Australia, Daniel Andrews, Western Australia

The Making of ‘Saint Hillary’: Exploring The Media’s Early Role In Defining The First Lady 

The following is an excerpt from Michael D’Antonio’s book, “The Hunting of Hillary: The 40-Year Campaign to Destroy Hillary Clinton,” out July 28. It is part of TPM Cafe, TPM’s home for opinion and news analysis. Powerful women aren’t given much leeway. Express a little emotion—any emotion—and you risk being written off as unserious. Show too little and you’re a bitch. The stereotypes are convenient for journalists and can be supported by selecting a few anecdotes or impressions and shading ...
Tags: Health, New York, News, Washington, White House, Reagan, Hillary Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Arkansas, New York Times, Bill Clinton, Bill, District Of Columbia, Abc News, Detroit, Hillary

Coronavirus Australia live news: Victoria records 300 new Covid-19 cases and six deaths as PM provides update on national cabinet meeting

Fears grow over pressure on Victoria’s aged care sector, while NSW records seven new cases and Queensland records two. Follow the latest news and updatesVictoria records 300 new coronavirus casesVictoria’s aged care system on verge of collapse amid Covid-19 surge, doctors warnFollow the global live blogAustralia’s about-face on masks: why our advice was late to the partySign up for Guardian Australia’s coronavirus email 3.24am BST Kelly said the states agreed to share that granular informati...
Tags: Health, Australia, World news, Australia news, Australian politics, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Melbourne, Tasmania, Scott Morrison, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Paul Kelly, Kelly

Coronavirus hits ‘Bond girl’ from Orange County hard

The James Bond parties, usually in lavish locations around the world, are legendary. Lynn-Holly Johnson said the best one was the Day of the Dead-themed party in Mexico City that coincided with the opening of the James Bond film “Spectre” in 2016. Over the years, Johnson has developed a friendship with the “wildest, most charismatic” Bond Girl, Gloria Hendry, who played Rosie Carver in the film “Live and Let Die.” And, of course, the London events attract fans who have loved James Bond since “Dr...
Tags: Health, Hollywood, London, News, Wales, Molly, Sport, Chicago, Bette Davis, Soccer, United States, Idaho, Mexico City, James Bond, Daniel Craig, Victoria

Coronavirus Australia live update: prime minister Scott Morrison press conference addresses Covid-19 after national cabinet meeting

Scott Morrison says national cabinet discussed the need ‘to protect against complacency in other parts of the country’. Follow live news and updatesScott Morrison speaks after national cabinetEight Melbourne public housing towers released to stage three restrictionsFollow our global live blogDownload the Guardian app to get the most important news notifications 4.24am BST This was flagged yesterday. The national medical advice, for places where there is ongoing community transmission is to w...
Tags: Health, Business, Australia, Australia news, Australian politics, Queensland, New South Wales, Welfare, Victorian politics, Victoria, Melbourne, Tasmania, Scott Morrison, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory

Workin’ 9-5 With an Escrow Agent

My good friends at Private Label Surrogacy recently asked me to help educate their prospective clients and gestational carriers about escrow agents.  What is it that escrow agents do and why is it important?  Trust me that you don’t really want me to tell you the specific ins and outs of my day at Stork Escrow unless you want to fall asleep from boredom in the next few minutes.  My life as an escrow agent “workin’ 9-5, what a way to make a livin’” (as Dolly sings it), is not the subject of ...
Tags: Health, New York, California, Uncategorized, Surrogacy, Infertility, Kelly, Dolly, Stork, Third-Party Assisted Reproduction, Gestational Carrier, Gestational Carrier Arrangements, Egg Donation, New York Reproductive Law, Infertility Awareness, CPSA

UCLA’s AD Martin Jarmond faces many challenges with new job

Sign up for Home Turf and get exclusive stories every SoCal sports fan must read, sent daily. Subscribe here. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Most new athletic directors who take over in July have the luxury of getting acclimated to their new school before things really ramp up in two months. That isn’t going to be the case for the start of Martin Jarmond’s tenure at UCLA. “You would like have something resembling normalcy, but I have to come in and embrace the challenges,” said Jarmond, who officially took...
Tags: Health, Boston, Sports, Los Angeles, Sport, Ap, Soccer, College sports, Ncaa, Ohio, Ucla, Chip Kelly, Kelly, Michigan State, Boston College, Armour

Coronavirus Australia live: Victoria suburbs lockdown continues as Eden-Monaro byelection looms – latest updates

