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Why the 'alpha male' stereotype is wrong

The cultural notion of an alpha male as a strong, mean aggressor is rampant but wrong. The reality is more complex.Frans de Waal notes two types of alpha males: Bullies and leaders. In chimpanzee society, the former terrorizes the group while the latter mediates conflict.The reign of alpha male bullies usually ends poorly in the wild. Chimpanzee bullies get expelled or even killed by their group, while leader alphas are somewhat democratically kept in power, sometimes for as long as 12 years. ...
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Harvard: Men who can do 40 pushups have a 'significantly' lower risk of cardiovascular disease

Men who can perform 40 pushups in one minute are 96 percent less likely to have cardiovascular disease than those who do less than 10. The Harvard study focused on over 1,100 firefighters with a median age of 39.The exact results might not be applicable to men of other age groups or to women, researchers warn. None Quantifying workouts feeds our love for both math and goal-setting. While elite powerlifters aim at incremental increases that will award them the coveted one repetition at maximum w...
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Smoking weed linked with higher sperm counts, says Harvard

Marijuana research in the past has found that using the drug is linked to lower testicular health.New research from Harvard, however, suggests the opposite: Marijuana users have more and better quality sperm.These unexpected findings highlight how poorly we understand marijuana's effect on the human body. None The opening crawl for the 1936 film Reefer Madness reads "[Marijuana's] first effect is sudden violent, uncontrollable laughter, then come dangerous hallucinations — space expands — time s...
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“End Your Sugar Addiction In 2019”: Guest Expert Dr. Elin Ostman Tells How!

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be more physically active? Looking to improve your concentration and sleep patterns? Want to be healthier? Would you want to look younger? You can do that by cutting the sugar you have in your diet. I don’t mean just sugar you dish out by the […]
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It's time to redefine 'masculinity'

APA Guidelines for the Psychological Practice of Boys and Men represents the first time the association has published rules specifically for treating white, Western males. Though the guidelines are data-driven and therapeutically sound, a corner of the American Right (and some on the Left) has taken offense. Men still dominate statistics in a number of categories, including suicide rates, substance abuse, and violence. None Many men don't like their power being questioned, a difficult situation...
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The APA issued a report saying toxic masculinity is a real thing

The American Psychological Association confirmed this week what women and gay men have known forever: that "toxic masculinity" is a real thing.
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Psychology Around the Net: January 12, 2019

Are you ready to learn about simple, no frills self-care tips we can all follow? Why incompetent people have more confidence than you’d think they should? How men and women experience chronic pain differently? Well, good news! This week’s Psychology Around the Net has all that and more. The Free Self-Care You Should Be Doing Right Now: Setting realistic exercise schedules. Tackling one cleaning or organizing project at a time. Getting enough sleep. Extremely basic but extremely helpful self-c...
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Short men are indirectly aggressive toward taller men, study finds

A recent study examined the Napoleon complex through economic games.The results showed that shorter men are more likely than taller men to keep a disproportionate amount of resources for themselves, but only when the other player can't retaliate.The study suggests that the Napoleon complex is most likely to manifest in situations where the shorter man has all the power. None In the early 19th century, Napoléon Bonaparte was perhaps best known for leading successful military campaigns and serving...
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Why natural disasters make men take more risks

The 2011 earthquake in Japan was among the most intense earthquakes to occur in recorded history.Thanks to regularly distributed surveys, however, it also became a unique research opportunity to compare civilians' behaviors from before the earthquake with their behavior after.Now, researchers have found data that suggests being exposed to a natural disaster tends to make men more prone to engage in risky behavior, like gambling and drinking, over the long term. None In March of 2011, the tectoni...
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How sexual fantasies affect your relationship

There are two main types of sexual fantasies. One of them is more harmful to the a relationship or marriage than the other (by a lot). Sexually fantasizing about somebody else, though, neither hurts a relationship nor helps it; instead, it has the same mental impact as random daydreaming. None The beginning of a relationship is exciting. You get to learn more about a beautiful person who wants to learn more about you at the same time. You both get the opportunity to make an increasingly deep co...
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Testosterone therapy could help tackle depression in men – study

