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Spiritual Poverty And Robotic Rituals

By Monique Hassan Think about the times you were reciting Quran and felt it in your heart, really felt it. I love those moments when we open Quran and read a verse that seems to speak to us as if Allah (the Most Honored and Exalted) was responding. However, just as we have spiritual highs, we have spiritual lows. A heart lacking the divine connection while in worship begins to perform like a robot. We have to pray, this is obligatory, but sometimes the one in worship is functioning like a cold r...
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Muslim family: Hospital guard said they looked ‘scary’

FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) — A Muslim family says staff at a Virginia hospital told them they looked “scary” and threatened to kick them out when they went to visit a newborn relative in December. The newborn’s aunt, Arwa Zahr, tells WRC-TV that a security guard confronted the family at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital’s birthing center, […]
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LA mayor turns down $425K in federal funding to counter violent extremism after opposition from civil rights groups stalls process

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office has turned down a $425,000 federal grant to counter violent extremism after a wave of opposition from civil rights organizations, which said the program would target and vilify Muslims. Garcetti’s office, which was to administer the grant after securing City Council approval, told the Department of Homeland Security Tuesday Aug. 14 that it will not accept the funding, said Alex Comisar, spokesman for the mayor. “Unfortunately, a significant amount of misi...
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Look Who Isn’t Dead Yet, Please Don’t Be Disappointed

Hey, look! I’m talking about disability again! I began doing this openly a few years ago when I first experienced the implications of having a chronic, degenerative health condition myself. Whether I want to or not, I’ve been talking about disability ever since. It seems to happen naturally when you have a child with special needs. My son has autism therefore I talk about autism, not only to educate other people but also to – InshaAllah – lay the groundwork for the cultural shift that my son, an...
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Girls and Sexuality: Understanding What Parents and Muslim Communities Can Do For Their Daughters

By Menahal Begawala When I became a therapist I had a vision of helping people get through hard times, communicate better with their families, and develop perspective when they felt stuck. I’ve been honored with the privilege of being allowed a glimpse into the lives of my clients with this goal in mind. My greatest privilege (and challenge) so far has been to work with adolescent girls. When I sit across from young girls who come from Muslim families, my first challenge is to face my own ...
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Iceland law to outlaw male circumcision sparks row over religious freedom

Jewish and Muslim leaders condemn first European country to propose banIceland is poised to become the first European country to outlaw male circumcision amid signs that the ritual common to both Judaism and Islam may be a new battleground over religious freedom.A bill currently before the Icelandic parliament proposes a penalty of up to six years in prison for anyone carrying out a circumcision other than for medical reasons. Critics say the move, which has sparked alarm among religious leaders...
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Be A Caller Not A Judge

I am sure the readers will have come across numerous notices at some mosques discouraging certain types of people attending the mosques. Here is an example of many I have had the displeasure of reading: ‘We will not assist in counselling unless you are Islamically and decently dressed’. I am not sure whether the advocates of this notice really understand the purpose of counselling or what the role of the imam should be in the community. To discourage people from seeking help because they may not...
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7 Tips to Overcome Anxiety and Worry

While in a small boat in the middle of the ocean, the sky suddenly darkens and the winds start to pick up. Suddenly, a downpour falls heavily onto your head and shoulders, filling the tiny boat with water. As the boat capsizes, you find yourself surrounded by the seemingly never-ending ocean. You feel completely vulnerable and unprotected. As you try to get your bearings, a wave crashes over you, submerging you under water. Then another. Then another. You can barely catch your breath and you’re ...
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The Myth of the Depression-Proof Muslim

There’s this article I haven’t written yet, the one where I confess to struggling with depression. In that soul-baring masterpiece I finally admit to sleeping too little and breaking down too often. I talk about having a child with autism, a rare genetic disease, and the heart-breaking pain of watching my children develop the same disease too. I cry while writing it, you cry while reading it. Its completion gives purpose to my years of private struggle but – but I haven’t written that one yet. S...
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Healthcare and Trump's travel ban: data shows success of doctors trained abroad

Research shows slightly better outcomes for US patients treated by doctors educated outside US – and many come from countries affected by Trump orderAmerican patients treated by internationally educated doctors have slightly better outcomes than those treated by their American-educated counterparts, a new study has found, as Donald Trump’s ban on travel from seven Muslim-majority countries is expected to stop some immigrant physicians from coming to the United States.But that is not because Amer...
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I’m a U.S. doctor just back from Sudan, where hospitality from Muslims greeted me everywhere

Many Americans have never visited a predominantly Muslim country and may know relatively little about the faith of Islam. This is relevant in light of the Trump administration’s recent executive order attempting to reduce terrorist threats to the U.S. by halting the issuance of visas to travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Having returned this month from Sudan, one of the countries affected by the ban, I wish to share my own firsthand experience of Islam – not Islamic extremists ...
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Don’t like the election outcome? Here’s what you can do from now on.