NSW Health is urging residents in the inner-Sydney suburb of Balmain to take note of Covid-19 symptoms after a supermarket worker tested positive. Follow livePeople released from Melbourne hotel quarantine test positive Victoria records 77 new cases as cluster emerges in Melbourne’s northEverything we know about Victoria’s clustersFollow the global coronavirus live blogDownload the Guardian app to get the most important news notifications 1.33am BST On Wednesday, I reported Services Australi...
Tags: Health, Labor, Australia, Australia news, Australian politics, Queensland, New South Wales, Sydney, Victoria, Melbourne, Liberal, Balmain, Kelly, Mike Kelly, John Barilaro, NSW Health

Pop-up wearable tent for COVID-19 protection in offices, schools, and medical facilities

A few years back, my brother Rick Pescovitz came up with Under The Weather Pods, single-person pop-up shelters. (You may have caught Rick on Shark Tank.) Rick was sick of getting soaked at his kids' soccer games and was inspired by a portable toilet he saw by the field. Under The Weather Pods are designed for watching sports, fishing, and other outdoor events where it's raining, windy, or cold, but you are either obligated to watch or having so much fun you don't want to leave. When the pa...
Tags: Health, Post, Design, News, Medical, Innovation, Kelly, Rick, Rick Pescovitz, COVID-19

Get Moving with Kelly Starrett

We all know that a key element to health is exercise but these days many of us are cooped up at home. So I went to one of the leaders in physical health to chat about what we can do during this time. Dr. Kelly Starrett works with professional athletes, Olympic teams, universities, and elite military. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Becoming a Supple Leopard and Ready to Run. He is a featured speaker at strength and conditioning conferences worldwide, and the co-founder of San Fran...
Tags: Health, Photography, Podcast, New York Times, Mobility, Pain, Breathing, Movement, Kelly, Kelly Starrett, chasejarvisLIVE, CreativeLive CreativeLive, San Francisco CrossFit

Take care with physical distancing on mother's day, deputy chief medical officer says

Paul Kelly warns people over 70 and with existing diseases are at high risk from coronavirus as pandemic restrictions easeSign up for Guardian Australia’s daily coronavirus emailDownload the free Guardian app to get the most important news notificationsThe deputy chief medical officer, Paul Kelly, is warning people to take care if visiting mums on Mother’s Day, as frictions emerge over the lockdown in Victoria.In some states, authorities are allowing people to pay family visits on Sunday as coro...
Tags: Health, Australia, Australia news, Australian politics, New South Wales, Victoria, Greg Hunt, Anthony Albanese, Paul Kelly, Tim Wilson, Kelly, Aged Care, Coronavirus outbreak

"Normies now feel what we feel all the time. Alone, bored, sad, aimless, horny, empty, desolate..."

"... disconnected from the rest of humanity — the endless drone of whining and moaning I’m seeing on the social media timelines is the hellscape we have to endure constantly all the time during ‘normal times’, I can’t help but have a huge dose of schadenfreude over this — welcome to our world normiescum."Wrote somebody on an incel website, quoted in a NYT article titled "Who Goes Alt-Right in a Lockdown?/Mass anxiety, political instability, and isolation are a pretty good combination for warping...
Tags: Psychology, England, Law, Feminism, Solitude, The Web, Kelly, University of East Anglia, Celibacy, Ann Althouse, Annie Kelly, Right-wing Ideology, the Alt-Right

Why Don’t My Children Behave?

Kelly is beside herself. She and her husband are parents of two children, ages 4 and 3. They decided to have their children close together so they could get through the more intense parenting of the preschool years within 5 years. Both are committed to their careers and work full-time. Both are exhausted by the end of the day. They want to have peaceful evenings and weekends, but the kids act up and they end up acting up, too. They’ve tried everything from the “naughty chair” to letting the ...
Tags: Psychology, Kids, Parenting, Teaching, Toddlers, Discipline, Socialization, Children And Teens, Kelly, Jim

Christian Counseling Keynote Speaker Mike Pompeo Delivers Some Nasty Examples

Mike Pompeo must be about to break the cognitive dissonance meter. He is in the thick of the Trump Ukraine scandal having to defend his boss while holding himself up as a Christian leader at the State Department. I am old enough to remember his talk at the annual conference of the American Association of Christian Counselors. After he spoke at the AACC conference, he posted video of the speech with the caption, “Being a Christian Leader.” There were mighty and many complaints about this apparent...
Tags: Health, Putin, Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Npr, State Department, Donald Trump, Daniel dale, Infertility, Trump, State, Kelly, AACC, Pompeo, Ukraine Putin

Podcast: Using Music to Spark Your Inner Hero

Are you a badass?  Do you want to be? We all know that music has the ability to affect mood, and today’s guest takes that to the next level by helping you craft a personalized playlist to evoke specific feelings and emotions.  Kelly Orchard’s unique program could help you find your inner badass. Using music and a variety of psychotherapy tools, Kelly helps individuals and groups become more confident, more productive and most importantly, more badass. SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW Guest i...
Tags: Psychology, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Podcast, Interview, Youtube, Happiness, Stress, Self-help, Depression, Psychiatry, David, Psychotherapy, Mental Health And Wellness, Brain And Behavior