Researchers find improvement in symptoms among men given hormoneTreatment with testosterone could help tackle depression in men, according to a review of studies which found supplements of the hormone appear to improve mood.About 100 million men around the world are thought to have depressive disorders, and almost 17% of men in the UK are thought to have symptoms of depression or anxiety. Continue reading...
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Prostate cancer: radiotherapy could extend thousands of lives, study finds

Use alongside traditional treatment in advanced cases ‘could benefit 3,000 men in UK’Radiotherapy could increase the chances of survival for thousands of men with prostate cancer that has already spread by the time they are diagnosed, new research suggests.Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to affect men in the UK. About 47,000 are diagnosed every year and around 11,500 die. Significant numbers of men are not diagnosed until the cancer has spread, which reduces their chances of survival. ...
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Erectile dysfunction or performance anxiety? The truth behind a modern malaise

All men struggle to get an erection at some point in their lives, but more and more in their 20s and 30s seem to be making a habit of it. Are they simply panicking at the thought of sex?It was just as things were getting serious in the bathroom at a house party that an off-hand comment ruined the mood for Toby, 32. The woman he was with remarked that he wasn’t hard enough for them to have sex. “It made me feel super-shit,” he says. “I’ve always had a bit of anxiety about my performance, so she h...
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Why modern men are losing their testosterone

Several studies have confirmed that testosterone counts in men are lower than what they used to be just a few decades ago.While most men still have perfectly healthy testosterone levels, its reduction puts men at risk for many negative health outcomes.The cause of this drop in testosterone isn't entirely clear, but evidence suggests that it is a multifaceted result of modern, industrialized life. None Remember Frank Sinatra's swagger, John Wayne's quiet confidence, and Burt Reynold's impressive ...
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Silent Sam: the mute punk singer - video

Sam is a 27 year old who is many things; a music teaching, sovereign ring wearing, chanting Buddhist. Not to mention the lead singer of an up and coming punk band. He’s also least for most of the time. After two unsuccessful vocal chord operations, Sam spends most of his time in pain and on voice rest. Yet, by communicating silently through writing notes, mouthing words and blowing kisses (one for yes and two for no), he still somehow manages to be the chattiest person in the room. But...
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Elvis Costello reveals cancer diagnosis as he cancels tour dates

‘Small but very aggressive’ cancer has been operated on, but recovery forces songwriter to pull out of tourElvis Costello has revealed he was recently diagnosed with “a small but very aggressive cancerous malignancy” and has cancelled tour dates while he recovers from the subsequent treatment.Writing on his website, the singer-songwriter said: “Six weeks ago my specialist called me and said, ‘You should start playing the Lotto.’ He had rarely, if ever, seen such a small but very aggressive cance...
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Many of my childhood friends are dead. Is masculinity to blame?

The blue-collar town of Kamloops has been riven by accidents, overdoses and suicides. After losing several friends, one writer returned to find out whyI grew up in Kamloops, a small blue-collar city in British Columbia about 350km north-west of Vancouver. Kamloops wasn’t the middle of nowhere, but at the time it felt pretty close. I moved there with my family when I was in grade five, and early on my fate felt sealed: I was a mediocre student, and not good enough at hockey to catch the eyes of t...
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5 Reasons Why Hollywood (+ Maybe You Too) Needs to Get More Sleep!

Sleep is quite a hot topic these days. Getting enough sleep will improve your skin, your workouts, along with giving you more energy reserves for work or play. There are many different aspects on improving sleep quality and some of them can be found in  this piece from guest contributor, Elizabeth Sullivan  ( 5 Reasons […]
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Have a Child with ADHD? Here’s a Natural Product that Can HELP MANAGE ADHD – and It Tastes Good Too!