Like many of you, I have experienced a turmoil of emotions since Tuesday night’s presidential election.  Sadness, anger, fear, disgust, and uncertainty have permeated my thoughts since I learned of our new reality.  What does the future hold?  What will the consequences be for my gay, minority, and Muslim friends, family, and patients?  How will this affect the vulnerable children that I care for every day? As I began to process this information, my first reaction was that I wanted out.  Sign me...
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Muhammad Ali Was Both Superhuman And Super Human

I wasn't going to write this. When three-time world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali passed away on June 3 at the age of 74, surrounded by his family in Scottsdale, Ariz., I was dealing with my own familial loss. Four days before Ali, my mother-in-law had passed away at the age of 61. She took her final breath in the presence of myself and my wife, who had been serving as her in-home caregivers for two and a half years while she battled a terminal form of cancer. During the week of Ali...
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The Forgotten Olympic Sized Sunnah of Hijama (Cupping)

A pink yoga mat is laid out on the hard wood floor. In a crisp white coat Lani *, the hijama practitioner, takes the Made in Korea cupping set that I had pre-ordered online. We go over the medical and liability forms covering diet, lifestyle, areas of pain, and medical history and hygiene. Lani* was trained by Hijama Nation; she took the friends and family version of the course. This 6 month online course culminated in a trip to their London headquarters where she presented her final paper. T...
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You Don’t Matter. Our Image Does

'And here is the tragedy. Muslims, African-Americans, and other oppressed groups learn that suffering is something they must endure “for the greater good.” So private abuses and traumas are kept quiet so as to not upset or disrupt an already fragile reputation and tenuous image. You don't cry out when you're in pain, and you don't seek outside help when you need it, because this (you've come to understand) is itself a crime. And what right do you have, sufferers ask themselves, to commit a “crim...
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Muslim man loses high court bid to have sons circumcised

Father went to court after mother of the boys, aged four and sex, objected to the procedure at a young ageA devout Muslim has failed to persuade a high court judge to rule that his sons should be circumcised. The man, who was born in Algeria but lives in England, argued that circumcision would be in accordance with his “Muslim practice and religious beliefs” – and in the youngsters’ best interests. But the boys’ mother, who grew up in Devon and is separated from their father, disagreed. Continu...
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What Every Muslim Ought to Know About Suicide

By Saba Malik About eight years ago, I attended a depression mastery seminar by a prominent Muslim shaykh. At the time, I was dealing with suicide attempts because I had bipolar. I just couldn't get myself to leave self-harm. In the back of my mind, I vaguely understood that suicide wasn't allowed in Islam. But why did I attempt it anyways and why me – a hopefully practicing Muslim? At the end of the seminar, I went up to the teacher and shared my story. After hearing my spiel, he simply said, “...
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The Suicide Talk: Where Do We Go From Here?

Life can be difficult, but it does not have to be impossible. Thoughtfulness can save lives, and it is time that the topic of suicide is not brushed off as nothing more than a cry for attention. As a therapist and a life coach with over 5 years of experience, I know that life's obstacles can sometimes feel virtually impossible to get through. From my experiences of working with victims of domestic violence and doing individual therapy, breaking points can be difficult to recover from. Without th...
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He Wants To Marry His Wife’s Best Friend?

When I first began writing what would eventually become the novel His Other Wife, it wasn't about marriage or polygamy, or even romantic relationships. It was about emotional and spiritual abuse, and it started off as a single narrative blog inspired by a toxic friendship that I'd recently broken off after having endured it for several years. Amidst suffering from being slandered and ostracized by Muslims from my childhood community who were infuriated that I wouldn't follow their brand of Isla...
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Privacy in Islam 101: Do You Have Children?

“Anyone who asks a woman who has been married for several years and does not have a child 'why?' is a monster,” I think to myself as I hang up the phone after calming one of my dearest friends down. She does not have children, has been married for 15 years and is often asked intrusive questions by well-meaning people. Some that break her. Are you one of them? Can I talk to you please. Leave people alone. Your 'innocent' comments may be pushing someone over the edge. You are scratching a wound as...
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