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Judge vows to rule on Medicaid work requirements by end of March

The federal judge who shot down a Medicaid work requirement plan last June remained deeply skeptical Thursday of the Trump administration's renewed strategy to force enrollees to work.
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Can You Be Forced to Work in Order to Get Medicaid? A Federal Judge Will Soon Decide

A federal judge heard legal challenges Thursday to a Trump Administration policy that allows states to implement work requirements in order for residents to qualify for Medicaid. U.S. District Judge James Boasberg heard oral arguments in two separate cases challenging plans in Arkansas and Kentucky that require Medicaid enrollees to either have a job or…
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Feds pull Medicaid money at Washington’s Rainier School, citing health and safety failures

This is the latest in a series of crises facing the state's social-services system. This decertification of the Pierce County facility for developmentally-disabled people could cost Washington roughly $12 million in annual funding, according to state officials.
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Physician Strong: a private practice journey

Being a primary care physician, I was afraid to start my own practice. There was discouragement from fellow physicians, hospital leaders, business colleagues, and even patients. Many said that the small practice model was not viable. With insurance mandates, mounting bureaucratic pressures from Medicare and Medicaid, increasing regulations by DEA, higher volumes of paperwork, and […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more. ...
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Companies, states interested in Louisiana hepatitis C plan

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Three drug companies are interested in Louisiana’s plan to use a Netflix-style subscription model to buy access to hepatitis C drugs for Medicaid patients and prisoners, a treatment concept being watched by other states, the state health department announced Friday. Health Secretary Rebekah Gee wants Louisiana to pay a fee […]
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Utah’s novel plan for Medicaid expansion opens door to spending caps sought by GOP

Utah this week became the 35th state to approve expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, but advocates for the poor worry its unusual financing could set a dangerous precedent and lead to millions of people losing coverage across the country.
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Romance and…Medicare? Hilarious #healthpolicyvalentines poems are trending on Twitter

This year, Valentine’s Day on social media is inspiring many different messages: professing love for that special someone, angry threads about being single, and….clever poems confessing a love/hate relationship with health policy? From Medicare services to out-of-network fees, Twitter users from all over the country came up with witty rhymes and declarations for all things medical around the hashtag #healthpolicyvalentines. Here in California, state lawmakers hope to provide more health insuranc...
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Utah reduces voter-backed Medicaid expansion in rare move

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah passed sweeping changes to a voter-approved Medicaid expansion Monday, cutting the number of people covered nearly in half and adding work requirements that the Trump administration is expected to approve. Republican Gov. Gary Herbert signed the plan hours after it cleared a final vote in the Republican-led Legislature, calling […]
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Utah plan to cut Medicaid expansion by 50,000 nears passage

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A plan to scale back a voter-approved Medicaid expansion in Utah won a key approval in the state Legislature on Friday despite protests that it reduces access to needed health care and thwarts voters’ wishes. The measure would insure about 50,000 fewer people under Medicaid, a change that would need […]
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Kentucky delays start time for some new Medicaid rules

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — State officials in Kentucky have delayed the start of some new eligibility rules for a portion of its Medicaid population. Kentucky is one of 36 states to expand its Medicaid program under former President Barack Obama’s health care law to cover more people. President Donald Trump’s administration gave Kentucky permission to […]
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California moves toward healthcare for more, not yet healthcare for all

Elizabeth Aguilera Contributor Share on Twitter Elizabeth Aguilera is an award-winning multi-media journalist who will cover health and social services for CALmatters. She joins CALmatters from Southern California Public Radio/KPCC 89.3, where she produced stories about community health. It was way easier for candidate Gavin Newsom to endorse  single-payer healthcare  coverage for everyone than it is now for Gov. Newsom to ...
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How hospitals are taking advantage of the 340B Drug Pricing Program

Sometimes it is hard for hospitals to provide expensive care to poor patients. When a low-income patient needs $20,000 of chemotherapy, a hospital loses money if that patient cannot pay for the medicine, or pays through Medicaid, with its relatively stingy reimbursement. Fortunately, the federal government created a program for hospitals that care for a […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Medicaid plans cover doctors’ visits, hospital care — and now your GED

Emilia Ford became pregnant at 15 and, after her daughter was born, dropped out of high school.
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How religious exemptions will affect Medicaid managed care

In the United States, 25 million adult women are insured by their state Medicaid program. Medicaid covers 60 percent of all births in the United States as per federal law, and states must cover all pregnancy-related services for pregnant women with incomes up to 133 percent of the federal poverty line. There are two Medicaid […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Mobile Health, Information Preferences, and Surrogate Decision-Making Preferences of Family Caregivers of People With Dementia in Rural Hispanic Communities: Cross-Sectional Questionnaire Study

Background: Mobile health (mHealth) technology holds promise for promoting health education and reducing health disparities and inequalities in underserved populations. However, little research has been done to develop mHealth interventions for family caregivers of people with dementia, particularly those in rural Hispanic communities, who often serve as surrogate decision makers for their relatives with dementia. Objective: As part of a larger project to develop and test a novel, affordable, an...
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People covered by Michigan's expanded Medicaid program report improvements in health, finds study