If you are a parent or relative of a child with ADHD, this might be the answer that all parents of children with ADHD are always seeking- a healthy way to manage ADHD! How I learned about this product was totally serendipitous. Seema Lindskog is a mom with a mission, a woman who is willing […]
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Not Just for Labor Day or Summer: Sun Protection Is Critical All Year! Check Out NO-AD Infographic!

Are you using sunscreens every day? REALLY? EVERY. SINGLE. DAY?!!? Sun protection is critical for everyone– from little kids to the “big kids” AKA Adults! I remember my derm telling me that I needed to wear sunblock even when driving my car because he was seeing a lot of sun damage on people on the […]
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Guard Your Health

A s a young man, I often heard older people talking about their declining bodies and failing health. I grew weary of hearing them tell how their strength had diminished and how their aches and pains had increased. They insisted that they used to be able to eat anything they wanted without ill effect, but now practically every food gave them indigestion. Whereas they once had the ability to sleep soundly under any conditions, now any unusual circumstance would keep them lying awak...
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Man goes on national TV to boast about his smaller than average manhood

"I spent years and years thinking, 'Oh, I'm the only one with this problem' and by keeping quiet," Aunt Smith says.
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Want to Detox Your Body to Get Back into Healthy Living? Visit SaunaBar for Amazing Treatments!!

In January, the post-holiday blues set in. Not only are you going through detox because you (hopefully) are cutting back on alcohol, rich foods, late nights and sugar! It is often quite a task to do all that and it’s incredibly easy to slip back into bad habits. The detox often requires 30 days… because […]
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RESOLUTIONS REDEFINED: Why You Need to Rewrite Your New Year’s Resolutions! LaShaun Dale, Guest Blogger!

Welcome to 2017! It has come in with a roar in so many sectors and into the lives of many who were not quite prepared for such dramatic changes and shifts in weather, traffic issues, and lots more. One of the constants of the new year is that people often decide on various commitments, changes […]
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Psychology Around the Net: November 26, 2016

Happy Saturday, sweet readers! Also, Happy Belated Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! I hope each and every one of you had a day (or, are still have a few days!) of time spent with your loved ones appreciating all the blessings in your life — and, if you don’t already, I hope you spend some time to do that every day. This week’s Psychology Around the Net takes a look at the latest on sexism related to men’s mental health, the stigma of mental illness in the hip-hop community, how creativity b...
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True Story: One Father’s Struggle with Postpartum Depression

Dads get the “baby blues” too. People might not realize this, but, after the birth of a child, both women and men can encounter symptoms of postpartum depression. I’m speaking from experience here. After the birth of my daughter, which endures as one of the happiest moments of my life, I found myself struggling with unexpected waves of anxiety, fear, and depression. It was horrible, and what made it worse, was that I was very uncomfortable talking about it. 8 Heartbreaking Secrets ALL Men Ke...
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Psychology Around the Net: October 29, 2016

Happy Saturday, sweet readers! This week’s Psychology Around the Net covers a myriad of interesting topics, if I do say so myself! Keep reading for information on how the way you twist your paperclips could highlight your personality (yes, really), a new three-second brain exercises to help you find joy (it’s a lot deeper, and yet just as simple, as it sounds), a few misconceptions some of us might have about male sexuality, and more. A Cruel Trick On the Mentally Ill: “Haunted asylums and s...
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Four Ways to Help a Muslim Victim of Domestic Abuse

By Janet Kozak Data gathered by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) shows that one in three women and one in four men will be victims of domestic abuse at some point during their lifetimes. For those that survive, these experiences can be horrifically shattering. However, the hurt can be made easier by the kindness of strangers, support of friends, and love of family. The Qur'an notes that the oppressed call out to Allah for help and assistance from those around them. They a...
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October is BCA Month: Spa Del Rey Has a Great “Treat”-ment For You!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Spa del Rey in the Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey, will be offering a special Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Body Ritual. For the entire month of October, Spa del Rey will donate 5% of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Body Ritual […]
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Does Sex Raise Heart Attack Risk In Older Men?

It doesn't appear to be a problem for women
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