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Priti Patel accused of 'shameful' bid to deport girl at risk of FGM

Barrister says Home Office’s unwillingness to protect 11-year-old makes a mockery of FGM protection ordersHuman rights lawyers have launched a scathing attack on the Home Office for failing to grant asylum to an 11-year-old girl found by judges to be at high risk of female genital mutilation if removed from Britain.The girl, who is thriving at school and only speaks English, was brought to the UK in 2012 by her mother, herself a victim of what is known as type 3 FGM whose two sisters died after ...
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Interim Stat Pack for October Term 2019

With the 2019-2020 Supreme Court term coming to a close, the discussion among court-watchers continues to focus on Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision-making. Much has been made of his siding with the more liberal justices in striking down a Louisiana abortion law in June Medical Services LLC v. Russo and upholding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (at least temporarily) in Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of the University of California. Roberts’ positions in these c...
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Partner Up And Quits Her Job Because Biglaw Is The Worst

Sometimes you just need to escape Biglaw.
Tags: Law, Mental Health, Biglaw, The Jabot

Symposium: How to count to one

John Knepper is a private attorney based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He previously was chief deputy attorney general of Wyoming. He filed an amicus brief on behalf of the Susan B. Anthony List in support of the respondent in June Medical Services v. Russo. Marks v. United States instructs that when a majority of the justices cannot agree on more than the outcome, “the holding of the Court may be viewed as that position taken by those Members who concurred in the judgments on the narrowest grounds.” Mu...
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"Sen. Rand Paul doesn’t much care what Anthony Fauci has to say. The Kentucky Republican gets his public health advice from Friedrich Hayek."

"Hayek, the Austrian-born economist and libertarian hero, died in 1992. But Paul, an ophthalmologist before he took up politics, still takes medical guidance from the 20th-century philosopher. 'Hayek had it right!' Paul proclaimed at Tuesday’s Senate health committee hearing on the coronavirus pandemic. 'Only decentralized power and decision-making based on millions of individualized situations can arrive at what risks and behaviors each individual should choose.' Paul focused his wrath on Fauci...
Tags: Psychology, Europe, Law, Kentucky, Senate, America, Optimism, Rand Paul, Anthony Fauci, Politics And Science, PAUL, Hayek, Fauci, Milbank, Dana Milbank, Friedrich Hayek

The COVID-19 Crisis And The Perils It Poses

Make no mistake: we're not out of the woods yet.
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Symposium: June Medical and the many faces of judicial discretion

Jane Schacter is the William Nelson Cromwell professor of law at Stanford Law School. She signed an amicus brief in support of the petitioners in June Medical Services v. Russo. The headline from the 5-4 decision in June Medical Services v. Russo striking down Louisiana’s abortion restriction is unquestionably the vote of Chief Justice John Roberts. He determined the outcome. While he may have previewed his position a year ago when he voted to stay the ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for t...
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Symposium: June Medical Services v. Russo: When a “win” is not a win

Gretchen Borchelt is vice president for reproductive rights and health at the National Women’s Law Center. She filed an amicus brief on behalf of NWLC and 72 other organizations in support of the petitioners in June Medical Services v. Russo. In June Medical Services v. Russo, a plurality of the Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law that would have thwarted abortion access to such a degree that it would have left “thousands of Louisiana women with no practical means of obtaining a safe, lega...
Tags: Health, Texas, Featured, Supreme Court, Law, Louisiana, Donald Trump, John Roberts, Roberts, Casey, GONZALES, Elena Kagan, Samuel Alito, Carhart, Hellerstedt, Russo

Symposium: The chief justice restores the Casey standard even while undermining women’s interests in Louisiana

Erika Bachiochi is a Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and a Senior Fellow at the Abigail Adams Institute. Follow her at @erikabachiochi. In comparison to the high court’s bombshell opinion in Bostock v. Clayton County earlier this month, June Medical Services v. Russo would seem relatively straightforward. The challenged admitting privileges requirement for Louisiana abortion providers is virtually the same as the law struck down in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt just four year...
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Tuesday round-up

Yesterday the Supreme Court released decisions in three cases, including one of the highest-profile cases of the term. In June Medical Services v. Russo, the court, by a vote of 5-4, struck down a Louisiana law requiring physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. Amy Howe analyzes the opinion for this blog, in a post that first appeared at Howe on the Court. Mariam Marshedi provides an analysis at Subscript Law. Ronn Blitzer and others report at Fox News t...
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Opinion analysis: With Roberts providing the fifth vote, court strikes down Louisiana abortion law (Updated)

Four years ago, by a vote of 5-3, the Supreme Court struck down a Texas law that (among other things) required doctors who perform abortions to have the right to admit patients at a nearby hospital. In that case, Justice Anthony Kennedy joined his four more liberal colleagues in holding that, although Texas has a genuine interest in protecting the health of pregnant women, there was no evidence that the law actually did anything to promote that interest – but it did make it more difficult for wo...
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"Will you be able overlook the fact that if you head to a restaurant today, you might be seated on a backless stool that’s been set up in a reclaimed parking spot?..."

