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ADHD Summer Camp Can Improve Social Skills of Special Kids

Children look forward to summer camp for various reasons: trying unique and exciting activities, making new friends (or reconnecting with old ones), and seeking adventure away from parents. Parents often look to camp for growth opportunities – physical, social and emotional. Great summer camps offer all of this to many children, including some with ADHD. A camp designed especially for children with ADHD offers a lot of benefits. Independence The act of leaving the family and joining a cabin g...
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Take FiveThirtyEight's Scientific Personality Quiz 

Twinning is done; the “me ten years ago vs. me now” meme will be over by Friday; it’s time for a new self-obsession fad to fill our social media feeds. It’s time for FiveThirtyEight’s new personality quiz, based on the Big Five personality attributes. Unlike tests like the Myers-Briggs, the concept of the Big Five is…Read more...
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Will CBD Change Modern Pain Management?

Today, CBD is used to treat a myriad of conditions and its effects are reflected in both controlled scientific studies and personal accounts. While not a cure for any specific condition, it promotes healing from within through neurological interactions rather than synthetic pharmaceutical painkillers. With the information we now have about this treatment, many are asking whether CBD is the future of pain management. What’s The Problem With The Current Pain Management? In 2005, the FDA release...
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How to Find Your Hospital's Price List

The actual cost of anything at a hospital is a mystery until you get the bill, but as of January 1, 2019, hospitals must post a list of all their prices online. It can be confusing, near-unreadable, and hard to find, but it’s there. Somewhere. Read more...
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How to Combat Gym Anxiety

I used to hate the gym—not because of actual exercise per se, but purely because I was so self-conscious. I was obsessed with the idea that I’d be criticized for my shoddy squat form or brief five minutes on the treadmill—and then exiled from my gym forever, cast off onto the island of exercise pariahs. I hated it…Read more...
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Understand Your Apple Watch's Heart Rate Numbers 

Your heart beats fast when you’re exercising hard, and slower when you’re resting or sleeping. Your Apple Watch is taking your pulse all day long, and wants to tell you allllll about it. Read more...
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Stick to Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions with These Tech Gadgets

New Year is considered as the start of a whole new journey. It’s the time when all of us make new resolutions. But come February, these resolutions are forgotten and never thought of again. It is the same old cycle that repeats every single year. However, you can change the trend this year and finally stick to your resolutions. All thanks to the amazing advancements in the world of technology. There are a lot of tech gadgets, particularly wellness gadgets, that can help you accomplish your goals...
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When—and How—Should You 'Track' Your Newborn?

We got a question last week from a reader asking us about the best apps for tracking newborn feedings and diaper changes. To which my initial response was, “Apps? I used a yellow legal pad.” But then I remembered that was eight years ago, which might as well be 50 years as far as technology for new parents is…Read more...
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The Free Self-Care You Should Be Doing Right Now 

Let’s talk about how to take care of yourself. Not the “self-care” that companies use as an excuse to get you to buy their shit, but how to cover the basic needs of your body and mind. Read more...
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Do a Medication Checkup With Your Doctor or Pharmacist

If you take multiple prescriptions, or have started using an oner-the-counter medication or supplement, it’s probably time to check in with your doctor.Read more...
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How to Be Part of the Decline in Cancer Death Rates

Death rates from cancer are down by 27 percent over the last 25 years, according to a new report from the American Cancer Society. Smoking is a big part of that (lung cancer deaths are way down), and treatments have gotten better over the decades.Read more...
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How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

Everybody’s sleep needs are a little bit different, but most adults should be getting between 7 and 9 hours per night. Read more...
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Live: Ask the 'Am I Dying' Doctors if You're Dying [Update: Finished] 

We’re live until 2pm EST! Christopher Kelly and Marc Eisenberg, cardiologists and authors of the book Am I Dying?!: A Complete Guide to Your Symptoms—and What to Do Next, are officially on call to discuss your weird and worrying symptoms, or whatever general health questions you’ve got. Post your medical queries in…Read more...
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Live: Ask the 'Am I Dying' Doctors if You're Dying

We’re live until 2pm EST! Christopher Kelly and Marc Eisenberg, cardiologists and authors of the book Am I Dying?!: A Complete Guide to Your Symptoms—and What to Do Next, are officially on call to discuss your weird and worrying symptoms, or whatever general health questions you’ve got. Post your medical queries in…Read more...
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Don't Assume Essential Oils Are Safe for Skin

Essential oils may be natural, but that doesn’t mean they’re always healthy or good for you. They’re extremely concentrated versions of chemicals that plants make for various reasons: some to attract pollinators, some to repel or harm their natural enemies.Read more...
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What School Nurses Want Parents to Know

After ten years of working in big city emergency departments and ICUs, I traded night shifts and fast-paced intensity for a new challenge: school nursing. Because my children were in elementary school and night shifts no longer worked for our family, I figured handing out Band-Aids and ice packs would be a welcome…Read more...
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Bring All Your Health Questions to the “Am I Dying?!” Doctors Tomorrow at 1 PM EST