Five states will expand Medicaid in 2019. Fourteen may start requiring Medicaid enrollees to work in return for their health coverage. And a new study could help all of these states understand what might be in store under these policies.
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Obamacare study: 25% decline in home delinquencies among newly insured poor people

Poor people were not the primary target of Obamacare; as a group, their care is more likely to be "non-compensated" (trips to the emergency room while classed as "indigent" and unable to pay), so insurance shouldn't make a big difference to them, right? Wrong. A recently updated study, The Effect of Health Insurance on Home Payment Delinquency: Evidence from ACA Marketplace Subsidies, from finance and business researchers affiliated with both academic business schools and several federal r...
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Pragmatism and the Healthcare Debate

Opinions abound about healthcare in the United States. But while people with competing ideologies retreat into their corners, people in poverty with mental illness suffer needlessly. The debate rages over whether or not healthcare is a human right, and we’ve ended up with a patchwork of private providers and public assistance. It seems no one is happy. For those of us with coverage from an employer it’s still difficult. My family faced open enrollment this month and it took hours, and a...
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Lawsuit accuses Molina Healthcare of failing to provide required services

Long Beach-based Molina Healthcare has been accused of breaching its Medicaid contract in Illinois and failing to disclose it wasn’t providing required services to skilled nursing home patients in the Prairie State. The alleged cover-up lasted two years, the federal “whistleblower” lawsuit says. The case was filed under seal in September 2017 by the founder of a former Molina contractor named General Medicine P.C. A federal judge unsealed the complaint last week after state and federal attorneys...
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Planned Parenthood's new president warns of 'state of emergency' for women's health

Dr Leana Wen, who takes over as president of the US’s biggest reproductive healthcare institution this week, says she plans to expand services despite attacksDr Leana Wen takes over as president of Planned Parenthood – America’s biggest, best-funded and most vilified reproductive healthcare institution – at a time of unprecedented attacks on the organization’s values and work.Last week, Alabama voters passed a fetal rights law; the Trump administration finalized rules to allow employers to opt o...
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Tobacco tax battle could torch Montana Medicaid expansion

Montana legislators expanded Medicaid by a very close vote in 2015. They passed the measure with an expiration date: It would sunset in 2019, and all who went onto the rolls would lose coverage unless lawmakers voted to reapprove it.
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Billions in ‘questionable payments’ went to California’s Medicaid insurers and providers

California's Medicaid program made at least $4 billion in questionable payments to health insurers and medical providers over a four-year period because as many as 453,000 people were ineligible for the public benefits, according to a state audit released Tuesday.
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The Complex Case for Inpatient Psychiatric Care

Amidst the cat pics and political memes, the images of my former elementary school classmates’ children, now elementary school students themselves, there will be a link to a mental health article smushed in there on my Facebook wall. Sometimes, usually against my better judgment, I click on it, because click-bait is just so deliciously clickable. Today, I made the mistake of clicking on an article written by Noam Shpancer, PhD, a psychologist and professor at Otterbein University. The arti...
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Gun store owner marshals voters to expand Medicaid in Idaho

Standing outside the gun shop she co-owns, next to her SUV sporting "NRA" on the license plate, Christy Perry pledges full support for President Donald Trump.
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Study finds link between Medicaid expansion and lower death rates among dialysis patients

In the first three years of Medicaid expansion due to the Affordable Care Act, the number of patients with end-stage kidney disease who died within a year of starting dialysis decreased in states that expanded Medicaid compared to non-expansion states, new research found.
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States explore paths to pay their share for Medicaid expansion — using political GPS

Last year, nearly 60 percent of Maine residents voted to expand the state's Medicaid program — an option provided by the Affordable Care Act that would extend health insurance to tens of thousands of the state's low-income people.
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How to pay for long-term care

The topic of paying for long-term care is an overlooked issue in health care. None of us want to think about living our final days in the nursing home, but statistically speaking, many of us will. How will you pay for it? What are the options? Long-term care in this country can be divided into two general classes based on funding: governmental and private payers. In terms of government programs, Medicaid will pay for a nursing home or rehab, whereas Medicare only pays for a maximum of 100 days o...
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As billions in tax dollars flow to private Medicaid plans, Who’s minding the store?

Like most people on Medicaid, the Los Angeles trucker was assigned to a private insurance company that coordinated his medical visits and treatment in exchange for receiving a set fee per month — an arrangement known as managed care.
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Market-based approaches solving the opioid epidemic

Mary first took oxycodone after a minor surgery and found she liked it. Returning to her surgeon a month later with vague ongoing pain, she received another prescription. Her primary care provider took over from there — until one day that physician checked a urine drug screen and a prescription monitoring program (PMP) report, only to find that she was obtaining various opioids from several providers. The physician cut her off and reported her to the PMP just as crackdowns on opioid prescribers ...
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Millions of yearly visits to the ER involve patients with mental disorders and substance abuse problems

Not every emergency room visit involves a physical problem. Out of 95 million visits made to emergency rooms by adults in the U.S. in 2007, 12 million, or 12.5%, had to do with mental disorders, a substance abuse problem, or both. The findings are from a report recently put out by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, part of the Department of Health and Human Services. Of those 12 million visits, about 66% involved patients with mental disorders, about 25% involved patients with...
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