"Will you be focused on the health of the servers, managers, and bartenders...? Will the sight of plastic surgical gloves on servers remind you that we are still in the grip of a global pandemic with no actual end in sight? Can you handle feeling like a moderately selfish person if you go to a restaurant, even though you know it will feel so good to do anything?... Will you be able to get through a full meal without thinking or talking about death at all?... Are you ready for a server to potenti...
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"Now, in America, there's quite, I'll say, narrow-minded thinking. Black people, white people — we are same... human, brother, sisters..."

"We should emphasize oneness — sameness — emphasize that. All these strong feelings of differences, that's shortsighted — narrow-minded."Said the Dalai Lama, rejecting what he called "old thinking," quoted at "The Dalai Lama on the coronavirus, Donald Trump, and 'old thinking' in America" (NBC). [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
Tags: Psychology, Law, America, Dalai Lama, Donald Trump, Race Consciousness, Ann Althouse, Diversity Politics, Said the Dalai Lama

UK coronavirus live: Boris Johnson leads final daily briefing as social distancing rules eased in England

No 10 scraps daily press conference after today; 2m rule stays in Scotland and Wales; UK death toll rises by 171Full story: households can host visitors at homeKey points: what’s reopening on 4 July in England?Publish action taken to support BAME people, says Doreen LawrenceWhitehall not sharing data on local outbreaks, say councilsGlobal coronavirus updates – live 5.32pm BST Q: Why is there a problem with meat processing factories?Vallance says the meat itself does not produce a risk. 5.30...
Tags: Health, Business, Politics, UK, England, Law, Wales, Scotland, UK News, Economic policy, Boris Johnson, Office For National Statistics, Suzanne, Robert Buckland, Coronavirus outbreak, Doreen LawrenceWhitehall

UK coronavirus live: Boris Johnson eases social distancing rule in England; death toll rises by 171

No 10 scraps daily press conference after today; 2m rule stays in Scotland and Wales; English pubs, restaurants, hairdressers to open from 4 JulyFull story: households can host visitors at homeKey points: what’s reopening on 4 July in England?Publish action taken to support BAME people, says Doreen LawrenceWhitehall not sharing data on local outbreaks, say councilsGlobal coronavirus updates – live 4.29pm BST From HuffPost’s Paul WaughAway from the PM's big unlockdown announcements today, her...
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With the "Pomodoro technique," you divide whatever you're doing into "intervals of 25 minutes, with five-minute breaks in between — 25 minutes on, five minutes off, over and over again."

"A pomodoro, once started, must not be interrupted, otherwise it has to be abandoned. But in this stringency, there is relief: You are not allowed to extend a pomodoro, either. After a set of four 25-minute intervals are completed, you’re supposed to take a longer break of 15 to 30 minutes before continuing.... We waste hours keeping on going when our concentration’s long gone, caught in drowsy, drawn-out moments staring glumly at a screen, and not only when we’re supposed to be doing our jobs. ...
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"You want people to walk down the street with a mask on?"

Bill Burr to Joe Rogan: "I'm not going to sit here with no medical degree, listening to you with no medical degree with an American flag behind you smoking a cigar acting like we know what's up better than the CDC" — 13th Conde de Harrow (@Ricottaboy) June 20, 2020 ADDED: Joe Rogan is trending on Twitter, but probably not because of that clip. You click on his name in the Twitter sidebar and you get all manner of things. The sidebar says "Trending with: Joey Diaz," s...
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"Patients with underlying conditions were 12 times as likely to die of covid-19 as otherwise healthy people, CDC finds."

A WaPo headline, quoted along with substantial text from the article by my son John at Facebook, where I expressed surprise that the factor was so low and asked:Did they count obesity as a "condition" when they did that calculation?Then:I looked at the CDC report, and I see it only counted "severe obesity (body mass index ≥40 kg/m2)" as a condition. I'm a 5'5" woman, and I would need to weigh more than 240 pounds — more than 100 pounds over normal weight — to enter that BMI range.Obesity begins ...
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Why are college students ever trusted to run their own lives?

I'm reading "Expecting Students to Play It Safe if Colleges Reopen Is a Fantasy/Safety plans border on delusional and could lead to outbreaks of Covid-19 among students, faculty and staff" by Laurence Steinberg (a psychology professor who wrote a book called "Age of Opportunity: Lessons From the New Science of Adolescence').Most types of risky behavior — reckless driving, criminal activity, fighting, unsafe sex and binge drinking, to name just a few — peak during the late teens and early 20s.......
Tags: Psychology, Education, Safety, Law, Freedom, Laurence Steinberg, Ann Althouse, These Kids Today

Norway pulls its coronavirus contacts tracing app after privacy watchdog’s warning

One of the first national coronavirus contacts tracing apps to be launched in Europe is being suspended in Norway after the country’s data protection authority raised concerns that the software, called ‘Smittestopp’, poses a disproportionate threat to user privacy — including by continuously uploading people’s location. Following a warning from the watchdog Friday, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) said today it will stop uploading data from tomorrow — ahead of a June 23 deadline wh...
Tags: Health, Google, TC, Apps, Europe, Bluetooth, Privacy, Law, Germany, Tech, Eu, Italy, Gps, Norway, Api, Google Translate

Former Biglaw Chair Died By Suicide, Inquest Reveals

He's remembered as an 'inspirational leader.'
Tags: Law, Mental Health, Deaths, Biglaw, Baker & McKenzie, Paul Rawlinson

"So, don’t ever, ever let anyone tell you that you’re too angry, or that you 'should keep your mouth shut.'"