You’ve got this weird pain in your upper back, more like a zap than a twinge, but only on your left side. Also your eye won’t stop twitching. And there’s a weird rash on your leg that’s not going away. Are you dying?! Read more...
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Why Drinking Soda Is Bad for Your Health

Guzzling down one can of soda over another might be great for your taste buds but it can severely damage your health. Regardless, today’s youth is still obsessed with these sugary beverages. We’ve formed a habit of drinking a can almost every day to beat the heat or just because dinner is incomplete without it. Not only does soda bring along zero nutritional benefits but the drink is filled with chemicals. The high content of caffeine and sugar in these beverages gives them an addictive quality....
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Overcoming Work Fatigue: What You Need to Know

Wondering why your job makes you feel so tired at the end of the day? It could be a sign of work fatigue. Even when we are sure to get enough sleep at night, eat nutritiously, and practice self-care, feelings of stress can become a slippery slope. What Is Work/Life Balance? Our work/life balance is exactly that — a balance. Juggling these two areas can be a real challenge and when we begin to feel overwhelmed, work fatigue may set in. Including more areas than just physical tiredness, fatigue ...
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During Dry January, Ask Yourself These Questions

If you partied all the way through December, Dry January can be a refreshing change. You get to enjoy staying in, sleeping better, and saving money, especially if you can rope your friends in so they aren’t always inviting you to drink-y nights out. Read more...
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Essential Tips for People Who Want to Enjoy Ketogenic Diet-Friendly Fast Food

Sometimes, you don’t have enough time to prepare a keto-friendly meal. That’s why it’s practical to grab your lunch or dinner from the nearest fast food restaurant. The only challenge is ensuring that you remember the essential rules of eating a ketogenic diet. When you eat out, here are some important tips you should follow so that you can stay on track with your ketogenic diet while enjoying your meals. Remove the burger bun As a rule of thumb, you should minimize carb intake if you want to...
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Fear: The Enemy From Within

You're reading Fear: The Enemy From Within, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Have you ever found yourself living under the bondage of fear in all spheres of your life? Then this article is a must-read resource. By the way, I was a victim of self-induced fear for over 20 years. To be precise fear made me lose two of my well-paying jobs. I could not express myself. I remember how I...
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Where to Go When You Don't Have a PCP

If you’re an adult who does everything you’re supposed to do, when you’re supposed to do it, then surely you have a primary care physician in your phone’s contacts. You’ve met this person, seen them for well visits, and they have all your medical records so you can call them and get prescriptions and advice at a…Read more...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Fitness Tracker

Fitness tracker has bagged in immense popularity these days. These wearable technologies help you lead a fitter and healthier life, as they easily track your fitness level. Whether you are getting physically more active or training for sports, tracking your fitness is going to be easier than ever with a fitness tracker. These small tech-gadgets are going to evolve with exciting features and capabilities in the near future. In the meantime, you ought to know what the advantages and disadvantages ...
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The Best of The Upgrade 2018

Another year in life hacks come and gone! We’re celebrating our favorite moments, hacks, guests and episodes of 2018 with this, our annual Best of The Upgrade episode. Whether you’re a lifelong listener taking a trip down memory lane, or new listener looking to dip a toe in the magic that is The Upgrade, we’re here…Read more...
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What Did You Think of the 2018 Fitness Challenges? 

Before we head off into the land of hope and awesomeness that is 2019, we have a few hours left to take stock of how far we’ve come in the past year. I’m preparing next year’s fitness challenges and want to hear what you thought of the ones we just did. What did you love? What motivated you to keep going? Read more...
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Revitalized Your Future and Boost Your Mood: Turbo Charged Optimism

You're reading Revitalized Your Future and Boost Your Mood: Turbo Charged Optimism, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Nearly everyone has had the experience of thinking, “I use to be excited about the future, but now I am just trudging through life one day at a time.” Does that describe you? What happened? Does it feel as though you have lost the ability to dream, to believe in...
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What Are Your Fitness and Health Goals for 2019?

You folks all rocked 2018, so I can’t wait to hear what’s next. Are you going to run more? Lift more? Eat better?Read more...
Tags: Health, Fitness, Tell US, Goals, Lifehacks, New Years Resolutions, Resolutions

How to Network without Face-to-Face Interactions If You’re an Introvert

You're reading How to Network without Face-to-Face Interactions If You’re an Introvert, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Networking opens many doors for entrepreneurs. This is a sure-fire way to get people interested in your services, find loyal partners, and most importantly, attract new customers. But things are not that optimistic if you’re an introvert like me. A lump in the ...
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How To Make 2019 Your Year For Fitness

I’m not the biggest believer in New Year’s resolutions because I feel self-improvement should be a year-long affair. If you’ve been resisting making necessary changes, it’s hard to believe you’ll follow through just because you’re inspired by a clean slate, chronologically speaking. Looking at history, though, it seems to be human nature to view the New Year as an opportunity to move past old limitations and into better habits. Some 4,000 years ago, the Babylonians renewed their loyalty to the k...
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