R. Kelly Reportedly Having Panic Attacks Over “Surviving R. Kelly” Lifetime Documentary

Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary series is reportedly taking a toll on R. Kelly, TMZ reports.According to the gossip site, the singer-songwriter has been so stressed out about the whole situation that he’s been suffering from severe panic attacks, which started in the days leading up to the 6-episode series airing last week and has continued even afterward. TMZ reported that one attack was so serious that he had to seek treatment at a hospital.“Surviving R. Kelly” documented in great ...
Tags: Health, Celebs, Georgia, Lifetime, Pop Culture, Jazz, Aaliyah, Lady Gaga, Controversy, Reports, R. Kelly, Gaga, Kelly, John Legend Chrissy Teigen, Kellz, Ignition

A Promising Therapy for Healing PTSD

When he left active duty, Brian Anderson, an Army Green Beret with 14 years of service, 33 months in combat and 3 Bronze Stars, started experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). “I started questioning my existence, whether I was alive, thinking I was in purgatory and thought I actually died in Afghanistan and had to right everything that went wrong,” said Anderson. “I suffered from a lot of survivor’s guilt and was living in a real dark space. A lot of times it felt like...
Tags: Psychology, General, Disorders, Ptsd, Afghanistan, Treatment, Trauma, Military, Veterans, Taliban, Psychotherapy, Walter Reed, Calvin, Anderson, Mark, Kelly

Rep. Mike Kelly’s Office: There is No Law that Requires Separation of Children from Asylum Seeking Families

Today, White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders repeated Donald Trump’s false claim that there is a law that requires children be removed from their asylum seeking parents at the U.S. border. Watch: Sarah Sanders: “It is very Biblical to enforce the law.” Bible: “Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people.” — Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) Jun...
Tags: Health, Donald Trump, Infertility, Trump, Sanders, Kelly, Mike Kelly, Jeff Sessions, Shannon Watts, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sarah Sanders, Today White House

Southern California ERs look for answers to the crush of newly insured patients at their doors

Second in a four-part series that examines emergency room use in Southern California. As the medical director for the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Dr. Clayton Kazan sees the crunch at the doors of the emergency departments and says more hospitals need to come to the table to talk about how to ease it. “If you look at the numbers, the visits are up and the admissions are down,” he said, meaning those who need beds may not be getting them. One solution to allay the high numbers may be a pil...
Tags: Health, News, California, Los Angeles, Sport, Bridget Kelly, Soccer, Orange County, Medicaid, Mccarthy, Usc, Southern California, Kelly, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Wilshire

Tradeshow Talks with PolyScience

We talked to Kelly and Ken from PolyScience at Pittcon 2018.
Tags: Health, Kelly, Ken

Tradeshow Talks with Labconco

We talked to product manager Kelly from Labconco at Pittcon 2018.
Tags: Health, Kelly, Labconco

The disgust factor.

"According to some assessments, a pivotal factor in last week’s elections was a sense of disgust with the President—and one of the results was a sharp increase in the number of female candidates and winners," wrote David Remnick in that New Yorker piece I've already blogged about this morning.I was struck by the idea that rising disgust had potential to lift the Democratic Party to new success, because a couple days ago we were talking about a test that uses susceptibility to feelings of disgust...
Tags: Psychology, Law, Abortion, Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina, Liberalism, Trump, Psychology Today, Fiorina, Adams, Democratic Party, Kelly, Scott Adams, Kevin, Rosie O'Donnell, David Remnick

W.H. Chief of Staff John Kelly Can’t Get the Confederacy Right

As has been widely reported, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly last night on the Laura Ingraham Show said Robert E. Lee was an honorable man and the Civil War was fought because the North and South couldn’t compromise. Kelly was brought into the White House to keep Trump from stepping on verbal landmines. However, […]
Tags: Health, White House, Infertility, John Kelly, Trump, Kelly, Robert E Lee, Laura Ingraham Show

Physician spouse speaks out against dangers of prescription opioids

The impact of the opioid crisis struck home within the Missouri physician community on Dec. 15, 2014. That’s the day when, just two months shy of his 30th birthday, Derek succumbed to an opioid overdose. The news was devastating for his mother, Kelly O’Leary, a longtime volunteer with the St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society Alliance, and her husband Timothy O’Leary, MD, a radiation oncologist at Mercy Jefferson Hospital near St. Louis. Since then, Kelly has become an outspoken advocate again...
Tags: Health, Navy, Missouri, Patient, Pain Management, Derek, Kelly, Kelly O'Leary, St Louis Metropolitan Medical Society Alliance, Timothy O'Leary, Mercy Jefferson Hospital, St Louis Since, Missouri Psychiatric Association

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