Says Michelle Obama — in "Graduates, 'Don’t ever, ever let anyone tell you that you’re too angry'" (WaPo).If you don't let other people say things, then you are the one who is silencing the other. Where does anyone get the power not to let other people say things? I know, it's a figure of speech, and when you don't "let" another person "tell" you something, what you mean is that you don't have to believe what you're told. They can tell it, but you don't have to accept it as true.But is it never ...
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"Have you considered that, if you identify as white and read only the work of white authors, you are in some ways listening to an extension of your own voice on repeat?"

A question asked at NPR — in "Your Bookshelf May Be Part Of The Problem," by Juan Vidal. Vidal begins a sentence with "As a Latino," so I'm reading that to mean that he identifies as Latino.Myself, I identify as an American who was young in the 1960s, and back then, the word "identify" had a colloquial meaning that I haven't seen in a long time. We would talk about "identifying" with an idea or a situation. It made sense back then to say "I can identify." It meant you could immediately feel your...
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"It is a truth that may be hard to imagine in a world devastated by illness and economic insecurity, riven by racism and unrest, but we will get dressed again."

"Dressed not for the anonymity of the hospital or the essential work force, the heat and heartbreak of the protest, the anomie of the supermarket or the park, but for the next stage catharsis. Capital D Dressed. It is both history and human nature."Writes Vanessa Friedman in the NYT.That offended me a little. I understand she's feeling the pressure to get back to big fashion — very expensive clothes and gala dress-up events — but that doesn't mean that these other things we do while wearing clot...
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You could say, the hardest part of everything is other people.

I'm seeing the NYT headline: "The Hardest Part of Having a Nonbinary Kid Is Other People/A mother recounts the pushback she received from her own family in raising a gender-nonconforming child."Just remember: You are somebody else's "other people." I have my problems with other people. Maybe try, if you can, to live in a way where you depend on yourself and draw on energy from within. If you keep demanding that "other people" rearrange their beliefs and behavior to smooth your way in life... 1. ...
Tags: Psychology, Law, Self-esteem, Frank Zappa, Sartre, Jean Paul Sartre, Ann Althouse, Gender Difference

"His mask keeps him on the job."

Just by chance, I ran across these cool propaganda posters from 1942 from the U.S. Public Health Service. The artist is H. Price. They just show idealized health habits (of interest to the government in WWII).So... rest easy!I copied part of another in my post about Trump's exhorting the state governors to dominate so they don't look like a "bunch of jerks." The one I put there showed the big man bowling. Trump had said that Minnesota Governor Tim Walz knocked the protesters down "like bowling p...
Tags: Health, Minnesota, Sleep, Law, Masks, Wwii, Propaganda, Posters, Trump, U S Public Health Service, Tim Walz, Ann Althouse

"There should be a quicker trigger going forward to recommend or require masks when an airborne threat emerges, and robust plans to deploy them as a broad public-health measure."

"And hopefully by then, the dangerous politicization of wearing masks and taking other common-sense health measures that’s occurring in some places today will have been overcome by more effective public messaging and education."From "Masks Are Here to Stay, Even After Covid Goes Away" by Max Nisen (Yahoo/Bloomberg).Nisen deploys the adjectives "dangerous" and "common-sense" as he bemoans "the dangerous politicization of wearing masks" and endorses "common-sense health measures," but who will say...
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When did political leaders first start showing their teeth in official photographs?

This is a question that occurred to me as I was looking at Wikipedia's list of Vice Presidents of the United States to try to answer a question I had about former Vice Presidents who run for the presidency.Most of these VPs are not smiling at all, and it seems that only a hint of a smile seemed consistent with the exercise of political power. They look grumpy to us today, but presumably the idea was to look completely serious. We expect smiles now. The emergence of teeth comes in 1953 with Richa...
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Law School Student Worked Nights As A Nurse To Help During COVID Crisis

'I wanted to help people and take care of patients,' she says.
Tags: Law, Nursing, Law Schools, Quote Of The Day, Health Care / Medicine, COVID-19, Cailly Simspon

"I was obsessed with femininity for years after I transitioned in 2001. I reveled in using cosmetics..."

"... and flattering outfits to look both more convincing and attractive as a woman, forms of expression my old gender denied me. But apart from how much time it took to dress up this way, I also grew weary of the awful feeling that my beauty was always on the verge of collapse, that a mere rub of the eyes or bunching of the cloth would ruin the effect. Also, the attention from men that at first felt intoxicating turned oppressive over time.... So I stopped wearing so much makeup.... More comfort...
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